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Diversity Consciousness Expanding Research Paper

… The characteristics ways of feeling, behaving and thinking is broadly defined as Culture. These characteristics are shared among identifiable group members. In a multinational organization, the elements of culture are observable and visible such as the religion apparel and the accent. "A third theme in the literature is that diversity has been linked to a variety of outcomes. Most commonly, diversity effects have been examined in relation to equal employment opportunities at the individual level (Cox & Nkomo, 1990).

From my point-of-view a migrant or an immigrant group can do four things. That group can reject its own culture, it can accept the culture of the host and reject its own culture, it can maintain both its own and the host's culture and last it…. [read more]

Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom Research Paper

… Diversity in the Classroom

Community, Diversity and the Classroom

Diversity continues to increase in the classrooms indicating the need for educators to be prepared to work effectively with students from various backgrounds such as linguistic, cultural, or national origin (Keengwe, 2010). Diversity is more than just the differences in the color of a person's skin. Those teachers who understand real cultural competence understand that diversity must be addressed in terms of religion and socioeconomics, as well. In addition, the understanding and appreciation of diversity is important because of the need for students to acknowledge and thereby develop from early on, the ability to effectively communicate with and relate to others who represent different backgrounds (Shaw, 2009). The establishment of sound pedagogy that is rooted in…. [read more]

Diversity in the Healthcare Industry Term Paper

… Diversity in Healthcare: A Synopsis of Current Trends

Diversity in Healthcare

Minorities and Health Care

Diversity and Women

Ecosystems Approach to Diversity

Managing Diversity: Best Practices

Progress in Reform

Diversity in Healthcare

Human Resource Management is a diverse and wide encompassing field that embraces a number of topics, not the least of which is diversity management. As the world becomes increasingly multi-dimensional and diverse, the issue and importance of diversity initiatives has permeated almost every industry, including the health care industry. Diversity within the health care industry is a growing problem, and one that administrators and HR representatives are working to identify and address. The following synopsis examines the current state of diversity within the health care industry and suggests approaches to alleviating diversity issues…. [read more]

Diversity in Business Thesis

… Diversity Management With Respect to Ethnicity, Culture and Gender

Diversity is an increasingly real and defining aspect of the American business culture. With respect to the globalization of the economy, the increasingly balance of gender in the workplace and the assertion of such forces as Affirmative Action, there is a clear emphasis on improving the diversity orientation of the American workplace. This discussion considers some of the theoretical and practical aspects of this condition, discussion such matters as Hofstede's Dimensions theory, Communication and Diversity and Gender Discrimination. These core subjects guide a literature review and, subsequently, direct an interview with a set of subjects who reflect this condition of diversity in the managerial role.


Diversity is widely considered to be a beneficial quality when…. [read more]

Discourse Analysis Politics Research Proposal

… Linguistic Politics and the Reinforcement of Social Power Hierarchies

Discussion of language and how it functions socially. This section is meant to stimulate the readers interest and will raise the critical questions which my paper addresses.

Language has the potential to be a deeply powerful instrument when wielded to political, social or hierarchical interests. Distinct power structures are implicated in the nuances of linguistic communication, from the selection of words to the semantics of context; from the seemingly simple colloquialisms which reflect cultural in-groups and out-groups to the complex interactions between differing linguistic traditions; from the imposition of a set of normative cultural terminologies to the construction of meanings centered on certain inherencies within a culture. Indeed, must is as stake in the way our…. [read more]

Cultural Self-Assessment Essay

… ¶ … Cultural Competence Self-Assessment reveals several core areas in which health care personnel can demonstrate cultural literacy. One of those areas is promoting an inclusive environment. Promoting inclusivity can be achieved by displaying literature and posters that depict diverse people. Another major area of cultural competence is communication and language. Reducing stereotypes among the entire workforce as well as in the overall office environment is essential for cultural competency. Recognizing different approaches to health, healing and family is also a component of cultural literacy. Finally, the Cultural Competence Self-Assessment asks whether we pay attention to recent literature and best practices. After taking the test, I recognize my strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

