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Cultural Event Report: Museum Creative Writing

… The museum has been specifically attentive to giving space to various Latin American artists and art forms, which is a very interesting series of pieces presented by the museum. Some of the current exhibitions even worked with interesting and new mediums, which also increased the diversity of the types of art found within the museum walls. One of my favorite alternative art piece was the instillation on the Indigo Room, also known as Is Memory Water Soluble? The instillation is incredibly vibrant, lit up with beautiful hues of blue and indigo. Finished by Edouard Duval-Carrie, it is a stunning piece that is truly awe-inspiring. The engulfing blue hues make sense with this knowledge, as one feels surrounded by water, just like the island of Haiti…. [read more]

Cultural Distance Essay

… This means it would be less expected to acknowledge a higher organizational culture as McDonalds (Tallman, 2007). In any case, the popular fast food organization devised a workable plan to succeed and survive the Nippon market courtesy of some strategies.

The first issue of the company was that the Japanese social order is well-known for consuming rice throughout the day as a "filling" dish. As a result, McDonald's presented new items made of rice in the business sector, such as Chinese fried rice, curried rice with a fried egg burger and chicken. After the launching of these new items, the organization devised a workable plan to be considered from the Japanese social order (Parvis, 2007). Besides Japan, there is a hoisted feeling of commonality, something…. [read more]

Cultural Experience Description the Event Essay

… This finding has significant implications for the application of our understanding of Cuban-Americans in business situations. My experience was in an overwhelmingly Cuban neighborhood, so my stereotypes both high- and low-level were activated, but in a normal business situation there is often nothing outward to distinguish a Cuban-American, and certainty not to distinguish one from a Latin American of other descent (of which there are many in Miami). While it is important to suppress the use of stereotyping in business situations, it is important when the person is taken out of a specific geographic context that we still understand that person's cultural dimensions.

I also wondered about doing business in Miami, since the city has such a diverse mix of people, each with distinctive cultures,…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in Organizations Organization Behavior Today Thesis

… Cultural Diversity in Organizations

Organization Behavior

Today, globalization is a widely spread phenomenon making boundaries between countries fade away. It has a great impact on organizations and consumers because it provides the means to all countries to work in one large network, instead of separate smaller ones. In the one large network, the competition becomes tighter, the technology diffusion becomes faster, learning curves are shorter and shorter, manufacturing costs have a decreasing trend, the demands of the consumer tend to expand, workforce mobility expands as well and so on. On the social side, there are numerous challenges multinational enterprises (MNEs) due to globalization, because the former are forced to learn how to deal with cultural diversity. Global organizations have to reach a point in which…. [read more]

Distance Learning What Are the Major Ethical Thesis

… Distance Learning

What are the major ethical, intellectual, and cultural hurdles to be achieved to assure that adult learners advance scholastically in their approach to online education? What needs more attention? Which theories and strategies are the most relevant? And what about trust - the faith and trust that instructors and online educational programs must establish with students?

The essay "Ethical Issues in Web-Based Learning," by JOAN D. MCMAHON suggests (Khan, 2007, p. 210) that the "overall ethical problem" with distance learning is that "course information is now being posted to the Web," which creates problems in terms of values, rights and professional duties and responsibilities. Teachers are expected to keep their assignments up-to-date but there are bureaucratic roadblocks put up in terms of revising…. [read more]

Cultural Study of Thailand Essay

… So the society is more success oriented. People spend maximum time working; whether one is a barber, student or in any other profession work for hours to achieve success levels. Moreover there are equal rights and positions for men and women. Even women are working at higher positions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong scores low on uncertainty avoidance that is 29 means people is comfortable with uncertain conditions. So there is no need of strict rules and regulations but they can be flexible to match with the requirements.

