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Cross-Cultural Communication With Increased Competition Essay

… However, this alone cannot guarantee effective communication, but it will allow people to mindfully attempt to understand strangers and the way these strangers are interpreting their messages. In doing so, people can respond in a manner that results in effective communication. Therefore proper control of uncertainty and anxiety provides an avenue for effective communication, though effective communication depends on the conduct of a person in such situation (Gudykunst, 2005).

Self-concepts and AUM

Self-concept is used to refer to a personal views, they comprise of personal identity as well as social identity. Self-esteem of a person can either be positive or negative feeling a person has about himself/herself. According to Gudykunst, (2005) personal identities are the main generative ways for interpersonal behaviour; whereas social identities are…. [read more]

Communication in Organization Intercultural Essay

… Communication in Organizations

The case study is based on PTB company that decided to take the better percentage of their employees to Sydney Australia for a two day conference that was to focus on the new sales and marketing skills as well as to enable the employees from both countries under the PTB company get a chance to network. The conference was however beset with a lot of challenges that mostly emanated from cultural insensitivity and communication breakdown. The Australian side was represented by Sam who acted as the head of the delegation in welcoming the Japanese counterparts, and Mika represented the Japanese delegation that was the guests. There appeared to be lack of comprehensive communication between the two representatives and consequently negatively affecting the…. [read more]

Linguistics Critique of Cross-Cultural Culture Article Critique

… Multilingual or bilingual children speak English as one of their two or more languages that they speak, and mostly one language has a higher status than the other, depending on education, power or wealth. United States majorly speak English, since its recognition in a larger area than the ethnic languages present in various regions. This lowers the status of actual language spoken in different regions, with English dominating all fields involving people with same or different ethnical language. The less spoken language and of lower status associated with low income earners, or people who do not access better education or people who are poor.

The pro-efficiency of speaking proper English in America depend on the parents, especially mothers, or guardians, with formal spoken English associated…. [read more]

Interpretation Across Culture in on Line Communication Research Paper

… Cross Cultural Communication

Interpretation across Culture in online communication

Effective communication goes beyond the words that are used and encompasses a broader range of communicative skills, such as body language and gestures. Like, words, these gestures can have a different connotative meaning depending on cultural and contextual clues that surround them. These cultural and contextual clues are the basis for misunderstandings, particularly when two people from different cultures attempt to communicate. When two persons from the same culture communicate, contextual and body language can help to enhance the meaning of the message. They can provide a greater depth of understanding among the two parties. The following will explore current literature on cross-cultural communication in regards to the importance of culturally significant contextual clues.

Electronic Communication…. [read more]

Culture of Interest: Japan Theoretical Research Paper

… Japan scored somewhere in middle on individualism collectivism index and the society is more paternalistic in nature. It does not display strongest of collectivist traditions but neither does it resonate with individualistic characteristics as a cultural unit. The American people on the other hand have displayed tremendously high score in this dimension. Having scored 91, the nation is among highest scorer in this aspect. People primarily work for them and do not like affording extended families. Satisfaction of personal aims, aspirations and motives is primary to American people. Glorification of personal efforts to achieve success is common place in the society Americans live in. While Japanese people are more considerate towards other group members, Americans too have displayed desire to form groups, only to satisfy…. [read more]

Golden Rule of Cross-Cultural Communications Anyone Research Paper

… Golden Rule of Cross-Cultural Communications

Anyone who has attended school, held a job, or formed a relationship, which is to say everyone, can readily testify that communicating with others can be a challenging enterprise at times. Even when people hear what is being said, they may not understand it properly because of a wide range of factors that can adversely affect the communication process. In an increasingly globalized world, these problems have been compounded by powerful cross-cultural differences, or at least that is what many authorities would have people believe. In reality, communicating effectively with others involves some fairly straightforward techniques that are equally valid in any setting rather than the complex multidimensional conceptualizations that are being advanced in the literature today. To gain some…. [read more]

Communication Includes Nonverbal and Unwritten Essay

… In other words, a business meeting or any other kind of transaction can be carried out, and by just listening to the words it would seem as though nothing is amiss. If one listens to the inflection, however, and looks at the body language and other cues the people are giving to one another, it can be very obvious that there are underlying feelings that are not coming out in the actual words being said. This is how rivalries get started, and also how many office romances are detected. Demonstrative communication is very important to people in all walks of life (Heyman, 1994). They use it consciously at times, but they often use it without realizing what they are doing.

