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Crime Scene Preservation: Analysis of Current Issues Research Paper

… Crime Scene Preservation: Analysis of Current Issues and Discussion of Challenges and Procedures Associated With Varying Crime Scene Types

Perhaps the most important aspect of evidence collection and preservation is the protection of the crime scene. This preservation is absolutely essential to keeping relevant evidence uncontaminated until it can be recorded and collected by certified officials. As even the most seemingly harmless interaction with any portion of the crime scene can lead to the contamination of evidence, utmost care and skill must be enacted in all dealings with the crime scene in order to ensure that no evidence is contaminated, as any contamination, no matter how small, can have the ability to ruin an entire case or investigation.

While there are many differences and discrepancies…. [read more]

Crime Scene Project Research Paper

… Crime Scene Analysis

Introduction- There is always missing information when analyzing a crime scene. The detective's task is thus to piece together the appropriate clues to find the most likely scenario with the data at hand, then attempt to validate that data based on further investigation. In our crime scene case we have the murder of a lawyer; we will call him Mr. Tort, Mr. T. For short. By all accounts, Mr. T. is a kind, upstanding citizen with no overt negativity in his life. He was married and had a small child. The crime took place while his office assistant was away on vacation, and sometime around 630 pm based on a clock being unplugged while certain effects were ransacked from the office. Mr.…. [read more]

Crime Scene Analysis Case Study

… Through this strategy, police were able to obtain leads, although some were not valuable, the police identified three leads from different places, which connected to the case.

After identification of the suspects, police used surveillance, which helped in the collection of Scott's cigarettes for DNA evaluation (Schroeder and Whiter, 2009). Police followed this strategy and applied it on the other potential suspect, Frederick Johnson. In another incidence of surveillance, police recognized the vehicle, which witnesses had seen speeding around the scene of the crime. On a traffic stop, police recognized Scott Jones as the driver, and the other occupant was Frederick James Johnson. Further checks suggest that the two had prior cases of delinquent behaviors, which the police used at their advantage.

Interviews with Witnesses…. [read more]

Crime Scene Investigation: A Homicide Essay

… One of the major processing techniques that will be used is Ninhydrin, which is the widely recognized and recommended process for porous items ("Latent Fingerprints and Impression Evidence," 2011). This procedure will be used for all the porous items like the ripped open cardboard carton, notebook paper, typical cardboard six pack container, spilled cigar box, and the fresh-looking cigarette butt.

The lottery ticket with blood-like impression will be processed for latent impressions through the use of a blood enhancer procedure. Since the caliber revolver and spent bullet are non-porous items, the main latent print procedure that will be used powder processing or power dusting, particularly black magnetic powder because of its effectiveness. While there are several powder colors that are used for powder dusting, black…. [read more]

Crime Scene Evidence Laying Essay

… [2: Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579, 113 S. Ct. 2786, 125 L. Ed. 2d 469 (1993)]

While these requirements have generated a great deal of controversy within the legal field regarding expert scientific testimony[footnoteRef:3], most forensic laboratory procedures these days are accepted as reliable under the Supreme Courts standards. Still, in order for evidence to be admitted on a case by case basis, the state will have to show that the labs equipment was functioning properly, instruments were properly calibrated, the technicians were properly trained and qualified and that the evidence was not spoiled, decayed or compromised. [3: Daubert: The Most Influential Supreme Court Ruling You've Never Heard Of (No Author), 2003. The Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy. Online.…. [read more]

Criminal Investigation Scenario: Criminal Scene Investigators Term Paper

… Criminal Investigation Scenario:

Criminal scene investigators are usually mandated with the task of actively processing a crime scene in order to collect evidence that would be used in arresting and prosecuting suspects. In this scenario, these investigators were involved in active processing of a crime scene where Clyde Stevens was found lying on the floor unresponsive and pronounced dead from an apparent stabbing. Steven's body was found with a large butcher knife protruding from his back by his neighbor, Mary Ellis. In order to collect enough evidence for the crime, the investigators carried out a search in Ellis' walk-in-closet and the bedroom of her adult son. These efforts resulted in the identification of a blood fingerprint adjacent to a light switch in William's bedroom. Through…. [read more]

Sentencing First Time Offender Victim of Personal Crime Victim of Property Crimes Term Paper

… Crime

Sentencing First Time Offender

Victim of Personal Crime

Victims of Property Crimes

Abstract crime can be any action that by societies or personal standards may be an action of violating or breaking a law. By western standards or jurisprudence, for a crime to be committed there ususally has to be a combination of a some type of guilty action in addtion to a knowing guilty thinnking parttern by the perpetrator. This report focuses on a specific crime scenario and attempts to answer related questions. Our criminal justice system is both overwelmed and understaffed as crime continues to escalate.