The culture of Hong Kong is truly long-term oriented means they invest in long-term projects like real estate and be very thrifty. Relationships are ordered by status rather emphasize upon market relations. People do not strictly follow…. [read more]

Cultural Differences the Field of Organizational Behavior Essay

… Cultural Differences

The field of organizational behavior takes on the thrust of understanding individual behavior in the context of an organization structure in a workplace setting (Cornell University. 2010). It is in this field of perspective that I wish to present a discussion of how, for an example, a new manager would be able to account for both national characteristics and individual differences but first, allow me to give a more thorough understanding of these two social variables.

National Characteristics

What are national characteristics? How does it impact the work place setting? What is its role in the dynamics of an organization? Psychologist Dr. Geert Hofstede gives us an answer via his model of cultural dimensions ("Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions." 2010). Employing quantitative techniques which lead…. [read more]

Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior Research Paper

… Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior

The accelerating pace of globalization and the continued shift in cultural values within and between nations is leading to en masse shifts in consumer behavior. The strong collectivism of China specifically and Asia in general are giving way to more individualized purchasing and consumption strategies that seek to create an exceptional level of individuality for consumers (Jap, 2010). What is so significant about these factors is that branding, the customer experience and marketing are all driving a revolutionary shift in the cultural structure of nations (Tai, 2008). The four studies analyzed in this paper highlight just how powerful branding, customer experience and marketing are becoming relative to cultural barriers and resistance to change. The accumulated effect of these factors continues…. [read more]

Cultural Intelligence in Today Essay

… This assessment tool includes four dimensions: flexibility/openness, emotional resilience, perceptual acuity, and personal autonomy. Flexibility/openness focuses on the ability of the individual to be open and broad-minded towards people and ideas, including flexibility and an ability to be nonjudgmental when it comes to perspective.

Emotional resilience, much like the "emotional/motivational" component of Early and Mosakowski's instrument, focuses on the ability of an individual to maintain positive emotions during his or her interactions with unfamiliar environments and people within the foreign culture. In other words, it is the ability to handle negative emotional reactions such as culture shocks or bumps and to quickly recover from these.

Perceptual acuity refers to general openness towards new people and experiences and the ability of an individual to handle the…. [read more]

Cultural Analysis Saudi Arabia Research Paper

… Thus the following patterns occur (Inter Cultural Communications):

Working cross-level is not favored.

It is best is to have people of the same level approaching each other when meeting for the first time.

A large network of connections in business and in politics is required to sustain your status and may help to make rules and regulations more flexible.

First names are only used when invited to do so. One can work for 10 years with the same colleague and still address her with Madame Chevalier.

Academic titles are used when addressing people; "Professor Lefevre how are you today."

Despite the massive differences in the two business cultures, there are also many similarities. Using Hofstede's cultural dimensions model, many of the differences and the similarities…. [read more]

Cultural Term Paper

… The end is also on urban skyline office buildings being bombed. As the movie continues, the viewer comes to realize that blood spill is something very normal in the movie. The Americans cover the defects of the state in all ways possible. Tragic outcomes surface with problems. For example, a case of school shootings, in most cases we often look for experts who have had interviews on the media to offer solutions for such incidents. 'Fight club' exposes on projects, which are based on self-improvement and state justification. 'Why America Failed', 'It's A Wonderful Life', and 'Fight Club' are visually stunning, clever and fast-paced dramas that expose the dark side of the United States basing on the fact that it is unreceptive to ethic bromides…. [read more]

Corporate Cultural Diversity Research Paper

… It simply means that employees will find other ways to socialize, which is likely that cannot be kept under control by companies.


Cultural diversity is an important factor that influences organizational behavior. Companies tend to focus more and more on increasing cultural diversity within their workplace. However, this does not mean they are doing this successfully. They like to think they are developing cultural diversity, but their organizations, strategies, and relationships with employees lead to other results.

