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Successful Collaboration in Higher Ed Essay

… You will need to be able to identify the skills sets that are a good match for the problems you need to collaboratively solve, locate people within the college community who possess those skill sets, evoke the most positive perspectives from the most skilled problem solvers, and ensure that those who are not core problem solvers are still -- meaningfully -- included in the collaborative tasks. I wish you luck, and I look forward to learning how you are progressing in your inter-departmental collaborative endeavors.


____. (2010). ACPA / NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners.

____. (2006). Frameworks for assessing learning and development outcomes (FALDO). Washington, DC: Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). Retrieved

Anderson, K.A. (2010).…. [read more]

Loved to Discover How Gadgets Essay

… The practice of both chemical and industrial engineering in my professional life will prepare me for the practical challenges of the future. I am looking forward to the difficulties ahead of me in learning this very complex and challenging field, but I am also eagerly looking forward to the challenge as well.

In addition to my passion for engineering, I also greatly enjoy extra curricular activities. My favorite game is chess, and I enjoy the exercise that playing against a rival chess player presents my brain. I also enjoy playing football, and scoring a touchdown is the most exhilarating experience of my life. I have an active participation with my school's robot club, which used engineering principles to create movable robots that are intended to…. [read more]

Educational Program Evaluation Thesis

… Program Evaluation Parts I and II

Program Evaluation Plan: Treca Digital Academy Grades K-3 Curriculum

Program evaluation could be called the most important factor for maintaining a successful educational program. Without a proper program evaluation, it is difficult to determine if the program is reaching its intended goals. Program evaluation is necessary in order for curricular programs on all levels to achieve accreditation and endorsement from outside agencies. Developing an appropriate strategy for program evaluation is the key to performing an acceptable program evaluation.

The popularity of online schools is bringing some important issues to light. Many of these issues concern the ability to learn using only the computer and limited teacher interaction. Grades K-3 are critical in the development of skills that will form…. [read more]

Software Test Plan - Powerpoint Presentation Research Proposal

… Software Test Plan - Powerpoint Presentation and Speaking Notes

The testing plan that will be configured in this presentation is aimed at providing both a series of steps and phases proposed for the actual testing of the log book application and an overlook of the logistics involved in the testing process, including human and financial resources and the instruments proposed for the monitoring and reporting mechanism.

Scope and Objectives

The main objective of the testing phase in this case is to ensure that the newly created student e-portfolio fulfils all of its assigned and designated functions, including providing a detailed transcript of each completed course and uploading the students' particularities in terms of extra curricular and social activities (participation in different clubs and work groups,…. [read more]

Advocacy for the Counseling Profession Term Paper

… Counseling for Professional Counselors

Advocacy for the Counseling Profession

The objective of this work is to describe the need for advocacy for the counseling profession in clear terms of the benefits advocacy has for the counseling profession as a whole and to discuss consequences of insufficient advocacy for the profession listing and discussing potential consequences. Finally this work will describe how a masters-level counselor education program may incorporate advocacy training into its curriculum and extra-curricular activities. The perspective of creativity in the developmental of advocates through use of individual strengths, existing beliefs and attitudes concerning the profession will be focused upon.

The Need for Advocacy

The need for advocacy cannot be understated in relation to the provisions of such to the counseling profession. The stress…. [read more]

Education in Order to Promote Term Paper

… Students who are athletically inclines would be similarly stimulated.

Students also must solidify their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Those who are deficient in these subject areas should be offered special attention after class or through extra-curricular activities. No student will be criticized for not meeting the standards set by other students in the classroom. Rather, students who show different abilities will be treated with respect; teachers will pay attention to the unique talents of each student.

All students will be able to cultivate their unique talents and abilities and teachers must be prepared to guide students toward their ideal futures. Teachers also need to help students learn valuable social and coping skills, and will not solely instruct students in the rote learning…. [read more]

Desecration of Public Education Research Paper

… Without quality public education, the youth will only learn skills needed for low profile jobs and will fail to play an active role in civil life. This is corporate oligarchy, not democracy (Davidson, 2010).

Lack of education can also lead to despotism or fascism which will directly kill democracy.

Purpose of Charter Schools

With the failing public education system, charter school system is thought of as the best alternative solution. This system is thought of as a necessary step in providing variety of approaches to students in learning numerous techniques.

