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Death and Dying 'My New Term Paper

… Her experience, which prompted her to write the book Embraced by the Light illustrates that dying is not in itself a bad thing and therefore cutting the feeding tube off of someone who has lost the essence of their human nature might be the morally correct thing to do. The spiritual experiences that are shared by many who have had near-death experiences show that dying can allow the individual to encounter God in ways that living often cannot. Denying individuals the right to die in cases of terminal illness demonstrates a lack of understanding of death as well as an infringement on personal civil liberties.

In his book The Rights of the Dying: A Companion for Life's Final Moments, David Kessler lists several rights that…. [read more]

Death Rituals of Different Cultures Essay

… In fact, for the Egyptian civilization and culture, their death ceremonies are highly reflected by not only their religious background, but their social and economic systems also play an integral role in defining and explaining their death rituals (Matthews, 2011).

Furthermore, the social and economic systems are equally significant for the Hindu culture in setting or defining the death rituals amongst the cultures' death ceremonies. The political system is insignificant with reference to the death rituals because it changes from time to time; however, the religious background and its traditions have been the same since centuries (Matthews, 2011).

From the very diverse and dynamic cultures around the globe, these cultures have a wide range of differences death practices of all people. Nevertheless, deep-seated similarities exist…. [read more]

Dying on Death and Dying: A Review Term Paper

… Dying

On Death and Dying: A Review of Historical Perspectives and Implications for Modern Society

All living creatures must eventually die; this is one of the simple facts of life and one of the ways in which life and living can most clearly be understood and defined. That which cannot die cannot be alive, and even the most long-lived organisms -- some of which can persist for thousands of years -- suffer the deterioration and depletion of the cells and tissues of which they are made, and which sustain the functions that keep them alive (Luper 2009). This is just as true for the smallest form of bacteria as it is for the giant creatures of the world's oceans, and from the simplest unicellular organisms…. [read more]

Death and Dying Thesis

… Death and Dying

Death is indeed a universal human experience. Several beliefs and rituals or practices are associated with dying and/or death (faxed material, date, p. 390). But is it not the case that many of us shun the idea of dying? It is in this regard that I believe a thoughtful reflection on death and dying practices is worth undertaking.

My personal cultural belief on dying is resounded in the work of author of faxed material (date). Dying alone is an idea not adapted by our cultural standards because our culture values solidarity in the family, especially in the times of tragedy. Here, I see death and dying as a social cohesive force which bounds people together. Death serves as a tool for reinforcing…. [read more]

Dying Experience in Nursing Home Dissertation

… Dying Experience in Nursing Home

Arbuthnot, Elsa; Dawson, Jane; & Hansen-Ketchum, Patti. (2007). Senior women and rural living. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Healthcare. 7(1):1-12. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

This article also expresses the individual's desire to experience death within the context of the home, yet shows the high strain such strategies have on resources. Without being able to meet this request, many are forced to experience death in nursing homes and hospices, which then increase anxiety and decrease the quality of the death experience.

Browne, Amy. (2007). Dying and death in a nursing home. Seniors. Associated Content. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

Describes modern care practices for patients dying in a nursing home. It is a common practice to prescribe…. [read more]

Death and Dying Term Paper

… Death and Dying

The five stages of dying as expressed in the Kubler-Ross theory may apply to some instances but they do not fit all cultural and individual cases. The five stages she describes in her book, on Death and Dying are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. However, these reactions are also subject to various cultural influences and differences.

These stages are possibly more applicable to Western secular society and typically modern responses to death and dying. Different cultures have different modes and ways of understanding the meaning of death and particular views with regard to dealing with the inevitability of the fact of death.

Most of these stages mentioned by Kubler-Ross for example would not apply to most traditional Eastern views of death…. [read more]

Death of Ivan Ilyich Essay

… Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

To many, death is but an afterthought to the conversation of life. And even then, such a thought is fleeting all the same. Because why think about dying when one is busy living life? Why think about something so alien to one when one is trying to achieve success and material wealth and happiness? Why think about death when it is hard enough trying to live life? Why think about death when it only happens to others and could not possibly happen to oneself?