This report is about a particular incident from the year 2003 that involved a 23-year-old white male named Michael Harris. Mr. Harris was arrested and charged…. [read more]

Crime and Criminology Are Frequent Term Paper

… " His words strongly echo labeling theory. Both films explore labeling theory thoroughly: Henri Young was labeled a hard criminal just because he was placed in Alcatraz and had tried to escape; the warden claims his crimes were severe enough to warrant the type of torture that he received in "the hole." Similarly, George Jung broke federal drug laws by importing large amounts of cocaine to the United States. He was not only labeled as a criminal by the general population but his social status as a drug dealer became glorified by his peers. Neither man could function within the mainstream society once they had been labeled criminals. Thus, Henri Young committed suicide in prison in spite of having "won," and George Jung remained a…. [read more]

Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Meaning, Definition Essay

… Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: meaning, definition and description

The literature on CSI or Crime Scene Investigation and investigators is related to various aspects of forensic science. Common definitions of CSI refer to the important fact that there are multivalent aspects to this occupation, which is often more complex that is publicly perceived. Therefore, a Crime Scene Investigator may be referred to as an ET (evidence technician), CST (crime scene technician), FI (forensic investigator), SOCO (scenes of crime officer), CSA (crime scene analyst), or CO (criminalisticts officer). (How to become a CSI) Basically, the central role of the CSI officer is to "...document, identify and collect physical evidence at a crime scene." (How to become a CSI) a general view of CSI is that is the…. [read more]

Plan for Dealing With Daytime Robberies in City X Essay

… This goes alongside the purchase of more vehicles and surveillance cameras to increase the monitoring and maintenance of order in the city (Fish, 2013).

Acquiring more funds

The above analysis shows that, the available capital will not gather for all the needs of the program. As such, it requires more funds from other agencies to ensure success of the investigation process. Therefore, I will apply for funds from different agencies related to the department of justice. This will entail applying for funds from police funding organizations within the city and grants from the federal government. I will also apply for grants from the Justice funding program that provides funds for purchasing the equipment and personnel required to see the success of the process. Acquiring funds…. [read more]

Crime Causation and Diversion Term Paper

… Juvenile Diversion

In the juvenile justice system, diversion programs are often used to help keep the young offender from getting a record, even a juvenile record, and to transfer him or her to a program that will offer needed assistance in order to prevent further legal infractions, to offer counseling and training as required, and generally to divert the offender way from the court and into programs that will have a better outcome than would incarceration. Sometimes such programs are contingent on certain outcomes so that if the offender completes the program successfully, he or she is released, while if he or she does not, a return to court and to incarceration may be the outcome. California has a number of such programs, some statewide…. [read more]

Welcome to Homicide Case Essay

… It is one of the most recent analysis methods stemming from biometrics, which allows investigators to use characteristics of the human body to determine identity, having been developed in 1985 by Alec Jeffreys, who states that "the chance of two persons having the same identical DNA patterns is between 30 billion and 100 billion to 1" (Swanson, Chamelin, & Territo, 2003, p 12). Due to its extreme levels of accuracy, DNA testing has become a very popular manner of analyzing crime scenes of all types. DNA can come from bodily fluids, such as blood, or from hair and skin particles. In fact, it first became as popular as it is today in the use of investigating several rape cases, from the 1983 Enderby Case to…. [read more]

Mock Crime Scene and Forensics Report Lab Report

… Mock Crime Scene -- Table of Contents

Crime Scenario- Date: November 8, 2011

Location: South Park, Colorado; a small town on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Details: A teacher at South Park Elementary School called the police on the evening of November 1, 2011 at approximately 17:56. She noticed four boys who habitually were together enter the school after hours. Based on her recollection, she identified all four boys as 4th graders Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. When the police arrive, they moved into a classroom and found Kenny with a sword through his face. The other three boys, identified as Stan, Carman and Kyle) were standing in the room pointing at Kenny. Kyle turned to the police and shouted,…. [read more]

Blood Evidence Research Paper

… The procedure ensures the correct, orderly and responsible handling of evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom (NIJ, Bertino).

A receipt is issued to document the orderly transfer by a department's property and evidence section (NIJ, 2000; Bertino, 2013). This is usually done after a request for analysis and in a form, which lists the evidence items and a documented chain of custody. Every person or member of the chain who assumes custody from collection through analysis must sign the chain of custody document. This process is now automated through information management system bar codes. This chain neatly identifies every person who contributes to the analysis of evidentiary materials. When done, the evidence is either sent back to the submitting agency or stored at…. [read more]

Violent Crimes Discussion Chapter

… Violent Crimes Analysis

From the case study, the crimes that were committed by the Baseline killer like rape, murder and torture are crimes that are punishable by death sentences, life imprisonment or very long sentences; hence these crimes can be classified under felony. Felonies are usually the worst kinds of crimes in the society and they are normally directed towards other members of the society, and to protect the society as a whole, more often than not efforts to take these criminal elements away from the society are the main focus of the justice system.