With this in mind, it…. [read more]

Communication Skills Are Critical in Any Business Essay

… Communication skills are critical in any business or profession. However, the type of communication skills necessary will depend on the organizational culture, the job description and roles, and other contextual factors. Some jobs will require greater written communication skills than others; and some jobs demand astute oral or verbal communications skills. When analyzing my own communications skills, it may be helpful to review both the Baack (2012) text as well as scholarly resources. Without scholarly resources, I may not be able to assess my communication skills effectively enough. This paper will describe the assessment methods that I used to analyze my own communication skills. Then, I will discuss the observed or measured gaps in communication skills and identify training that can be used to address…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communications Thesis

… Cross cultural Communication (International Business)

Nowadays, with almost every country going global, cross-cultural communication has become an integral part of business. Rosenbloom and Larsen pointed out the growing need for interaction among different countries worldwide, "globalization in the sense of firms from all over the world interacting and dealing with each other is expected to be the normal state of affairs for the majority of businesses" (309). The ability of being able to communicate with other countries has become an essential and indispensable part of business. Nancy Patricia Lee also holds this view as according to her, "the ability to communicate succinctly across cultural, linguistic and national borders is now mandatory for all effective international transactions" (1).

Businesses continue to be affected by globalization. Apart…. [read more]

Communication Nonverbal Communication Can Be Simply Essay

… Communication

Nonverbal communication can be simply defined as communication without the usage of words. This ability is both innate, but it can also be improved through study. The importance of nonverbal communication is increasing more and more as the importance and levels of communication increase. NVC is best revealed through body language, such as grimaces, gesticulation or voice intonations. Alongside with dances, moves, the food we eat or serve, the clothes we wear (uniform for instance make a statement of authority) they make up forms of nonverbal communication (Exploring Nonverbal Communication).

A homogenous community generally uses the same forms of NVC, but when entering a new community, it may be difficult for one to grasp at first the features of their body language. This situation…. [read more]

Communication Differences Develop a Two-Page Paper Term Paper

… Communication Differences

Develop a two-page paper in which you examine the conclusions you have found from your research and answer the following questions. Do men and women communicate differently? Does it make a difference in the workplace?

Do men and women communicate differently? Does it make a difference in the workplace?

The question if men and women communicate differently cannot be settled with an easy answer of 'yes' or 'no.' For example, according to the research of Palomares (2009), the assumption that women are more tentative in their use of language than their male colleagues at work was only true regarding stereotypically masculine topics in male-female but not all-female groupings. A comparative analysis of email revealed both males and females were more tentative on stereotypical…. [read more]

Communication Apprehension Term Paper

… Communication Apprehension

Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA)

The difference between state CA and trait CA



Future directions

The conceptualization and study of communicative anxiety has been an area of interest to communication scholars and researchers for decades. This phenomenon has been referred to using a variety of different terms including reticence, shyness, social-communicative anxiety, communication avoidance, and communication apprehension. Although each of these terms holds specific nuances, the basic ideology remains consistent. That is, the different terminologies used all illustrate the belief that certain individuals suffer from anxiety that is produced through a degree of fear of communicating with others. During the course of this paper, the term communication apprehension (CA) is employed. CA refers to "an individual's level of fear or…. [read more]

Communication Theory Essay

… d.).

Impact of Gender and Cultural Differences on Communications:

In the process of transmitting messages and receiving feedback at the casualty section, effective communication is largely affected by gender and cultural differences. This is largely because the casualty section within the organization consists of people from different cultural backgrounds and gender. Moreover, the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer also deals with people from divergent cultural backgrounds and gender when providing information, resources, and assistance to the Primary Next of Kin and the Secondary Next of Kin. Therefore, some of the most important considerations when developing effective communication strategies include understand cultural and gender differences and overcoming language barriers.

The main impact of gender on communications with the manager, patients, caregivers, families, and fellow co-workers is that…. [read more]

Communication Transactional Analysis Model Term Paper

… Management must try not to evoke the controlling parent or adaptive child side of their employees' in order to keep communication channel opens and to avoid conflicts.


Verbal and nonverbal communication both form important parts of overall effective communication. While we are familiar with what is meant by verbal communication, it is the nonverbal communication that puzzles us since it can be ambiguous in nature causing conflict and confusion. Verbal communication refers to communication that makes use of a language that two people understand. Nonverbal on the other hand refers to cues, symbols and signals that people may make use of in place of verbal communication but mostly to augment verbal messages. LAUREL J. DUNN (1998) defines as the "mode for…. [read more]

Role of Communication in Cross Term Paper

… Instead the cross cultural communication is fostered through the promising vocalization with due emphasis on encouragement, affirmation, acknowledgement and phrasing requests clearly or advancing opinions thoughtfully. The effective cross cultural communication depends upon the elasticity, malleability and liberalism. The awareness, acceptance and dealing with cross cultural differences results in the overcoming the cultural barriers that give rise to the better modes of communication, mutual trust and creative thinking. An efficient manager finds out enough scope for the individuals to take some risks and explore the projects that don't require harmonization with others. Such actions encourage the employees with a strong individualist twist to attract attention to more significant matters like policies or procedures that don't work. The time conscious managers may visualize the people whose…. [read more]

Intercultural Communication Is an Academic Field Term Paper

… Intercultural Communication is an academic field of study which aims to look at how people from different cultures interact with each other. Various other fields also contribute to the body of knowledge of intercultural communication, namely Anthropology, psychology, communication and cultural studies. Culture can simply be considered as the basic values, attitudes and behaviors of a certain group of people most of the time. The basic process of communication is considered to be the process where a sender encodes a message, the message travels through the medium and the receiver decodes and interprets the message, and finally gives feedback. Communication is delivered after the application of many filters, e.g. status, age, subject, nature of relationship, level of interest, and so on.

