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Davy Crockett Term Paper

… Davy Crockett was one of the most important people of the American frontier. During his lifetime, Crockett played many roles. Crockett's first role was that of frontiersman, and he played an important role in the westward expansion of the American west. Crockett's second role was the role of politician for the state of Tennessee. Crockett's third and, perhaps, most famous role, was as a soldier, and he died defending the Alamo.

Davy Crockett was born David Crockett on August 17, 1786 in Greene County, Tennessee. He was born to a frontier family, and spent much of his childhood living in a cabin. Crockett was also from a large family; his parents John and Rebecca Crockett had nine children.

Crockett came from a family of frontiersmen:…. [read more]

Alamo in Sleuthing Essay

… Crockett's figure makes its way into comics, movies, and paintings. His name is synonymous with freedom. To sully Crockett's name can be viewed as treasonous by many readers of history.

There is considerable dispute over what actually happened at the Alamo, with regards to Davy Crockett. As Crisp points out, the actual hard evidence (such as the ways the bodies were buried) is itself hard to discern because Santa Anna and his troops immolated the corpses. Crisp also claims that many of the tales spun around the Alamo are told with a healthy dose of fantasy and propaganda thrown in; and the Davy Crockett tale is especially mythologized. This is done not just to entertain children, but to provide the means by which to socialize…. [read more]

Accounting-History Albanese, Catherine L. "Savage Term Paper

… The physical, military difficulty of establishing control over the frontier took on theological tones in the context of these meetings and became justified in Christian terms.

Albanese is thus not simply an historian of events. She is also an historian of religious ideas, and deconstructs the rhetoric and ideology of the figures of the day, more than she reflects economic and political pressures that were created over the course of the conflicts that ultimately resulted in a 'settled,' or white dominated American West. The author clearly comes from a feminist and literary background that influences her perspective, yet ultimately the article is an important addition to understanding of the ways that the West was 'truly' won and the effects of the so-called Second Awakening upon…. [read more]

Pictures Term Paper

… The very identity on which Americans based their patriotism and love of country was challenged during the Cold War, and the ideals which had been ridiculed and then feared -- the arrogance, brashness, rule by the many as opposed to an elite -- were all threatened by the Cold War. Americans themselves split during many issues of this period -- a notable subject of inter-national strife was the Vietnam War -- but the ideals of Americanism remained, and once the Soviet Union fell, the rest of the world waited to see how the world's only remaining superpower would incorporate these ideals into its dealings with the rest of the world.

The end of the Cold War did, in fact, bring more fears of imperialism by…. [read more]

Remembering the Alamo: The Alamo Story Research Proposal

… Remembering the Alamo: The Alamo Story

The battle of the Alamo in 1836 is one of the most interesting and contested historical events on the American continent. Not only are many of the events contested, the lives and reputations of individuals such as Davy Crockett are also heatedly discussed among historians. Nevertheless, one fact remains incontestable: although the Texians lost, the battle of the Alamo in 1836 leads to the defeat of the Mexican Army within the Texas Province.

This paper discusses the background of the Alamo, the events that lead to the battle in 1836, important names during and after the battle, and the impact that the battle had on the Mexican Army and the Texas Province. These are all significant and shows how…. [read more]

Children's Literature Diverges From Adult Writing Term Paper

… Children's literature diverges from adult writing significantly in tone, language, subject matter, and complexity. This is particularly true of histories. In the context of children's histories one of the most visible differences is a lack of fine detail, a significant reduction in the amount of information covered, and a taming down of events. While these are all standard, what is even more significant in children's histories, is the necessary blending of story with history. For adults reading histories, an interest generally pre-exists the reading. But for children, histories are often taught within the context of school and, therefore, predate or even spark interest. This means that much less can be assumed about the reader and a much greater care must be taken to not only…. [read more]

Anger Management for Students in Schools Tom Term Paper

… Anger Management for Students in Schools

Tom Mashberg writes about teens who meet once a week in Boston MA to address the explosive anger they have inside them in his newspaper article: "Breaking chains of anger challenges teens in therapy." (Mashberg, 2000, ¶ 1) Jesska, 13, carries Bic lighters with her and burns herself, along with other things. She was arrested and ordered to attend anger management classes, after she threatened to burn down her school. (Mashberg, 2000, ¶ 2) Masheberg relates several other teens anger-related stories, including the one about George, 13, who knifed another kid who insulted him. Stephen, 16, assaulted his father and brothers and said he could not take it any more... all the constant arguing and screaming in his house.…. [read more]

