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Curricular Leadership for the Inclusive Secondary School Term Paper

… Curricular Development and Design for the Inclusive Secondary School

The purpose of this study is to answer the questions of: (1) What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?; (2) What will be the content of curriculum in the next 10 years?; (3) What and who will influence content?; and (4) Who will be involved in its development and design?

Gudmund Hernes, Director of IIEP states that in higher education and universities subjects are "taught much the same...mathematics, biology, languages, history, economics. The theories presented and criticized, the notions expounded and challenged, the ideas used to make sense of the world - whether they are embodied in words like 'atoms' or galaxies' or algorithms' or 'syntax - are also similar."…. [read more]

Curricular Changes Term Paper

… Curricular Changes

In order to engage in curricular reform, one must first be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the current educational system. When evaluating reform, it is the key to remember that it may be necessary to address not only subjects of study and hours devoted to each, but also changes the entire educational process. There are several factors that must be considered: the views of those who actually do the teaching, the expectations and worries of the students as themselves, and the values of the institution (or central board) devising the curriculum. In this paper, three straightforward aspects of the educational process are to be examined, in order to create a sense of the system as a whole.

These also depend on…. [read more]

School Change Projects a New Essay

… Most children in this district come from single-parent households or households in which there are complicated arrangements among parents, step-parents, step-children, step-siblings, half-siblings. These are just some of the barriers that parents may feel as they think about participating in their children's schools. This is on top of another factor, one that is terribly sad and yet is all too often true: Many parents are simply not as invested in their children's present or future as professionals would want them to be.

There are also other important barriers that many parents and other family members may face when they think about participating in their schools. They may not, for example, know that parents are welcome to join int. Or they may not speak English and…. [read more]

Changing Face of British Education Term Paper

… Changing Face of British Education

The objective of this work is to review education in modern Britain from the mid-1700s to the present. This work will focus on how education is currently changing and what those changes entail.

Historically, education in Britain was for the most privileged in society however, over time that changed and a view was held that all students were important and deserved the opportunity to earn a university degree but in recent years the view has again shifted and students who are unable to afford high tuitions are again facing a life of work with too little education and too little training because university funding is not available to them. This problem is further exacerbated by the potentiality of the financial…. [read more]

Changing Roles for Health Sciences Term Paper

… Librarians may also share new roles with educators in the future that may include authenticating and validating knowledge resources, particularly those relevant to the health sciences field (Young, 1996).

Trends for health science librarians also include requiring librarians to establish standard guidelines for constructing and maintaining a cyber library over time, as this ensures a strong foundation as one might expect from a conventional library system (Craver, 2002). Cyber libraries much like traditional libraries must ensure users have constant reference materials. Librarians roles may include developing a mission statement, specific goals related to their library, and establishing an overall design and maintenance plan (Craver, 2002).

Provision of Healthcare Information Resources and Services

The roles of the health sciences librarian of the future may include: (1)…. [read more]

Changing Attitudes Toward and Approaches to Tenure and the Emergence of Post Tenure Review Models Thesis

… Tenure

Changing Attitudes Toward and Approaches to Tenure

and the Emergence of Post-Tenure Review Models

The institution of tenure is designed to protect teachers against the various pitfalls of the educational profession, including political pressures, district resource shortfall and the host of other conditions which can threaten the stability of a teaching job. The acquisition of tenure for an individual instructor can provide an assurance of job security, a freedom to act according to more individualized educational premises and the opportunity to project long-term plans and expectations within the confines of the position. On the other hand, tenure also frequently acts to insulate veteran instructors from criticism, to protect them from accountability and to allow academic shortcomings or behavioral divergences to go unchecked. These conditions…. [read more]

Co-Curricular Activities High School Dissertation

… Co-Curricular Activities

High school can be a difficult time for adolescents as they grow into adults and prepare to move away from home. This time period can be complicated further by social pressures. In the past several studies have suggested that engaging in co-curricular activities can facilitate the development necessary to assist students as they move on the next phase in life. However, there are many students of color who are not always as involved in co-curricular as their White peers.

