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Criminal Justice Field Research Paper

… Criminal Justice Field

Define what an experiment is and how it is useful in the field of criminal justice research.

Since the beginning of the discipline, quantitative methods have supplied the primary research methods for studying the division and causes of crime. Quantitative methods provide many ways to attain data that is useful to many facets of society. The use of quantitative methods such as survey research, field research, and evaluation research can help criminologists to assemble dependable and valid data. The data can be used by criminologists and other social scientists in order to make causal statements about variables that are being researched (Weisburd, 2000).

Some scholars think that experimental research is the best kind of research to use to evaluate cause and effect.…. [read more]

Criminal Justice: On September 18 Term Paper

… The reason for the suitability of this theory of punishment in this case is the fact that its central precept is that punishment should be in proportion to the harm.

Importance of Code Ethics in the Criminal Justice System:

One of the most essential and fundamental aspects in guiding practices and lessening misconduct by personnel in criminal justice is the importance of code of ethics. Ethics is basically described as moral philosophy, which focuses on examining issues of right and wrong and how people ought to live. The qualities of right and wrong are in turn considered as moral judgments that are assigned to people's conduct and actions. A code of ethics is vital in all criminal justice processes because it provides the professionals in…. [read more]

Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping Research Paper

… Many prisons in the United States have adopted this Panopticon model and have begun functioning under the fact that all humans, even prisoners, have the right to be treated with human dignity. Using the model set forth by Bentham, criminal justice and psychological experts have seen that the condition of a prison certainly adds to a prisoner's pain and suffering during confinement. Bentham suggested that even those who had been undoubtedly scarred by a criminal and injured in any capacity would have suffering that -- no matter how great -- would never measure the pain and suffering of a prisoner who would spend the rest of his life or an extended time in the confines of a cell. Bentham's views and visions of utilitarianism in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Reaction Paper

… (Hazen, 2009)

Similarly, the Conflict in Criminal Justice emphasizes to make justice. It emphasizes over the social and economic forces which are present in a society. It is also known as System Conflict theory. This relates with the wages, promotion and success and invites the conflict with criminal justice system. A good example of conflict is prison and police officers; where police tries to put the criminal in jail while prison officials want to release prisoners due to lack or overcrowded facilities. (Skolnock, 2004)

The film CRASH is a combination of ethics, diversity and conflict in criminal justice. It is a story which have multiple characters each having a connection with criminal justice. A police detective who has a drug addict mother and a dishonest…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Essay

… Criminal Justice Administration

What should Casey's response be to the reporter (other than hanging up or telling him to call back) concerning the agency's recommendation?

Casey's response should be one that is straight forward and honest. She should tell them that her office is going to look at all the facts in the case and take everything into consideration when they make the decision of what to recommend to the court. A probation officer's main goal is to help the defendant to get the help that they need in order to become a productive member of society. Casey needs to stick to her ethics and carry out her job to the best of her ability. If her first concern is the well being and enhancement…. [read more]

Criminal Profiling as an Aid Research Paper

… Furthermore, there appears to be a professional bias against profiling, which exists not only among law enforcement professionals, but also among psychiatrists and psychologists. In general, mental health professionals had a negative impression of profiling. "Fewer than half of the forensic mental health professionals felt that either profiling or criminal investigative analysis was reliable, was valid, or had enough scientific support to be admitted into court. Perceptions were especially negative among those who received the version of the survey using the term profiling. These forensic mental health professionals rated profiling to be significantly less reliable and valid than those who were given the term criminal investigative analysis for the same process. These findings support the position that profiling is likely to be viewed more favorably…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Program Essay

… That said, the criminal justice program still sees the old building on Amsterdam Avenue as a beacon or headquarters: this is the building with the antiquated architecture and small classrooms which acts as a living symbol of the integrity and history and values of the institution.

The communal spaces that the new building provides cannot be underestimated. "The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus" ( Alliances between students help to build strong student organizations which can help students to launch their careers, work well together and to make new discoveries in the field, essentially helping them to help each other…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Associates Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Criminal Justice Associates Program

When I entered into the criminal justice associates program, I have to admit that my thoughts were not focused on what I would learn. Instead, in many ways I viewed the program as a means to an end, a necessary step that I had to take in order to get my desired job in law enforcement. I felt that it would provide me with the stepping stone that I needed to get a job in an administrative sector of law enforcement, and possibly help me get into a police academy and reduce my course requirements while there; if that is the route I chose to explore. However, once I began my coursework, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System After Heavy Research Paper

… I would like to see the Home Secretary implement some community service - he would learn there are some really good schemes helping people to change their attitude and help the community."

