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Cultural Tourism Effects That Tourism Had at Bali Indonesia Research Paper

… Cultural Tourism

Culture Tourism Research the effects (both positive and negative) that tourism has had on Bali, Indonesia.

When most people think of Bali, they will often associate it with the beaches and their unique traditions. This has helped to make it one of the most popular cultural tourism destinations. What has helped to enhance its reputation is their ability to combine modern dance, painting, sculpting, music, metal working and leather craft. The combination of these factors has resulted in Bali realizing a dramatic increase in cultural tourism. (McKean, 2010) (Howe, 2005)

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from McKean (2010) who said, "In the past decade, tourism was encouraged by the Indonesian government, the World Bank, international corporations and local entrepreneurs has…. [read more]

Foreign Direct Investment Term Paper

… The government can institute friendly policies, but it is the individual investor that sets the pace and weighs for themselves the risks and benefits that are used to make their recommendations and/or purchases.

Businesses must not only see profitability in the short-term; they must also see the possibility of long-term growth and expansion. By this measure, Pakistan market expansion has been small (Ahmed, 2002). Corporate growth has been low. These are not sound conditions to ensure that the endeavor will be sustainable and profitable in the long run. If a foreign investor already has a facility in this country, they may wish to expand it. However it is unlikely that they well go to the expense of funding a large project. This may be bad…. [read more]

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