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Risk Management Integrated Emergency Planning Essay

… Management should have a list of alternative processes or suppliers that can help fill needs in case of a technological disruption.

7.0 Communication Management Plan

A communication management plan will help response professionals by letting them know who needs to be contacted first in the event of an emergency. Without this information being prepared beforehand, response teams will try to piece together this information on the fly which can add considerable delays. Furthermore, it should not only consider who is to be contacted but also how they are to be contacted. In the event of an emergency there may be limited access to communication technologies and therefore having as many potential communication mediums mapped out ahead of time can also prevent delays in the response.…. [read more]

Managing Changing Managing Change Case Study

… The manager should therefore have a close and an understanding relationship with the employees in order to understand their personality and group them. This would help them in effecting change.

The aptitude of a corporation to act in response to changes amounts to its ability to have global fitness. The case study of Apple Inc. is an example of how the company's responsiveness to change has made it successful. Global business fitness at the Apple Company is evidenced by the ability of the firm to align its business strategies with the changing business environment. The organization is responsive to changes which constitutes one of its major sources of competitive advantage in the competitive electronics industry Carr et al., 2000.

The firm is able to prepare…. [read more]

Project Management Is a Systematic Essay

… The efforts which can't be separable in increments are to be considered. This is taken in comparison to previous projectscompleted on time (For instance, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and The Crystal Palace) dictates notable flaws in the planning mechanism and modern techniques having someintricate flimsiness. The modern projects are more computerized and less confined, have generally less information and control at helm. Then, they rely on transportation too (Paul, 2005).

4: The stakeholders

Stakeholder management is the most essential component of project management. It has been seen that many projects and especially those of delicate nature, for instance game changing projects and politically affiliated projects will succeed / fail only in the case, when the pertinent stakeholder is deeply engrossed (Lewis, 2006).

The…. [read more]

Finance Financial Management in Non-Profit Term Paper

… "Beyond all of this, of course, is the need to peer around the corner and look toward the organization's long-term future challenges, which can be five to 10 years in the future" (Epstein & McFarlan, 2011).


The make up of the board of directors is another major difference between for profit and non-profit organizations. In both cases the original board is shaped by the same people who founded the corporation and, in both cases, directors are given set terms. Things alter when it comes time to re-elect or replace these board members. In the case of a for profit business each share of stock allows its owner to one vote and owners of several shares have several votes. It is probable for the person…. [read more]

Management and Leadership Term Paper

… Management and leadership are both essential aspects of modern business organizations. In principle, there are fundamental differences between them, but there is also significant overlap or similarity. In general, management relates to operational elements of business and efficiency whereas leadership pertains more to personnel elements and motivation. Whereas business management focuses largely on planning, organizing, and controlling, leadership addresses employee motivation and performance. However, in many respects, it is impossible to completely distinguish between the two, particularly since the fourth traditional function of business management is leadership.


Traditionally, the four essential functions of business management are planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. Planning generally relates to establishing the long and short-term vision and mission of the organization together with the specific objectives necessary to achieve…. [read more]

Risk Management in Hedge Funds Dissertation

… To become shrewd to reach total reappearance of the location instructions of hedge funds which are less controlled than those of mutual funds. Ever since hedge funds are less controlled likened to mutual funds, this stresses that the hedge fund directors own superior info that about the marketplace and the obtainable advantage lessons than the even fund directors (Cottier, 2000). Because of the assignments instructions being freer, the hedge funds will be more reliant on a liquid market, where both buyers and sellars that are ready to purchase and sell at fair market value (Ineichen,2003).

Figure 2: Kinds of investment vehicles are investors looking at.

The hedge fund business began to rise in sometime around the mid-sixties when Fortune magazine tinted this new financial vehicle…. [read more]

Project Management Involved Formation Research Paper

… It is essential to realize that a mega project such as A380 t requires extensive risk management analysis, which include risk identification and risk management plan before the project implementation. The delay led to another shift in project delivery schedule. The company announced that project delay was attributed to aircraft wiring problems. (Robertson 2006, Clark 2006).

