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Daniel 9:24-27 an Exegesis Research Paper

… If Daniel 9:24 can be understood as a reassurance of God's mercy until the end of time, Daniel 9:25-26 may be understood as the establishment of the new sacrifice of the new covenant, of Jesus Christ on the cross and of Jesus Christ on the altars. Daniel 9:27 speaks of an abomination setting up in the temple -- an abomination that causes desolation. This could easily be applied to modern times, with the Protestant de-emphasis in the Church on the sacrifice of the Mass and a more ecumenical approach towards inter-religious dialogue even as more and more churches are abandoned.

Chronology of "Sevens"

Biblical scholars, however, read Daniel along historical-literary lines, which suggest a different interpretation and chronology of the seventy sevens. The details pertaining…. [read more]

Daniel's Seventy Weeks Research Paper

… (Finnegan, nd, paraphrased) This individual will be the last world ruler that Satan empowers prior to the return of Christ. The people who follow this prince are going to destroy both Jerusalem and the temple and bring desolation upon the earth and humanity alike." (cited in Finnegan, nd)

Daniel 27 states as follows:

"And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate. He will make a peace covenant at the beginning of the seven…. [read more]

Daniel Quinn's Vision of History Term Paper

… And his methodical (although somewhat repetitive) question and answer approach draws forth the realization that Mother Culture really has been speaking quietly in our ears since birth. Readers seem to respond to this realization as if they experienced a revelation of some sort. Take the reaction of Jim Saveland who reviewed Ishmael back in 1995. The book was recommended to him and was compared to other similar books. He writes: "Yet, to compare Ishmael to any other book does not do it justice... While I was reading the last several pages, I could not contain my enthusiasm."

This "enthusiasm" can also be found on the web site. There are numerous questions from readers who are so impressed by the story that they ask what…. [read more]

Daniel's Vision of 70 Weeks Term Paper

… Daniel's Vision Of 70 Weeks

This report aims to discuss the Prophet Daniel's vision of 70 Weeks through interpretations, theories, views, and fulfillments including the references to Christ and the tribulations that were experienced. Religious scholars and other historians feel that the infamous seventy weeks prophesized by Daniel may be one of the most important parts of all Bible prophecy mainly because it authenticates other's prophecies. Therefore, it makes sense to interpret Daniel's works correctly. Daniel suggests several things that had to be accomplished throughout the seventy weeks like: "Seventy weeks are determined upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the…. [read more]

Daniel 9:24-27 the Student of the Bible Research Paper

… Daniel 9:24-27

The student of the Bible, and particularly of the Old Testament, is faced with several interesting challenges. Not least of these is the fact that texts such as Daniel 9:24-27 can be interpreted in a number of ways. Indeed, many prophetic Old Testament texts have been subject to diverse interpretations. Mostly, these interpretations would depend upon the point-of-view of the interpreter. The Jewish approach to Daniel 9:24-27 would for example most likely offer a non-Christological view. Generally, the Christian viewpoint regards the New Testament as fulfilling the Old, which would invite a Christological view of the text in question. Both interpretations are in turn based upon interpretations of the historical and biblical context of the passage, as well as current commentary relating to…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Corporation Mission and Vision Capstone Project

… What is also evident is that their intensive investments in analytics and logistics-based technologies are having a major impact on streamlining their complex and often costly logistics processes. Of the many investments the company has made, their leadership in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and systems (Krotov, Junglas, 2008) have revolutionized the entire area of global logistics management including the development of more effective in-warehouse performance and processing (Wal-Mart Investor Relations, 2012). These investments in RFID have also given the company a strong value proposition for attracting 3rd party logistics providers to partner with the company in regions of the world Wal-Mart is interested in expanding into (Sodhi, Son, 2009). As of the close of their latest full fiscal year that results are available, Wal-Mart…. [read more]

