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Cultural Diversity in the United States Essay

… S. Secondly, the U.S. is home to different religions based on freedom of religion.

The concept of cultural diversity is vital because it provides us with a chance to understand the different perspectives across the globe in which we live. Cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect different backgrounds of people who may be different from us. According to Pojman (1999), cultural diversity allows us to understand how other people perceive life. Pojman shows that Eskimos starve their elderly folks to death while Spartans of ancient Greece believed that stealing was morally right contrary to our beliefs. Cultural diversity makes our nation a more interesting place to live as people from different cultures contribute new ways of thinking, different experiences, and new knowledge. I believe…. [read more]

Cultural Japanese Case Study

… ¶ … cultural differences that surface when tackling a healthcare structure. For this study, I chose to investigate the dynamics of a Japanese community and their healthcare structure while highlighting four important concepts: 1) communication, 2) social organization, 3) spatial dynamics and 4) locus of control. I will also explain the dynamics of a case study where the attitude of a Japanese family towards the treatment of sickle cell anemia will be highlighted. I will also focus on the cultural stressors or Japanese families and their coping strategies along with the responsibilities or attitudes of nurses that impacts the overall healthcare system.

The entire healthcare structure and organization of Japan is under the control of the government that also covers and manages all the health…. [read more]

Cultural Studies Concept of Culture Essay

… In the case of the !Kung, food is shared in a generalized familistic way, while durable goods are changed according to the principle of balanced reciprocity; that is, transactions are expected to balance out in the long run." (p.889)

Summary and Conclusion

In answer to the question posed in this study stated as "Richard Lee Presented A Gift To His Friends or Hosts Among the Dobe (Kung) What Was His Gift, Why Did He Give It and How Did They React? The answer is quite simply stated that Richard Lee presented to his friends or hosts among the Dobe that which they needed and very likely had already requested. When he presented the gift to his friends or hosts among the Dobe society, they downplayed…. [read more]

Cultural Schemata Theory: Together Essay

… Based on the cultural schema theory, a specific behavior can be sub-divided into various schemas that form a hierarchy. For instance, people's behavior in a given situation in a culture can be categorized into cultural schemas like context, procedure, strategy, and role. The hierarchy consists of general schemas at the top that organize more specific schemas, which can accomplish increasingly more specific goals.


Cultural schema theory is one of the theoretical areas in intercultural relations with regards to the development of cultural schemas for social interactions. It's one of the major theoretical research areas that analyzes and explains intercultural communication.


Fuhong, T. (2004, April 10). Cultural Schema and Reading Comprehension. Retrieved December 5, 2011, from

Gilakjani, A.P. & Ahmadi, S.M. (2011. June).…. [read more]

Cultural Study of Thailand Essay

… So the society is more success oriented. People spend maximum time working; whether one is a barber, student or in any other profession work for hours to achieve success levels. Moreover there are equal rights and positions for men and women. Even women are working at higher positions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong scores low on uncertainty avoidance that is 29 means people is comfortable with uncertain conditions. So there is no need of strict rules and regulations but they can be flexible to match with the requirements.

The culture of Hong Kong is truly long-term oriented means they invest in long-term projects like real estate and be very thrifty. Relationships are ordered by status rather emphasize upon market relations. People do not strictly follow…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Theory Study Essay

… The phrase 'looking-glass self' was used by Cooley to present the idea that "what we think of ourselves depends on what we think others think of us" ("Charles Horton Cooley,").

The human beings are living in groups, both large and small. The concern shown by the members of the groups towards each other differentiates the primary and secondary groups. Thus, a primary group is one in which the members share personal relationships that are permanent and long-term and family being the most important one. This group of prime importance plays a significant role in the life of an individual. Members of this group spend a lot of time with each other, display real concern for each other's welfare and understand each other really well. It…. [read more]

Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion in China and Japan Term Paper

… ¶ … national identity and culture is constructed through fashion in China and Japan

Fashion and Cultural Identity on China and Japan

Fashion, as it relates to culture, has initiated a relatively new and complex area of research into society and societal history. The concept of fashion has come to mean more than merely the history of dress and style for its own sake. Consequently, the study of fashion has developed into a multidisciplinary field that includes cultural, historical and sociological analyses of the role of fashion in societies.

