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Curriculum and Instructional Leadership Essay

… Weaknesses of Curriculum and Instructional Leadership:

Despite of its strengths and increased prominence, curriculum and instructional leadership also has some weaknesses. One of these weaknesses is that there are little or no provision for improving and supporting the development of new skills in the instructional leadership domain. Actually, this domain lacks policies, technical assistance, and changes in role expectations to support the use of new knowledge and skills (Chell, n.d.). The other weakness is that this model requires an increased focus on teaching and learning to become the main aim of the principal in order to be effective. Without such focus, the efficiency of focus on results, student achievement, and students learning at high levels is nearly impossible (Lunenberg & Irby, n.d.).

Limitation of Curriculum…. [read more]

Curriculum Content That Implements Strategies Essay

… In addition to this there is PrintAwareness which is the understanding of the features that are in books and print outs. Here, the learners should be taught how to recognize the differentparts of book like the covers front and back covers as well as the top and the bottom. They also learn that printed letters and words run from left to right and top to bottom not forgetting the title and the author of the book including the illustrations.

The literacy strategies on the other hand involve the designing of instructions that focuses on all the foundational literacy skills. These include storybook reading that is interactive, reading and writing through pretense, use of games and other activities that help the learners to identify letters of…. [read more]

Curriculum Language Education and Curriculum Standards Thesis

… Curriculum

Language Education and Curriculum Standards on the National and Local Scale.

Language education has always been an important issue in the United States. This is particularly in this country as a result of the rich variety of languages that are found among its diverse citizens. Furthermore, language is the foundation of communication. In order to build a strong and unified nation in the country, it is vital that not only education, but also communication, be both standardized and clear. Only if communication in English can be established with clarity, can the United States claim to be the truly democratic country it professes to be. Such democracy begins with education, and specifically with language education.

The objective of the research is therefore to investigate the…. [read more]

Curriculum Specialist Term Paper

… The curriculum specialist would then provide guidance to management and teachers on how to implement the agreed-upon plan.

Reviewing a few articles on how curriculum specialists are utilized across the United States provides additional input on this role. For example, in Delaware the curriculum specialist met with 20 classroom teachers to update the social studies curriculum in the elementary school grades in order to 1) place a greater emphasis on this subject area for younger grades, especially with policymakers; 2) better integrate the social studies curricula with other coursework; and 3) pay more attention to multiculturalism. The primary goal was to reverse the trend of having less instructional time for social studies in the lower grades.

How can schools and parents take best advantage of…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends in the Next Term Paper

… The null curriculum, then, is primarily comprised of knowledge that is valued by marginalized groups that may be routinely omitted from the curriculum as an institutionalized practice. "The null curriculum helps to maintain and perpetuate the existing societal structure" (Hollins, 1996, p. 2). Nevertheless, studies have consistently shown that some curricular variables can be actively modified to successfully reduce problem behavior and increase desirable behavior in the classroom and one curriculum variable that has been examined in a number of studies to date is student preference (Childs, Clark, Delaney, Dunlap & Kern, 2001). To this end, a functional assessment can be used to help identify student preferences for specific types of academic activities or tasks. "When these preferred activities or features of activities are incorporated…. [read more]

Curriculum Foundations Term Paper

… Curriculum Foundations

In recent years the medical field has transformed from authority-based to consumer based. Whereas once patients followed their doctor's orders and always listened to their advice, modern patients question care and have a higher expectation of time and explanations in all areas of healthcare. Those that are not satisfied with the services of the traditional medical field, seek alternative treatments, moving away from hospitals and doctors. Nowhere is this need more obvious then labor and delivery. Starting in the 1960's a movement arose for patients seeking reform in the childbirth process and desiring more control over the entire process. This social trend of consumer style of birthing has led to a divide between hospitals and patients. The only way this divide will be…. [read more]

Nursing Curriculum Essay

… When students also work to gain knowledge on their own and they share that knowledge with the faculty involved in their online learning, it can encourage the faculty to improve and adjust the curriculum because it helps show what is important to students. It also indicates the issues that are important for the current time period, and what matters to patients and nurses who are involved in their care (Billings & Halstead, 2012). With that in mind, the faculty of an educational institution can focus on what is most important for the students to know, which will improve the curriculum.

