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Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… The judge's feature is generally begun at the defendant's first court visit or at a hearing if and when proof exists (Israel et al. 2003).

Five Steps of the Criminal Justice System

Entry into the System

Investigation and Arrest:

In this case discernment is made use of in lots of methods, whether it is to ease pressure of state overcrowding in jails, or the possibility of children getting a policeman that sees more damage in an arrest than a caution. Similar to in the wedding cake model example, everybody has their own views and hence have various responses to discernment. Just the courts, policeman, district attorney could decide to let you of a plea offer or caution if it was your first offence compared with…. [read more]

Criminal Profiling as an Aid Research Paper

… Furthermore, there appears to be a professional bias against profiling, which exists not only among law enforcement professionals, but also among psychiatrists and psychologists. In general, mental health professionals had a negative impression of profiling. "Fewer than half of the forensic mental health professionals felt that either profiling or criminal investigative analysis was reliable, was valid, or had enough scientific support to be admitted into court. Perceptions were especially negative among those who received the version of the survey using the term profiling. These forensic mental health professionals rated profiling to be significantly less reliable and valid than those who were given the term criminal investigative analysis for the same process. These findings support the position that profiling is likely to be viewed more favorably…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Trends Essay

… It is also because of the technological advancement in the last decade that public is increasingly getting awareness about the important societal issues. The easy access to Internet has made it really easy for the citizens to be informed regarding the different kinds of criminal justice services provided to them. The facts and figures related to crime and arrest on the national and communal level has made it an easy thing for the people to get information regarding court trials, illegitimate offenders and governmental efforts for the safety of public. However, it is essential to mention here that without the participation of citizens, governmental efforts for public safety cannot be successful. For instance, law enforcement agencies cannot prevent crime if people do not help in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Essay

… Today, the common form of correction system is prisons. The society has deemed it a necessity to separate criminals from the rest of the society. This means that all criminals are locked up somewhere with the aim of removing them from the rest of the society (Roufa,2010).

These key issues in criminal justice administration can be prioritized. The first issue is law enforcement. The police are very important when it comes to criminal justice administration. This is because without the police then there is no way that criminals would face the criminal justice system since the police are the link. Therefore the police are the first priority because they are needed so that the criminals can be caught and hence face the justice system. The…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Juvenile Justice Gang Term Paper

… The office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention should have seminars to train law enforcement officials to forestall the formation of gangs (TheAttorneyStore, 2013). This can significantly eradicate/limit number of gangs involvement in criminal activities. The Office of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention should come up with programs that prioritize recruitment of faith-based organizations as well as community members and representatives from community-based organizations to come up with engaging activities for at-risk juveniles. The program should also encourage multiagency collaboration at neighborhood, community and federal level. The program should finally stress the importance of partnering with the private sector. Community businesses stand to flourish when juvenile involvement in gang activities is reduced (TheAttorneyStore, 2013). To counter juvenile hate crime, respective states should come up with…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Normally Essay

… The neighborhood police departments are through far from common law enforcement agencies. The underlying state sheriff's departments are normally specialized police department.

Police system within the criminal justice system is normally charged with maintenance of order accompanied by the preventive approach that pertains to policing (Cole & Smith, 2009). They also ensure enforcement of the prevailing departmental vice laws accompanied by the emphasizing on the rest of the offenders. They also ensure society policing that stresses addressing communal problems accompanied by the existing vicinity concerns. Conversely, court is mainly charged with the prosecution and defending of the prevailing populace interest (David, 2008). Moreover, it also acts as custodians of the existing constitution and ought to be mindful of the right of the prevailing accused beneath…. [read more]

Criminal Acts and Choice Theory Essay

… The offenders comprehend lack of constraints and excessive freedom. Criminals have self-control and are unaffected by social fear of social controls when compared to other people. The choice of the risky acts come out because they are facing individual problems or stressed Frank, 1990()

In studying the decision to commit criminal activities, proponents of choice theory study agree disregarding substance crime is a planned action of location undertaken by choice. The decision made is dependent upon the aim and the available means to undertake it Young, 1997.

Criminal will choose low income household for violent crimes and high income homesteads for belongings theft. This depicts the choosing of the location and the chance of being caught. It has also been observed that criminal acquire the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Mainly Focuses Essay

… Despite the existence of these assorted challenges, most judicial institutions have managed to forge cordial relations and cooperation towards realization of justice to all criminals in a state or country (Gaines & Miller 2013).

