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Database Differentiation Description Term Paper

… Data mining tools allow a user to filter unnecessary data in order for them to understand the meaning of the data. By filtering the data one is able to understand, and make informed decisions. Data mining allows for the discovery of interesting patterns, unusual records, and dependencies, which can then be used for further analysis. The main function of data mining is discovery on unknown patterns or information within a large dataset.

The data redundancy model ensures that data is not replicated unnecessarily within the database. Checking that no table field is repeated in another table will ensure that there is no data replication, which could lead data corruption Cohen, Elhadad, & Elhadad, 2013.

When there is data redundancy the database will contain anomalies because…. [read more]

Database Security Design of an Online Membership Term Paper

… Database Security

Design of an online membership and payment management system for the web using a Microsoft SQL Server database and a front end built in Microsoft Visual Stuido involves a variety of complex security issues. This paper discusses the goals of security and common security threats. It then describes in detail, Microsft SQL Server security techniques along with a brief overview of Web application security measures that can be taken to ensure adequate security for the membership and payment management application.

The Goals of Security

Database security is the protection of the database against unauthorized access, either intentional or accidental (Phippen). Security countermeasures should combat threats and the outcomes of such threats. Given a security policy's specification of "secure" and "nonsecure" actions, these…. [read more]

Database Administrator for Department Research Paper

… Typically, The Big Data tool is very useful to store an unlimited amount of information about the customer preference, and the Big Data is a predictive model to accurately predict customer's behaviors. Thus, department store could use Big Data to store large pool of data about the past sales in order to forecast the future sales.

Moreover, department store can use the Big Data tool to understand the customer preference based on the past data, the data collected could assist department stores to forecast the particular inventory to store and discard. Using the Big Data tool accurately, the department store could be able to maintain the inventory that customer require at all time in the year.

b. Two (2) SQL Stored Procedures for Predictive Analytics…. [read more]

Database Modeling and Normalization Entity Research Paper

… First, the firm can face the security risks because external penetrators could take advantages of the loopholes in the database to steal sensitive data that might cost the firm several million of dollars.

The financial risk is other risk that the firm might face. If all developmental phases are not well performed, an external penetrator can use the advantages to steal sensitive government data that could affect the company credibility. The issue might make the firm to lose major customers. The firm might also face the legal risks that could make the firm to pay large sum of money as damages.

1.3: Selection and Ranking 5 Entities Required for the Development of the Data Repositories.

The entities that the firm needs to be used for…. [read more]

Database Management Today Capstone Project

… It is therefore necessary for the database created to have SQL injections to control hackers from hacking the system, and therefore, the database should be tested to determine whether it is vulnerable to SQL injection attack. The database should allow the auditor to easily add or delete data within the system. The first step is to create tables in Energy auditing database. The first table created is the client table where, the client is able to give the identification Number, his/her FirstName, LastName, Address and the City. The syntax is;



int, (Primary Key)


varchar (50),


varchar (50),

Address varchar (50),


varchar (50)

Entity relationship diagram (ERD) of Persons' data

The ERD diagram allows the client to enter his/her…. [read more]

Databases and Data Communications Understanding Essay

… Personal vs. Enterprise Database

An enterprise database is designed to deal with large amounts of information and multiple users as opposed to a personal database designed for small group projects which use numbering less than 100 (Kroenke, 2012). When it comes to a trade show, a personal database is enough to provide the needed support for success. Size and day-to-day operation requirements of a company are relevant to the particular type database, but for this scenario Kroenke's explanation of a personal database shows it to be more fitting for this type event.

Utilizing a DSS

A DSS or decision support system analyzes data thus providing a possible alternative course of action as well as aides in decision makers for managers Business Dictionary, 2012). Taking into…. [read more]

Tour Databasing Inquiries Design Research Paper

… By connecting this data to the individual tour operator, the client's information is subordinated under the assigned agent. When a repeat customer reaches out for another tour, the database should offer sufficient information to pair this customer with the previously booking tour operator. The outcome would be a normalization of data within which new tour information is registered under otherwise unchanging top level information regarding both the operator and the client in question.

The Entity Relationship Model shown at the following link provides a useful template for the data representation called for here:

2. Construct a query that can be used on a report for determining how many days the customer's invoice will require payment if total amount due is within 45 days. Provide…. [read more]

Database Technology and Database Administration Essay

… Database Technology Administration

Database Technology and Database Administration


The local community library intends to develop a database system to track customers and books that customers will like to checkout. As a new employee of local community library, I am asked to assist the library to track the following information:

Customer Social Security Number

Customer email, phone number and birth date

Date of applying for a library card.

The paper provides the sketch of a customer information table to provide greater understanding on the data to be included in the table.