The major components of this system of education are as follows:

Mayor's unique status of direct liability to all city residents

The transparency in the charter school agreement procedure

The system of providing results that…. [read more]

Transformative Learning Essay

… Transformative Learning and Higher Education

The primary goal of higher education is to help to prepare those who have been students to this juncture in their lives for the first steps into adulthood. But beyond this, there are various philosophically-grounded objectives to which the university should aspire, including the cultivation of ingenuity, the facilitation of positive social action and the formulation of tomorrow's upstanding citizens. Unfortunately, the perspective on transformative education argues, these goals are often far overshadowed by the demands placed upon individuals to get good grades, to remain focused on narrow disciplinary imperatives and to formulate professional objectives. The discussion here denotes that transformative education aims to dismantle the separation between these objectives by eliminating the boundaries between disciplines, the boundaries between professional…. [read more]

Fine Arts and the K-12 Curriculum Essay

… Fine Arts & the K-12 Curriculum

Including the fine arts in a K-12 curriculum has become a controversial issue in educational institutions and local school settings. Some educators and administrators view the arts as a "frivolous" appendage to the overall school program. Others believe it is an integral part of developing well; rounded individuals and contend that the arts support academic achievement. Since the arts are not included in high stakes testing and are not a part of the No Child Left Behind legislation, communities in support of fine arts programs are finding it difficult to justify the resources and time allocated for music, art and drama when offered. In higher education, over the years, your institution's fine arts department has built an extensive community…. [read more]

Correlation of Kindergarten Readiness and Kindergarten Achievement Research Paper

… Correlation of Kindergarten Readiness and Kindergarten Achievement

The correlation between early childhood education and development programs and academic achievement in later life is well documented. For example, children who have attended kindergarten in either public or private setting consistently score at statistically significantly higher rates than children without kindergarten experience on a wide range of standardized tests, including composite ACT scores, math ACT scores, English ACT scores, science ACT scores, and cumulative grade point averages (Prince, Hare & Howard, 2001). Less clear, though, is the precise correlation between children's readiness to make the transition into school at the kindergarten level and their academic performance early on and thereafter. In an era characterized by schools that are struggling to satisfy numerous unfunded mandates at the federal,…. [read more]

Teacher Policies and Professional Obligations Term Paper

… Teachers have always been the mainstay of any educational venue whether it is K-12, college, or trade school. As such the responsibilities the teacher must bear are numerous, on going, and, most of all facilitative. Teacher responsibilities are both creative and critical in purpose and must be clearly defined and continually upgraded. The purpose of this paper is to outline those teacher responsibilities needed to be, and remain, an effective educator. To this end the responsibilities presented below have been categorized as to target population including the responsibilities to the learner, responsibilities to the community, profession, facility, and colleagues, and responsibilities to oneself. When all responsibilities have been met the teacher can then be seen as a proactive and facilitative mentor, model, and instructional guide…. [read more]

Learning Through Play Essay

… Moreover, as children play, they learn fine motor skills and hand eye coordination that makes it easier for them to absorb skills and learning throughout their lives.

Play also supports learning by enabling children to see for themselves the cause and effect of their actions immediately, catering to their short span of time, and making them remember the impact for a long time. As it is a fun way of doing things, children are more involved in the activities and their concentration for these tends to be more, indicating that the children retain more of what they learn through play.

Take for example the 'Montessori' method that was proposed by Dr. Maria Montessori who developed certain play things such as the red rods and the…. [read more]

Personal Growth Is a Continuous Process Essay

… Personal growth is a continuous process determined by how much a person learns from a certain experience, and in the end, whether or not that particular experience makes a difference. Adaptability and the willingness to learn something from any new experience are two key requirements in life, and student life involves both of them. College is very different from high school, thus one needs to adapt and keep an open mind in order to have a positive college experience. There are many new and exciting things that college has to offer, but I think that extra curricular activities such as sports have the capacity to install a sense of values and a strong work ethic within the individual. One can extrapolate because these two qualities…. [read more]

Education the Lesson Has a Clear Purpose Term Paper

… Education

The lesson has a clear purpose which is transmitted during lesson presentation.

In the introduction to the film, the teacher clearly states her objectives for the lesson and explains the use of the pan balance as a tool to teach pre-algebra to fifth graders. The pan balance offers a visual, tactile method that students can use to supplement the equations in their texts. Equations that are generally represented with equal signs can now become visualized more in terms of their algebraic meaning: as balance between the two sides. Finally, the instructor emphasizes that the basis of the lesson is to understand the concept of equality or equivalence: which is central to the study of algebra.

The lesson refers to background knowledge and information from…. [read more]

Standards-Based Assessment Across the Nation Term Paper

… Include parents and students in training as appropriate to ensure a full partnership with all the key stakeholders. Building a community of practice around a comprehensive progress monitoring improvement process -- within the school and across the community -- will ensure that a commitment builds for effective use of the process.