My decision to choose the manager for the interview came about owing to his vast knowledge in matters of enforcement of criminal justice. Administration of justice to criminals must follow due process of the law (Neubauer 2011). Hence, the manager notwithstanding his experience and expertise in this unit is more candid to provide information without apprehension. Under the administration of criminal justice, only personnel with vast knowledge and experience in matters of law and criminal justice have direct consent or permission to comment and even proceed to give sensitive information (Neubauer…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Leadership Strategies Essay

… In short, it is observed that that the role of maintaining strong community relations in criminal justice is lead through leadership and training of subordinates to provide effective service. Any single point of contact between community including traffic, rescue services, and community policing provides an opportunity for improvement in the system (Hess et al., 2014).


The role of criminal justice organizations in relation to leadership, strategy, and formulation of the normal practices adopted during functioning is elaborated in the sections above. The specific examples for organizational behavior, behavioral theories, planning, and community relations is also discussed in the above sections. It is observed that the leadership of criminal justice organizations also requires formulation of a strategy for achievement of their objectives. The working can…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Field Research Paper

… Criminal Justice Field

Define what an experiment is and how it is useful in the field of criminal justice research.

Since the beginning of the discipline, quantitative methods have supplied the primary research methods for studying the division and causes of crime. Quantitative methods provide many ways to attain data that is useful to many facets of society. The use of quantitative methods such as survey research, field research, and evaluation research can help criminologists to assemble dependable and valid data. The data can be used by criminologists and other social scientists in order to make causal statements about variables that are being researched (Weisburd, 2000).

Some scholars think that experimental research is the best kind of research to use to evaluate cause and effect.…. [read more]

Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping Research Paper

… Many prisons in the United States have adopted this Panopticon model and have begun functioning under the fact that all humans, even prisoners, have the right to be treated with human dignity. Using the model set forth by Bentham, criminal justice and psychological experts have seen that the condition of a prison certainly adds to a prisoner's pain and suffering during confinement. Bentham suggested that even those who had been undoubtedly scarred by a criminal and injured in any capacity would have suffering that -- no matter how great -- would never measure the pain and suffering of a prisoner who would spend the rest of his life or an extended time in the confines of a cell. Bentham's views and visions of utilitarianism in…. [read more]

Criminal Procedure Term Paper

… Criminal Procedure:

The criminal justice system is a process that involves various steps that start with a criminal investigation and end with the release of a convicted criminal from correctional institution. Since it involves a variety of steps, the center of the criminal justice process and criminal procedure is rules and decision making. Rules in criminal procedure involves the use of legal authority such as the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, state constitutions and rules of criminal procedure, and rules and regulations of the department and agency. On the contrary, the decision making aspect is beyond the learning of rules and the implementation of the rules to particular cases. This is primarily because of decisions are based on discretion, which is the individual application…. [read more]

Criminal Justice: On September 18 Term Paper

… The reason for the suitability of this theory of punishment in this case is the fact that its central precept is that punishment should be in proportion to the harm.

Importance of Code Ethics in the Criminal Justice System:

One of the most essential and fundamental aspects in guiding practices and lessening misconduct by personnel in criminal justice is the importance of code of ethics. Ethics is basically described as moral philosophy, which focuses on examining issues of right and wrong and how people ought to live. The qualities of right and wrong are in turn considered as moral judgments that are assigned to people's conduct and actions. A code of ethics is vital in all criminal justice processes because it provides the professionals in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Essay

… Most tried cases though usually result in conviction. The police, correctional facilities and courts are the main agencies of criminal justice linked to each other in the flow of decision making in the system Siegel, 2010()

Once prosecuted, depending on the ruling the victim is taken to a correctional facility under strict supervision or as otherwise as decided by the judge. As opposed to the old days whereby criminals were excluded from the society and made to pay for their crimes, the modern form of punishment is the prisons used to reform criminals. The victims undergo trainings or schooling to enable them learn a vocation thereby earn a legitimate living when returned to the society. Religious facilities also teach morals and ethics so as to…. [read more]

Criminal Personality Profiling Has Emerged Term Paper

… 80).

Advances in Criminal Personality Profiling:

In the past few years, criminal personality profiling has largely been used as a forensic science tool. The use of this technique as a forensic science tool is attributed to evidence suggesting it can achieve greater scientific rigor though it has traditionally been considered as an art rather than science. Moreover, criminal personality profiling is largely a forensic science tool because of the development of new mechanisms of standardizing violent crime classification, stand computerized databases, and qualification of profilers as expert witnesses during trials. Current knowledge regarding this process is derived from years of experience and exposure to crime scenes, offenders, and psychological analyses by competent professionals.

