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Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best Research Proposal

… ¶ … Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best discusses both the uses and misuses of statistics, particularly in relation to social issues, problems, changes, and policies. Best puts his focus especially on the use of social statistics as issues and problems because information received and beliefs and perceptions developed from social statistics have a beneficial and detrimental effect to the lives of people in a society.

In his book, Best surveyed current literature, both popular and scientific/technical, that uses social statistics as bases for their claims and arguments. He noted that more often than not, this growing body of literature that is empirically-driven and -- generated have erroneously interpreted and/or reported statistical results and findings. The use of "authoritative statistics" and "missing numbers" is…. [read more]

Swine Flu Essay

… Swine flu (H1N1) represents one of the most important health issues of our day, yet the subject is often confusing to the general public. While there are several factors that contribute to the confusion, the way the numbers regarding swine flu are presented are part of the problem. According to Best (2004) there are five main types of ways in which numbers are misused to convey ideas -- missing numbers, magical numbers, confusing numbers, authoritative numbers and contentious numbers.

The most vital with respect to swine flu appears to be missing numbers. On one side of the issue are the numbers of patients who contract swine flu but go unreported, either because they do not seek treatment or because they have been misdiagnosed. Data selection…. [read more]

Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry A-Level Coursework

… Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry

Summary Problem Set #3

the Urban Institute's National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership

The two partners of the National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership chosen for the assessment here are: Atlanta Regional Commission and Neighbourhood Nexus. Both of these are situated in Atlanta and work towards building better and more cooperative communities.

After visiting the web domains of both these partners, there are some clear similarities and dissimilarities that one can see. Before we detail these aspects, it is important to note here that both these organizations seem to have taken a different approach to represent them in the online world. We will use the overall viewpoints presented by Tufte (2001) and Miller (2008) to analyze the representation of data and the organization that…. [read more]

Quality of Life Indicators Research Paper

… A ranking ratio estimation procedure resulted in two weights being assigned: A weight to each sample person record and a weight to each sample housing unit record.

Level of Aggregation -- Reports are released for specified geographic areas, and all the same set of statistical, legal, and administrative entities as those addressed in previously published Census long form, including the nation, the states, counties, minor civil divisions, incorporated places, census tracts, and American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) areas, among others.

Data Collection Period -- Data collection is continuous. Reports are released annually rather than every decade as with most reports produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Date Reports -- 2000 to 2011 -- The ACS publishes data on the U.S. Census Bureau's American FactFinder…. [read more]

Alexandria's Quality of Life A2 Coursework

… Alexandria's Quality of Life: I would look at the conventions that the City of Alexandria has styled over the last year to assess whether that sentence is correct. Secondly, I would investigate the quantity and quality of museums, libraries and other cultural institutions that the city has.

(Answers to Update # 1: The indicator measures the variables that go into definition of Quality of Life (QOL). It is important because it provides us with a way of measure. The operational definition defines / spells out / operationalizes characteristics of QOL (for instance in this case) such as 'happiness'. It is most times measured using reliable tools that have been consistently performed on large diverse samples of randomly selected people. When Likert scales are used, the…. [read more]

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