Customer Information Table

This section provides a sketch of customer table that displays column heading and all the attributes of the table. The table contains five records.

Customer Information Table



Last_ Name…. [read more]

Database Data Warehousing Design Essay

… The ERD allows sketching of database in order to model data. ERD also identifies entities and concept within the system and delivers the relationship of these entities. One of the benefits of ERD is that the ER diagram could represent a database schema. The ERD also assists designers and analysts to gain a better understanding on the information in the database. The ERD is used to communicate the logical structure of the database to the users. Typically, an ERD describes data in the following format:


Relationship between entities,

Attributes of entities.

The Appendix 1 reveals the ERD of Database Data Warehousing for a data company. As being presented in Appendix 1, an entity reveals the collection of entities having the same attributes. An entity…. [read more]

Database Administration Thesis

… Database Administration Today

In evaluating the current field of database administration, the areas of Database Management Systems (DBMS), Database Administrator (DBA) roles and responsibilities, the concepts of database designs, performance of databases, and data integrity and availability are all critical concepts that need to be covered. In addition, database security, so essential for any company to continue operating, as is evidenced by the many breaches of databases today, which happen nearly on a daily basis. The breach at social networking site Twitter is particularly troublesome given the rapid growth of that social platform and the information stored on its servers. Additional areas include database backup and database recovery. Each of these topic areas forms the foundation of a DBAs' many tasks in supporting an organization.…. [read more]

Database Design Term Paper

… Database

What is a database? Is a database the same as a database management system (DBMS)? Why or why not?

A database by definition is a collection of data records organized in a relational data structure which makes them capable of being replicated, retrieved and analyzed in a myriad of applications or use cases. The majority of databases in use today are based on relational technology, with the minority relying on object-oriented schema (Velicanu, Litan, Virgolici, 2010). Object-oriented databases, due to their data structures, are more attuned to the specific needs of the engineering and scientific community (Jadhao, Bamnote, 2012). Databases has progressed rapidly in the last decade, including advanced Structural Query Language (SQL) support, great Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and support for Big Data…. [read more]

Database Data Warehouse Design Essay

… " (Rostek, 2010 p 105). Thus, our company will be able to use data mining tool to support data-driven analysis.

Data Warehousing Schema

Database schema provides the graphical representation or text-based used to generate database physical model. The database schema for our company will consist of the following entities:

Database Entities:

Customers: stores clients' data,

Employees: stores all staff information that includes organizational unit structure.

Offices: stores data of sale office.

Services: stores list of services the company delivers,

Product Lines: stores a list of category line of product and service,

Orders: stores orders placed by clients,

OrderDetails: stores the detailed line of items of each order,

Payments: stores payments made by clients based on client's account,

Using the information presented above, the paper designs…. [read more]

Database Security Plan and Requirements Research Paper

… Part 6 Data Isolation Policies

Changes made by one operation on the database may become visible to other operations occurring at the same time. The timing and extent of this visibility are controlled by the degree of Isolation levels. Isolation should be set at a moderate level as setting to high or too low can cause specific problems. As Burleson consulting advises, "The higher the transaction isolation level is, the more careful the system is about avoiding conflicts. On the other hand, there generally is a price for this avoidance of conflict. The higher the transaction isolation level, the locking overhead can increase while user concurrency can decrease" (Theriault and Heney, 1998, p 58).

Triggers may be used to provide sophisticated auditing and to gather…. [read more]

Databases ODBC Ole DB Ado Cobra Term Paper

… Databases

Some of the many standards for accessing data include Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), OLE DB, Active Data Objects (ADO) and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). In the constantly changing world of standards, it's often difficult to tell if a standard is a replacement, a compliment or a competitor. This paper sorts out these efforts by explaining what place each plays as standards have evolved.

Open Database Connectivity Standard (ODBC)

ODBC is an open standard application programming interface (API) for accessing a relational database (Open Database Connectivity, TechTarget). By using ODBC statements in a program, the application can access files in databases that support the standard. ODBC was created by the SQL Access Group and first released in 1992. Although Microsoft Windows was the…. [read more]

Database Development Case Study

… Data quality assessment enables the practitioner in understanding "the scope of how poor data quality affects the ways that the business processes are intended to run and to develop a business case for data quality management." (Loshin, 2013) Data quality measurement assists in the definition of performance metrics that "feed management reporting via data quality scorecard." (Loshin, 2013) Operational data quality improvement is reported to be used for managing identified data quality rules. (Loshin, 2013)

IV. Method Efficient for Planning Proactive Concurrency Control Methods and Lock Granularities

According to one report, the provision of concurrency control and prevention of access to data is conducted by placing locks on buffer pools, tables, data partitions, table blocks, or table rows. A lock associates a database manager resource…. [read more]

Designing XML Databases Term Paper

… What is being created is in fact a standard software application, the only difference being that this particular software application may be delivered with certain interesting additions such as graphics and animation, and these elements would make the web page a more interesting one, if only because of the reality that web users are now coming to expect better and more sophisticated and also interactive web pages today.