For example, I have not filled the waiting room…. [read more]

Managing Diversity Matters a Study Essay

… e. Airline Pilots, Engineers and Apprentices, at QANTAS. One can easily witness the neutral vision of QANTAS Management towards its female workforce as out 284 winners of eExcel recognition programme, 40% of whom were female (QANTAS, 2009, p. 7). The statistics related to extended leaves showed a much higher number of 1213 taken by female staff as compared 167 leaves taken by male staff. (QANTAS, 2010, p.5). Also, initiatives include Life Assist, Health Assist, Trauma Assist, Manager Assist, Money Assist and Family Assist, can show QANTAS commitment to ensuring that its female staff enjoys work life balance. This situation is similar to the situation in Pocock (2005), where greater flexibility of work was offered

Where these reports were presented by QANTAS advocating itself, therefore one…. [read more]

Culture Diversity in Early Childhood Education Sex Roles and Gender Bias Term Paper

… Diversity in Early Childhood Education

Qualitative research reveals that gender inequity remains one of the major problems in early childhood educational practice and in early childhood educational training. Through interviews, observations, and self-reports, teachers in early childhood education programs demonstrated an acute awareness of gender inequities. However, the studies also show that aspiring teachers lack the theoretical framework with which to entertain postmodern theories. The current teacher training programs in place throughout colleges, universities, and professional development programs focus on socialization theory and theories of childhood development. While robust, socialization theory may not offer future educators the tools with which to effectively address gender inequities and other social injustices in the educational system.

Postmodern perspectives, including feminist post-structuralist theory, may better help educators and students…. [read more]

Education Diversity Term Paper

… Education Diversity

I define diversity as simply the quality of difference that is observed in different things and people. Diversity in a social context is code word for people of color such as blacks and Latinos. Diversity is always to be encouraged in many educational contexts although I think it is mostly misunderstood by students and teachers alike. To me diversity, is simply a word that highlights the amount of similarity or lack of similarity in two distinct objects. The word has been charged in recent years with a potency to increase inter-racial harmony and understanding. Diversity is the opposite of equality.

I am diverse in many ways. My diversity is a product of my physical, emotional and mental capabilities and effusions. My culture is…. [read more]

Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence Essay

… Patients who utilize family interpreters or non-professional interpreters, for instance nurses, clerks, and technicians are the ones that would be less satisfied with their visitation (Furler, 2012).

Potential Solutions

Culturally competent assessment skills are vital to assist communication, to show reverence for cultural diversity, and to inquire culturally sensitive queries about practices and beliefs that need to be measured in the transport of health care. The more information a nurse has about a particular culture, the more precise and complete the cultural valuation will be. For instance, if nurses are not aware that a lot of Hispanics use traditional healers for example curandros, masjistas, sobodoes, y (j)erberos, and esperititas, they will not recognize how to ask exact and suitable questions about the person's use of…. [read more]

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Population Term Paper

… This can be a suggestion, to therapists of music, regarding what objectives and concerns are required to be attended to. Cultural compassion is a vibrant idea that is felt in the three human realms if feelings, attitudes and thinking. (Kennelly; Brien-Elliott, 2001)

Researchers have established certain exciting inconsistencies in the analysis of the various activities of music therapy in several nations in accordance with the various cultural aspects of giving guidance in these activities. Certain scholars affirm that several programs accounts for a greater extent of cultural multiplicity within populace of customers, that prompts educators to mull over matter of culture. Other people, nevertheless, mention that although a there exist a varied touch-point between the students and customers, no endeavor is done to link the…. [read more]

Importance of Cultural Competency in Healthcare Leadership Term Paper

… ¶ … Cultural Competency in Healthcare Leadership

The United States is currently in the midst of a healthcare crisis. As less and less Americans are able to afford quality care, the time for reform is now. Nurses need to take advantage of this reformative atmosphere to implement new and innovative strategies that can help increase the quality of care on their end. Therefore, healthcare structures must answer to the needs of an incredibly diverse population, despite the various barriers against implementing such strategies. By embodying the important role of the nurse, modern nurses can implement culturally sensitive practices that would increase the quality of care for a greater breadth of Americans in need.