Father Daniel Mary Essay

… They focus on the United States catholic population as opposed to the 150 million coffee drinkers in the U.S. market. It does not appear to be a moneymaker. For a strategy to be a moneymaker, it needs two important elements, a plan for satisfying customer needs at a reasonable price or a price the customer will consider good value. It will also include a plan for the cost structure that will enable the company to price the products and make profits. Mystic Monk Coffee is high quality Arabica, which is most valued in the market. In addition, they have popular flavors showing the great appeal to the customers. However, the price is still not customer friendly. Mystic Monk Coffee sells coffee higher or same as…. [read more]

St. Daniel the Stylite Term Paper

… Daniel the Stylite

My sister and I decided to travel to Constantinople from our native Syria, in the footsteps of the saint we had been hearing so much about, Daniel the Stylite. Our increasing devotion to the faith and word of Christ prompted us to undertake the journey. For us, Daniel was the primary example of piety and saintliness, of one who was wholly willing to deny himself the pleasures of the flesh for the greater treasures of the heavenly kingdom. We elected to follow Daniel in particular because of his unwavering courage and bravery, even in light of the persecution and ridicule he encountered as a seeker of truth.

On route to Constantinople, my sister and I met people who, like us, sought the…. [read more]

Daniel A. Carp as Guest Term Paper

… This shows that Mr. Carp is concerned with making himself accessible to his public, which would presumably translate itself in a lecturer-student relationship as well.


In both his speaking and business engagements, Mr. Carp appears to hold sound values relating to business and the community. In his keynote speech of 2002 for example, he indicates that business partners are important, especially in new business ventures. He also shows this principle in practice by incorporating several partnerships with the Eastman Kodak Company. These involve several projects in collaboration with companies such as SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., Hewlett-Packard (Phogenix Imaging), Heidelberg (NexPress), and Noritsu Koki Co.

(Business Wire, 2002).

A further major point in Carp's favor is his apparent focus on diversity within…. [read more]

Tackling Health Inequity Using Primary Health Care and Empowerment Approaches Essay

… Vision 2030

Issue of Child Obesity in Saudi Arabia

Obesity is one of the most pressing and serious public health problems of the 21st century. Although the patterns of obesity differ between developing and developed countries, obesity rates are increasing worldwide. According to Speiser, Rudolf, Anhalt, Camacho-Hubner, Chiarelli, Eliakim et al. (2005), as many as 250 million people, or about 7% of the world's current population, are obese

According to the ministry of health, SA more than 3 million individuals are suffering from obesity which means 1 in every 5 persons is obese. The statistics also show that obesity rate is higher among women as compared to men in SA. Saudi Ministry of Health indicated that more than half of the Saudi adults are considered…. [read more]

Identifications in the Book Essay

… Therefore, the only way to interpret this son of man is that he must be the messiah. In Daniel's vision, he states that all people will worship the son of man, regardless of their race, the nation in which they live, and the language they speak. This means the kingdom he creates will not have borders in the way that nationalistic empires do. Finally, Daniel states in his prophecy that this son of man has sovereignty over all other beings and over all countries as well. He will be alive, or at the very least present until the end of time because his dominion will still be in existence. This only makes sense if that dominion refers to ruling over all of humanity. This limits…. [read more]

Whistleblower of Them All: Daniel Ellsberg Thesis

… ¶ … whistleblower of them all: Daniel Ellsberg

The Vietnam War was waged at the height of the Cold War. During the 1950s and 1960s, most Americans accepted that there was a certain level of necessary secrecy in the conduct of foreign affairs and intelligence. There was also a high level of trust in the institution of the presidency in the hearts of the American public: it was believed that the government knew best how to protect American interests abroad. Yet a great deal of how and why the Vietnam War was waged was hidden from the public, beginning with the behind-the-scenes machinations leading up to the U.S. Congress' Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. A supposed attack by the North Vietnamese upon U.S. Naval destroyers was…. [read more]

Bell, Daniel. The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism Book Review

… Bell, Daniel. The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism. New York: Basic Books: 1997.