Moreover Juliet Lyon (Director of the Prison Reform Trust) says

"It makes no sense to expect overcrowded jails to cut crime when the solutions lay outside, in better parental supervision, constructive alternatives for the young, mental health care, treatment for those addicted to drugs and drink, and a reduction in homelessness, poverty and unemployment."

As the British jails have been overloaded so judiciary should carefully give imprisonment punishments and less serious offenders should be given community-based punishments rather than being awarded punishments and purpose of any punishments should carefully. As the John Denham…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Research Field Observation: A City Research Paper

… Criminal Justice Research

Field Observation: A City Train Station

Much of criminal investigation is centered on observation. The successful criminologist will refine the skills of evidence-gathering by conducting field observations. These are intended to familiarize one with the process of recognizing patterns within the context, of distilling abnormal behaviors from normal behaviors, of identifying determinant environmental features and of keying in on small and distinguishing details. Additionally, as the field observation here will show, there is a certain experience that comes with the process of observation that one must harness in order to be an objective and keenly eyed scene investigator.

My practical field observation would be conducted in a local train station. An above-ground depot located in the downtown area of my city, the…. [read more]

Effects of a Criminal Record on Life in Canada Essay

… Criminal Record in Canada

While it's true that no human being is immune to making mistakes, some mistakes have heftier prices to pay than others. For example, aside from the regret, embarrassment, cost, time and financial expense of committing a criminal offense, the offense stays on one's record for one's entire life, and could prevent one from jobs, opportunities and travel. This is a truly serious concept that one needs to bear in mind when considering the concept of crime or toying with the idea of committing a crime. In Canada, as in most other countries, criminal records are not erased after a certain amount of time or for minor offenses and one must answer "yes" if ever asked if one has been guilty of…. [read more]

Criminal Investigations Term Paper

… Criminal Investigations:

The process of investigating, reporting, and prosecuting criminal offenses requires both legal and ethical preparations in order for successful prosecution of a case. The need for legal and ethical preparations is fueled by the fact that there is an unbelievable amount of work that needs to be done in relation to the statements, items, evidence, and witnesses before a case is presented in a court of law before a judge or jury. While there are various types of crimes, several ethical aspects must be considered from the start of the case i.e. when an investigator arrives at the crime scene. Ethical considerations are vital to decisions that incorporate force, discretion, and due process that need individuals to make enlightened moral judgments. Actually, the…. [read more]

Criminal Law the Three Main Parties Research Paper

… Criminal Law

The three main parties to the crime are Little Louie, Billy Bad Boy, and Vinnie Bagadonuts. When they decided to ask Smokey to launder the stolen money for them, he became a principal party to some the crimes, and an accessory before the fact to others. However, Smith, the gun collector who they stole the guns from is a victim and has no criminal responsibility. The same goes for Wanda, the bank employee and girlfriend of Louie, who may be involved, but has no criminal responsibility either.

According to Title 18, section 2113 of the United States Code anyone who takes, or attempts to take "by force, intimidation, or extortion…any property, money, or any other thing of value" from a bank. ("1349 Bank…. [read more]

Criminal Justice/Forensics Undercover Thesis

… Criminal Justice/Forensics

Undercover" is a term that has made its way into the public vernacular, thanks in large part to movies and television programs. Undercover, at its fundamental level, means pretending to be someone else- the construction and portrayal of a false identity for an ulterior purpose. In the case of undercover police investigations, this ulterior purpose is to enforce the law. This is done by using a false identity to infiltrate a criminal group in order to gather evidence and build a case. This can be a long-term project- some cases have had an undercover operative on assignments that lasted for years. The purpose of this research paper is to show that undercover police officers are more likely to commit criminal acts than police…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Career Thesis

… Criminal Justice

Corrections/Police Officer Qualities and Specifications

There're many different types of positions available in the field of criminal justice, but they all require some of the same basic personality characteristics. Regardless of whether one wants to be an investigator, a criminal attorney, or a police officer or corrections officer, a strong commitment to justice and fairness is essential. This, however, is a rather esoteric quality, and though it is an essential one there are other more pragmatic considerations and qualifications that must be taken into account in order to successfully perform in the criminal justice field.

For occupations such as a police or corrections officer, physical determination is absolutely essential. Though physical force is the last resort in any instance, it is an unfortunately…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Leadership Identify Two Essay

… Simply stated, due process in the hiring and firing phases of employment are federally mandated to avoid litigation and to provide all candidates with fairness and equality in decision making. Civil Right Act of 1964 (Title VII) prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and sex (, 2010). Should a hiring committee or authority disregard these federally protected categories, liability will attach and, perhaps, adverse civil judgments may ensue.

