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Culture and Subculture (P Essay

… 82)

Barriers to multicultural communication include anxiety; assuming similarity instead of difference, ethnocentrism, prejudice, and stereotyping. Anxiety is a natural and understandable barrier, but one that can impede successful communications. While it is not good to assume only differences, assuming similarity projects unreasonable and unrealistic values and norms on others and therefore impedes communication. Ethnocentrism is a cluster of phenomena based on the assumption that one's own culture is superior -- or at least a basis from which to judge others. Stereotypes are generalizations that, while sometimes valid, also cause unhealthy reactions such as prejudicial attitudes and behaviors.

Nonverbal message codes (p. 114-onward)

Nonverbal message codes include proxemics (the study of personal space); kinesics (gestures and body movements); chronemics (use of or attitudes toward time);…. [read more]

Culture and Lahiri Essay

… To a certain extent, it's this strong level of fetishization which allows the affair to occur. There's a dual sense of exoticism that is shared in Dev and Miranda's perspective of one another that allows the affair to occur. In that sense, Dev and Miranda both look at the other person as representative of a more alluring and fascinating culture. In this manner, Lahiri is able to present the notion that what is foreign to the individual now becomes sexy. Both Dev and Miranda are able to find the mysteriousness of the foreign culture in one another and engage with this foreign quality in an alluring and fascinating manner.

Dev and Miranda would no doubt define culture in different ways. Dev would probably define it…. [read more]

Culture's Impact on Healthcare Essay

… " Independence is seen in this culture as a valued ideal, but no real sense of true independence is actually demonstrated. Midwestern folks like the idea of freedom and independence, but when forced with the option, most are happy to go along with the crowd and keep pace with their neighbors. Standing out in the crowd is reserved for the more extreme Midwestern personalities.

Question 4

Midwestern culture and the health risks associated with this type of lifestyle are not exceedingly dangerous, but do represent the in proportion, the typical health problems of any American. Diet and exercise are two areas of preventive health that need attention and focus in this group of people. Midwesterners like to watch a lot of TV, also causing intellectual…. [read more]

Culture of Interest: Japan Theoretical Research Paper

… Japan scored somewhere in middle on individualism collectivism index and the society is more paternalistic in nature. It does not display strongest of collectivist traditions but neither does it resonate with individualistic characteristics as a cultural unit. The American people on the other hand have displayed tremendously high score in this dimension. Having scored 91, the nation is among highest scorer in this aspect. People primarily work for them and do not like affording extended families. Satisfaction of personal aims, aspirations and motives is primary to American people. Glorification of personal efforts to achieve success is common place in the society Americans live in. While Japanese people are more considerate towards other group members, Americans too have displayed desire to form groups, only to satisfy…. [read more]

Culture and Politics Germany Research Paper

… Conclusion

As can be seen, Germany can use its rich history and good quality of life to make things better for everyone. Those who immigrate and those who have little money are at a distinct disadvantage, but it does not have to remain that way. There can be freedom and opportunity for everyone in Germany, but only if those in political power are willing to create and adjust policies in order to make those opportunities easier to attain and more realistic to achieve. People who are part of the underclass are often not against working harder and doing more, but they must have government policies to help them get started, and they need societal and cultural guidance to find ways to improve their lives.

References…. [read more]

Culture Psych Culture and Human Essay

… , 2011).

A social psychological investigation of the gift giving in North America and particularly the United States, the behavior was found to be a way of almost ranking the significance and the intimacy that exists in various relationships (Cheal, 2011). In a culture where material wealth is not so much a matter of direct survival but of status, the wealth one invests in the gifts they give is turned to an expression of the intimacy and connection one feels with the gift recipient (Cheal, 2011). Emotional attachments related to gift giving and the psychological perception about the worth of relationships is thus impacted by/has an impact on the behavior of gift giving, with direct cultural and psychological interactions (Cheal, 2011).

Japan's celebration of Valentine's…. [read more]

Culture Essay

… In an object -- driven approach the emphasis is placed on how material things relate to the specific culture that makes use of them. This approach is not quite as concrete as the object -- centered approach because materials or objects can take on different roles and their uses and functions can differ over time and between different groups of people can differ. Objects in a culture can reflect meaning or they can create meaning. In the object -- driven approach one of the first things that must be considered is how certain objects are destroyed or defaced when the political status of a group changes such as the destruction of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s. Such a loss is particularly a problem in…. [read more]

Culture There Are so Many Facets Essay

… ¶ … Culture

There are so many facets of discourse when it comes to discussion matters of culture. What culture is and how it defines our lives is still an ongoing discussion, and varies dramatically in terms of different locations. Understanding similarities and differences between different presentations of cultural discussions can then help us understand how complex and abstract of an idea it is in the first place.