Daniel Bell's the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism was originally published during the mid-1970s to critique the dominant American assumption that capitalism promoted individualism. Instead, Bell believed that capitalism had come to promote standardization and homogenization, and had created corporate bureaucracies as powerful as church or state bureaucracies of the past. However, Bell also believed that the countercultural reaction to capitalism was also misguided, as capitalism had begun with the Protestant work ethic, and its spirit of individualistic austerity, Puritanism, and yes, freedom from Church institutional authority. However, this sense of Protestant freedom and independence had slowly been eradicated, and this value was taken over by the Modernists, then ineffectually by 'counterculture' as the…. [read more]

Economic Commentaries or Economic Reports Term Paper

… (Final book of Daniel) This is encouraging some individuals to increase their faith in God and some others to some false disciples. It is clear that the picture has changed and one of the main reasons is that the concept of money in itself has changed. Earlier, the concept of dollars was tied up to a fixed rate of exchange with gold, and this has now been removed. Thus the money of today is only tied up to the faith that people of the country have in it.

Well getting back to the business cycle, the earlier concept was that a recession caused less purchase at all levels, and from all levels. The industrialists did not want to expand production facilities, and they spent less.…. [read more]

Etisalat Review Mission and Vision Case Study

… By extension, the organizational behavior and leadership of Etisalat is strong since they are operating in such disparate and different areas yet they are thriving and doing well. A last strength of the leadership can be found on their website and that is the Corporate Social Responsibility Report that was issued in 2012. Examples of Etisalat's strong organizational behavior structure and leadership within this report would include its partnerships with groups like Pacific Controls and others so as to extend their operations and reach into different countries. Other countries that Etisalat has thrived in include Nigeria, Egypt and Afghanistan. They have a multi-pronged approach that is touted by the leadership as being emblematic of Etisalat's strong performance and character which includes employee relations, human rights,…. [read more]

Chappie James Black Eagle: General Daniel Book Report

… ¶ … Chappie James "Black Eagle: General Daniel "Chappie" James Jr.

A material

McGovern, James R. Black Eagle: General Daniel 'Chappie' James, Jr. University of Alabama Press, 1985.

Today, the proud presence of African-Americans in the armed forces is taken for granted. In the current Bush Administration, two African-Americans have already served as Secretary of State. But in the early days of Black Eagle 'Chappie' James, Jr., things were very different for African-Americans who served in the military. Blacks were still required to serve in the armed forces like their white counterparts because of the draft, but they had to do so in specialized units. At this time, they also did not have the same opportunities for education or advancement within the service. The all-black…. [read more]

Practice Theory Analysis Term Paper

… Daniel Levinson's (1920) theory (the Seasons of a Mans Life, 1978) on life development was an offshoot from that of Erickson who had developed his theory thirty years earlier.

Erickson's contribution was on the theory of stages in ego development, namely that each age level is characterized by particular challenges or manifestations that the individual has to successfully navigate in order to transition to the next stage. Erickson's first consideration -- and this is what Levinson had in common -- was to the life course per individual rather than to the life course as group or as world / history.

More so, in contradistinction to prominent life development theories, such as those of Piaget and Freud who postulated that development was largely completed at the…. [read more]

Talent Code by Daniel Coyle Book Review

… Talent Code by Daniel Coyle is the culmination of extensive work by the author to unearth the basis of the phenomenon of talent. In order to do this, Mr. Coyle visited "talent hubs" across the world to determine any common characteristics among those who display particular talent. The book then focuses on the existence of the chemical myelin in the brain, which functions to cultivate the elements that encourage and cultivate talent in the individual.

In order to expound the author's views, the book is divided into three parts, where Part I focuses on the concept of deep practice as the first step towards cultivating talent. Part II focuses the "Ignition" phase, where motivation and inspiration play key roles. Part III, entitled "Master Coaching," concerns…. [read more]

Inclusion Research Daniel, L.G. and King Term Paper

… Inclusion Research

Daniel, L.G. & King, D.A. (1997). Impact of Inclusion Education on Academic Achievement, Student Behavior and Self-Esteem and Parental Attitudes. The Journal of Educational Reseaerch 91.