The basic idea must be to stay as close to the reality as possible, while at the same time making sure with utmost care that the delivery of the web page is attractive and also fast, because when a user becomes impatient, then the charm of a beautifully designed web page would be lost on them. After…. [read more]

Systems Life Cycle and Database Term Paper

… The database planning process incorporates some of the key elements of the systems life cycle as the following image shows:

(Designing Databases

What we have here is Database planning -- the initial idea. We also have implementation, testing, and monitoring with the loop-back process of analysis and design. The core steps are similar. Life systems elaborate on these. In life systems too, the process loops back to initial idea to make sure that the ultimate coheres with original.

In both cases, the mission objective and scope and boundaries as well as expectations of the database system have to be defined in order that developers know what they are intending to build.

It is precisely for this reason that the incorporation of life systems is…. [read more]

Database Administrator Term Paper

… The number of database administrators to be working on the field is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2018. This is because the Internet and E-commerce will continue to expand massively, resulting in a continuing need to build and maintain database management systems. Also, the increasing importance that is being placed on cyber security, i.e., the protection of electronic information, will require many workers skilled in the task of information security. [5: Database Administrator." 19 March 2010. .]

The salary range for the job of Database Administrators is highly dependent upon the industry they are present in and the location of their workplace. Rates tend to be higher in the financial services and banking, investment and insurance…. [read more]

Building a Database for Use Essay

… Changes can also be made within the project scope with this tool.

Provides project tracking capabilities

Whenever there is a project that is being managed by several employees, the use of a collaborative tool that is based on a database driven design allows for the easy tracking of the project progression. If one is constantly missing deadlines then they can be reminded by the software. The top performers can also be easily identified and possible rewarded. The weak links in the project management team can therefore be identified.



The cost of implementing and running the project management software can be high and this could be a major disadvantage.


The scheduling tools/programs are noted to make simple projects very complicated.

A graphical representation…. [read more]

Database Design Describe Factors That Affect Essay

… Database Design

Describe factors

Factors that affect the performance of a database:

Design, development, and data entry processes

Factors that affect the performance of a database:

Design, development, and data entry processes

One of the most important considerations when designing a database is the likely composition of the user population. Sheer user volume can create more demand for "transactions, more component access, increased CPU [Central Processing Unit] consumption, more network traffic, and additional database access. For example, when the user population doubles, the network and database workload probably double also" (Application performance factors, 2010, MSDN). A database that is not designed to cope with the level of traffic it will experience will be compromised in its functionality. Also, as more individuals use computers who may…. [read more]

Databases and Regulatory Compliance Research Paper

… As it has been mentioned before, the management and utilization of databases is regulated by several laws. Nevertheless, these laws had initially been created to regulate other aspects of organizational affairs. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act for instance has been created to standardize governance issues within firms, but it also makes several references to the operations of the IT department. This shortage of specifically created legislations to regulate databases usage and management in firms allows for interpenetrations of the available legislations. In such a setting then, another notable challenge to regulatory compliance is given by the interpretation of the laws, which leads to uncertainties. At this level then, there are five distinctive means in which the companies could fail to comply with the compliance regulations, as follows:…. [read more]

Databases Access SQL MS SQL Server 2000 Oracle DB2 and Mysql Term Paper

… Databases: Access, SQL, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL

Microsoft Office Access is a multi-user relational database management system. It is designed to allow user to quickly assemble, display, and share data with others while protecting the privacy of the data and ensuring to have full control over how the data is used and distributed. It makes use of visual design for queries, forms and reports for developing client-server database solutions. It is committed in offering integrated development environment, incremental compilation and interactive visual debugger, breakpoints and single step-through. Although the maximum database size is 1 GB, still database can include linked tables in other files and its total size is limited only by available storage capacity. The difference of Microsoft Access to…. [read more]

Database Security Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Security Issues and Features of Database Management Systems (Feeney, 1986) the author creates a taxonomy and framework to support his contention that while a distributed database architecture creates new security problems or challenges, these can be met and overcome through use of three core technologies. The author also provides insights into how the traditional database management systems (DBMS) taxonomies and data structures will also be expanded to support user identification and authorization across entire network-based platforms. The author covers the existing areas of user identification and authorization, incorporating an analysis of how views and assertions in database architecture have the potential to authenticate network-based users globally. While the author only briefly touches on the area of role-based authentication throughout a network, there is…. [read more]