The Process of Criminal Personality Profiling:

The process of criminal personality profiling…. [read more]

Criminal Profiling in Solving Violent Crimes Research Paper

… Criminal Profiling in Solving Violent Crimes

There is no dearth of television shows and movies dealing with the criminal justice system featuring actual police and investigative works, the penal system, court room proceedings and other aspects of this important mans of imposing law and order in a civil society. From these features, the public has been made aware of what ensues when crimes are committed from the investigation thereto, processing of suspects, prosecution, all the way to incarceration, release, probation and parole. Of particular interest in the criminal justice system is how violent crimes are solved via criminal profiling or oftentimes referred to as psychological profiling. Criminal profiling is the process of using available information about a crime and crime scene to compose a psychological…. [read more]

Criminal Sanctions in America Essay

… This marked the beginning of various reforms marked by passing of various acts aimed at empowering determinate sentencing. The indeterminate sentences that existed were quickly replaced by clear-cut imprisonment terms. "Supervised release" replaced the early releases that were formerly granted through parole and the rehabilitative capacity of offenders was no longer considered in determining the length of sentences (Cassel, 2004). By the end of 1987 the new sentencing system was effective and criminals were no longer eligible for parole and whenever an offender was sent to prison it was mandatory for such an individual to complete at least 85% of their term. The possibility of being released within the remaining 15% of the term also depended on the behavior of the offender (Getty, 2007). The…. [read more]

Criminal Investigations Term Paper

… Criminal Investigations

This text will concern itself with a number of issues related to criminal investigations. In so doing, it will amongst other things address the various criminal investigation inquiry methods and discuss an investigator's optimal mindset. Further, in addition to highlighting the scientific method and how it is utilized by investigators in criminal investigations, this text will also identify a criminal investigator's major sources of information.

Inquiry Methods and their Utilization in Criminal Investigation

According to Palmiotto (2004), "investigative authorities estimate that approximately 95% of crimes are cleared through interviews and interrogations." The relevance of these two basic methods of inquiry cannot hence be overstated when it comes to criminal investigation. An interview in the author's own words can be defined as "a purposeful…. [read more]

Criminal Investigation Scenario: Criminal Scene Investigators Term Paper

… Criminal Investigation Scenario:

Criminal scene investigators are usually mandated with the task of actively processing a crime scene in order to collect evidence that would be used in arresting and prosecuting suspects. In this scenario, these investigators were involved in active processing of a crime scene where Clyde Stevens was found lying on the floor unresponsive and pronounced dead from an apparent stabbing. Steven's body was found with a large butcher knife protruding from his back by his neighbor, Mary Ellis. In order to collect enough evidence for the crime, the investigators carried out a search in Ellis' walk-in-closet and the bedroom of her adult son. These efforts resulted in the identification of a blood fingerprint adjacent to a light switch in William's bedroom. Through…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System After Heavy Research Paper

… I would like to see the Home Secretary implement some community service - he would learn there are some really good schemes helping people to change their attitude and help the community."

Moreover Juliet Lyon (Director of the Prison Reform Trust) says

"It makes no sense to expect overcrowded jails to cut crime when the solutions lay outside, in better parental supervision, constructive alternatives for the young, mental health care, treatment for those addicted to drugs and drink, and a reduction in homelessness, poverty and unemployment."

As the British jails have been overloaded so judiciary should carefully give imprisonment punishments and less serious offenders should be given community-based punishments rather than being awarded punishments and purpose of any punishments should carefully. As the John Denham…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Theory Discussion Chapter

… Criminal Justice Policies

Criminal Justice and Policies

M2D1: Applying Due Process and Crime Control

Habert Packer was the core founder of due process model and crime control model that aimed at reducing the alarming rate of crime in America. Crime control model emphasizes more on human freedom and calls for the suppression of crime. The model puts human interest first and encourages efficiency, finality and speed to apprehend any criminal with less effort on human rights. On the other hand, due process model encourages freedom but insists more on reliable data and evidence to support a criminal act for the release of the individual. Unlike the model of crime control, it emphasizes on human rights whenever the person has committed crime (Cole, 2012).

Patriot Act…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Today Essay

… It is true that prison overcrowding is one of the most urgent criminal justice issues not only in America, but all over the world. More often than not the responsible institutions have cited lack of jail space as the cause for this problem. This has led to the proposal of building more prison facilities to accommodate the soaring numbers. However, I hold a different opinion, I believe that the major cause is the lack of alternatives to incarceration which leads all offenders to prison and this is worsened by introduction of certain policies. For instance there is the mandatory minimum sentence for drug crimes in America; this has highly increased the rate of incarceration (Green, 2011). It implies that when alternatives to incarceration are adopted…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Program Essay

… That said, the criminal justice program still sees the old building on Amsterdam Avenue as a beacon or headquarters: this is the building with the antiquated architecture and small classrooms which acts as a living symbol of the integrity and history and values of the institution.