The title of this article gives the gist of the study, which is on inclusion and its effects on the three dimensions of academic achievement, student behavior and self-esteem, and parental attitudes. What is not included is the fourth dimension that is addressed specifically in the research, that being reports by both parents teachers of problem behaviors on the part of these students. Presumably these are included under the heading of student behavior. However, the punctuation leaves it unclear whether the researchers believe they are discussing four topics or only three and whether they are linking student…. [read more]

Daniel's Problem Statement and Research Essay

… Do you think the section "Research Design" provides enough information? Why (not)? Yes, it clearly states the how the project will be conducted.

4. Does the section "Time Frame" provide enough information? Improve this section if necessary. Yes, it does provide an approximation of six months and the fact that periodic reports will be made.

5. Explain how a literature review helps Daniel to solve CPA's problem. The literature review helps to compare customer service of other organizations in the same industry.

6. Search for three more relevant papers in academic journals. Explain why you have selected these specific papers.

A. "Manage your customer care" provides tips on how to spot Key Performance Indicators to put a system of checks and balances in place for…. [read more]

Business Report University Guidelines for Establishing Student Thesis

… Business Report

University Guidelines for Establishing Student Webpages

Letter of Transmittal

Director of Media and Information technologies

1800 Grant Street, Suite 101

Denver Colorado, 80203

David Rawlings, President

1800 Grant Street, Suite 800

Denver, Colorado 80203

Office of Median and Information Technologies

Enclosure: Report

Legal Authority

Limits on Usage

Access to Personal Web pages


Right to Amendment and Use of University Intellectual Property

Creating Your Webpage

Getting Started

Web Page Requirements

Avoiding Plagarism

Designing Your Webpage

Editing Your Webpage

Publishing Your Webpage


Tips and Pointers for Success

Conclusions and Recommendations

Works Cited

List of Figures and Illustrations

Illustration 1. Examples of Hard to Read Background Images

Illustration 2. Good Background Images

Illustration 3. Design that is too cluttered

Executive Summary

In keeping with…. [read more]

Recommendation Through a Justification Report Essay

… Since Martha Stewart has attempted to overhaul its corporate culture through a cast of managers and failed to get profits blooming, there is need for the company to develop and implement an effective business strategy that will deal with these problems. The business strategy should help in establishing a new corporate culture and help the company regain its initial profitability. In addition, the strategy should also focus on rebuilding the company's reputation through promoting positive experiences among customers and investors.

In attempts to determine the most appropriate business strategy for Martha Stewart's problems, several measures were undertaken i.e. A critical analysis, extensive research, and feasibility study. The critical analysis was geared towards identifying and understanding the real cause of the declined profitability of the firm.…. [read more]

2009 TFAH Report, Ready or Not? Protecting Reaction Paper

… 2009 TFAH report, Ready or Not? Protecting the Public's Health from Diseases, Disasters and Bioterrorism

The issue of funding healthcare initiatives for state residents living in rural areas is certainly important and often overlooked. According to the Rural Assistance Center (RAC), which tracks public healthcare assistance and access for this historically underserved population, slightly less than half of all of the state of Alabama's hospitals are in rural areas and federally qualified health centers also exist to provide services at 151 sites in rural locations. This suggests that proximity to healthcare facilities is less of an issue than it may be in other states (Alabama, 2010, RAC). However, the challenges of poverty still afflict Alabama residents. While the average per-capita income for all Alabama residents…. [read more]

Financial Report for Southwest Airlines Hedging Term Paper

… Financial Report for Southwest Airlines

Hedging the price of oil through options contracts including the purchase of call options, defining collar structures and developing swap agreements that are fixed priced in scope are all financial strategies airline companies are using to minimize cost exposure to oil (Carter, Rogers, Simkins, 54). Of American-based airlines, Southwest continues to be a leader in the domestic market in the use of these strategies (Wood, 42). Hedging can alleviate the negative effects of lower prices, less passenger traffic and higher operating expenses as well. In past years, Southwest Airlines used this strategy successfully to stay solvent and attain the distinction of being the only American-based airline to not file bankruptcy (Wood, 42).

