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Crisis Intervention Definition of Addiction Goodman ) Term Paper

… Crisis Intervention

Definition of addiction

Goodman (2007) suggested a comprehensive definition of addiction in behavioral terms: addiction defines "a condition in which a behavior that can function both to produce pleasure and to reduce painful affects is employed in a pattern that is characterized by two key features: (1) recurrent failure to control the behavior, and (2) continuation of the behavior despite significant harmful consequences." Some of the most common types of addictions are: drug addictions, alcohol and nicotine addiction, food addiction, pathological gambling, sex addiction, shopping, Internet, and computer, work, exercise.

Overview of research on addiction

Researchers have been interested in the various causes and components of addiction. For instance, Glantz and Pickens (1992) investigated social and environmental factors of addiction, Cadoret, Yates, Troughton,…. [read more]

Is Gambling Pleasure or Addiction? Term Paper

… Gambling has long been a pass time for people around the world. Many people use gambling as a way to relax and enjoy the company of friends. However, some people who gamble become addicted to this activity. Such an addiction can lead to high levels of debt and can lead people to spend a significant amount of time gambling which can have a negative effect on their personal relationships. There has long been a debate concerning whether or not gambling is for pleasure or whether or not it is an addiction. The purpose of this discussion is to determine whether gambling is an activity engaged in for pleasure or an addiction. The research will also share some recommendation as it pertains to how to deal…. [read more]

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