The emerging field of fashion studies, sometimes known as the "new" fashion history, differs significantly from traditional dress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. By contrast, contemporary fashion studies asks…. [read more]

Cultural Anthropology Essay

… These are the adaptive responses to the internal and external changes that come into a culture. A study among the Ojibwa showed how the children from acculturated families failed to influence their parents and even showed less responsiveness to parent's proposal or interference, a feature that is different in the times before the acculturation started creeping into the Ojibwa culture. This is also a pointer to the cumulative nature of culture as the child will behave as they are brought up. With the acculturation catching up with the Ojibwa culture, the children continuously accumulated a different set of environmental values and behaviors (Stephen T. Bogg, 2011).

Culture is also integrated in each and every society. In a given society, there is an aspect of culture…. [read more]

Cultural Observation of Dress Case Study

… (Eicher, 2008)

Have you had the experience of being taught how to dress according to the cultural expectations of another society? Share these stories in a small discussion group as examples of acculturation. Contrast these acculturation experiences with the enculturation process through which you learned to dress according to your own society's cultural expectations.

Yes. When I was living in Israel I learned that there are certain styles and practices which are culturally acceptable such as wearing a Yakama on Saturdays. These experiences shaped how I wore this in order to fit in and show that I was supporting the basic traditions of this society. (Eicher, 2008)

Consider the way in which American grooming rituals that is American temporary and permanent body modifications, have been…. [read more]

Cultural Observation in Any Culture Case Study

… This is illustrating how body enclosures are different based upon cultural / individual tastes, style and regional factors. (Katiyar, 2009) ("The Classification System of Dress," 2013) (Eicher, 2008)

Describe how the form or style of the dress practice or ensemble relates to the body underneath. Consider why the body has the shape it does; identify climactic, hereditary or nutritional forces at work. Are there special physical needs or considerations? Is the body a canvas or an armature for dress?

In general, the sari is designed to accentuate certain body types. The most notable include: ectomorphs, endomorphs and a combination. An ectomorph is someone who is thinner and has an athletic style of appearance. In this case, the sari is worn to illustrate the shoulder or…. [read more]

Cultural Variables Thesis

… Cultural Variables

Select three products: one personal, one commercial, and another service. Evaluate cultural variables (time, space, concept of self, or others) as they relate to marketing those three. Be sure to support your arguments by examples or case studies.

Personal product: iPod

An iPod allows a user to live outside of time. Instead of sitting rapt by the radio, listening for a favorite song, or in breathless anticipation as to what will be the 'Top of the Pops' like teens in the 1950s, an iPod's playlist is entirely personalized to the desires of the individual user. It can be used whenever and wherever the user wants to listen to songs. An individual selects a playlist of favorites. An iPod creates a musical culture of…. [read more]

Cultural Identity Term Paper

… Cultural Diversity interviewed a co-worker who describes himself at first as "Hispanic." However, he explained that a "Hispanic" person can come from one of many countries including Mexico but also Central or South America, Puerto Rico and Cuba. He also said that many people from Mexico have multiple roots and that he was part Hispanic and part Native American. He said that he could only trace his family tree back a few generations, to his mother's parents and a few cousins on his father's side. My friend was born in El Paso, Texas. He learned to speak Spanish before English, but speaks both languages well.

I asked him what holidays were important in his culture. The first one he mentioned was Cinco de Mayo, which…. [read more]

Cultural Differences and Negotiation Chosen Essay

… Thus, in order to negotiate successfully with someone from Japan, I would need to adapt in such a way that I respect their need for punctuality and getting things done quickly and efficiently. I need to prepare myself for the fact that they might conduct work with a greater sense of urgency.