They want cultural diversity, but they do not allow their employees to express it. They want their employees to accept diversity, but they disapprove of relationships and socializing between employees (Adler, 2009). This sends mixed signals to stakeholders. This situation can be attributed to the fact that…. [read more]

Cultural Forms of Expression African-American Term Paper

… Cultural Forms of Expression African-American

Many cultural forms of expression have been utilized within the social science construct, to demonstrate ways in which such expressions reflect the culture as a whole, and in many cases the broader culture, or the one that is usually subjugating the first. Within W.E.B. DuBois, Writings DuBois wrote about how slave songs allowed individuals to express their feelings of subjugation and reject the broader culture. Angela Davis wrote about the blues as a vehicle to express the particular sentiment of back women, and more specifically, black feminists and lastly Daryl Michael Scott has used his pen to show how mid-century novels by Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison influenced social scientist in their thinking about the damage thesis of oppression. This…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Psychology in West Essay

… Like Sajid, she is a British girl with roots in the Pakistani village. She speaks fluent English but also understands the social norms and expectations of a Pakistani bride. However, she does not feel threatened by them and sees it with a touch of humor.

Other Cultural Dimensions in West is West

Along with individualism-collectivism, Hofstede (1980) discusses cross-cultural differences along three other dimensions: uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and masculinity-feminity. In terms of uncertainty avoidance, Rashida is seen to have a higher tolerance for ambiguity than Ella. Rashida has been able to survive without seeing her husband for 30 years and knowing only that he has taken a second wife. On the other hand, Ella shows a lower tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty since she…. [read more]

Cultural Dimensions and Barriers in Warsaw Essay

… Warsaw: Cultural Dimensions and Barriers

An understanding of intercultural communication is becoming more and more important in the modern changing world. Online communication, the Internet and phenomena such as globalization have made awareness of other cultures extremely important, especially in the business setting.

The different culture that is under discussion is Poland. Poland has a largely urban population, with approximately 60% of the people living in cities (Polish Culture and Life Style). Warsaw is the capital of the country and has almost two million inhabitants. Historically, the culture of the country is a combination of Latin and Byzantine influences, with many European influences over time. One study characterizes this unique culture as "…a diverse mix of the East and the West - a colorful cohabitation…. [read more]

Cultural Variables Thesis

… Cultural Variables

Select three products: one personal, one commercial, and another service. Evaluate cultural variables (time, space, concept of self, or others) as they relate to marketing those three. Be sure to support your arguments by examples or case studies.

Personal product: iPod

An iPod allows a user to live outside of time. Instead of sitting rapt by the radio, listening for a favorite song, or in breathless anticipation as to what will be the 'Top of the Pops' like teens in the 1950s, an iPod's playlist is entirely personalized to the desires of the individual user. It can be used whenever and wherever the user wants to listen to songs. An individual selects a playlist of favorites. An iPod creates a musical culture of…. [read more]

Cultural Values Discussion Chapter

… The last dimension is uncertainty avoidance. I have a fairly strong score for this. I think this comes from having such a strong sense of place growing up, where I always want to have a sense of place and a sense of role. I think it would be very disorienting to have no sense of where I stood in society, and where my future lies. This also ties in with the long-term time orientation, because part of my own identity and future is defined by the traditions of my family.

The fact that so many of these traits are related to one another is interesting, because on the surface they make up a cohesive culture. Yet, when we add the influence of American culture, some…. [read more]

Cultural Applications Bartone, Michael. ) Article Critique

… Bartone gives examples of his own current teaching style as a point of reference, stating that he is unafraid to ask his classes challenging questions when teaching about the history of prejudice within America, and offers lessons even to the very youngest about subjects like the Civil Rights movement (Bartone 2001: 92-93). Even elementary school children have questions about race and justice. But he stresses that his ability to address sensitive issues such as racial injustice at an elementary school level only came with hard work. He immersed himself in the community where he was teaching, and strove to become active in the social environment of the area -- going to church and visiting the homes of members of the community. Only with this type…. [read more]

Cultural Marketing Strategies Research Paper

… Cultural Marketing Strategies

Comparing Marketing Between Japan and the United States

The differences between cultures has a very significant impact on how the same products are marketed across various nations and regions. Comparing the marketing of Nike and Mercedes in Japan vs. The United States shows how drastically different these cultures are, and how global brands have a carry-over effect from one national culture to another (Bengtsson, Bardhi, Venkatraman, 2010). The continued growth of global brands indicates how quickly globalization and social networks are making the proliferation of brand messaging and positioning (Czinkota, 2011).