American culture has always been one of great diversity, yet this is…. [read more]

Cultural Perceptions of Time Term Paper

… The regional or ethnic subsets I will examine are: the Bantu-Kongo of modern Nigeria, the Nguni Zulus of modern South Africa, and the Akan of central and southern modern Ghana and parts of the adjoining eastern modern Cote d'Ivoire,. Additionally I will discuss other regional affiliations of Africa based on the importance of the issue the history of the particular culture gives testament to.

The Bantu-Kongo region is defined as: "Kongo" refers to a cultural, linguistic, and historical group of people that is descended from a larger body of Bantuspeaking communities who migrated south from the Benue-Cross river region of present-day Nigeria into the equatorial forest of West Central Africa and beyond." (Fu-kiau 1994, 17)

The three factors to be analyzed as foundational to the…. [read more]

Cultural Adaptations to Environmental Conditions Term Paper

… This was seen in the previous century with the impact on the fur trade. With a new intensity to physically carve the environment for improved trade access, the culture of these societies has in turn been affected as the replacement of indigenous goods with exogenous goods considered provisions of "high status" has enabled cultures to redirect their regional customs and hunting practices to allow the incorporation of Western influences.

The geomorphology of the Arctic environment includes mountainous regions, exposed bedrock, frozen sea ice, sedimentary plain, and little to no soil development. The persistence of cold temperatures and permafrost add to the scarcity of usable plant food sources. The primary food is thus animal-based, terrestrial and marine. The early migrations of peoples in Alaska and Arctic…. [read more]

Non-Financial Barriers to Health Care Essay

… Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Healthcare

Of the many barriers to receiving and providing equal healthcare to all individuals, few are as complex and prevalent in modern society than the barriers presented by cultural differences. These barriers can be especially difficult to identify and combat due to their very nature. Cultural differences create different needs and, perhaps more importantly, different perceptions, which can lead to unforeseen problems and require seemingly unconventional solutions.

The different barriers to healthcare that arise due to cultural issues are as varied as the many cultures that exist. The barriers also work both ways. The provider's culture, combined with a lack of knowledge of a patient's culture, can lead to a misinterpretation of patient-reported symptoms, as well as a general miscommunication…. [read more]

Promoting Diversity in Education Essay

… Promoting Diversity in Education

Diversity in Education HR

Promoting Diversity in Education: A Human Resources Perspective

Today's learning community is changing rapidly, and one of the most significant shifts is the widely expanding diversity among school populations. As global and virtual learning increases, educators find themselves teaching groups with highly varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, economic situations, and learning styles. Because this shift is likely to be fundamental and permanent, I believe it is critical that educational administrators and HR professionals ensure that their faculty and staff support, encourage, and are representative of the diversity present in their classrooms and schools.

The education environment has changed drastically since I began my own educational journey. One of the biggest changes is the amount of ethnic and…. [read more]

Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview Soy Latino Essay

… Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview

"Soy Latino" seems like an uncontroversial statement for a Hispanic-American to make about his or her heritage. Yet even this simple identity claim is tainted by potential controversy. For many Hispanics, their identity is not defined by the words "soy Latino," but "soy Cubano." The label of 'Hispanic-American' is created by 'America' -- immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Columbia, as well as Spain and other areas of the Hispanic world come from regions that may be just as culturally distinct as Germany is from France. However, while people do not think of European-Americans as a homogenous group, there may be a temptation to elide the differences between different Hispanic-American identities. It is important to honor the differences of different…. [read more]

Australia Ethnocentrism, Cultural Pluralism Essay

… Australia Ethno

Ethnocentrism, Cultural Pluralism and Australia's Struggle for Balance

The colonial expansion of European ideologies, cultures and economies during the 16th and 17th century would produce future generations of settlers positioned throughout the globe. Based on the inherent premise of colonialism imposing suggestions of cultural and racial superiority on the natives of those lands newly reached by Europe's self-proclaimed advanced civilizations, the predominantly Caucasian descendents would proceed to develop fundamentally ethnocentric nations. This would be true in contexts such as North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Australia, all of which would see the widespread and often devastating permeation of white, European exclusion and subjugation. Australia is the instance which most concerns this discussion, as a useful example of a nation which is today struggling…. [read more]