The consequence of such an attitude is the death of one's spiritual, moral and emotional life, even without one's knowledge (Kamm, 2003, 209). One chooses may neglect the spiritual, moral and emotional aspects of…. [read more]

Death and Sustainable Happiness Annotated Bibliography

… Death and Sustainable Happiness

In primitive cultures, the process of death and dying was reverential. It was expected that, at some point, one's body would simply tire and one's soul ascend back to nature, or to a specific spiritual place depending on innate cultural beliefs. As humans congregated into urban areas, death was around them constantly; through pestilence, disease, starvation, and the inhumanity of humans toward each other, death became an everyday occurrence, almost numbing the individual towards the overall paradigm. And how is it contemporary America treats its aged citizens and those who are ill and ready for death? Typically, "as a person with no right to an opinion" (Kubler-Ross 141). In fact, we are more comfortable institutionalizing those who are dying, paying lip-service…. [read more]

Death With Dignity: A Right Term Paper

… It is the government that stands in the way. More than 35% of physicians have admitted that they would participate in voluntary euthanasia practices if afforded the opportunity if patients requested it (Bachman, 1996). In another study conducted by Lee (1996) more than 46% of physicians admitted they might be willing to assist a suicide if it were legal to do so. In yet another study of pharmacists 34.3% of pharmacists admitted they would dispense prescription drugs willingly for physicians assisted suicides (Rupp & Isenhower, 1994).

In a Gallup poll conducted in 1996 more than 75% of respondents indicated that doctors should be allowed by law to end a patient's life by painless means if a patient or family member had requested in the case…. [read more]

Epicurus's View on Death Essay

… ¶ … Epicurus's view on death

Death has remained the subject of many discussions in the past and the present. Many philosophers and historians have given their ideas about death. Many interesting ideas and philosophies have come into notice about death. Epicurus is one of the most well-known philosophers. This paper will highlight Epicurus's views on death.

Death these days has become one of the main topics that create increased anxiety and speculation. The same speculation and anxiety was seen at the time when Epicurus was laying down ways of life. The main aim of the paper is to highlight and analyze Epicurus's point-of-view in relation to death. If his view of death is summarized in short, Epicurus mentions that there is nothing to fear…. [read more]

Death and Grieving Research Paper

… Death and Grieving

Views of death and dying: In the U.S.A. And in a cross-cultural comparison

According to the Centers for Disease control, the top three causes of death in the U.S.A. are heart disease (631,636 per year), cancer (559,888), and cerebrovascular diseases or strokes (137,119). While not all of these cases are preventable, it is clear that many people are not taking basic precautions to at least minimize their risks for these ailments, by maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, and exercising. Many of these illnesses are also chronic and long-standing in their duration: the difficulty of dealing with someone who is chronically ill can make the process of grieving even more difficult: the anger and resentment of caring for someone who requires constant…. [read more]

Death Rite or Ritual Essay

… Egyptian Death Rituals

Ancient Egyptian death and burial rituals have been among the most elaborate in history. Even today, having uncovered many of the mysteries behind the rituals and mummification process, scholars cannot claim to know everything about the reasons behind every ritual and pyramid text. However, it might be assumed that, at the heart of most of these, lies the common human dread of complete annihilation. Believing in an afterlife, a divinity, and a reality beyond the physical is a basic human need that it might be assumed was as alive in ancient Egypt as it is today. Algthough scholars today cannot claim to understand the precise paradigms behind ancient Egypt and its people, we might use the psychological perspectives of our own time…. [read more]

Death "Somebody Should Tell Us, Right Essay

… Death

"Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows." - Pope Paul VI, Italian pope, 1897-1978 ("Quotes")

There is only one thing that is certain in life -- death. It is both the most common event in life and the most mysterious. Religions often not only center on the living, but also life after death. However, despite it happening all around us, death is also one the scariest things. This is primarily because of the unknown. Even though I, like many other people, believe in some form…. [read more]

Death of Ivan Ilyich Essay

… Death of Ivan Ilych

Sum up the reactions of Ivan Ilych's colleagues to the news of his death. What is implied in Tolstoy's calling them "so-called friends"?

Ivan's colleagues are "so-called friends" because unlike true friends they have no real sympathy or empathy for Ivan, his life, or his soul. Their immediate concern is of promotions, who will be selected to take Ivan's place, and the amount of money the new position will bring in. They are superficial, worldly and materialistic. They admit to never seeing him ("I haven't been to see him since the holidays. I always meant to go.") unless a "holiday" custom demands it. Their true natures are summed up tersely with the thought that each one expresses: "Well, he's dead but…. [read more]

Death Is a Very Sensitive Topic Essay

… Death is a very sensitive topic in our society. It is a topic which we do not understand much about. Even so, there are certain conventions which govern our reactions to death in front of others. One is expected to be sufficiently solemn, reflective, and tender. Furthermore, one is expected to focus on the deceased person, not on the phenomenon of death itself.

The essays by Bentley and Churchon are valuable because they contain reactions to death which are not expressed in front of others. Thus, the reactions are less bound by convention. This makes their reactions more honest and, admittedly, more disturbing. Disturbing, though, is precisely the way most people perceive death, so the effect is quite appropriate here.