Analysis of Nike and Mercedes In Japan vs. The United States

To fully appreciate the differences between the Japanese and American cultures, the Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions has been used…. [read more]

Understanding Cultural Ethnic Gender Differences by Employers Essay

… ¶ … Cultural, Ethnic and Gender Differences by Employers

Because all organizations are comprised of people, it is vitally important for managers and professionals in business settings to understand the salient cultural, ethnic, and gender differences that affect organizational performance. Indeed, the connection between an informed management style that takes such cultural, ethnic and gender-related differences into account and organizational performance is well documented. Moreover, these issues have assumed even more importance and relevance in recent years as the United States has become an increasingly multicultural society and where more and more women are joining the workforce. To gain some fresh insights in these areas, this paper provides a review of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to identify significant cultural, ethnic and gender differences that…. [read more]

Expatriate Employees Essay

… Giving the department its due importance and aligning HR goals with company goals can be instrumental in doing away with turnover issues (Lockwood, 2006).


The high levels of unemployment and increasing inflation encourage individuals to explore all possible opportunities, which often land them in strange, unfamiliar lands among unfamiliar people. For managers, the value placed on 'diversity' of workforce forces them to consider employing foreign workers. However, the 70% turnover rate in developing countries is a clear indication of the complexities that may develop. A strong an active HR Department is imperative to help the management create conditions in which any expatriate would love to work.


Expatriate Law and Legal Definition (2012). U.S. Legal. Retrieved June 7th from

Gross, A (1997). Pacific…. [read more]

Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Essay

… Workers might be resistant to orders given to them in a very 'top down' fashion from a manager, who expects unquestioned obedience. Also, workers might expect more direction and oversight than is customarily given in U.S. businesses, as part of the Czech's more collectivist mentality. In terms of Hofstede's third critical factor, Masculinity (MAS) versus its opposite, femininity, or "the distribution of roles between the genders" and the relative gap between men's values and women's values, the Czech Republic is relatively moderate (Czech Republic, 2010, Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions). However, the Czech Republic has a much higher Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) than the U.S., perhaps because of its relatively recent communist past, its stronger sense of collective nationalism, and relative lack of diversity, ethnically, in…. [read more]

Cultural Psychology Essay

… Cultural Psychology

Holfstede's Cultural Dimensions in Modern Day Application

The world of business today reflects the various diverse organizational cultures that work independently within it. Although the modern business context presents very different types of characteristics exuded by professional organizations, there are common patterns seen throughout all organizations. These traits then reflect their status within Geert Holfstede's various cultural dimensions, which can be used to measure various strengths of certain traits and how they compare to other organizations. As a reflection of the understanding of these dimensions, I can then explore the cultural dimensions and their levels within a particular example of a previous employment position.

The organization I have chosen to analyze was in the heavily competitive field of recruitment for the technological field.…. [read more]

Cultural Values, Beliefs, and Traditions Essay

… For the Indians, no place without their ancestors and without the pleasures of the material world is heaven. They do not wish to dwell in a place so different from their everyday world, so they are unsympathetic to the words of Laforgue. Eventually, the natives do accept baptism from Laforgue, but it is clearly because of superstition and hopes that it will help defend themselves against the violent Iroquois with whom they are at war, not because they have truly adopted a Christian, French worldview.

The translator Daniel initially seems like a more sympathetic figure than Laforgue because he loves a native woman and is more willing to adapt to the culture of the natives. However, the fact that he regards the natives as primitive…. [read more]

Distance Education Man Term Paper

… In addition, they are also less flexible and responsive to the needs of the new market. Many of the government universities in India are teaching curricula that are outdated and not applicable to the present workplace demands.