From the 2009 Annual Report for Southwest Airlines,…. [read more]

Regionalism Research Paper

… There are several story arcs and events in the movie that pose very deep and striking questions. Some may ask why Kabuo was regretful for fighting for his country (United States) while others may say he is a traitor for killing the people of his family's homeland. Some may feel that the fisherman, even if they were wrong, were right to assume that it was likely that Kabuo was guilty while others would say that nothing should be assumed without proof. Others still would point to the fact that Kabuo's family was clearly screwed out of the land they were entitled to and were paying for while others would say that Carl Jr. wanting to charge Kabuo anything for the land is itself a sham…. [read more]

Multivariate Analysis of Parametric Data Essay

… Maddox's research design involved a qualitative analysis of consumer behavior in regard to their usage of Web sites for the purpose of gathering prescription drug information as well as product requests. The research design involved the use of a questionnaire to measure the research questions. The questionnaire was placed online on a website belonging to one of the major pharmaceutical firms for a 2-week period., the responses were rated on a five-point (Likert) scale that ranged from 1 for very unimportant or unlikely to 5 for very important or likely.

Do you agree with the following statement?

Maddox (1999) should have used a Repeated Measure ANOVA to test for differences (based on AGE and GENDER) in the set of responses.

No.It would have been better…. [read more]

Business Proposal Report Business Proposal

… Business Description

"The assemblage" is a start up New York-based restaurant. It is based right in the heart of the commercial center and will aim to attract corporate workforce during the lunch hours and families during the night. It aims to connect with its target market by offering a high quality and diverse menu at affordable costs. The restaurant will propose high-quality and unique items so as to utilize maximum local resources for not only business growth, but also market growth along with channel expansion (Riebesell, 2001).

"The assemblage" is not only owned but will also be managed by its chief investor. The restaurant will have a humble inauguration and will aim for the reasonable aims and objectives set out in the business proposal herewith.…. [read more]

Yahoo! A Critical Analysis Case Study

… However, Facebook has opted for rather aggressive approach in response to Yahoo's allegation of "puzzling actions"

Yahoo had first threatened the suit last month. It demanded that the giant social network, which is preparing to go public in what may be one of the largest public offerings ever, should license the patents. I n response to Yahoo's lawsuit, Facebook replied, "We're disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation,." This particular lawsuit has its consequences for Facebook which holds only fifty six U.S. patents whereas Yahoo has filed more than 1000 patents for coverage of its extensive operations (Arthur, 2012).

This particular lawsuit has added more…. [read more]

Reality Therapy Critique Research Paper

… I say this because Reality Therapy puts a focus on the client's own sense of agency, understanding (in Corey's words) what gives the client "power or control, freedom or independence, and fun" (Corey 2013, 310). Is it possible that Daniel is at a loss for suggestions because his own age might be a factor in his anxiety and discomfort? If I were co-therapist, I would definitely wonder if the fact that Daniel is sixty-five years old might perhaps be the elephant in the room. After all, if the fact that he is still working is underscored by the wish not to be, or if his employment is underscored by a sense of looming anxiety about what he would do after retirement, or if he plans…. [read more]

Job, Psalms, Ruth, Joshua, and Daniel Five Essay

… Job, Psalms, Ruth, Joshua, And Daniel

Five Books of the Bible

The Book of Job is written as a narrative account of the sufferings of Job and his coming to terms with the fact that God allows good people to suffer for a reason -- even if that reason is not immediately clear. Throughout the narration, Job suffers the loss of his family, his belongings, and his health, but maintains his trust in God. His friends attempt to interpret Job's sufferings as a sign from God that Job has displeased Him, but Job protests that he has done nothing to offend God. Job's only complaint is that he does not understand why God afflicts him. Finally, God appears in a kind of funnel cloud to…. [read more]

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