The first article to be examined here is titled "Entrapped in Multidimensional Exclusion: The Perpetuation of Poverty Among Conflict-Induced Migrants in an Istanbul Neighborhood" by Bediz Yilmaz in the 2008 edition of New Perspectives on Turkey. It is essentially an examination of the practice of cultural exclusion. The article takes a closer look at Tarlabasi, a neighborhood…. [read more]

Communication Between Different Cultures Essay

… Culture

Communication between Different Cultures

Everyone communicates with others all the time and no matter how well one thinks they understand other people, communication is hard. Culture is frequently at the root of communication issues. People's culture influences how they approach problems, and how they contribute in groups and in communities. When people partake in groups they are frequently surprised at how differently people approach their work together. Culture is a multifaceted concept, with a lot of different definitions. but, simply put, culture refers to a group or community with which one shares common experiences that shape the way they understand the world. It includes groups that people are born into, such as gender, race, or national origin. It also comprises groups that people join…. [read more]

Culture and Health Disparities Research Paper

… For children born with disabilities, for example, it is not uncommon for families to go through periods of shock and misunderstanding about why such a thing happened -- a reaction common to many peoples -- but the family then tends to adjust well, with some persons in the family becoming very supportive of the stricken person; sometimes to the point of excessive protectiveness (Shapiro, nd). Filipino families have used their sense of independence and productivity as a means of keeping disable relatives out of care facilities and even out of schooling or employment opportunities in order to ensure their family member gets constant and personal attention. In such cases (as with elders in need), it can require that family members be given special attention to…. [read more]

Culture Health Care Essay

… There is much support for health professionals investing time into understanding the cultural impacts of their practice. Singer & Kassim-Lakha (2003) believed that cultural understanding begins with understanding one's own place in life. They suggested that "If physicians attend to cultural differences and build the skills necessary for cross-cultural expertise, they will improve health outcomes and increase quality of life for patients from an array of cultural backgrounds, " (p.585). Skelton et al. (2001) also noted the importance of this awareness. He wrote that "Although some medical training is beginning to prepare doctors to work in a culturally diverse society, there is a long way to go. Learning a range of transferable and generic skills has been suggested. These include responding to an individual's culture…. [read more]

Culture Industry the Cultural Industries Essay

… In addition, such industries also help public institutions that have an involvement in the social services. However, there are a number of challenges that cultural industries are facing in the contemporary times. Firstly, for the enhancement of innovation, an improvement is needed in the people-institutions connection. Secondly, public and private support needs coordination for the minimization of redundancy. Such industries also face the challenge of creating emphasized focus on the economic conditions that may be improved by both cultural and artistic elements. Thirdly, small and medium scale organizations must be provided with reliable funding sources.


To cut a long story short, it is the need of the time that the world starts giving the due importance to arts and culture. Every country must be…. [read more]

Culture American Culture Prides Itself Research Proposal

… Culture

American culture prides itself on its diversity, but still expects a high degree of conformity. I have received mixed messages about cultural norms, because on the one hand Americans celebrate diversity and on the other hand, Americans deny it. Symbols of the dominant culture are visible everywhere we look. Television commercials tell us we must buy things to be able to function in our society or to be accepted socially. Advertisements inform us about what constitutes physical beauty for both men and women. Movies show us how we should behave with our family, our friends, and our loved ones. We also learn about the dominant culture in school, from our peers who make fun of people who are different or whose values, beliefs, background,…. [read more]

Clothing and Culture Research Paper

… As noted above, France had a strong monarchy during the 18th century. The Court of Versailles aimed to dazzle, to use opulence and extravagance to engender the dual ideas of the monarchy and French culture, and to become the inspiration for the arts and high-culture for all of Europe. In fact, the influence of two women during this time had a seminal effect upon clothing in all of Europe that continued after the French Revolution: Marie-Antoinette (consort of Louis XVI) and Madame de Pompadour (Mistress of Louis XV). Despite the fact that women had no legal rights during this time period, both used clothing and style to become "the governing principle, the guiding reason, the commanding voice… keeping the court in order and managing the…. [read more]

Historical Development of Cultures Essay

… ¶ … Cultures


The historical development of cultures is an expression of many factors, both naturally occurring and those that are manmade. In the earliest stages of human development, the historical development of culture was heavily contingent upon natural resources such as access to water and land that was fertile for agriculture. As humanity grew, diversified, and developed more intricate civilizations, the historical development of cultures was contingent upon more factors than in the past. In some ways, life was simpler in the past, while it was primitive. As human civilization advances, we sacrifice advancement for simplicity, as the development of cultures depends on more important, yet unstable factors such as politics, military strength, trade regulations, and forms of resources & labor. As we…. [read more]

Culture Essay

… That was something that I wasn't very used to as we do not take shoes off when we go to church. Going inside, I was greeted by a mark of red color on my forehead. As I looked around, most of the people had that mark on their head; the eagerness with which people were putting their faces had made me think that it must be a good thing to have this mark on your head.