Furthermore, during the negotiation, I will need to learn how to engage in a more formal and regimented business style. When conducting business on the Ivory Coast, it's not uncommon for all parties to smile at one another or to be expected to not to make a decision right away. If I need more time to think things over regarding the transaction, I will need to be able to ask for it quietly…. [read more]

Cultural Distance Essay

… This means it would be less expected to acknowledge a higher organizational culture as McDonalds (Tallman, 2007). In any case, the popular fast food organization devised a workable plan to succeed and survive the Nippon market courtesy of some strategies.

The first issue of the company was that the Japanese social order is well-known for consuming rice throughout the day as a "filling" dish. As a result, McDonald's presented new items made of rice in the business sector, such as Chinese fried rice, curried rice with a fried egg burger and chicken. After the launching of these new items, the organization devised a workable plan to be considered from the Japanese social order (Parvis, 2007). Besides Japan, there is a hoisted feeling of commonality, something…. [read more]

Gender as a Cultural Construction Term Paper

… ¶ … subculture is one that can be used in explaining and deconstructing various behaviors, habits and social groupings that we see in everyday life. The concept of subculture is broadly defined in literature as a cultural group that exists within a larger culture and comprises of people having interests and beliefs at variance with the ones of the larger culture.In other words, subculture could be regarded as a subdivision of a larger national or global culture (Herzog, Mitchell & Soccio,1999). Subculture therefore refers to social groups that are organized around shared/common practices and interests. The term has often been used in positioning certain specific social groups as well as the study of such kinds of groups. In this paper, we compare and contrast and…. [read more]

Consumption, Society and Culture Cultural Essay

… When you observe the behaviour of a social club of consumers, you will find them obsessed with searching appeasement and joys in materialistic things that are attractive. Their irritation and alienation from social circle further pushes them to consumption (Foucault, 1984).

If you look at the TV commercials and advertisement, you will find the hidden message that if you want that particular happiness, you can get it with this product or service. In the best possible soft words, commercials are a handy tool for capitalist mindset to capture a non-political and less active mind even in its pastime (Foucault, 1984).

In his book "Culture Industry Reconsidered," Adorno describes the phenomenon as 'people can't be held responsible for measuring the culture, the philosophy of the culture…. [read more]

Culture and Subculture (P Essay

… 82)

Barriers to multicultural communication include anxiety; assuming similarity instead of difference, ethnocentrism, prejudice, and stereotyping. Anxiety is a natural and understandable barrier, but one that can impede successful communications. While it is not good to assume only differences, assuming similarity projects unreasonable and unrealistic values and norms on others and therefore impedes communication. Ethnocentrism is a cluster of phenomena based on the assumption that one's own culture is superior -- or at least a basis from which to judge others. Stereotypes are generalizations that, while sometimes valid, also cause unhealthy reactions such as prejudicial attitudes and behaviors.

Nonverbal message codes (p. 114-onward)

Nonverbal message codes include proxemics (the study of personal space); kinesics (gestures and body movements); chronemics (use of or attitudes toward time);…. [read more]

Cultural Assimilation Term Paper

… Thus, leisure activities can provide a secure and supportive space for the expression of subcultural identity (Gramann pp). .

J.R. Keefe and A.M. Padilla defined assimilation as the "social, economic, and political integration of an ethnic minority group into mainstream society" (Gramann pp).

M. Gordon broke the assimilation process into seven sub-processes:

"acculturation, or behavioral assimilation; structural assimilation, or access to societal institutions;

amalgamation, or marital assimilation; identificational assimilation; attitude receptional assimilation, or the absence of prejudice; behavior receptional assimilation, or the absence of discrimination; and civic assimilation, or the absence of value and power conflicts" (Gramann pp).