4. According to Billings & Halstead (2012), "Competency statements identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need to develop if they are to achieve…. [read more]

Curriculum Theories and Practices Literature Review

… Curriculum Development

Traditional vs. new curriculums: A literature review

According to a 2002 article from the peer-reviewed online journal Current Issues in Comparative Education, one recent trend in elementary education has been that of emphasizing the economic benefits of changes in the traditional curriculum. Educational innovations that are said to give students "a competitive edge" in getting into the best schools and/or to restore American competitiveness abroad, particularly in regard to specialized, technical work, have much greater appeal than those reforms which merely purport to advance the pursuit of knowledge (Scoppio, 2002, p.130). However, the general direction of curriculum reform is at a crossroads. On the one hand, some reforms have been centralizing, such as the emphasis on state testing, standardizing the curriculum to meet…. [read more]

Curriculum the Role of the State Board Term Paper

… Curriculum

The role of the State Board of education is to support and assist the administration of schools through the development of strategic plans, curriculum standards and budget issues. The State Board of Education also acts as a community involved board where some of its members are not educators but are members of the community, fulfilling other roles. In short the role of the State Board is to provide general guidance to schools, to help schools obtain high quality learning for all students in the school system. The board sets broad goals and formulates some specific solutions or objectives through planning and interaction with administration, as well as community. According to the Vermont Department of Education the five aspects of the department are to:

Support…. [read more]

Curriculum Implementation Term Paper

… Curriculum Implementation

An implementation of a new curriculum in school is difficult, especially within a group of educators who are used to the old method of teaching-learning process, thus afraid of trying out new strategies and techniques that would further improve the learning process of the students. Jesup High School Principal Roark Horn admits this fact however found what he thought would be an appropriate strategy in addressing this issue. Horn, encourages the students to learn through teaching and "move beyond just telling what happened." The students' responses were great such that they have engaged themselves into self-evaluation and exercising their critical thinking skills. (Franklin, 2002)

Technological innovations have made tremendous changes even across educational systems and policies. There had been learning programs or soft…. [read more]

Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction Literature Review

… Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction

Over the last several years, the issue of supervision of curriculum and instruction has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because American schools have been underperforming the rest of the world in various categories to include: reading, mathematics, vocabulary and learning comprehension. To address these issues, the government has imposed a series of standardized tests as part of an effort to improve accountability. (Unger, 2007, pp. 556 -- 557) The problem with this approach is that while testing is an effective tool. The greatest achievements will take place, in an educational environment where there is outstanding leadership in the supervision of curriculum and instruction. This is when teachers can be able to learn…. [read more]

Curriculum Are Social Forces, Human Development Essay

… ¶ … curriculum are social forces, human development, and learning styles. The social and cultural factors that contribute to the individual differences of learners are the blending of many cultural backgrounds. African-American families, white families those who are native to an area and those who have moved in from other places, the family structures such as one-parent homes, two-parent homes, grandparents who raise their grandchildren, blended families, and some students even have their own children, religious preferences, and socioeconomic. By individualizing education a school system can provide for individual differences by allowing students to choose their own goals and create their own projects and topics in which they are interested. When planning for the curriculum a system should seek content that includes the diverse cultures…. [read more]

Educational Curricula Essay

… Curricula can also be influenced by non-academic factors, such as when the number of forensic science-related programs increases as a result of the public demand inspired by the popularity of fictional television crime drama programs.

In professional healthcare education, the curricula and programs of study available to students is substantially determined by the staffing needs of the healthcare industry (Billings & Halstead, 2009). For example, as the population of the United States becomes older, healthcare education shifts to increase the availability of educational and professional certification programs in geriatric-related specialties at every level from geriatric medicine to preparatory programs for home health aids and rehabilitation specialists (Billings & Halstead, 2009). To a great degree, changes in the educational programs and to the curricula within professional…. [read more]

Curricula, Notices to Parents, Interview Guidelines) Essay

… ¶ … curricula, notices to parents, interview guidelines) that would reflect your unique abilities/or intentions to work with different families in a classroom/instructional setting in early childhood education.

You can also list and explain any documentation (that you could include in your professional portfolio) that would reflect your ability to work effectively with children reflecting culturally and linguistically diverse family systems.

Perhaps one of the most persuasive examples of my ability to excel in the field of early childhood education in the service of diverse families is my projected curricula for my facility. If parents see and believe that children will be challenged and experience an enriching and multicultural environment day after day, they are more likely to entrust their children to my care. Explaining…. [read more]

Healthcare Curriculum Essay

… II. Analysis

Today's educators have a world of information at their fingertips via the World Wide Web and through this venue and meeting with others in the community including parents, social workers, and other youth-related and informed individuals can has out the more touchy and contradictory issues while ensuring that the present healthcare educational needs are met for children from very diverse race, ethnicity, socio-economic, political and religious backgrounds. Stevenson reports that the4 number of youth in the United States are increasing dramatically and the student population becoming more diverse there are more older citizens in the United States and this means more individuals who will require health care workers to care for them in the future of health care. There are more and more…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends Term Paper

… Educational Trends a. What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?