Communication problem was another factors leading to A380 crisis. The management did not formerly communicate the problems to appropriate stakeholders on time. It was already too late before the management actually communicated the problem to the appropriate stakeholders. Realistically, the Airbus did not have experienced in building a complex aircraft such as A380. Thus, the company did not integrate effective risk and time management in the project life cycle.…. [read more]

Financial Scandals and Management Essay

… The justice principle requires the theories to present actions that are fair in management decision-making. The beneficence principle expects one to do good. The theory of deontology requires one to adhere to their obligations and responsibilities. In this theory, Enron executives are obliged to serve their stakeholders with dignity. They were responsible for the employees, debtors and customers.

However, it is not easy to apply the managerial ethics and management principles as suggested by Jackall (2010) and Mintzberg (1989). This is because managers in today's business world have a different managerial behavior as compared to the behavior of the classical theorists Henri Fayol and Henry Mintzberg. This is because managers are faced with larger workloads, and an organizational structure that has a pattern that is…. [read more]

Management System -- Working Capital Research Paper

… " (Dong and Su, 2010 )Stated as limitations of the study reported by Dong and Sun is that the study is referenced to internal factors only but fails to consider external factors including "industry dummy, level of economic activity…" (Dong and Su, 2010)

V. Trends in Working Capital

Trends in working capital are explored in the work of Padachi (2006) specific to the impact that working capital management has on Firms' Performance. A working capital management process and system provide positive contributions to the firm's created value. (Padachi, 2006, paraphrased) The study of Padachi had as its purpose to analyze the trend in working capital needs and profitability of the firms participating in the study. Reported as the dependent variable is the return on total…. [read more]

Aviation Management Theory Comparative Review Research Proposal

… Aviation Management Theory

Comparative Review:

One of the defining features of aviation management is the need to navigate both uncertainty and a wide range of uncontrollable variables. With weather, mechanical issues and flight delays all bearing a direct impact on decision-making and, simultaneously, wide variances in underlying cost, quality control demands and customer service matters impacting daily functionality, aviation management is a highly complex undertaking. It is for this reason that the management theories invoked for administration in this context should ideally encompass said uncertainty and variability. This underscores the assessment here of both the Contingency Theory and the Systems Theory of Management. Each of these carries a number of characteristics that are relevant to the endeavor of aviation management and are therefore likely to…. [read more]

Management Planning: The Failure of Worldcom Essay

… ¶ … management planning: The failure of WorldCom

(A lack of) management planning: The failure of WorldCom

The former corporate behemoth 'WorldCom' has become such an infamous symbol of accounting fraud that it is easy to forget the company was once one of Wall Street's hottest commodities during the bubble. But its investors were not simply victims of the 'irrational exuberance' of the late 90s/early 21st century boom and bust. WorldCom's presentation of its financial status to its investors was a blatant fraud. Lackadaisical management of the increasingly unruly conglomerate, deregulation that permitted conflicts of interest between investment banking firms and the organization, and 'creative' accounting that inflated the corporation's net worth were all factors in the losses suffered by innocent investors and employees.…. [read more]

Drucker's Management Principles Term Paper

… Drucker

21st Century: Drucker's Management & Leadership Principles

21st Century: Drucker's Management & Leadership Principles

Since the turn of the century, the landscape of management may have changed, but the underlying principles remain steadfast. One of the major contributors to the field is the world renowned Peter Ferdinand Drucker (November 19, 1909 -- November 11, 2005) who was an influential writer and management consultant (the Drucker Institute 2011). In 1943, Drucker became a naturalized citizen of the United States. He then had a distinguished career as a teacher, first as a professor of politics and philosophy at Bennington College from 1942 -- 1949, then for more than twenty years at New York University as a Professor of Management from 1950 to 1971 (the Drucker Institute…. [read more]