According to Gordon, acculturation occurs when an ethnic group's cultural patterns change to those of the host society, a process that has been labeled "Anglo-conformity" in order…. [read more]

Morality and Culture Essay

… ¶ … culture and morality. In other words it deals with the question: Is morality relative to culture? Proponents of so called "cultural relativism," sometimes also called "moral relativism" or "ethical relativism" argue that different cultures obtain varying moral codes. "If there is no transcendent moral or ethical standard, then often culture arguably seems to become the ethical norm for determining whether an action is right or wrong" (see Anderson: 1). Culture and cultural dimensions are considered the collective horizon representing a specific social reality. American anthropologist and cultural relativist Ruth Benedict in Patterns of Culture (1934) said: "Morality differs in every society and is a convenient term for socially approved habits" (as cited by Kehl: 2). The paper will show that the doctrine of…. [read more]

Cultural Differences Essay

… Acculturation and cultural identity are both valuable tools in our understanding of cultural differences, and are surrounded by a fair amount of discourse and political controversy. What follows is an analysis of each concept and their implications for fostering our knowledge and understanding of cultural differences.

Acculturation is the concept of a minority group (i.e. immigrants) assimilating to the dominant majority by successfully adopting a second culture or separating from it and becoming marginalized (Rudmin, 2006). Rogler, Cortes, & Malagady add to this definition that those in acculturation contexts experience a change in attitude toward their host society (1991). Immigrants' ties with their own societies are often cut off, leaving them to face the difficulties of economic survival and social mobility in an unfamiliar place…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in Workplace Master Level Term Paper

… Cultural Diversity in Workplace

With the concept of globalization continuously rising, various industries nowadays are adapting with the idea of having cultural diversity in the workplace. As organizations are becoming a little less competitive as the globalization becomes the trend, majority of the team-management came up with a viable alternative in organizational development.

Team playing and/or working is an idea, which has penetrated most businesses during the 90's (Mattson, 1998). Groups and teams are powerful ways to organize people around each corporate performance goals (Katzenbach et al., 1993).

Each organizational member's contribution will never match the combined performance in a real team. Usually, the need to form a team arises from the need either to get things done more efficiently, using lesser time and effort…. [read more]

Anthropological Culture Essay

… These factors play a crucial role in how individuals think about themselves, their lives, other individuals, and the whole world. During this process, people develop naturalized concepts, which are ideas thought to be vital and in existence in nature. The naturalized concepts become so embedded to an extent that they are regarded as true and treated as natural and commonsense (Bonvillain, p.31). The society also plays a critical role in the formation of naturalized concepts through challenging the fundamental organizing concepts and depending on societal norms.

Culture is a vital aspect of archeology given that this discipline focuses on scientific study of past cultures and the lifestyles of people based on remains. Professionals in the field of archeology conduct the scientific study through examining objects…. [read more]

Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior Research Paper

… Cultural Aspects of Consumer Behavior

The accelerating pace of globalization and the continued shift in cultural values within and between nations is leading to en masse shifts in consumer behavior. The strong collectivism of China specifically and Asia in general are giving way to more individualized purchasing and consumption strategies that seek to create an exceptional level of individuality for consumers (Jap, 2010). What is so significant about these factors is that branding, the customer experience and marketing are all driving a revolutionary shift in the cultural structure of nations (Tai, 2008). The four studies analyzed in this paper highlight just how powerful branding, customer experience and marketing are becoming relative to cultural barriers and resistance to change. The accumulated effect of these factors continues…. [read more]

Why Is Culture a Political Issue? Essay

… ¶ … Culture a Political Issue?