3. Find and use available resources. Technical assistance and research centers can provide resource maps and literature reviews for use by states and districts. Existing state and district initiatives in the content areas can also be essential resources to schools. Examples of these include Reading First programs and state and local chapters of professional organizations such as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Staff Development Council, National Council of Teachers of…. [read more]

Students, the University Experience Term Paper

… Often, in inner-city and urban grammar schools, the relative dearth of financial backing deprives the children thereof of the extra-curricular benefits inherent in suburban schools. Artistic pursuits often are the victim of low funding, leaving more abstractly inclined children without an appropriate outlet. This can both manifest itself negatively in the child's disposition, behavior and grades and in the child's missed opportunity. This could be a route through which to uncover obscured talents in underachieving children and to provide greater access to success for those already cognizant of their abilities. And it goes without saying that providing inner city children with any structured activity after-school when circumstances may have not otherwise provided such a luxury could prove to be a valuable influence.

The respective communities…. [read more]

Creativity and Teaching Essay

… Loris held various beliefs which guide the Reggio Emilia schools which relate to development of creativity in a student. The fundamental to the Reggio philosophy is based on Loris beliefs which include the image of a child as being rich in potential, powerful, strong and competent and hence can come up with their own knowledge. A child The child is also recognized as having his or her own values, and they want to be respected and valued for who they are at the same time holding respect for others .the child also embodies an open mind and a sense of curiosity to everything possible. Finally encouraging children to develop their own theories of the world and how it works though exploring.

According to Munro, (2010)…. [read more]

Education Scenario Response From District Essay

… Moreover, Merced (like myriad school districts nationwide) requires teachers to "facilitate discussions about bias and stereotyping, as well as justice, equality, and ethical conduct" -- and these kinds of discussions are part of the plan to introduce students to other cultures and why other cultures deserve respect. So it isn't just a matter of showcasing various ethic cultures that are here in the United States; it is also about teaching kids tolerance, understanding, and justice. The Merced curriculum calls for training teachers and staff about the need for multicultural education, "…awareness, diversity, and conflict resolution" (

Are there any curricular changes necessary based on the parent's letter?

Absolutely there should not be any changes made in the school curriculum because a person who is…. [read more]

Mental Health Policy a Healthy Term Paper

… Parents should also play an important role in dealing with dating violence. They should develop a strong bonding with the children so that they could share what is going on in their life. Also, the parents can then help them coping with their particular situations through their own life's experiences.

The peers are most aware of dating violence. So the peer groups should be educated about the negative and ill effects of it so that they can assist their friend who is experiencing it.

The legislative body on part of dating violence should become more active and efficient in resolving the dating violence cases and there should be a system of penalties and punishment to those who commit this crime.


Dating violence is a…. [read more]

Childhood, Personal and Academic Experiences Term Paper

… " When this happened to me, I lost all interest in the world, my friends, my family and the things that were usually of interest to me. I felt as though my world had collapsed and that no one could possibly understand how I felt. This is the odd thing about heartache, it feels so unique, and yet we know very well that everyone experiences heartache, and in fact, they seem to experience it in very similar ways. Just listening to one sad country song will tell you how common the feelings of heartache are.

The best part of falling in love was that I was blessed with two beautiful daughters, who are now 3 and 7 years old respectively. They are my greatest loves…. [read more]

Skill Building the Course Work Essay

… I learnt that to make such a conclusion in an ethical dilemma requires the gathering of evidence from various credible sources on the meaning and foundations of ethical principles and obligations that bind a healthcare professional. This is the process of giving reading direction in problem solving.

The acquisition of knowledge has improved with the progress made in acquiring reading, thinking, and writing skills. Prior to the course, I used to read useful articles and articles that caught my interest. However, the course has increased my reading skills, since I can read on Bioethics though I am a businessperson, and gain helpful information from them. I no longer have to read an article twice or more than once, to gain any useful information or understanding.…. [read more]

Masters in Nursing for Clinical Essay

… Now is the time for the nursing education community to work together to develop curricular standards that can be applied to nurse educator programs. Graduate faculty needs such structure to ensure that their curricular decisions are evidence based and in keeping with national trends. Hopefully, the data in this review will help to inform decisions regarding nurse educator curriculum standards." (Leuner and Ruland, 2010, p.1)

The work of the Southern Regional Education Board Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing reports a debate on the "appropriate educational preparation for a nurse educator for many years. Davis et al. (1992) and Krisman-Scott (1998) noted an escalation of the debate in the mid-1980s, when master's programs in nursing began shifting resources to the preparation of advanced-practice nurses. Student…. [read more]

Program Development Term Paper

… Program Development

The program that I am interested in developing is a natural birth information class for patients and nurses at the hospital. The curriculum I will review for this portion of the paper is "The Bradley Method." This curriculum is currently used to educate expecting parents on proper prenatal care, birth, hospital procedures, and infant care.