This crime is under the violent crimes in terms of the component of the crime. It is worth noting that the criminal in this case used to shoot those who…. [read more]

Impact of DNA Analysis on Criminal Cases That Involved Misidentification Term Paper

… ¶ … DNA Analysis on Criminal Cases' Misidentification

DNA, "the evidence that does not forget..." As Kirk (cited by Butler, 2005, p. 33) purports, aptly introduces the summary for the following paper. As DNA, present in every nucleated cell, constitutes present and biological materials left at crime scenes, Butler (2005. p. 33), it may, this researcher contends, lead into the jail yard, or in some instances, as this paper notes, free someone who has been sent there by mistake. (Columbia, 1996) When DNA samples are mishandled, however, during an investigation's initial stages, no amount of hard work in the final analytical or data interpretation steps will compensate.

Mishandling of DNA may consequently, lead to misidentification of an individual.

After it is collected, the proper handling…. [read more]

Criminology Clearance and Crime Rates Unaffected Term Paper

… Criminology

Clearance and Crime Rates Unaffected by Changes in Detective Work

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2001 indicated that the clearance rate for homicides was 65% (Richardson and Kosa 1). The clearance rates for other types of crimes -- such as assault, theft, or rape -- were all much lower than this. For the uninitiated, clearance rate refers to the rate at which police departments are able to gather sufficient evidence to charge and arrest an individual. Clearance rates are not the same as conviction rates, nor do they necessarily imply a one-to-one correlation with crime rates. Nonetheless, increasing clearance rates is generally perceived to be a good thing, primarily because it means that police are solving a greater number of crimes. The arrested…. [read more]

Crimes and Misdemeanors in Woody Term Paper

… Here we see Judah's self-delusion and his hypocrisy; Jack knows there would be no other reason to enlist his help, but Judah still can't admit the power his inner self has over his life.

Jack is the only person in Judah's life who sees that his brother has a divided self: "I'm not so high class that I can avoid looking at realities - I can't afford to be aloof. You came to me with a hell of a problem, then you get all high-handed on me." Jack rejects the public Judah and appeals to what he sees as the "real" Judah. Naturally, Judah resists Jack's claims, but clearly, he is seriously considering having Jack take care of the "problem."

The scene in which Delores…. [read more]

Computer Related Data Term Paper

… As such, careful consideration of evidence must be conducted in the same manner as collecting physical evidence.

The first stage in the forensic process is collection. This "involves the search for, recognition of, collection of, and documentation of electronic evidence," (U.S. Department of Justice, 2013, 18). A warrant is needed before any computer devices can be seized in order to collect evidence (Protext International, 2003). All "first responders should document, photograph, and secure digital evidence as soon as possible at the scene" (National Institute of Justice, 2013). Therefore digital evidence needs to be treated as sensitive, if not more, as real physical evidence of a crime. Yet, there needs to be special steps taken in order to ensure that this evidence is not altered in…. [read more]

John Wayne Gacy, Jr Research Paper

… Bringing Snow into the investigation is especially groundbreaking as it is the first time that forensic anthropologists were enlisted to help to identify such a large number of victims from a single case (Smithsonian Institute, n.d.).

By the end of 1979, there were still nine bodies that had not yet been identified. In an attempt to try and identify the remaining victims, Snow turned to forensic sculptor Betty Pat Gatliff to create facial reconstructions of seven of the unidentified victims. Gatliff "first set about establishing skin thickness by gluing eraser heads to strategic points on the skull. Then modeling clay was applied in accordance with certain carefully delineated measurements" (Evans, 2007). These measurements were able to provide Gatliff with an idea of what Gacy's victims…. [read more]

Technology in Crime Analysis Essay

… The use of versatile disks is also a widely used method and the use of paper and filing has not died out yet (IEEE, 2012).

The retrieval process depends on the kind of storage device that was used. For some like the file system could be as easy as identifying the right file and pulling out to read the data. For others like in hard disks will require the availability of computer and the versatile disks will need a DVD player or devices with such capabilities. In the tapes, it will need a tape recorder to play it and the same applies to the visual reels used for storing video data.

Crime analysis is a major aspect of the community's bid to control and reduce…. [read more]

Image and Problem of Crime Distinguishing Research Paper

… ¶ … Image & Problem of Crime

Distinguishing between Fiction and Reality: Perceived Social Images of Crime from Watching TV Crime Genre and the 'Problem of Crime'

Research Question/Hypotheses

Do perceived social images of crime from TV crime genre contribute to the problem of crime?