Hispanic American Diversity Research Paper

… True Diversity of Hispanic-Americans

The recent controversy over illegal immigration has centered almost entirely on people of Hispanic descent, primarily those making their way into the country over the Mexican border. This centralized source of the controversy and attention towards Hispanic minority groups is perhaps one reason that the term "Mexican" has become essentially indistinguishable from the term "Hispanic" the way many people use it. This demonstrates a definite and indeed almost willful lack of understanding on the part of individuals who use the word so indiscriminately. While the United States' history and its current border with Mexico have led to a large number of Mexican-Americans living in the United States, they are far from the only Hispanic group that makes up a portion of…. [read more]

Interpretation Across Culture in on Line Communication Research Paper

… Cross Cultural Communication

Interpretation across Culture in online communication

Effective communication goes beyond the words that are used and encompasses a broader range of communicative skills, such as body language and gestures. Like, words, these gestures can have a different connotative meaning depending on cultural and contextual clues that surround them. These cultural and contextual clues are the basis for misunderstandings, particularly when two people from different cultures attempt to communicate. When two persons from the same culture communicate, contextual and body language can help to enhance the meaning of the message. They can provide a greater depth of understanding among the two parties. The following will explore current literature on cross-cultural communication in regards to the importance of culturally significant contextual clues.

Electronic Communication…. [read more]

Testing Ethical and Legal Issues Essay

… These issues have had a significant impact on the selection of tests available, standardized administration of the tests, and interpretation of the results. Conduct a literature search (through Proquest, Ebsco Host, etc.) and review one -two articles on multicultural issues and standardized test use with a particular ethnic or cultural population of your choice (for example, Native Americans, English Language Learners, etc.). What are some of the cultural, language, family, ethnic, and other factors that a test user should take into consideration when selecting a particular test, administering a test, and interpreting test scores for this population?

Adherence or nonadherence to masculine norms has been correlated with several outcomes, including mental and physical health, violence, substance abuse, and clinical treatment adherence and given the importance…. [read more]

Compare the Scope of Practice for APN Across the Country Term Paper

… ¶ … APN

Compare the Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Nurses across the Country.

Over the last several years, the responsibilities of advanced practicing nurses (APNs) have been continually evolving. This is because there is a shortage of qualified nurses inside the health care sector from rising demand. In many rural and inner city locations, these professionals are in greater demand. According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these numbers are expected to continually increase in the next decade and beyond. This is illustrating how the rising demand for them will require shifting duties and responsibilities in the process.

To fully understand what is taking place requires carefully examining the scope and practice for APNs across the country. This will…. [read more]

Curriculum Content That Implements Strategies Essay

… In addition to this there is PrintAwareness which is the understanding of the features that are in books and print outs. Here, the learners should be taught how to recognize the differentparts of book like the covers front and back covers as well as the top and the bottom. They also learn that printed letters and words run from left to right and top to bottom not forgetting the title and the author of the book including the illustrations.

The literacy strategies on the other hand involve the designing of instructions that focuses on all the foundational literacy skills. These include storybook reading that is interactive, reading and writing through pretense, use of games and other activities that help the learners to identify letters of…. [read more]

Hispanic Culture Term Paper

… Hispanic Culture

Adler and the Hispanic Culture

From the 1960's researchers studying management have demonstrated increased interest in the concept of culture because of the belief that culture has influential ability on managerial performance and behavior (Sekaran, 1983). However, ofttimes there are many problems that impede the advancement of cultural research making it increasingly difficult to reach a clear understanding or consensus of the relationship between culture, management and leadership (Lim & Firkola, 2000). Moreover, the difficulties that are faced are accompanied by the growing necessity to find appropriate cultural solutions to organization problems in a global marketplace (Doktor, Tung & Von Glinow, 1991). With the heightened pace of integration in the global marketplace, there has been economical and technological forces that managers and leaders…. [read more]