Co-curricular activities are inclusive of sports, academic clubs and other school cubs. Involvement in these activities has been found to give students a sense of belonging and school pride. Belonging and school pride are important for students to possess because they motivate students attend…. [read more]

19th and 20th Centuries, Americans Alternatively Experienced Research Paper

… ¶ … 19th and 20th centuries, Americans alternatively experienced the innovations of the Industrial, Green and Information Revolutions and the type of education that was valued during these respective periods in American history have been closely aligned with the larger social forces in which they occurred. In fact, although the purpose and scope of education in the United States has been the source of debate since the country was founded, but few knowledgeable people will debate the fact that there is a strong relationship between education and social change and that this relationship can be readily identified. To this end, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identify the relationship between education and social change in American history, followed by a summary…. [read more]

Experience Concerning Curricular Change Term Paper

… ¶ … Curriculum Change

Some aspects of changes in curricula can be determined only through experience. This requires the combined experience of the staff to ultimately come to a decision, and even new teachers who have joined the organization can always claim to have had years of experience in teaching at other educational institutions. The experience of teachers permits the organization to test new theories and units and still be absolutely safe due to the experience of the teachers and those will find out what is important and what will work in the classroom and what will not work. The combined experience can be viewed as the base for the evaluation of new strategies. The second important factor is the sharing of stories between the…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends Term Paper

… Curricular Changes in Coming Years

What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?

Perhaps at no other point in history has the rate of change in human society been so rapid, or so pronounced. Technological innovations are fundamentally changing the way people go about living their lives, and these changes are having a profound impact on the manner in which educational services are delivered as well. According to Ediger (2001), "The business world has used diverse technological devices for approximately five decades and teaching/learning situations for teacher education students as well as for pupils in the public schools need to also be up-to-date" (p. 411). Clearly, people who fail to gain a solid understanding of the emerging technologies will miss…. [read more]

How Have Ethical Responsibilities Changed in the Classroom Term Paper

… Ethical Changes in the Classroom Over the Past 50 Years

The ethical responsibilities of teachers have undergone dramatic changes over the past fifty years, reflecting the changes in our culture today. As contemporary society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, so does the process of preparing young people for life as independent thinkers, productive citizens, and future leaders. The changing nature of students, the collegiate experience, learning, teaching, and outcome assessment all have substantive implications for altering educational practice. Trends such as appearance, actions and language have set the pace that there are no absolutes, no common values, and no core set of moral ideas. Ethical relativism has become the norm due to our current society's vast historical events that have led to distinct changes in…. [read more]

Life Changing Event That Shaped New Career Term Paper

… Life Changing Event That Shaped New Career

Personal Statement: Life Changing Event that shaped my new Career

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow -- Orison Swett Marden

Ideally, advances in medicine should provide concrete solutions as well as hope to those who are suffering. Medicine itself is a field that must be infused with hope, the hope that tomorrow will indeed be a better day for humanity, and the hope that cutting-edge research can make new advances in medicine an accessible reality to all healthcare consumers.

The field of biotechnology, and the entrepreneurial efforts required to sustain research in the field and provide care to the ailing requires a fusion…. [read more]

Changes in Nursing Education Essay

… "Transforming the health care system to provide safe, quality, patient-centered, accessible, and affordable care will require a comprehensive rethinking of the roles of many health care professionals, nurses chief among them. To realize this vision, nursing education must be fundamentally improved both before and after nurses receive their licenses" (The future of nursing: focus on education, 2011, IOM). Nurses will have additional responsibilities as more burdens are shifted onto their shoulders in an effort to cut costs. Also, the population is aging and experiencing more chronic conditions for longer duration, requiring a new skill set of the current crop of nurses.

Although nursing is a profession which aspires to treat 'the whole person,' nursing education is often incomplete and does not fully address the needs…. [read more]

Curriculum Books Essay

… However, some of the discussions of constructivism and brain-based approaches do not recognize the need for teachers to structure classroom tasks to facilitate the construction of meaning. SIGs integrate the best aspects of traditional role-plays and simulations into a learning environment that promotes active engagement, interactivity and collaboration, the application of knowledge and skills, and the use of complex thinking skills, including empathy and values-based learning (Nonaka, 2001).

The constructivist view of learning, in various guises, is widely embraced by most researchers studying cognition in education. Although, the meaning of constructivism is currently the subject of considerable debate (Clark & Mayer, 2003), the essential idea is that knowledge is actively built by the learner through transformations to existing knowledge structures, rather than being directly transmitted…. [read more]

Relationship of Research and Experience Concerning Curricular Term Paper

… ¶ … Relationship of Research and Experience Concerning Curricular Change

Regarding the process of changing the existing curriculum there is certainly the requirement for first studying the existing system. This can vary for the entire education process in different subjects and levels. It is simpler if we study at a low enough level so that every individual can understand the requirements for changing the curriculum. This may involve not only changing the subjects of study and the hours to be devoted to each subject, but also in changing the entire process of education. To conduct the entire process it is essential that enough persons connected with teaching of the subject at the levels that are being considered are interviewed. After all the objectives is to…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends Term Paper

… Educational Trends a. What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?