The mission and philosophy of Bradley is informed consent and teaching natural childbirth methods. The course is framed into 12 modules. Each module covers a different topic about pregnancy, childbirth, or newborn care. According to the table of contents, the modules include exercise, nutrition, pregnancy, the coach's role, introduction to first stage labor, introduction to second stage labor, planning your birth, variations, unexpected situations, post-partum care, advanced first…. [read more]

Ileana Final Portfolio Bioethics Essay

… Other examples include the Willowbrook and Tuskeegee experiments in Unit Four, which I had heard about but only in a diffuse anecdotal sense. Now I have a more formal understanding of the justification behind human subjects review and the importance of Institutional Review Board oversight before any experiment no matter how seemingly innocuous the treatment.

Once we had identified and mastered the concepts underlying these theories, we demonstrated their application in modern ethical controversies. The result was the realization that these ethics are each a process toward obtaining answers for sophisticated modern moral problems. Applying these historic perspectives played out through selection of examples that demonstrate how these methods provide a framework and process to evaluate new ethical conundrums Kant, Bentham, Mill or Aquinas likely…. [read more]

Managing the Transition of Starting Term Paper

… g., asking thought- provoking questions and add new elements of challenge to a task, regardless of the child's age;

making the most of the primary-age children's desire to learn by providing challenging, interesting tasks and materials and encouraging children to work to their potential;

encouraging children to work through problems with one another so they can learn important social skills, such as negotiation and cooperation; providing safe and necessary intervention when called for to help children behave in a socially productive way;

planning a clear curriculum with coherent learning goals; flexible enough to adapt to children's interests, personal experiences, and home situations;

sharing useful, specific feedback about the individual child's learning and development; progress is most effectively communicated by using real "works" to assist parents…. [read more]

American Economy Was Growing Term Paper

… The attitudes of American students can vary tremendously with some not caring, to some truly aspiring to do their best. It is impossible to lump all Americans together because of their ability to vary their attitudes -- it is a free nation, after all. However, entrance to college for most students is guaranteed, because of community colleges. Most prestigious universities remain to be hard to get into, which may be because of the increased number of international and exchange students.

Which leads me to my comparison of Korea's educational system. Korea pretty much requires that students go to primary school and the main emphasis is on the college entrance examination. Korean parents even go so far as to "get private tutors for their children as…. [read more]

Otto Peters Thesis

… Otto Peters (1997) Industrialized Teaching and Learning is as close to a chastisement of education, and certainly academics, for failing to recognize the potential for distance education and learning. For Peters, the lack of pedagogy on the subject arose out of academia's limited scope of impending change, and academics inability to think out of the box. Peters says that main stream institutions missed the boat by not taking seriously the trend towards distance education and learning. Academics continue to criticize distance education and learning instead of recognizing the opportunities that distance education and learning creates for professors, especially those whose work in teaching is highly sought by students, but limited by classroom and the commitment to a single institution. Peters says that distance education and…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Civility and the Student Term Paper

… It is really not possible to significantly alter the Individual Power or social status of observers, therefore the techniques to deal with the individual Power problem should be inventive: Attempt to affect these witnesses who do possess higher Individual Capability to be useful Companions, by concentrating on techniques to improve their abilities and enthusiasm. Reduce the individual Power hurdle utilizing a positive standards method which will decrease the identified Individual Power of those undertaking hostility as well as boost the perceived Individual Power of those people who step up to assist.

Self-efficacy consists of not only efficient abilities but also self-confidence in those abilities. The self-confidence aspect is most likely associated with Individual Power. Assist learners in attaining efficient abilities to beneficially intercede that will…. [read more]

Dyslexia Is a Learning Disability Essay

… That is highly important for these individuals, because they often already have confidence problems based on the speed at which they read. They see others reading much faster and easier than they do, and that further discourages them. While dyslexic students need the benefit of programs targeted specifically to them where reading is concerned, they also need the support of their teachers so they do not end up feeling as though they cannot learn or are not good enough to succeed (Schuele, 2004).

Adaptations are a significant way of helping these students with dyslexia move forward with their secondary school education. There are many ways these students can learn to read better, but they have to put in the time and effort and they have…. [read more]

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