Alamo, in History Reaction Paper

… Well into the 1950s and 1960s, textbooks stressed how the superior numbers of Mexicans (2,400 strong) were held off by the handful of Texans led by William B. Travis, David Crockett, and David Bowie (151)

This one-sided perspective was challenged in the 1990s. "Myths about that battle have magnified the rebel's valor at the Mexican's expense," noted one contemporary textbook (150). A 1995 rendition tried not to take a particular side but presented the facts as dispassionately as possible: 187 rebels did indeed hold off a Mexican assault for days. But the most famous heroes of the conflict -- Davy Crockett included -- did not fight to the death but were rather executed by the Mexican Army after the fact. The book notes that at…. [read more]

Alamo Is a Major Symbol Term Paper

… Once Myers gets to the siege and the men involved in that event, he seems to mix reality and myth more freely than he should. He often reports on stories about David Crockett or the others and says that the myth is as good as we have and as good as anything. He does this when he writes about whether or not Davy Crockett fired the first shot at the Alamo, stating, "Tradition has it?

and in the case of the man involved tradition is as acceptable as assured fact?

that the firer of this shot, for the first blood of the engagement, was Davy Crockett" (152). It would be better to develop evidence for what really happened and to provide the reader with the…. [read more]

Juan Seguin Texas Research Paper

… Due to his relentless efforts, he won the justice election conducted in the Bexar County in 1852. It is important to mention his last official act politically that was the establishment of theDemocratic Party in Bexar County. Later, Juan moved to Nuevo Laredo with his family and spent his remaining life there till his death in 1890.

His remains were moved to Seguin, Texas and were buried there in a special ceremony. This event made Seguin officially acknowledged as the hero of the Texas who dedicated his services selflessly for the American settlers who are now living in Texas[footnoteRef:9]. [9: Chemerka, W.R. Juan Seguin. Albany, Tex.: Bright Sky, 2010.]


Chemerka, W.R. Juan Seguin. Albany, Tex.: Bright Sky, 2010.

Dawson, J.G. The Texas Military Experience:…. [read more]

Andrew Jackson's Presidency Term Paper

… p. 10.]

General Jackson was an amazing tactician, but he was also blessed with great intelligence brought from spies who watched every British movement.[footnoteRef:15] The American Navy played more of a defensive action against the larger numbers of the British ships, but the heavy frigates employed by the Americans were able to provide some havoc that aided the ground forces throughout the States. Jackson learned, through this network of ships and spies that there was a British force of 10,000 soldiers leaving Jamaica and planning to disembark at New Orleans.[footnoteRef:16] From this information Jackson knew that he would be severely outnumbered, his forces numbered just over 2,000 trained troops, and he had little hope of help from the city itself.[footnoteRef:17] Jackson was placed at the…. [read more]

Walt Disney Including: A History Essay

… In 1949, the Disney Corporation was flagged by the U.S. Department of Labor for inconsistent awarding of pensions and its poor treatment of workers and shareholders alike (Krasniewicz 79). Disney thus placed emphasis on his vision inspiring his workers to excel, rather than using conventional incentives such as salaries and bonuses. The attitude at the company from the beginning was that workers should be happy for the chance to be working at such an excellent organization, rather than worry about something mundane like pay. All training and mentorship was focused on making a better product for Disney, not nurturing the skills of the individual employee.