Distributed Order Management Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … Management

Distributed Order Management Systems

Theoretical or Conceptual framework

Questions addressed

Data analysis, discussion and results

Including discussion of any limitation(s))

DDSN Characteristics

SPSS Regression Statistics on DOM Investment by Velocity of Pricing

Common Order Management Module Functions

Overlaying Business Process steps with order management components

Distributed Order Management Hierarchical Model

Distributed Order Management (DOM) Conceptual Framework

Distributed Order Management (DOM) Conceptual Framework Specifics


Available to Promise; is a measure of a supply chain's ability to report back when a product can be built


Automated Planning and Schedule - a type of application used for planning production.


Build-to-order; a product strategy aimed at creating customized products where 30% of product content is custom. Appendix IV defines this concept graphically.

Configurator…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Is an Integral Essay

… As such, during the year of the tsunami struck, General Motors overtook Toyota as the number 1 auto manufacturer in the world. The crisis in Japan, due to globalization helped the American auto industry while harming the Japanese economy. This same circumstance can occur with our company as well. Competitors will be quick to take advantage of the company's weakened state. As such, proper metrics should be put in place to allow for a continuation of operations in the event of a sudden disaster. This allows the company to better serve its customers while not relinquishing vital market share. As such, it will be important to have a comprehensive and crisis management plan to help protect constituents in the event of physical or personal lose.…. [read more]

Risk Management in Banks: Reference to Indian Article Review

… Risk Management in Banks: Reference to Indian Banks Industry

"The Indian Financial System is tasting success of a decade of financial sector reforms. The economy is surging and has gathered the critical mass to convert it into a force to reckon with. The regulatory framework in India has sparked growth and key structural reforms have improved the asset quality and profitability of banks" (Agarwal & Sirohy, 2010).

The fact of the matter is this: the global market is fast integrating into a single stage for all markets though the spread if internet banking, a global banking system a highly likely possibility (Agarwal & Sirohy, 2010). In fact, internet banking is at the forefront of the global banking system, widening its expanse and possibly making it…. [read more]

Credit Swap Term Paper

… Thus, the hedge is different for the market maker and investor. But again if the market maker were to hedge the credit swap, then it would need to go long the bond.

Moreover, the market maker borrows money in the funding markets at Libor and uses those funds in order to purchase the corporate bond that pays Libor + A basis points. The hedge, however, is paying the market maker a net cash flow of A basis points but again if the reference asset does not default, then at the termination of the swap the market maker will let everything go the hedge at no net cost and if the reference asset defaults, then the market maker right away unwinds the hedge. Thus, delivering the…. [read more]

Risk Mitigation Tools Article Review

… Risk Mitigation Tools

The professional world has risk management as one of the most basic functions. The management of risk has different meanings for different segments of an organization. In a positive and upbeat organizational environment, risks are always managed in such ways that provide opportunities for the business for the generation of profits. Credit policy is one of the most important mitigation tools that are mostly used in a B2B environment. In such a setting, marginal accounts are effectively dealt and may result in the profit increase. This practice also indicates whether a year would be good, better or bad. In this contemporary era, the markets are challenged with high levels of indecision, improbability and mayhem. Thus, credit policy is a great mitigation tool…. [read more]

Risks in Export Market Essay

… & S. Slater. 1989). Acting as entrepreneurial firms, export intermediaries help exporters who are inexperienced in breaking into overseas markets, they also help experienced exporters as well as multinational corporations to enter countries which are unfamiliar. Export intermediaries can be described as specialist firms that function or take the export departments of many manufacturers in noncompetitive lines. As much as the suggestions of a certain emerging body is that intermediaries are capable of making impact on the performance of exporter by finding ways for the exporter to reach a wider range of foreign markets, the focus of the literature has widely concentrated on firms that export their own products. Therefore, a rigorous understanding of determinants for the performance of exporters may be an essential missing…. [read more]

Risk Analysis Research Paper

… ; savings for emergency management issues.