What is a Life Anyways?…. [read more]

Nursing Death and Dying Term Paper

… 137). Many other cultures, including the Jewish culture and Catholics, believe the dying person must confess their sins on their deathbed, to clear the pathway to Heaven and assure their soul's repose in Heaven.

In most Arabic countries, their beliefs on death and dying are closely related to the writings in the Qur'an. Muslims also believe in reincarnation or life after death, and that the dying person must prepare for death. However, they also believe there is a barrier between death and delivery to Heaven, and some souls cannot cross that barrier. "According to traditional accounts, once separated from the body the soul begins a journey heavenward. Modeled on the mystical journey taken by the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem to heaven, the soul…. [read more]

Death and Dying Heard Term Paper

… "The first time was the anniversary...the fiftieth anniversary for you and Mama..." That itself is sad, that a nuclear family had not enjoyed the experience of sharing time together, but also it is sweet that now they are brought together, albeit the occasion was made possible by death. Does it take a death to understand how vitally important life and families are in this world? Probably, the answer for many is, yes, it does take a death.

Another note of sadness (11) is presented when "no one knew" how many grandchildren there were in the old man's family. How could that be? "You'd think somebody would know how many grandchildren there are," said Sam. Jr. And indeed, the only one who did know the number…. [read more]

Death and Dying Human Life Term Paper

… Even three years later, Nicholas had not recovered from this experience. He was still riddled with extreme sadness and ignored grief, guilt and feelings of abandonment. It was extremely painful to see him still in the grips of such agony. Eventually, Nicholas told me that while he cared for me a tremendous amount (which I believed); he couldn't handle a romantic relationship at that time, which was true. I realized Nicholas was making the right decision, but I was tremendously heartbroken and missed him terribly. The entire experience clearly demonstrated for me how suicide truly can wage further collateral damage on a wide range of lives. Just as a given individual in life is not aware of how many lives they touch, in death, particularly…. [read more]

Ndes a Near Death Experience Essay

… Therefore, it is highly likely that researchers working with the assumption that near death experiences teach us about life after death work under a biased presupposition.

Potential for Future Research

Because it can be studied from a scientific, spiritual, psychological, or cultural perspective, the near death experience offers the means to bridge the gaps between these disciplines. Scientists studying the near death experience "support the need for a radical revision of mainstream views concerning the relationship between the brain and consciousness," (Braithwaite, 2008). Near death experiences have been linked with experiences of telepathy (Blackmore, n.d.). The link with telepathy suggests that studying the person's brainwaves and psychological state before, during, and after the experience could yield potent information about consciousness and reality; these are the…. [read more]

Tolstoy and Chekhov Death Essay

… The man is even able to recall having a daughter that died, something that Marfa mentioned on her deathbed but of which Yakov had no memory. In facing his death, Yakov feels. He feels pain and sadness and loss but at least he feels something. Upon the moment when he must realize that he is a human being, he finally accepts his humanity.

The story of "The Death of Ivan Ilych" written by Leo Tolstoy has a similar point to make as the Chekhov story but provides a protagonist who is potentially more likeable. At first, the reader does not care for Ivan Ilych. Here is another greedy man who has spent his entire life trying to acquire financial gain, even at the expense of…. [read more]

Death I Do Not Believe Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Death

I do not believe that I was ever aware that there were certain criteria for death. To my mind, death meant when all function in the brain and heart stopped. Because death is such a common occurrence, affecting all living things, the fact that there are criteria to ensure its nature is a little bizarre to me. However, when considering issues like the soul and the life that exists in individual cells, death becomes much more arbitrary than the simple end of a heartbeat or brain function. Furthermore, these considerations have not even given thought to spiritual aspect of living and dying. Physical death, to many, does not mean the end of life or awareness. For many, physical death means a transition…. [read more]

Believing That Death Means Nothing Essay

… 49); "it is of no concern to the living" (p.50) since his writings indicate an urgency to life and this urgency can come about only through an awareness that life is not eternal.

Whilst Epicurus argued the eternity of the world, or history, as a whole, he was also aware of the fact that all existence -- of all things -- ceases. He himself was constantly suffering pain, and this too may have been an indication to him of his own mortality.

Epicurus exhorts us not to think of death but his message is more likely one of telling us not to obsess on it.

Then as now, people worried about how the gods would react and how life would be in an afterlife. The…. [read more]

Othello and Death Knocks: Two Essay

… Othello clearly believes he is not worthy of Desdemona -- because of his color and his age -- but rather than admit that he fears she has every reason to cheat on him with Cassio, he sublimates this (with Iago's prodding) into a conviction that she has already cheated him.

