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Dangers of Fracking Essay

… Geology on Fracking


For the past five years, there have been exponential increases in the public learning about, and then forming opinions on, on the drilling companies' use of fracking to increase the production of new and preexisting petroleum wells. Due to the secretive nature of the drilling companies when it comes to the makeup of their methods they use, as well as how little research there is currently published on the topic, there is still much that is not known about fracking. Public opinion has been expressed as both fear of the unknown, and possible harm. This outcry has led many politicians to vote for regulations and legislation at the state and local levels. The public has started to look more carefully at…. [read more]

Fracking in the World Today Annotated Bibliography

… S that do not regulate fracking. People need to focus on this point. The last part of this website was about what citizens and scientists should do to protect the environment. This website has enough detail for me to write a research paper and made me understand more about fracking and potential environment dangers of fracking. 'Shale Gas Fracking Great' more focused on how fracking developed from early on to now, and the benefits of fracking. I think it doesn't have enough information I can use when I'm writing my research paper. Therefore, I would like to use the first website as a source with my research paper.…. [read more]

Dangers of Fracking for Natural Gas Essay

… Fracking Harmful to Human, Environment and Ecosystem

The recent explosion of the fracking method of extracting natural gas in many states has raised several health, environmental and even moral concerns among the people within whom the fracking is being conducted. As an elected representative of the people, there is need for me to take up the issue with the emerging incidences and claims and some verified facts to effectively deal with the challenges so that the people under my jurisdiction do not have to suffer the same way people from other states are now in discontent and apathy.

The fracking method of natural gas extraction, though taunted to be cheap and safe, the evidence has contravened the safety claims as claimed by the fracking companies.…. [read more]

Future of Natural Gas Term Paper

… Shale Gas

As the world, and the billions of people it supports, continues to evolve, new and important ways of delivering energy are needed to keep up with these changes and provide a safe and secure environment. Technology, reason and knowledge all contribute to these process of finding new ways of doing things that are more suitable for the times we live in. Energy is at the source of all we do and how attain, spend and share our energy resources reveals much about the human condition and much can be learned from how this practice is undertaken by humanity and how it affects the environment and society.

The energy market presents a very interesting and worthwhile case for investigation. As technology and energy modes…. [read more]

Business Rhetoric: Drilling Essay

… The cumulative effect of these impacts may indeed transform entire communities -- turning previously rural, agrarian areas into "fractured communities."

The list is impressive in that it covers many elements of a construction site that will have an environmental impact if they are not managed properly. The building of roads, noise pollution near the site, and potential deforestation are concerns which can be realized by any enterprise. The real concern from locales and environmental groups comes from the use of water that has been contaminated by chemical elements. The groups who either oppose or are, at the very least, concerned with the use of fracking have vilified the process because of the "potential groundwater and well water contamination" (City of New York, 2010). This issue…. [read more]

Groundwater Pollution Issues Essay

… 2).

When the families had their aquifer tested, among other contaminants the results showed high levels of toluene. These are but three of the dozens of verified incidents of pollution of drinking water and groundwater contamination from fracking.

In addition to the problems related to hydraulic fracking (or fracturing, as some refer to it) and abandoned wells, the USGS released a report in 2010 that "Elevated concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus…have remained the same or increased in many streams and aquifers" in the U.S. since the 1990s (Dubrovsky, 20110). The reason for concern is that these concentrations of nutrients can have a negative impact on aquatic ecosystems and human health because they can result in "dead zones" once these waters reach estuaries. As to human…. [read more]

Hydraulic Fracturing the Social Essay

… Hydraulic Fracturing

The social and economic evolution which unfolded, along the course of the industrialization era since the 1800s onwards has constituted the basis for many scientific investigations with regards to social and economic history. The creation and developmental process of national industry has very much been an important and dominant facet of economic upheaval. Despite the numerous benefits, industrialization nonetheless has brought about downsides which affect societies altogether. The goals set in pursuing personal interests have overcome the humane aspect of life, to the point of disregarding that, which is righteous and beneficial for the mere individual. Instead of focusing on and thriving on the advantages urban-industrial life has to offer which would, in parallel, restrict negative consequences as the result of exploitation, societies…. [read more]

Takings and Judicial Review Term Paper

… He concludes that the evidence, taken as a whole, suggests that judicial review may be important in protecting private property interests against local government takings, but is less important in protecting against state or federal taking.

In conclusion, Cole believes that legislation should be sufficient to protect private property from governmental takings. While this theory may be supported by evidence of how the legislative system would work in a true democracy, Cole's argument fails to consider the significant difference between a small property owner and a large private property owner. There are legitimate concerns that the United States is moving towards an oligarchy and recent Supreme Court decisions that have equated the use of money in financial campaigns with the exercise of free speech have…. [read more]

Environmental Management Read Instructions File Essay

… They launch operations on hopes that the threats would not materialize, and when these do, they cause devastating impacts upon the environment

A most severe element that has to be remembered is pointed out by Theo Colborn, Carol Kwiatkowski, Kim Schultz and Mary Bachran. According to these researchers, the negative impacts of the pollution caused by drilling are not immediately observable, taking years and years for them to actually manifest. Within the short-term then, this means that the population and the community could be lead to believe that the negative impacts of pollution are make-believe phenomena. Still, in years time, when the implications would become more obvious, there will be too late to act. The people and the environment will fall ill and it will…. [read more]

U.S. Domestic Oil Production Peaked Essay

… It should be noted that many of these sources are extremely controversial, from an environmental standpoint, given the risks of fracking, worries about damage to natural resources and general concerns about the effects of unabated fossil fuels upon global warming. Still, because these new sources are non-renewable and apparently abundant there has been talk about 'the end' of the concept of peak oil. The once commonly-expressed idea that the Middle East houses two-thirds of the world's oil is clearly no longer the case (Kovarik 2012). "The new dynamics for the United States -- an increasingly intertwined energy relationship with Canada and more reliance on Brazil -- mean U.S. energy supplies are more assured than before, even if oil from an important Persian Gulf supplier is…. [read more]

Keystone XL PR This Report Will Cover Book Report

… Keystone XL PR

This report will cover several different points of analysis and summary. First will be a summary of public relations and what those two words mean in a broad context. Second, the author will define and explain the different type of stakeholders as it pertains to an organization. Third, the author will explain the issue facing TransCanada as it pertains to the Keystone XL pipeline. Lastly, the publics of TransCanada relative to the Keystone XL Pipeline will be defined and explained.

The stated definition of public relations tends to very depending on the outlook and the perspective of the person or entity that is doing the defining, but the general definition from person to person is fairly consistent even if the scope varies…. [read more]

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