The place was full of men and women of varying age and built. Most of the people were wearing white clothes that were stained with different cultures. Seeing this different mix of colors, I did understand why this festival is a prelude to spring. The various colors flying around…. [read more]

Culture and Globalization Revised Human Essay

… Some of the ethical concerns include the moral implications of staying objective in using the information gained to affect a culture.

The anthropologists has a moral obligation to protect the cultures they have been trusted to study. Gaining the trust and building a rapport of the people within the culture takes a great deal of time. For the military to ask for this information with the purpose of using it against the culture being studied is unethical. The anthropologist may however feel an obligation to their own home country's allegiance. This moral dilemma is why the AAA

was formed.


The advantages of immigrants coming to the U.S. is the diversity of new culturally-based businesses that can enhance communities providing new job opportunities for U.S.…. [read more]

Culture Term Paper

… "other" peoples. It may, as seen earlier in this synopsis, be the feminists vs. other individuals. But what really defines what culture is? Is it the traits and features that define the actions, behaviors, and traditions of a certain people? Does it have anything to do with heritages, science and genetics? Or as Ortner states, does it have anything to do with power relationships among a people?

The relationship between "agency and power" is complicated and there is often an "invisible nature of class" that influences cultural identity. It is virtually impossible at times, to fully understand and define culture, according to Ortner, because human beings themselves are constantly working to identify and define the self, and if humans cannot define the self, the concept…. [read more]

Culture Pervasiveness and the Difficulty Essay

… "INTEC's competences exclusively supplement the present abilities of the Sea Engineering occupational, a specialist in deep water hulls, risers and mooring, learned in January 2007. Worley Parsons now has the competence to deliver services that will be all over the whole range from transmission to subsea line.

"INTEC have been able to establish a track record that has spanned something like 20 years having calculated subsea and pipelines manufacture systems in water depths that at one time were thought to be unbearable to get to. The business at the moment is creating projects that are low points of up to 3,500 meters in places that are varied as the offshore West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and…. [read more]

Culture in This Briefing New Essay

… They try to have as few rules as possible to govern themselves. The people in these cultures usually tend to be much more pragmatic and are also more tolerant of change (ibid 173-177).

The definition of individualism and collectivism refers to the social frameworks in with which individuals prioritize their individual or group needs. In individualistic societies, the individuals are expected to look after themselves. In collectivist societies, individuals are expected to look out for one another. Organisations protect their employee's interests. However, in individualist societies stress is put upon individual rights and personal achievements. People are expected to stand up for themselves and their immediate family members and to choose their own personal affiliations. In contrast, individuals in collectivist societies act predominantly as the…. [read more]

Culture Affects Essay

… ¶ … culture affects him or her in particular ways. There exists such a concept as social reality, which says that which we are surrounded with or brought up with creeps into our brain and effects the way we see things. This makes sense for our brain is influenced and developed by our milieu and social upbringing.

Aside from society, there is also gender that influences the way we judge and, accordingly, behave.

Culture first. I am a Latino. Although living in America for a while, I find that there are certain differences that I have absorbed from my family and my culture that step into my teaching and differentiate me form the 'normal' American (if there is such a thing). first of all, I…. [read more]

Culture and Media Worlds Term Paper

… Culture and Media Works

Sexual Objectification of Women in Media

Media today is one of the most common grounds used to communicate or get a message across. It has readily increased its accessibility and its reach to people with phenomenon of globalization. Any individual who has access to any form of visual media today knows how the issue of "sex" has become a common term in the media. It is used in different ways and on different levels in different countries but it is reasonable to state that the sexual objectification is being used in media today and is presented in such an open manner that it can simply not be disregarded anymore (Hall, 1998).

Be it television, billboards, movies, TV shows, magazines or any…. [read more]

Organizational Culture, National Essay

… For instance in America these national traits would be things like hard work, profits/wealth, productivity, and other comparable values. American negotiators would have to be certain to educate themselves towards the goals and values of the other party and strategize beforehand as to how to best compromise and foreseeably reach a middle ground.

Thus, the skills and attributes that one needs to possess as a manager in order to negotiate successfully across cultures is an ability to educate oneself about other culture, an openness to learn, a flexibility towards compromise and an ability to communicate clearly.