I think there's no doubt that education, including curriculum content will change over the next ten years. Education is an ever-changing enterprise. I can't be certain, of course, what changes will make. I don't think that ten years ago I would have predicted the profound effects standardized testing would have on education (Moses, 2001). After all they had been used for decades. They're still being used, but they're being used differently, and I think that will have a huge effect on education, including curriculum. The other thing that I Think will continue to impact education, including curriculum, is the continued growth and development of computer technology (Lindquist, 2004).

Both…. [read more]

Curriculum in Nursing Essay

… S. Department of Education has certified a particular school and its programs as meeting specific standards (Lenn, 1992). Most employees and other educational institutions want people who have degrees from accredited schools. Without that accreditation, the school may not be teaching its students what they really need to know in order to be prepared for further schooling and/or the proper job opportunity in their chosen field. That can be detrimental to the student, and could also be detrimental to the people who come into contact with that student in the future, as clients or patient. With nursing, an accredited program is vital. Nurses who have not been through accredited programs generally do not find employment, because they are not deemed to be properly trained.

Regulations…. [read more]

Curriculum Technology Term Paper

… Curriculum, Technology

Standards and Curriculum

Standards-based education is based upon the principles and belief that children can and should be presented with a challenging curriculum in order to improve their performance at school and ultimately also in their professional lives. Most educators appear to agree on the fact that children need challenges in order to grow. Indeed, it is a general human need as well; to be challenged and to meet these challenges for self- or professional improvement.

I therefore believe that the principle of standards-based education itself is sound. Students need challenges. If they are not presented with challenges, they fail to grow in their academic and also in their human capacity. Being presented with and meeting challenges is a vital skill that students…. [read more]

Program Development Term Paper

… Internal Curriculum Factors

For this project, I interviewed Brianna McCarty. Brianna is a curriculum developer for the Brio Birth courses currently being offered privately to expectant parents. Prior to this, Brianna was a Bradley instructor and discovered some flaws in the Bradley Birth course curriculum including the fact that it was outdated and did not implement modern techniques that had since become common practice in the hospitals. I did some background on the Bradley courses. These courses were from the 1960's and many of the videos and publication photos reflected this. While the books by the Bradley curriculum writers have been updated in the past five years, there was an obvious culture difference.

The Brio Birth courses, on the other hand, offer updated instructional videos…. [read more]

Conceptualizing Curriculum in His Book Entitled Deciding Term Paper

… ¶ … Conceptualizing Curriculum

In his book entitled Deciding What to Teach and Test: Designing, Aligning and Auditing the Curriculum, author and educator Fenwick W. English provides the readers with a quick and easy to read outline of the various approaches to curriculum and answers the questions on what these curriculums are suppose to accomplish. In the book, English discusses issues of front loading, back loading and using alignment within school curriculums. He also shows how each of these approaches are effected by schools that "teach to the test." Further, English discusses the effect teaching to the test has had on the nation's schools.

The key issue in all curriculum design is to first decide the role that test, especially standardized test, will play. As…. [read more]

Rethinking Curriculum in Education for Sustainability Assessment

… Rethinking Curriculum in Education for Sustainability in Private Education in Victoria, Australia: Curriculum Research Project

"Sustainability" has become a veritable buzzword in recent years that has a wide range of connotations. Companies competing in extraction industries such as oil and gas, logging, and mining, for example, have all been exhorted to develop sustainable business practices to protect their industries for future generations. Calls for a comprehensive curriculum in education for sustainability started in earnest during the 1970s and the need has become more pronounced since that time. Unfortunately, despite a growing body of knowledge concerning the importance of education for sustainability, many educational institutions remain at a loss concerning how best to deliver these educational services and what content they should include. To determine the…. [read more]

Rethinking Curriculum for International Education in Australia Research Proposal

… Rethinking Curriculum for International Education in Australia

Over the last 50 years, Australia has undergone a cultural shift. Where, the increased amounts of immigration and globalization are having a profound impact upon the county. For the education system, the challenge is adapting the curriculum to: meet the changing demographics of the population and to prepare the economy for possible challenges in the future. The research proposal that was conducted, is examining different ways to determine how the education system can be improved and what tools / tactics can be utilized, to enhance the overall quality of learning comprehension.