Research Issues and aims of the project

The object of this study is to find ways to make online education more accessible for the general public in the countries of India, Pakistan, China and Iran. The relative wealth of these countries when compared top the rest of the more developed nations of the world is substantially low. In addition, low literacy rates and the often outdated educational systems of these countries cannot keep pace with the new demands for education in courses that have traditionally not been given…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity Cultural Background Summary Term Paper

… Cultural Diversity

Cultural Background Summary & Reflection feel most in touch with my Russian cultural background during the New Year, a far more important Russian holiday than the traditional winter festivals of Christmas and Hanukah. In America, everything stops for Santa Claus but because of the different schedule of the Russian Orthodox calendar, Russians await the New Year with greater anticipation. Even under communism secular Russians celebrated the New Year with sacred reverence, and many Russian Jewish families have adopted the New Year celebration and made it a part of their family's annual traditions. My entire extended family comes together on New Year in America for a traditional Russian New Year. Everyone brings presents and traditional Russian foods like caviar, smoked salmon, blini (small pancakes).…. [read more]

Cultural Awareness for Mexico Essay

… Cultural Awareness of Mexico

Mexico is the United States' neighbor to its south. However, cultural misunderstandings have existed between the two nations almost since their beginnings as independent nations. The United States' acquisition of Texas and other formerly Mexican territories in the 19th century, coupled with the profound economic disparities in wealth between the nations are two examples of historical conflicts that have existed between Mexico and the U.S. Greater cultural awareness is required of Mexico to fully appreciate the rich heritage of this nation, and to facilitate greater cross-cultural dialogue between the United States and Mexico. In the wake of contemporary conflicts regarding immigration, free trade, and democratic and social reforms within Mexico, Mexican culture must be judged upon its own terms. Although the…. [read more]

Cultural Differences Essay

… Acculturation and cultural identity are both valuable tools in our understanding of cultural differences, and are surrounded by a fair amount of discourse and political controversy. What follows is an analysis of each concept and their implications for fostering our knowledge and understanding of cultural differences.

Acculturation is the concept of a minority group (i.e. immigrants) assimilating to the dominant majority by successfully adopting a second culture or separating from it and becoming marginalized (Rudmin, 2006). Rogler, Cortes, & Malagady add to this definition that those in acculturation contexts experience a change in attitude toward their host society (1991). Immigrants' ties with their own societies are often cut off, leaving them to face the difficulties of economic survival and social mobility in an unfamiliar place…. [read more]

Cultural-Heritage Tourism in Western Australia Essay

… " As noted above, there have also been tin-sluicing operations at Greenbushes since 1888, but the production levels have historically been on a very limited scale (Crowley, 1960).

Therefore, identifying new cultural-heritage tourism opportunities for this community represents a timely and valuable enterprise. In this regard, Lew (2011, p. 554) emphasises that, "Without tourist attractions there would be no tourism. Without tourism there would be no tourist attractions. Although a tautology, such an argument still points to the fundamental importance of tourist attractions and the attractiveness of places to tourism." The research to date has resulted in some mixed views about what constitutes the fundamental concept of "tourist attraction" including terms such as "exploitable resources," "marketable products," "images," place "attributes," and "features" (Lew 2011). Despite…. [read more]

How Do Various Ethnic Cultures Experience Art Therapy? Term Paper

… ¶ … Ethnic Cultures' Experience of Art Therapy

The psychological needs of the ethnic child, teen, adult, and senior - from prelinguistic to senescent - have been historically underestimated and under treated. While there are many reasons for the limited offering, access, or availability, therapists are one of the intrinsic factors.

Not knowing how to best work with cultural differences - particularly when the culture is outside the understanding or empathetic realm of experience - the therapist must turn to approaches which meet the broad spectrum of cross-cultural and racial needs. A relatively new psychological tool, art therapy can - without a single word - establish trust, rebuild decimated boundaries, and minimize the prejudices and myths of cultural variations.

Racial perceptions fall on both sides…. [read more]

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