Lastly, cultural difference are extremely important in determine the levels of tolerance towards disputes and conflicts as a knowledge of such distinctions can lead to a greater level of…. [read more]

Culture Element Makes a Nation Essay

… They must be aware of the obvious cultural aspects, as well as underlying values and attitudes of international negotiations. In this case, managers must cultural awareness. According to Primecz, Romani & Sackmann (2011 p. 50), analysis of dichotomized culture, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualist and collective culture is of considerable help. Managers must demonstrate language skills of the negotiating partner. This will assist them understand the cultural nuances and create rapport easily. Nevertheless, to minimize misunderstandings and remain professional on the negotiating table, it is vital to include professionally trained translators or interpreters. Lastly, managers involved in international negotiations must have the ability to interpret non-verbal communications, paralanguage and body language.

Positive or negative outcomes for an organisation that is negotiating internationally

The understanding of…. [read more]

Corporate Culture in a Contemporary Case Study

… Model: Apple has become a model to many organizations since the company is known with the production of high quality products. Apple is known to deliver value to customers because of its high quality products. To maintain the status quo, Apple needs to continue maintaining the value driven culture that it has established. The senior management within the organization should continue demonstrating value to the stakeholders to improve the high-performance culture.

Align: Although, apple has already aligned its credibility and its business competence to achieve organizational performances, however, Apple still needs to continue building loyal teams and revealing in its conducts the trustworthiness towards the stakeholders to improve high-performance.

Engage: While Apple has already developed learning culture to achieve organizational performances, however, Apple still needs…. [read more]

Hispanic Culture and Healthcare Essay

… Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 19(2), 180-190.

Livingston, G.M. (2008, Aug 13). Hispanics and Healthcare in the United States: Access, Information and Knowledge. Retrieved from Pew Research Hispanic Center:

Paulk, B. (2010, Jan 1). Caring for the Hispanic Patient: The Battle for Cultural Competence within Healthcare. Retrieved from Indiana University:

Swanson, C. (2012). The Case for Studying Cultural Competence from the Prospective of the Hispanic Immigrant Patient: A State of the Science. Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 2(1), 1-9 Retrieved from

Interview Notes


BC is a single, Hispanic male, 18 years of age, has no children, never been married, born in Buffalo, NY. Ethnic origin is Mom born and raised in Mexico and father born and raised…. [read more]

Corporate Culture Is the Collective Behavior Term Paper

… Corporate culture is the collective behavior of people of an organization as well as meaning that these people relate to the actions (Erickson, 2008). Corporate culture includes organizations visions, values, working language, norms, beliefs, habits, systems, and symbols among others. Corporate culture is also the patterns of these behaviors together with assumptions which are taught to new members of an organization as a way of perceiving, emotion and thinking (Erickson, 2008). Corporate culture affects the way members of an organization interact with each other, with customers, and with the stakeholders of the organization (Judith, 2008).

Corporate culture as a set constitutes of shared mental assumptions which guide actions and interpretation in an organization through proper definition of appropriate behaviors for different situations (Erickson, 2008). In…. [read more]

Culture and Consumer Ethics by Ziad Swaidan Data Analysis Chapter

… ¶ … Culture and Consumer Ethics" by Ziad Swaidan informs the reader of the disparity in consumer ethics that reflect cultural variations. It explains these variations as differences in the collective programming of the mind that differentiates in one culture from another. The study conducted examines discrepencies in consumer ethics beyond cultural dimensions. In order to do this, the study uses Hofstede;s model.

Hofstede's model uses masculinity, collectivism, power distance, and uncertainty avoidance to determine cultural dimensions. The study also uses Muncy and Vitell consumer ethics model that utilizes illegal, no harm, passive, and active to perform analysis. These two considerable frames used in conjunction make the study the first of its kind to experimentally explore consumer ethics. Details of the study include testing using…. [read more]

Globalization of American Culture Essay

… Indeed, because of the predominance of American television, there is hardly a person on earth who does not know much more about the United States and its citizens than those in the United States know about the rest of the world.

Tandon (2004) makes the point that even countries with strong economies, such as the Britain and Germany,

are less than positively inclined towards allowing American businesses to expand into their territory. The basic fear associated with this is that the world is gradually being hegemonized, with local cultures and values being systematically trampled by all things American.

The "dark side" of globalization might be seen as the American effort at "keeping the peace" in terms of imposing the ideal or equality and democracy upon…. [read more]

Police Subculture- Add on Response Research Paper

… When describing the political necessities of the job, it is clear that you understand and communicate this idea in writing. Your ideas on approachability really resonated with my own philosophy of police work and appreciate it being included in the discussion.

Discussing the specific stressors of the career progression helps highlight and contextualize your argument so that it is clear that this job is not easy and is very emotionally difficult as well. What is clear after reading your argument is that it is important for law enforcement professionals to keep their faith in humanity and remember that the citizens are the ones who need protection. In order to best guarantee this protection it is important that police officers find therapeutic means of releasing that…. [read more]

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