Management of Cultural Diversity Term Paper

… Toyota Case: Insight

The leadership rubble is considered to paramount issue that has been experienced once the non-Japanese staff has taken over the Toyota administration. The problem has less to do with the cultural differences, and is much related to the difference of approach and practices in the Japanese influenced and American influenced leadership. Previously the employees have the right to make the higher management aware of the dangers, and such practice has really contributed significantly towards the growth and employment of the industry, however Americans are of the opinion that the local employees should themselves put in efforts to combat the problem, and achieve immediate relief. The market giant has experienced yet another problem before with referenced to its operation in China. Toyota has…. [read more]

English Social History Museums Term Paper

… Super-Diversity

Throughout the world there is an increase in immigration and the amount of diversity that exist in various areas around the globe; this is particularly true in the United Kingdom. Although the United Kingdom has long been a place where many cultures live and work together, in recent years the type and intensity of the diversity that is present has changed drastically. This drastic change has led to the redefining of the concept of diversity which has been penned as super-diversity. The purpose of this discussion is to provide an overview and analysis of Steven Vertovec's newly developed 2006 theory of 'super-diversity'. The discussion will also focus on how this concept of super-diversity evolved and developed out of the British concept of multiculturalism and…. [read more]

Systems Thinking Essay

… Cultural Competence in Nursing: Emerging Standards of Care

The objective of this work is to review emerging standards of care and to examine the issues of culturally competent care as the vehicle through which successful implementation of emerging standards of care will be accomplished. This work will identify the population served and issues relating to population vulnerability as well as identifying the standard used to assess areas of compliance and non-compliance. This work will further identify potential impacts on the delivery of nursing care where standards are being met and where standards are not being met.

The following terms & definitions are necessary for understanding the content and context of this report:

Acculturation: The process of adapting to another culture; to acquire the majority group's…. [read more]

Developmental Processes Term Paper

… " (nd, p.6)

Also importantly stated by Lam is the following: "Effective citizenship and productive work now require that we interact effectively using multiple languages, multiple Englishes, and communication patterns that more frequently cross cultural, community, and national boundaries. For literacy pedagogy to work productively with multiplicity and difference, there needs to be a re-direction or expansion of pedagogical focus from a heavy emphasis on the teaching of the standard version of the national language in the form of print literacy to the growing importance of cultivating the skills and orientation necessary for understanding and engaging with linguistic and cultural diversity in multiple representational media." (nd, p.7)

The work of Castel, et al. (2011) reports that the ability of the person to conduct selective encoding…. [read more]

Visible and Hidden Dimensions Essay

… At the university, therefore, it should be a policy and priority to help students of a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds find one another in a potentially large and diffuse population; by helping to standardize cultural appreciation groups correspondent to all nationalities and ethnicities represented on a campus, by establishing campus-wide cultural appreciation events, performances or meet-ups, by helping to promote social engagement between common parties and by helping to promote social engagement amongst different cultural groups. All of these functions can help to magnify the impact from these positive hidden dimensions of diversity.

This should simultaneously be seen as a priority where curricular content is concerned as well. To this point, Farstrup's (2002) article discusses the need to increasingly open up our…. [read more]

Education Intercultural Sensitivity Term Paper

… Intercultural Communication Within the Classroom: Personal Analysis and Focus on Middle/High School Experiences

The aim of this essay is to address the significance of intercultural sensitivity in secondary education, with particular emphasis on teaching mixed cultures. Having taught secondary education in a private school setting for more than 10 years, I have learned many things about teaching children in a multi-cultural setting, which this essay will address.

Intercultural communication and associated intercultural sensitivity, whether taught in a middle or high school may be defined as the ability to communicate with individuals of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, morals and cultures in a manner that is meaningful and encourages knowledge sharing (Neulipe, 2003).

I have noticed that within the United States in the last decade more and…. [read more]

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