People today are living in an increasingly diverse world in terms of culture. Globalization and the rapid advances in communication technology since the middle of the 20th century are issues that have contributed significantly to this. An increasing amount of people have access to online technology and hence to a diversity of cultures and communications across the globe. Paradoxically, culture is also the one thing that all human beings have in common. Nobody can claim to be outside some form of cultural heritage. The general concept of culture then manifests itself in all human activity, precisely because it cannot be discarded, escaped, or negated. Paradigms such as religion, the home, medicine are for example strongly influenced by culture. Culture…. [read more]

Culture Industry Term Paper

… Culture Industry

We make, and are made by culture," (Storey, 61); the culture of any society represents the prevailing attitudes and values of that world. However, these values do not always represent the interests of the working and lower classes of that society. The ideas of Culture represent the interests of the dominant upper classes which own the means of production. Yet, they are forever engrained within a society compiled mainly of proletariat working class members through the Culture Industry which represents the hegemony use to bridge the gap between the upper and lower classes in order to avoid complete revolution and destruction.

The culture of any era is directly a product of the dominant class of that era. In the Marxist view, representing the…. [read more]

Cultural Pluralism Term Paper

… Cultural Pluralism

The American territory is well-known for its cultural pluralism. The outstanding cultural diversity and ethnic pluralism in the United States call for cultural awareness and special social education of the community members, in order to avoid important problems, such as racism and discrimination. The basis of the modern democratic society requires more than tolerance towards the different racial, ethnic or social categories. The contemporary cultural and ethnic studies aim at a globalization based on the cultural awareness of each individual in society. The main premises of cultural awareness are that the individuals should have knowledge of the different traditions, customs and ideologies specific to each culture. It is essential for the proper functioning of any social environment that the other culture, which are…. [read more]

Changing Behavior Essay

… Cultural Perspectives on Health

Changing behavior

Cultural competence has evolved over several decades and its definition stems from a number of perspectives, needs and interests which are all incorporated into the ideology of cultural competence. However, the work performed by Cross et al. (1989)

posits the best definition to cultural competence and gave a foundation to the idea of cultural competence. According to Cross et al. (1989)

, cultural competence is the combined set of policies, skills, knowledge and attitude which when used together by health care professionals in a health care system or agency enables them to work effectively in situations which are cross-cultural. Cultural competence is important in the healthcare work environment since it assists the health care professionals to be able to…. [read more]

Role of Culture and Environment in the Evolution of Humanity Research Paper

… Therefore, employing the use of models such as the mathematical models to analyze the impact of culture on evolution shows that, the niche model is effective in influencing evolutionary outcomes of humans in the society (Herrmann et al. 2007).

It is appreciable that, cultural evolution contributed to the growth of cooperative groups. The environments favor the evolution of human beings to conform to the social instincts characterized by structural norms and values postulated to contribute to the evolution of the human beings (Eagly & Wood, 1999). However, much of the studies conducted to evaluate the relationship between culture and the evolution of human beings have largely focused on the economic point-of-view of analyzing the relationship. This creates study bias and unreliability of the study findings…. [read more]

Cultural Intelligence in Today Essay

… This assessment tool includes four dimensions: flexibility/openness, emotional resilience, perceptual acuity, and personal autonomy. Flexibility/openness focuses on the ability of the individual to be open and broad-minded towards people and ideas, including flexibility and an ability to be nonjudgmental when it comes to perspective.

Emotional resilience, much like the "emotional/motivational" component of Early and Mosakowski's instrument, focuses on the ability of an individual to maintain positive emotions during his or her interactions with unfamiliar environments and people within the foreign culture. In other words, it is the ability to handle negative emotional reactions such as culture shocks or bumps and to quickly recover from these.

Perceptual acuity refers to general openness towards new people and experiences and the ability of an individual to handle the…. [read more]

Culture Pervasiveness and the Difficulty Essay

… "INTEC's competences exclusively supplement the present abilities of the Sea Engineering occupational, a specialist in deep water hulls, risers and mooring, learned in January 2007. Worley Parsons now has the competence to deliver services that will be all over the whole range from transmission to subsea line.

"INTEC have been able to establish a track record that has spanned something like 20 years having calculated subsea and pipelines manufacture systems in water depths that at one time were thought to be unbearable to get to. The business at the moment is creating projects that are low points of up to 3,500 meters in places that are varied as the offshore West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and…. [read more]

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