The communal spaces that the new building provides cannot be underestimated. "The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus" ( Alliances between students help to build strong student organizations which can help students to launch their careers, work well together and to make new discoveries in the field, essentially helping them to help each other…. [read more]

Criminal Justice System Australian Essay

… The result is that over the last two decades of the "War on Crime" we have witnessed an erosion of the principle that juvenile offenders should be treated more leniently than adults (Sallmann & Willis, 2003). The "get tough" movement has tried to include these juvenile offenders within the ambit of the adult criminal justice system. An example of this "get tough" movement is legislation from California [Proposition 21].

The populist response to crime by juveniles has consisted of an attempt to dismantle the separate system of justice that has been created for juvenile offenders. Populist politicians have used the fact that juveniles receive mitigated punishments (compared to adults) to argue that juvenile sentences are too lenient, as though the adult disposition were the norm…. [read more]

Criminal Law Foundations Evaluation Essay

… Protection of the privacy needs of the citizens has an adverse effect on the criminal justice and the legal systems. It makes the criminal justice become unable to execute effectively its activities, increasing the likelihood of unidentified crimes. The increase in the crime rates translates its effect to an increase in the cases handled by an adult and juvenile courts. The provision of benefits such as speeding of the trials and having attorneys representing the victims and suspects of the crime often reduces the resources and time required for the success of the whole process; hence, enhanced management of operations in the juvenile and the adult courts (Baron, 2003).


In summary, the fourth, fifth, and the sixth amendments play a role in influencing the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Essay

… The court system, defenders, prosecutors and correctional units also make valuable use of information technology. The introduction of digital technology, for example, provides evidence presentation systems that include laptop computers, DVD players, VCRs, printers and cameras for instant exhibit displays. While answering questions on specific topics, an expert can use visual technology to provide more information and a better understanding. Another area of interest for the correctional institutions is called technocorrections, which includes electronic tracking, pharmaceutical care and genetic and neurobiological risk analyses. In addition, electronic monitoring is used for locating people on probation and parole, as well for the application of wrist bracelets that keep track of an offender's location. However, according to Pattavina (2005), above all these technological advances "Arguably the most valuable…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration Taking Into Account Term Paper

… Criminal Justice Administration

Taking into account the fact that criminal justice administrators are faced with right-versus-wrong decisions and must balance the wants and needs of their employees, the politicians and the citizens, this work will describe the ethical decisions-making process that criminal justice administrators engage in when attempting to determine a course of action and will discuss the potential perceptions to the employees, the politicians and the citizens and how this influences the administrator.

Criminal Justice Administration Overview

It is pointed out in the work entitled: "Sentencing Values and Sentencing Structures," published in the Judicial Studies Institute Journal that "In a dissenting opinion in which she disagreed with the Court's analysis, Judge Higgins said: 'The judicial lodestar, whether in difficult questions of interpretation of humanitarian…. [read more]

Criminal Law System the Recurring Essay

… A proposed solution would be to go ahead and hire the people necessary to make this system function at its full potential. It may sound like too simple of an idea, but if one thinks about the future and not necessarily completely about the now, then one can see how this plan will work. By hiring more people, such as defense attorneys, judges, administrative staff, etc., so much more can be done at a faster and more efficient pace. The time that will be saved, and the less time that people who are awaiting trial will wait, will counteract the costs that hiring more people will impose. By investing some funding, which could be attained by taking the funding that would have been available to…. [read more]

Criminal Offending Essay

… In such a case, the perceived unfairness and failure to accept the unfair sanction nullifies any deterrent effect produced by strong social bonds, and this means, the unfair sanction may have little or no influence on the future behavior of the offender (Leana & Nicole, 2008). For poorly bonded offenders who perceive sanctions to be unfair and accept the accompanying shame, the sanction will be irrelevant or possibly produce a deterrent outcome to future offending. On the other hand, the poorly bonded offender who denies the shame is likely to respond defiantly and engage in future criminal activities, because of unfair and stigmatizing sanctions. Therefore, the outcome of a sanction determines continuity or discontinuity of criminal activity in the future. In addition, defining the sanction…. [read more]

Criminal Investigations Term Paper

… Criminal Investigations:

The process of investigating, reporting, and prosecuting criminal offenses requires both legal and ethical preparations in order for successful prosecution of a case. The need for legal and ethical preparations is fueled by the fact that there is an unbelievable amount of work that needs to be done in relation to the statements, items, evidence, and witnesses before a case is presented in a court of law before a judge or jury. While there are various types of crimes, several ethical aspects must be considered from the start of the case i.e. when an investigator arrives at the crime scene. Ethical considerations are vital to decisions that incorporate force, discretion, and due process that need individuals to make enlightened moral judgments. Actually, the…. [read more]

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