A cultural filter is…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers Term Paper

… ¶ … Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers

It is essential for business managers to be aware of the importance behind cross-cultural communication. The consequences of not being aware can be costly for American corporations. Munter (1993, p. 10) states that the cost of failed overseas assignments for American corporations exceeds $2 billion dollars per year. Due to such high costs it is necessary for American businesses to consider training their managers in cross-cultural communication.

In order to be effective cross-cultural communicators, American managers must perform the following seven activities: they must set communication objectives, choose a communication style, improve their credibility, select and motivate their audiences, decide upon an appropriate message strategy, overcome language difficulties, and become familiar with the proper nonverbal behaviors. As far as…. [read more]

Culture on Communication Essay

… Conversely, an American might not pick up on subtle clues in a Japanese-run office that are necessary to improve his or her performance, because he was not explicitly told to increase his productivity.


Rhee, S., Chang, Janet & Rhee, Jessica (2003). Acculturation, communication patterns, and self-esteem amongst Asian and Caucasian-American adolescents. Adolescence, 38 (152) [HIDDEN]

Sanchez-Burks, Jeffrey, Lee, Fiona, Choi, Incheol, Nisbett, Richard, Zhao, Shuming, Koo,

Jasook. (2003). Conversing across cultures: East -- West communication styles in work and nonwork contexts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85 (2): 363 -- 372.

First Response:

Communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is key to understanding a culture. Language, gestures, expressions, and other symbols for interaction, help to explain the differences between cultures and help one understand…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communications the Online Library Article Review

… Molinksy's article can be forgiven to some extent for its lack of detail, since it is an attempt to bring some of the literature to a mainstream audience. However, he does need to provide sufficient resources for his advice to actually be useful. In that, he could have incorporated more of the research, which shows that his advice is not necessarily easy to implement. The entire reason that intercultural communication is such a challenge for modern managers is because there are no accepted frameworks for determining one's competency, and because there is poor understanding of the dynamics of communication. Not only do we have Lauring pointing out that the organizational culture of the company is important, but there are situational elements, and individual elements as…. [read more]

Cross Cultural Communication in Bennett's Interview Research Proposal

… ¶ … Cross Cultural Communication

In Bennett's interview with O'Bryan, the latter explained that cross cultural communication between two groups of designers was difficult, not only because the two groups spoke different languages, but also because the designers were located in two different spatial locations, and had to communicate through interactive media. O'Bryan describes how two groups of designers -- one from the U.S. And one from Cuba -- were able to work together collaboratively on a project regarding their dreams, the importance of their dreams, and what influenced their dreams. The intercultural aspect posed some problems, like the ones above, while also providing for some achievements, such as a product that reflected the unique cultural contributions of both groups. Viewed in light of Baldwin…. [read more]

Communication Skills to Give Essay

… While the presenter edits their speech for difficult language, they should also watch for other key areas that could turn their audience off. First, they should look for words with double meanings. If a word or phrase could be interpreted in any other away that the speakers purpose, it could change the overall presentation for the audience. Secondly, the speaker must look for areas of their presentation that could be offensive to some. This could be in areas of religion, political view, or other sensitive areas of opinion differences. The references that are used for the presentation should be checked for religion base. If a speaker can avoid it, it is best to not use religious references or personal experiences with religion into the presentation.…. [read more]

Interpersonal Communications Communication Is Very Important Essay

… Interpersonal Communications

Communication is very important in all types of relationships so that people can connect with one another to find out how to make things n peace. In order to communicate properly, people must use interpersonal communication skill to move things forward especially in the workplace. For example, I work at a local pub as dish/glass picker, and the management also had me in charge of everyone who worked as dish picker, which involves me to do a lot communication between bartender and my staff. Since English is my second language (I'm Chinese), it created a lot problem over the time, eventually affecting my own job performance. From research, I am learning that outlining the outcomes will help to alleviate potential ambiguity. When using…. [read more]