The biggest challenges that are facing the education system include: taking a one size fits all approach and income disparity gaps. A one size fits all approach…. [read more]

Education the Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Essay

… Education

The Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction by H.Lyn Erickson

Identify and discuss the main point of the Erickson text (Why did she write the book? What points were made?)

Concept-based curriculum is a design model that emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding, critical content knowledge and performance abilities. Critical content serves as a tool for developing conceptual understanding that transfers through time. In short, concept-based curriculum is 'thinking beyond the facts'.

According to the author, designing quality curricula is a complex, intellectual task that takes time, conceptual thinking, design ability and a thorough knowledge of the discipline. State and national standards provide curriculum writers with a direction and focus from which to develop lessons.

Dating back to the publication of the national report entitled "A…. [read more]

Social Studies Curriculum Search Essay

… ¶ … Social Studies Curriculum Search

Recent curriculum changes caused somewhat by the NCLB act have both helped and hindered the focus on history and social studies within the U.S. educational curriculum. National standards in world history identify chronology as a basic component of historical thinking, and educators remain concerned about the fundamental basis for temporal literacy as a focal point in the core curriculum. While it is logical that children would move from the development of a basic understanding of time and its constructs to a more complex ability to place facts into chronological order, the same is not necessarily true for true temporal literacy. However, it is the combination of critical thinking, of moving beyond the lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy (e.g. rote…. [read more]

Utilizing Technology to Deliver Curriculum Thesis

… ¶ … Technology to Deliver Curriculum

Technology in the field of education is a growing phenomenon and educational communities are struggling with the pedagogy, delivery, assessment and accountability and as well there is a sizable community of users and learners who remain deeply dissatisfied with the cost and performance of currently available learning options. Our educational community's strategic plan is currently under revision not only to keep up with the technological demands of a global society, but to synergize cost effectiveness and quality instruction that reflects a changing curriculum. With this in mind, this work will evaluate online learning and the use of Microsoft PowerPoint in the classroom.


The work of Barnett and Aagaard (2005) entitled: "Online Vs. Face-to-Face Instruction: Similarities,…. [read more]

Fitness Business Trends Three Current Term Paper

… Students can use self-directed methods to learn, empowering them over their own learning. This also gives teachers greater flexibility in dealing with students with mixed levels. While teachers help struggling readers in a first grade classroom, they can challenge highly competent readers to do Internet research on a topic. "Because of the increased use of technology in the classroom, we can certainly expect to see more of an integration of technology within the classroom, in part as a management approach but perhaps also as a discipline approach" (Lynch 2012). During vacations or snow days, teachers can keep in contact with students through technology and reduce the risk that critical learning time will be lost and reduce the need for review.

Standardization is the one uniting…. [read more]

Curriculum Trends Term Paper

… Curricular Changes in Coming Years

What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?

Perhaps at no other point in history has the rate of change in human society been so rapid, or so pronounced. Technological innovations are fundamentally changing the way people go about living their lives, and these changes are having a profound impact on the manner in which educational services are delivered as well. According to Ediger (2001), "The business world has used diverse technological devices for approximately five decades and teaching/learning situations for teacher education students as well as for pupils in the public schools need to also be up-to-date" (p. 411). Clearly, people who fail to gain a solid understanding of the emerging technologies will miss…. [read more]

Curriculum Development and Practical Approaches Chapter

… Precis and Analytical Insights

Schiro Jigsaw Chapter 3 Social Efficiency Ideology

What Schiro means by a curriculum ideology is the ideas that make up the way one sets about organizing a curriculum. The objectives of the curriculum are essential in defining the ideology. For example in Social Efficiency curriculum, the objectives are framed in behavioral terms with "change behavior" being the goal of the teaching, knowledge, and purpose of the curriculum (58). All of these aspects constitute the ideology behind the curriculum. Ideology is, moreover, a sufficient term for expressing the nature of the curriculum because behind the method, plan, purpose and substance of the curriculum is a worldview or set of beliefs that are consistent with ideology. Ideology simply refers to the way in…. [read more]

Curriculum and Program Evaluation Essay

… ¶ … total assessment tool/package to measure the development of students' critical thinking skills throughout a nursing program and upon graduation. Which type of evaluation is more important to curriculum development -- formative evaluation that measures processes and progress along the way, or summative evaluation that measures outcomes and the final end product? Explain your rationale.

On the one hand, formative evaluation provides periodic performance feedback that might be useful in fine-tuning the curricular offerings to make the program more effective. After all, adult learners improve their critical thinking skills as each curricular offering is completed, and these skills help improve their performance on subsequent offerings. On the other hand, though, these same factors mean that formative evaluation precludes developing an objective summative evaluation that…. [read more]

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