Databases Fundamentals of Databases Database Software Research Paper

… Databases

Fundamentals of Databases

Database software is designed to support rapid access to large amounts of files, records, fields and data through the use of a variety of different indexing techniques. The most prevalent type of database is relational in design and supports links to multiple physical database locations. Relational database can also support databases in multiple physical locations as the logical record pointers are platform independent (Greene, 2008). The fact that the software running database applications are abstracted or independent from the hardware layer of networks continues to be a catalyst behind their significant growth over time, including integration into Web-based applications as well (Wyss, Robertson, 2005). The intent of this paper is to provide an overview of the basic functions of a database…. [read more]

Database Management Systems Essay

… Microsoft uses tutorials to illustrate fundamental concepts and then integrates them into more advanced, interesting uses of their technologies. These are also designed to provide the student with an overview of how their applications are used for common operational tasks. Database operations must be based on the foundational elements of agile yet well-defined taxonomies and structures to ensure fidelity and structure of data (Walsh, 1983). Microsoft has shown this successfully in their tutorials.

What are the tools in Database Management System Software (DBMS)?

Microsoft takes an incremental approach to including tools for their DBMS, concentrating on the fundamental aspects of creating databases, tables, procedures and a series of query routines as well. Advanced tools include visual query builders, visual schema modeling and diagram designs, and…. [read more]

Database System Term Paper

… Database System can be defined as a collection of programs that can enable someone to store, modify, and extract information from a database. There are various types of Database Systems. These range from small systems that run on personal computers to big systems that run on mainframes.

How was the information gathered? How secured are they? Who are in control of these information? How can we be sure that it is going to be used according to the purposes it was supposed to? Several endless discussions can be made regarding its purpose, use, effectiveness in several fields, but one thing is certain that common people are the subjects of these systems and the biggest database system is handled by the most powerful agency that is…. [read more]

Database Administrator, Manager Term Paper

… But it will pay back for a lifetime. College education helps students to acquire and keep a better job; earn more money; get a good begin in life. Likelihood of college degree holders getting employed is very high and they enjoy a high quality life. (Guthmiller, The Value of a College Education)

Generally Colleges assists in bringing together smart people in an atmosphere where they have time to read, reflect, discover, listen, argue, and especially, stretch their known limits. To train people for the intelligent exercise of the personal freedoms is the goal of a college education. An essential prospect that college offers to individuals is to recognize how to achieve our highest ambitions and how to select well what we want to be and…. [read more]

Database Concepts Compare and Contrast Term Paper

… 0 with Service Pack 6 (SP6), Windows 2000, or Windows XP or later.

F. Editions:

Oracle 9i Database comes in three editions: Enterprise, Standard and Personal and requires different software for them.

DB2 Universal Database v8.1 comes in six editions namely DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE), DB2 Workgroup Server Edition (WSE), DB2 Workgroup Server Unlimited Edition (WSUE), DB2 Personal Edition (PE), DB2 Universal Developer's Edition (UDE), DB2 Personal Developer's Edition (PDE).

SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Access 2000 does not have any editions.

G. Price comparison:

By comparison, Oracle is the costliest product and MS Access is the cheapest among them.

Compare pricing for Oracle9i Standard Edition and IBM DB2 v8.1 Workgroup Edition

Number of CPUs: 1

Oracle9i Standard Edition: $15,000

IBM DB2 v8.1 Workgroup…. [read more]

Database Marketing, Sales Force Automation Term Paper

… In a recent survey, Best Practices noted that financial companies often use sales force automation to improve prospects. A financial services company may use sales force automation to successfully improve product lists, leading to sales. In this situation, the techniques have segmented customers, and revenue per salesperson may increase at a double-digit rate (Kaneshige).

There are numerous other examples of sales force automation in the real world. For example, sales force automation can be used by companies that employ telemarketers. Long-distance companies use sales force automation to keep track of current and potential customers.

Pharmaceutical companies often use sales force automation to optimize the efforts of pharmaceutical sales representatives. Finally, sales force automation is absolutely crucial in the operation of traditional delivery personnel. Further, sales…. [read more]

Databases Benefits and Limitations of Database Capabilities Term Paper

… Databases

Benefits and Limitations of Database Capabilities of Desktop vs. Enterprise DBMS Systems

The use of databases has become pervasive in personal productivity applications including Microsoft Excel and Access, in addition to being supported in open source applications including StarOffice. There are also enterprise-class database management systems (DBMS) that are used for synchronizing the many functions within a company, from coordinating supply chain partners through running factories with ERP systems to supporting customers (O'Leary, 2008). The intent of this paper is to discuss the relative benefits and limitations of each of these types of databases.

Personal productivity databases including Microsoft Access and Excel rely on the standardized graphical interface conventions of Microsoft Office applications and as a result are often easier to use and learn.…. [read more]

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