Communication Between Different Cultures Essay

… Culture

Communication between Different Cultures

Everyone communicates with others all the time and no matter how well one thinks they understand other people, communication is hard. Culture is frequently at the root of communication issues. People's culture influences how they approach problems, and how they contribute in groups and in communities. When people partake in groups they are frequently surprised at how differently people approach their work together. Culture is a multifaceted concept, with a lot of different definitions. but, simply put, culture refers to a group or community with which one shares common experiences that shape the way they understand the world. It includes groups that people are born into, such as gender, race, or national origin. It also comprises groups that people join…. [read more]

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Research Paper

… A Japanese person points a finger to his face in referring to himself while a Chinese, to his nose, and a North American to his chest. A person of a given culture looks at the eyes or face of the person spoken to. Another person only gazes while another does not even gaze at all. One hugs a friend or family member when greeting according to his culture. But others of a different culture avoid touching when speaking (Ciubatoru).

Keeping a distance from the person spoken with differs among cultures too (Ciubatoru 2012). Increasing the space from the other person can be construed as coldness, condescension or interest. That person who wants distance is likely to interpret the effort of the other person to get…. [read more]

Communication Essay

… The power distance factor in Sweden can be readily compared to more hierarchical societies, such as India, in which the haves and the have-nots are separated by wide and usually insurmountable chasms. Even the United States has a higher power distance factor than does Sweden, as many Americans are fundamentally opposed to social institutions and structures that generate equality such as free higher education for all citizens, and free healthcare funded by taxpayer dollars. As American onlooker Alford (2012) describes it, " New parents get 480 days of parental leave?! Everyone I talk to seems to have a summer house on an island?!" (p. 2).

As Allwood (1999) points out, Sweden shares many communication traits in common with other Nordic countries like Finland. However, there…. [read more]

Cross-National Management: Questions Term Paper

… A second challenge is that high levels of employee attrition are likely, given the frustrations back-of-the-house staff may feel at what they see as their unjustly subordinate status. They may feel that it is they who really keep the hotel running, versus the showier positions of the front-of-house staff. Their benefits are likely not as generous as those of the front-of-house staff, and as hourly employees, they may feel justified 'jumping ship' for a few extra dollars offered by a competitor. This is a problem because all employees demand a financial and time investment for the company, regarding training.

A third challenge that will arise is the training itself. At one hotel chain, it was discovered that new hires from the Russian population did not…. [read more]

Walt Disney Company Organization's Culture Essay

… The traditional perspective: The traditional perspective conquers that conflicts hurts organizations. This view acknowledged conflict as a negative phenomenon and thought of it as synonymous with destruction and violence. In the traditional perspective, conflict is a dysfunctional consequence of components like poor correspondence, absence of trust around the workers, and an inadequacy of the administration to respond to employees' desires and needs. Evidently, conflict causes productivity losses. In extreme cases in the work place, conflict may distract leaders from productively discharging their responsibilities effectively. Along these lines, we see that the traditional perspective acknowledged conflict as an awful thing and lobbies for its total avoidance (Beebe & Masterson, 2009). At some point, this brought an inclination to stifle the conflict and push it away from…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Psychology in West Essay

… Like Sajid, she is a British girl with roots in the Pakistani village. She speaks fluent English but also understands the social norms and expectations of a Pakistani bride. However, she does not feel threatened by them and sees it with a touch of humor.

Other Cultural Dimensions in West is West

Along with individualism-collectivism, Hofstede (1980) discusses cross-cultural differences along three other dimensions: uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and masculinity-feminity. In terms of uncertainty avoidance, Rashida is seen to have a higher tolerance for ambiguity than Ella. Rashida has been able to survive without seeing her husband for 30 years and knowing only that he has taken a second wife. On the other hand, Ella shows a lower tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty since she…. [read more]

Australia vs. US Business Culture Essay

… Australia vs. U.S. Business Culture

Discuss the differences in verbal communication between Australia and the U.S.

and Australia are similar in that both speak English as the common form of language. This may seem like both countries would have close cultural ties because of the common language that they share. Yet, when you look a little closer, it is clear that there a number of district verbal communication differences between the two nations. The most notable would include: the use of slangs / jargon and the various forms of regional accents. In the United States, a variety of slangs / jargon is used by different sub-groups within society. For example, many African-Americans will speak what is known as Ebonics. This is where various slangs and…. [read more]

Culture and Christian Education Essay

… True multicultural Christian education is based on changed attitudes of individuals attitudes as they are interacting with one can be found in relationships that are based on acceptance and appreciation for the existing individual differences and in the desire of representing a unified family of God. Multiculturalism is often used during the application of cross-cultural perspectives in education. However, there are still some arguments during the past century on the definition of the concept. The goal of multicultural Christian education is embodiment of a system of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors which recognize and respect presence of individuals from their diverse groups, acknowledge the values which they hold, their differences and offer inclusive context which gives empowerment to all members of the church in order…. [read more]

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