Employees in the criminal justice system are afforded all of the due process rights and privledges available to all employees. The benefit, of course, is that criminal justice employees are not subject to the whim of superiors and have the ability to utilize due process protections to avoid termination. Given the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Explain Community Corrections Term Paper

… Criminal Justice

Explain community corrections and what purpose it fulfills in the overall field of criminal justice. Identify and describe programs and services that are usually found in community corrections. Discuss what you feel are strengths and weaknesses of community corrections programs.

Community corrections programs are rehabilitative programs that attempt to slowly reintegrate offenders designated for release into the community, though a series of graduated steps, such as halfway houses or allowing inmates to find employment within the community. The Federal Bureau of Prisons makes community corrections an integral component of the Bureau's correctional programs and often acts as a liaison for state and local groups with similar programs. "The Bureau contracts with residential re-entry centers (RRCs), also known as halfway houses, to provide assistance…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Mainly Focuses Essay

… Despite the existence of these assorted challenges, most judicial institutions have managed to forge cordial relations and cooperation towards realization of justice to all criminals in a state or country (Gaines & Miller 2013).

My decision to choose the manager for the interview came about owing to his vast knowledge in matters of enforcement of criminal justice. Administration of justice to criminals must follow due process of the law (Neubauer 2011). Hence, the manager notwithstanding his experience and expertise in this unit is more candid to provide information without apprehension. Under the administration of criminal justice, only personnel with vast knowledge and experience in matters of law and criminal justice have direct consent or permission to comment and even proceed to give sensitive information (Neubauer…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Exit Exam Essay

… The exit exam would have the advantage of being free of professor biases in favor of specific students, unlike subjectively-graded research papers and essays written in class. Provided it was not used in a punitive manner, it could provide a reasonably fair overview of what students did know, and what they did not. However, the question of what criminal justice majors 'should' know upon graduating would likely be a contentious issue amongst faculty. Additionally, the content would have to change over the years, given that the materials in the courses students take would likely change, given advances in forensic science and changes in the justice system.

It is often said that the most important gift of any major is that it can teach students how…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Management Policing Matrix Essay

… Criminal Justice Management Policing Matrix

The Matrix provided here is a detailed and thorough plotting of research findings in a number of specific areas that are defined by their level of proactive nature and success levels. Essentially, it is a survey of research conclusions that is laid out in a format that helps make understanding modern research much easier, especially in a context of strategy planning and execution within various policing agencies around the nation. The Matrix takes a wide number of research study findings and plots them in a thorough diagram that rates effectiveness of particular strategies. It aids policing agencies in the development of strategies to combat very specific issues they may be facing within their department jurisdictions. Thus, the Matrix represents a…. [read more]

Criminal Justice: Wrongful Conviction Term Paper

… Criminal Justice: Wrongful Conviction


Does the criminal justice system have adequate protections in place minimizing the risk of innocent people being wrongly convicted or even executed?

Our criminal justice system is designed around the principle that wrongful exoneration is always preferable to wrongful conviction. Protections designed to minimize the chances of wrongful conviction include constitutional rights against unwarranted search and seizure of evidence, self-incrimination, and competent legal representation at the state's expense.

State violations of search and seizure laws often result in the complete exclusion of any evidence discovered improperly and a criminal returned to the street as a result, even where guilt is plainly obvious in retrospect. Likewise, explicit confessions are invalidated and excluded from permissible evidence where obtained through…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Drumming My Hands Essay

… I have discovered areas of focus and places I would hope to specialize in. Drawn to work in the federal sector, I applied for an internship with a major federal agency. The letter I received via my academic advisor's office propelled me into a new level of success. Earning the opportunity to participate in the intern program has absolutely solidified my goals.

With proven leadership skills, I will someday ascend to a directorial position within a federal agency. I thrive in environments in which my mind is tested to its limits, when I can stretch myself and apply creative and critical thinking skills. Drawing on empirical evidence in the interrelated fields of psychology, sociology, and criminal justice, I can apply academic wisdom to real life…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Career Essay

… How does this contribute to building theory?

Building of theory cannot be in a vacuum. It is from existing set of beliefs or views that an individual comes in to formulate a theory that either concurs with or seeks to challenge the paradigm and perpetuate a varying paradigm shift.

What is a variable?

A variable in research is an entity that can be altered like the values or the characteristics of the entity. They are used to find out if the change of the variable would necessarily mean the alteration in the results of an item.