However unjust this may seem, this also underlines Disney's status as a transformational, rather than transactional leader and the darker…. [read more]

Arthurian Legends Research Paper

… King Arthur: Man and Myth

Like any legend or myth, the legend of King Arthur began with the idea of passing an idea from one generation to another. Michael Wood notes that Celtic literature experienced growth after the Norman invasion and many of these tales involved stories of "glorious triumph" (Wood). Stories such as these need a "hero to lead the troops, and this is where Arthur fitted in" (Wood) according to Wood. This view, while it does make sense, might cause many to think that the legend of Arthur is nothing more than myth, which is highly debatable. While we have many stories of grand heroes that are fictional, scholars tend to think that someone that fits loosely the image of this legend did…. [read more]

Texas Identity Essay

… Texas Identity

The Texas Revolution: Remember the Alamo, Remember Santa Anna

Remember the Alamo!" Even people who have never visited Texas have uttered this phrase as a testimony to remembrance -- remembrance of determination, grit, and the quintessential 'Americanness' of those handful of brave men who died during the siege of the Alamo. During the 1950s, little boys all over the nation wore Davy Crockett 'coon caps' mimicking the popular Disney movie of the era that depicted the life of the Alamo hero. Why has Texas captured the popular imagination, despite -- or is it because -- of its curious relationship with America's legacy of slavery and American prejudice against Latino-Americans? And how can Texas be the most American of all states because of its…. [read more]

James Fenimore Cooper the Life and Times Term Paper

… James Fenimore Cooper

The Life and Times of James Fenimore Cooper

Sometimes people find their niche in life because they know what they want to do from an early age and pursue educational and vocational opportunities that will help them achieve it. Others, though, seem to stumble onto success and this appears to be the case with James Fenimore Cooper who became a writer either out of necessity or by accident, depending on which account one believes, but the fact remains this author continues to delight modern readers with his vivid accounts of life in the early American frontier. To determine how Cooper achieved this lofty achievement, this paper provides a brief biography of the author, a review of some of his major works, and…. [read more]

Army Structure From 3-Brigade Division Term Paper

… With the Division-86 system change, the Army also published a Training and Doctrine Command guide in order to execute successful implementation. On October 1, 1982, the Command published tables of organization and equipment in order to implement this second attempt at achieving the heavy division concept. The tables, which outlined both armored division and mechanized infantry, set out five variations for deployment. The different cases involved the assignment of either five or six armored and four or five mechanized infantry battalions to an armored division; additionally, each mechanized infantry division was regimentally equipped with both five armor and five mechanized infantry battalions.

Institutional variations also covered the integration of varying equipment, including M60 tanks, M113 armored personnel carriers, the new M1 Abrams tanks, and Bradley…. [read more]

Removal Act of May 28 Term Paper

… Despite heavy historical argumentation, it appeared to all that their opponents were impressed with historical arguments, which another interpretation or another emphasis merely turned around.

The debates ended with the bill being passed by the House with a close vote of 102-97 on May 26. Two days later, President Jackson signed it. As feared by opposing congressmen, it indeed gave the President explicit powers to negotiate the expulsion of the Cherokees from Georgia. It ended the U.S. government's past policy of extending education, assistance and protection to this peace-loving tribe.

The Georgia problem was characterized by two events: the signing of a compact between the central government and the Cherokees in 1802, wherein they would cede western land claims in exchange for the government's giving…. [read more]

Eisner Michael Eisner: A Lesson Term Paper

… Eisner was immediately offered a position as Diller's assistant at ABC. He was 24 years old and finally, for the first time, he had his own office -- and it was next to Warren Lyons, head of casting at ABC. One year after his arrival at ABC, he was given his first big break. After everyone else had refused to go to San Francisco to oversee the construction of a new theme park called Marine World, Eisner took the lead and volunteered to go. He flew into Pebble Beach, California and convinced Bing Crosby to give ABC the rights to his annual golf tournament in exchange Crosby ABC agreed to revolve their marine park theme around Crosby and some of his Hollywood friends. His next…. [read more]

Life of Walt Disney Two Term Paper

… During the 1950s, Disney joined with American Broadcasting Company TV productions and made a fortune producing Davy Crockett and The Mickey Mouse Club for television exclusively. By the time of his death, Disney had more than 280 television shows to his name (Unknown, 1999).

There were some who called Walt a tyrant because of his need for complete control. Some called him lucky, saying if the war had not come along, his studio would have gone bankrupt. His control may have been overpowering at times, but it proves that he had a vision, and his vision kept him working, managing, and controlling every aspect of his studio's financial and artistic success.

Today, the empire Walt Disney built is still based on animation, although it has…. [read more]

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