I think there's no doubt that education, including curriculum content will change over the next ten years. Education is an ever-changing enterprise. I can't be certain, of course, what changes will make. I don't think that ten years ago I would have predicted the profound effects standardized testing would have on education (Moses, 2001). After all they had been used for decades. They're still being used, but they're being used differently, and I think that will have a huge effect on education, including curriculum. The other thing that I Think will continue to impact education, including curriculum, is the continued growth and development of computer technology (Lindquist, 2004).

Both…. [read more]

Post Modernism: A Forced Impact Research Paper

… Students today are seen as competent small adults that can deal with divorce, drug addictions, violence, advertising, neglect and sometimes abuse. What at one time would have been irreproachable to change, students and society forced to change (Elkind, 1997 in: Richardson, nd).

It is stated of Postmodernism that it became "…an ideological and political marker for referencing a world without stability, where knowledge was constantly changing and change was the only constant." (Nesrin, nd) Aronowitz and Giroux (1991) examine the fact that most individuals believe that postmodernism is destructive in nature. The discourse of post modernism is such that asks "What is reality….what is right?" (Nesrin, nd) This is because "general ethical understandings and principle have lost their validity: source of ethical norms are now…. [read more]

Successes and Failures in Curricular Reform Thesis

… Educational Reform During the Age of Colleges
The first major transformation would thus begin as an emphasis on
intellect and academic evolution, with religiosity coming increasingly to
be understood as a poor foundation for scholastic improvement. Thomas
Jefferson, a founding figure as fundamental in our educational tradition as
in our tradition of democracy, would be motivated toward change by a
recognition of the value in excellence in learning. This would produce the
transition, deeply opposed by the religious authorities of the early 19th
century, toward an educational tradition that could differentiate itself
from America's Christianity.
Given that so many groups viewed this as a counter-traditional attack
on Christian and American values, it is a move that was taken with no small
amount of hostility. Indeed,…. [read more]

Brain Remodeling: Math Problems Causing Changes in Chemistry Neurological Pathways Essay

… Brain Remodeling Re: Math Problems Causing Changes in Chemistry/Neurological Pathways

Brain Remodeling: An Examination of How Math Problems Cause Changes in the Chemistry and Neurological Pathways of the Brain

The innovations in technology that have changed the world in fundamental ways in recent years have not been limited to telecommunications but extend to research into the very building blocks of life itself. The human genome has been mapped and advances in medicine and related technologies have provided researchers with powerful new tools that are revealing more about the working of the human brain than has ever been possible before. Indeed, scientific discoveries into how the brain actually works are on the horizon and researchers are identifying new techniques for this purpose on an ongoing basis.…. [read more]

Process and Product Creating Stories With Deaf Students Term Paper

… ¶ … changes are made in the language arts curricular for these students there will be an increase in postsecondary education. Some of the changes suggested by the authors are the incorporation of visual language processing, bilingual teaching and meaning-based strategies. The problem identified by the authors is the development of literacy for deaf people. It is suggested that it is because of illiteracy (the inability to read and write) and not being deaf prevents this group from attaining postsecondary education.

The participants that were involved in this study were fourteen (14) deaf students who were enrolled at a specialized school for deaf students. The students ranged from nine (9) to eleven (11) years of age. The participants were in the fourth (4th) and fifth…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends in the Next Term Paper

… The null curriculum, then, is primarily comprised of knowledge that is valued by marginalized groups that may be routinely omitted from the curriculum as an institutionalized practice. "The null curriculum helps to maintain and perpetuate the existing societal structure" (Hollins, 1996, p. 2). Nevertheless, studies have consistently shown that some curricular variables can be actively modified to successfully reduce problem behavior and increase desirable behavior in the classroom and one curriculum variable that has been examined in a number of studies to date is student preference (Childs, Clark, Delaney, Dunlap & Kern, 2001). To this end, a functional assessment can be used to help identify student preferences for specific types of academic activities or tasks. "When these preferred activities or features of activities are incorporated…. [read more]

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Research Proposal

… From what? Boring stuff." (2011)

Robinson states that the instance of ADHD "has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing. And these kids are being given Ritalin and Adderall and all manner of things. Often quite dangerous drugs to get them focused and calm them down. But according to this attention deficit disorder increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma. They can hardly think straight in Arkansas. And by the time they get to Washington they've lost it completely." (Robinson, 2011) The model of education is a system of education "…which is modeled on the interest of industrialism. And in the image of it. I'll give you a couple examples. Schools are still pretty much organized…. [read more]