Loss of business policy rider important; keep all previous receipts to establish historical trending.

Most experts recommend a savings account aht will handle expenses for no less thatn 3-months, or at least allow owners to live during a disaster; FEMA and other Federal agencies often available to help employees.

Conclusions - Once these risks have been identified and a written plan put into place, management of the risk falls into one of four major categories:

Avoidance -- Eliminate risk, not planning activities that could be risky, etc. Natural disasters cannot be avoided, but taking steps to ensure limits of water damage, power outages, etc. And manage the situation. Hazard prevention is making the equipment and property safe for continued…. [read more]

Risk and Insurance Management Research Paper

… The third risk acknowledged above is client association risk. For instance, profitable insurance is obtained mainly through the use of insurance managers or dealers. Up till now it is not known if technical progression, e.g. The outcomes of searches just like the one carried out by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, will cause the profitable insurance market to grow into a straight trade market. If it does, then profitable insurance firms will discover themselves contending in an entirely new field where previous dealings may no longer be successful.

Investment Risks

Investment profit hazard creates typical methodical hazards just like those originating from interest rates and the money markets. Nonetheless, as a lot of insurance firms have huge fixed earning assets there is also a…. [read more]

Information Systems Management in Practice Term Paper

… Information Systems Management in Practice

Case Abstract:

The case is a classic example of how you might be having the best product with the expectation that users might just waiting to lap it up and still there might still be chances that it does not find the slightest favor among its intended users. Banking and Loan Insurance Software System - BLISS was launched by Integra, a large company in the life insurance sector in Canada with the intent of gaining access in the market for loan insurance in small Credit Unions - CUs throughout Canada. The company was prepared to provide the software free of cost to the CUs on the reciprocal hope that they will be commercializing Integra's loan insurance products in an exclusive…. [read more]

Innovation Management at Ford Motors Company Today Thesis

… ¶ … Innovation Management at Ford Motors Company

Today's business community is characterized by numerous novel features, such as an increased focus on customer satisfaction in detriment of production (proof being the incremental emphasis on services rather than manufacturing) or employee on-the-job satisfaction and the creation of a pleasant and challenging working environment in the detriment of a stressful and competitive workplace. Without denying the importance of these modifications, one has to note that the most important change in the contemporaneous society -- in all of its aspects, not just business -- has been that of the role played by technological developments. We meet with these modifications on daily basis and they generally improve the quality of our lives by simplifying and reducing our workload…. [read more]

Management Style Term Paper

… Feminine styles of management have been called "social-expressive," meaning that personal attention is given to employees and a positive working environment is created. In contrast, the masculine management style is described as instrumental and instruction giving.

Management cultures have clearly changed over time. In the 1960s, great value was placed on narrow expertise, on mastering prescribed skills and on conforming to the corporate norm. There was no requirement for integrating an employee's workplace and private-sphere responsibilities (Claes, 1999).

In today's organizations, hierarchies have given way to less formal structures. The economy is more diverse, innovation and fast information exchange are the focus, and great value is placed on breadth of vision, as well as on the ability of managers and employees to think creatively. Top-down…. [read more]

Risk Management in Petroleum Industry Case Study

… 1.5: Dissertation Methodology

Research methodology is a method this study will use in carrying out the data collection. The research will collect both primary and secondary data to complete the study. The quantitative statistical method will be used in collecting and analyze the data. The study will use descriptive statistics for data analysis and to summary all the data collected. This study prefers quantitative technique because it provides a reliable and valid method to test the significant of the chosen methodology to manage the risk within oil industry with special focus in Libya's National Oil Corporation. (Tewksbury, 2009).