Iago is helped by the fact that Othello is a man who is more inclined to trust men than women, thanks to his military upbringing. Desdemona has forsaken her father and her family for his sake, yet Othello trusts Iago's words over hers. He has no reason to do so and has even promoted Michael Cassio over Iago to be his lieutenant. But despite his evident belief in Cassio's greater competency, because Iago gives voice…. [read more]

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth. On Death Term Paper

… 5. Kessler, David. The Rights of the Dying. Perennial, 1998. Kessler presents a set of seventeen clear-cut ethical "rights" of all living persons, who should ideally be able to participate in one of the most important parts of their lives: their death. Included among these rights are the right to die itself: the central issue in the reformation of public policy. Kessler's book can provide an overall ethical framework from which to deal with the thorny issue of death and dying.

6. Byock, Ira. Dying Well. Riverhead, 1998. Another series of compelling case studies regarding the need for individuals in our society to better confront the issues of dying and death, Byock's Dying Well shows that death is not only an integral part of life…. [read more]

Death and Dying - Euthanasia the Ethical Thesis

… Death & Dying - Euthanasia


Since the inception of medicine, the most fundamental concept guiding physicians in the ethical practice of medicine has been the traditional principle of "do no harm" expressed in the Hippocratic Oath. However, in the modern era of medicine, that ancient maxim is inadequate because contemporary medical science and treatments often make it possible to prolong life beyond the point where a natural death would otherwise occur (Levine, 2008; Tong, 2007).

Much more often than not, the prolongation of human life through methods of medical intervention that were never conceived by Hypocrites provides a profound benefit. Less frequently, some of those same technologies prolong human life even where doing so is neither desired by, nor…. [read more]

Death of Ivan Ilych Term Paper

… " There may be some of Tolstoy's own poisoned marriage described in these passages here between Ivan and Prokovya. She decided at a certain point in her husband's illness, the attitude she would take to it: "that is was his own fault and was another of the annoyances he caused her." Her selfishness is made very repugnant to the reader. At one point she is depicted going out to enjoy the opera, as her husband wastes away at home. There is a falseness to the marriage, and a void or gulf between the married couple, which will not be rectified in the story: in the end Ivan merely learns to "pity her."

Vasya is Ivan's young "school-boy" son. He appears very little in the story,…. [read more]

Death and Dying: Funerals Abstract for Funerals-R-Us Term Paper

… Death and Dying: Funerals

Abstract for Funerals-R-Us: From Funeral Home to Mega-Industry

Writer Thomas Lynch gives an "insider's perspective" on the funeral industry by pointing out that trying to describe death, the look of death, and what to do with dead bodies has a history and that history is, first and foremost, "an existential experience." And Lynch goes on to describe the rather grim work that a mortician (funeral operator) has to go through. Embalming, being called in the middle of the night to come and retrieve a body, dealing with grieving families, sponsoring little league uniforms - these things are all part of the "insider's perspective" of being in the funeral business.

Lynch also says that funeral parlors are "generally abhorred for their proximity…. [read more]

Death by Sherwin Nuland Term Paper

… Criticism

From the above discussion there is no doubt that the above views and analysis of death by both Nuland and Socrates are practical in the sense that it offers one the insight to a dignified death through knowledge. Yet it can be seen that Nuland focuses too much on the technical and medical aspect of the transition of life to death of the body. According to him we lose our dignity once our body fails which result in death. How one experience death depends on how one bears the pain of the disease or the condition in which one lives. Thus, even if one dies naturally as a result of growing old without any affliction Nuland's explanation does not offer an understanding for them…. [read more]

Death Stats One of the Problems Data Analysis Chapter

… Death Stats

One of the problems that can be examined in this data is whether life expectancy in England and Wales has increased or decreased overall over the past decade. Both of the presentations of data above help to examine this data. The bar graphs very clearly demonstrate how dramatically the number of deaths in the highest age group especially have been decreased, likely due to medical improved interventions. The mean age of death amongst the population for which data was given, however, dropped only slightly. This must be intercepted carefully; the bar graphs make it clear that a change has occurred even if the averages do not indicate a major change, but it must be remembered that the data sets only include individuals that…. [read more]

Engineering Ethics to Prevent Suicidal Essay

… Based on it I would also enlighten what benefits their investments can bring to the general public and the importance of the project. By providing the taxpayers with a detailed plan would ensure the accountability of their investments.

It is also substantial to sell the idea to the voters, which can be a difficult exercise, but a strategic, well calculated and premeditated proposal would be a good option to present and convince them that provides them a detailed report of the importance of the project. I would also highlight the benefits and privileges that the assignment can bring to the public over the limitations of it.

The public officials are considerably the most significant people to consider while selling the idea, as these are the…. [read more]

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