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Thesis

… ¶ … management and decision sciences from various theorists; and, analyzes the evolution of managerial decision making from scientific management to the complicated forecasting models used today. The objectives of the Breadth component were four-fold: (a) to examine the theories of applied management and decision sciences as interpreted by the research of Ducker (1974), Harrison (1975), and others as listed in the reference section; (b) to analyze the historic evolution of decision making from scientific management to modern applications of operations research; (c) to examine the decision making process, with a particular emphasis on the importance of values and management judgment; and (d) to describe, assess, and evaluate various decision evaluation tools including matrix analysis, influence diagrams, payoff matrices, sensitivity analysis, decision tree, probabilistic forecasting,…. [read more]

School Improvement Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … School Improvement Plan

The vision or mission of "New River Middle School of Marine Science is to use science as a vehicle through which the entire school program will be enhanced while encouraging the total development of every student's potential through specialized and technologically-driven instruction." This is in collaboration with the greater goal of the Florida Board of Education for highest student achievement possible. "New River Middle is the only school in Broward County located on waterfront property. The integration of the marine science magnet program in every class allows each student the opportunity to learn marine science concepts." (All information from school improvement plan can be found at (

The school has developed a set of curricular goals that integrate science as…. [read more]

Implementing Lesson Study in an Elementary School Research Paper

… ¶ … Teachers of Reading With Technology and Internet-Based Collaboration

Although the fundamental principles of professional educator development involve face-to-face as well as online platforms, online learning opportunities are becoming more prevalent, making the need for teachers to improve their knowledge and skills in the use of these tools more important than in the past (Hunt-Barron & Tracy, 2015). To this end, this paper examines how an elementary school reading leader can better engage teachers of reading with technology- and Internet-based collaboration to gain a better understanding how to integrate digital technologies for reading and literacy achievement. A discussion of the lesson study, technology and Internet collaboration for teachers and digital technology for reading and literacy achievement is followed by a summary of the research…. [read more]

Faculty Support and Development in Curriculum Essay

… Nursing Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development:

The first required step before initiating an RN-to-BSN degree completion program is determining the need for such a curricular change. Indeed, this will ultimately call for application to accredited in this area. Therefore, the demanding process of change must be warranted within the community. This means that the initial step would be to explore the apparent need for professional development in the research and academic capacities of nursing. If it can be determined that adding the Bachelor's program to the community's offerings would substantially address the demand in the field for nurses who are thusly educated, it would be appropriate to proceed with the new curriculum development.

Resources required for making this a reality would include the funding for achieving…. [read more]

HR Practices in Public Administration Case Study

… This approach to implementation is an important one and may serve to remove some of the ambiguity which remains present in existing research. In the article by Storey (2004), the author finds "that most of the literature and discussion about this issue is couched in terms of some fairly simple polarities: managers vs. leaders, transactional vs. transformational leaders, task-focused vs. people-focused and so on. Moreover, recent analysis in education has begun to question the predominant focus on the head teacher as the leader but, so far, there has been little empirical work carried out on the meanings and implications of distributed leadership. (Storey, 2004; p. 249) In spite of this, Storey will go on to endorse distributed leadership, offering a conceptual framework for its evaluation…. [read more]

Successful Steps to Transition Through Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Thesis

… Self-Advocacy

Steps to Successful Transition Through Self-Advocacy Towards Self-Determination

The inclusion of disabled individuals in the general social, educational and occupational contexts which are welcoming to mainstream populations is a goal which appears to parallel the progressive orientation of our culture. Modern education shows evidence of the trend toward change, facilitating the increasing integration of individuals who are physically, emotionally or learning disabled into public and private schools. This trend has been a decidedly positive one, with legal, economic and educational strategies coming together to present an effective and productive change in the way that we contend with disabilities. Inclusive practice, which submits that educational institutions should be considered responsible for helping to assimilate disabled students into mainstream population classroom settings and for providing them…. [read more]

Social Policy Issue Drinking and Driving Term Paper

… Drinking and Driving

Cases of alcohol abuse in America have affected the people one way or the other. Every person has been affected by the cases of one or other relatives, friends or loved ones. Every one is waging a war against substance abuse and to bring back the addicts to normalcy and sobriety. We have been hearing shocking stories about American public in general and young populace in particular getting hurt, injured, maimed and dead due to excessive drinking and its dangerous effects that includes drunk driving. Stories of college students in different states made headlines when they were found dead after binge drinking. The issues that have surfaced with force are that of excessive drinking rather than simple drinking. Most prople including young…. [read more]

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