The study will also collect secondary data from several academic databases which include Science Direct, Sage Publication, Wiley, EBSCOhost and Emerald Insight. The chosen database contains several…. [read more]

Risk Assessment for Gfi Group Essay

… In a secure system, the official users of that system are still capable of doing whatever they need to do.

GFI Group, Inc. (GFI) can use secure crypto processors in order to influence physical security methods into shielding the security of the computer system. Cryptographic methods are something that does include transforming statistics, scrambling it so it turns out to be illegible during transmission. The envisioned receiver can unscramble the message, nevertheless eavesdroppers will not be able to do this. Encryption is utilized in order to protect your message so that others will not be able to use it. This can be done in numerous ways by swapping the characters around, substituting characters with others, and even eliminating characters from the communication. These have to…. [read more]

Briefing for Emergency Management Essay

… Ing for Emergency Management

Emergency management is a relatively novel concept, with modern applications, theories, models and threats. The practices of emergency management have nevertheless existed since biblical times, and examples include the gathering of animals on Noah's Arc and the repopulation of the world in the aftermath of the great flooding, the means in which Moses handled the exodus and guided the Hebrews and so on. The Bible even encourages people to pay attention to dangers and address them. It says: "the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." (Prov. 27:12, quoted by Andy Stanley, 2009).

Since the biblical times, the practices of emergency management have evolved significantly, as have the threats and the causes of…. [read more]

Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Research Paper

… This level of clearly defined accountability is crucial to maintaining scope control throughout the duration of a project which may span multiple decades, because it allows stakeholders and participants to effectively measure progress across a wide range of project parameters.

Targeted Use of Project Metrics to Measure Success and/or Failure

One of the most reliable ways to ensure that the boundaries of project scope are adhered to is the development and implementation of precise project metrics through which relative success/failure ratios can be accurately assessed. Proper project management practices involve the establishment of a series of increasingly difficult goals to guide the project to its most efficient form of completion, and a number of distinct metrics are used to gauge the extent to which these…. [read more]

Project Management: Discussion Questions Essay

… Q4. Strategic portfolio management is more than simply managing multiple projects. Multiple projects can be effectively managed but even if "a project may be very well managed…it may not be appropriate for the organization's long-term vision" (PPM, 2011, PPI). While "communicating status and escalating risk are fundamental activities for both project management and PPM," PPM enables the organization to keep an eye on the 'forest' as well as the trees (PPM, 2011, PPI). I believe that my organization satisfies the former attributes if PPM but not the latter: sometimes a very clearly-defined larger organizational mission beyond simply giving good service can be valuable.

Q5. Financial waste; poor quality management; a wasteful use of employee time and skills; going over time and over-budget, and a waste…. [read more]

Human Resources Change Management Plan Term Paper

… " Next stated in the work is the fact that "Unfortunately, the federal government's strategic human capital approaches are not yet well positioned to enable the needed transformation."

The GAO report stated that the challenges still faced are in "four key areas stated to be:


"Strategic Human Capital Planning"


"Results Oriented Organized Culture"

In the area of leadership the statement was to the effect that those agencies who are the top leaders need to make provision of the commitment and inspiration in addressing human capital and other interrelated issues in transformation. In the article "Strategic Human Capital Planning," the planning efforts toward the human capital within the organization need to be more "fully and demonstrably integrated with mission and critical program goals. The…. [read more]

Conception of Project Management Book Report

… ¶ … conception of project management is actually the summation of the preceding centuries' worth of work and development within this area. Although this discipline was not termed as such until the 1900's, it has slowly evolved much like any other process utilized throughout the course of time and which includes "building processes" which "have led to the development of project management" and, the basics of which "can be traced back to these periods of time" (Yuen 383) that are discussed within this current study. These time periods encompass the medieval period in Europe and in the Near East, and were stratified to include the Byzantine Empire, Islamic Golden Age, the Crusades, the Carolingian Renaissance, the Romanesque Period as well as the Gothic Period, which…. [read more]

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