Explain the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable. Provide an example of each.

The independent variable is the value that is being manipulated and changed in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Ethics the Ethical Term Paper

… Now that virtually everyone with a smart phone could take pictures or videos of police misconduct, the field of law enforcement is obliged to be ethical because one never knows when a phone / camera is aimed at the behavior of cops. Also, the television news industry now has several cable news channels and they compete vigorously to beat each other with revelations on misbehavior (whether real or questionable), cops included.

FIVE: Ethics is a field that is probably more significant now in the law enforcement milieu because the definitions of ethics are numerous and it can be a confusing issue. Understanding the importance of ethics is vitally important for a law enforcement officer because he or she will find that what is ethical and…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Essay

… 2008). In this process, individuals on both sides present carefully thought out evidence to convince the jury of innocence or guilt. Upon reaching a guilty verdict, the convicted are then exposed to our system of sentencing and punishment, in terms of monetary punishments in the form of fees and penalties, as well as incarceration.

Crime has a very interesting relationship to the law. Essentially, crimes help shape the law, and vice versa. The law aims to forbid crimes, therefore increasing the sense of taboo in regards to particular behaviors that are deemed undesirable or criminal by a society. Here, the research states that "Laws, regardless of the nation, regulate social behavior by informing the citizens of what they can and cannot do and thereby lead…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Theory and Policy Discussion Chapter

… Criminal Justice Theory and Policy

The Prison Industrial Complex

The national correction-commercial complex is an institution governed by a number of participants who have the power to make certain decisions. The participants are not ordinary individual rather, they are other firms established by the government to work under and part of the criminal justice department. The participants include the federal agencies that work hand in hand with the for-profit corporations besides other professional organizations. These participants carry out their duties within an enclosed network and ensure that the kind of information they hold about the correction-commercial complex remains secured (Kraska & Brent, 2011). The key participants have certain principles that they need to follow in order to ensure that there is no bridging of information…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Systems Comprise of Different Elements Capstone Project

… Criminal justice systems comprise of different elements. Many issues are likely to be raised as problem statements when analyzing criminal justice issues. Usually, the issues relate in one way or the other to ensure common objectives for any criminal justice system. For instance, in trying to address the problem such as "comparison between mentally challenged individuals and the normal offenders" issues relating to the arrest of mentally ill offenders will also arise in case of normal offenders. This illustrates the issue of fairness and justice to all, and at the same time addresses issues related to timeliness in the trial process.

The crime prevention and investigation strategies for mentally ill persons and normal offenders will be the same. In both, for instance, the crime reduction…. [read more]

Justice Term Paper

… 1). In recent years England and Wales have actually improved the plight of sexual violence victims through a number of reforms, includes "the introduction of special measures to assist victims to give evidence in court, improved practices and protocols for working with survivors and an expansion of services to support victims" (Gunby, Carline, Bellis, & Beynon 2012, p. 2). In particular, the 2003 Sexual Offences Act was meant to serve as a kind of substantive update to England and Wales' laws regarding the investigation and prosecution of sexual offenses, and it came in the face of evidence that the justice system was severely lacking both in terms of its own internal investigations into sexual crime and the conviction rate for offenders (Goldson 2006, p. 64).…. [read more]

Criminal Eyewitness Testimony Research Paper

… Data Analysis -- Data is well organized and presented, both in verbal and visual formats; charts and graphs are appropriate for academic research. The data has a great deal of similarity, too, in that it shows that, human nature being what it is, eyewitnesses may not only inadvertently lie or mislead, some may use planned deception to foster false evidence to protect or defame the defendant; some to glean perceived attention, and some may omit or fabricate additions to their testimony out of fear or intimidation. Typically, the Judge will instruct the Jury to pay attention to the "demeanor" and "presence" of the eyewitness, but evidence shows that eyewitnesses who are highly motivated to lie, display fewer visual and physical clues to the point of…. [read more]

Criminal Investigation A). Research Proposal

… Criminal Investigation a). Criminal investigation is a police activity, which seeks out clues and evidence to determine if a crime has occurred (PInow 2005). If it has, the activity will proceed to look into the background of the accused and discover who committed the crime (

A b) the three primary sources of information in a criminal investigation are the witness, the victim, and the suspect (Congressional Research Service 2006). These persons provide first-hand information about the commission of a crime called statements. The investigating law enforcement officer takes these statements to substantiate charges he may file against the suspect; disregard conflicting testimony against the suspect; and use as source of investigative information as to descriptions and identities. A witness is a person who has…. [read more]

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