(1) There is a significant relationship between frequency of crime TV-watching and perceived seriousness of the nature of minor crimes;

(2) There is a significant relationship between frequency of crime TV-watching and perceived seriousness of the nature of major crimes;

(3) There is a significant relationship between frequency of crime TV-watching and personal concern for crime and public safety;

(4) There is a significant relationship between perceived seriousness of the nature of minor crimes and personal concern for crime and…. [read more]

Social Marketing Plan Stop Crime Essay

… The campaign will also seek to impact the target population with the knowledge on the alternative ways of earning a living that are more beneficial and legal. This will be the prime focus of the campaign in the initial 3 years upon commencement.

4.3 Belief objective

The campaign is predominantly concerned with the ultimate change of belief system concerning crime in the poorer areas of S.A. since just stopping the crime will not be lasting if the belief system of the people is left constant. The campaign looks at impacting the communities in the target population by the 15 years window period to change their belief system concerning crime and be the campaigners against crime themselves. This will have a profound effect on the entire…. [read more]

Staffing a New Crime Laboratory Research Paper

… Staffing a New Crime Laboratory

The forensic science has grown with the growth in technology. From the fictitious Sherlock Holmes who could identify the part of London from where the visitor came, to modern investigation of genetic components, science has traveled far. There are still lots of loose ends and the profession has to be always open for improvement. Scientist certification and laboratory accreditation is one of the methods that are used to assure quality. "Certification is the process by which individual practitioners of a profession are deemed competent by a peer review process to practice that profession.' Thus the professions that may harm the public and change the course of society require proper certification. These include lawyers, teachers, architects, accountants, and so on. Of…. [read more]

Media and the Fear of Crime Term Paper

… ¶ … youth crime in Canada and how the media promotes fear in the way it presents the problem to the public. The writer explores several academic journals on the topic and concludes that part of the nation's fear of juveniles with regard to crime is caused by the media's decision to over-cover crimes in which juveniles are involved. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

For the past several years it has appeared that youth crime is on the rise throughout Canada. Whether it is an increase in truancy, shoplifting or more violent crimes including school shootings, the nation seems to be faced with a significant rise in the number of juvenile offenders willing to commit illegal acts. Recently the Canadian legislators…. [read more]

Children Who Commit Crimes Term Paper

… In Tennessee, now there is no age limit for juveniles when they commit serious and violent offenses. In Florida, the objective of the state has been changed from "best interests of the child" to "public safety" in administration of justice for juveniles above 13 in the cases of serious crimes. There are many methods that are being employed for shifting of cases of juvenile crime to the adult court. (Grown Up Time)

In many states they have set up a system of "judicial waiver" in which the juvenile court judges are permitted to waive their rights over cases and transfer the case to an adult court. There is also the system of concurrent jurisdiction which permits the prosecutor to file cases directly in the adult…. [read more]

Forensic Fabric Analysis Term Paper

… Afterwards, use a comparison microscope to compare two fabric side-by-side. The following tools will help you in finding the physical and chemical traits of a fabric (Lyle, 2004).

Birefringence: Whenever light is passed through synthetic fabric, it has to be refracted twice if it is to emerge as two completely different wavelengths of polarized light, where each type has its own refractive traits." (Lyles, 2004). After you birefringence two fabrics, you can then compare them and identify.

Microspectrophotometry: You can use this to determine a fabric's true color with the highest form of accuracy (Lyle, 2004).

Polarized Light: Here, determining reflective index is possible, and this contributes in establishing the fabrics makeup (Lyle, 2004).

Refractive Index: Direct a narrow light at a fabric before calculating…. [read more]

crime shooting spree jared loughner Term Paper

… Loughner was reportedly calm, 'detached,' and even 'smiling' at the time of his arrest (Thomas 1). In fact, the surveillance footage also shows Loughner 'talking calmly to a Safeway clerk in the moments before the shooting,' (Thomas 1). Also, deputies located two handgun magazines with 18 rounds in them in Loughner's left front pocket. Loughner was wearing earplugs at the time of his arrest, 'indication of preplanning and further indication,' ('Taped Telephone Search Warrant CASE #110108078' 3). In Loughner's back pocket, officers found his driver's license. The address on the license was confirmed to be his, belonging to Loughner's parents. When law enforcement visited the address, Loughner's parents admitted that their son had 'took off running from the home,' carrying a backpack and other materials…. [read more]

Film Analysis of Double Indemnity Term Paper

… Film Analysis of Double Indemnity

"From the moment they met, it was murder!" This is the legendary tag line for Billy Wilder's most incisive film noir, Double Indemnity, even though in 1944, when it was first released in New York on September 11, critics called it a melodrama, an elongated dose of premeditated suspense," "with a pragmatism evocative of earlier period French films [poetic realism of the 1930s]," with characters as rough, solid and inflexible as steel.

Even though James M. Cain is accredited as the original novel and Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder contribute to screenplay credit, the film is in fact based on the case of Ruth Snyder, a criminal murderess who breathed her last breath in the electric chair on January 13,…. [read more]

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