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Death Rituals of Different Cultures Essay

… In fact, for the Egyptian civilization and culture, their death ceremonies are highly reflected by not only their religious background, but their social and economic systems also play an integral role in defining and explaining their death rituals (Matthews, 2011).

Furthermore, the social and economic systems are equally significant for the Hindu culture in setting or defining the death rituals amongst the cultures' death ceremonies. The political system is insignificant with reference to the death rituals because it changes from time to time; however, the religious background and its traditions have been the same since centuries (Matthews, 2011).

From the very diverse and dynamic cultures around the globe, these cultures have a wide range of differences death practices of all people. Nevertheless, deep-seated similarities exist…. [read more]

Epicurus's View on Death Essay

… ¶ … Epicurus's view on death

Death has remained the subject of many discussions in the past and the present. Many philosophers and historians have given their ideas about death. Many interesting ideas and philosophies have come into notice about death. Epicurus is one of the most well-known philosophers. This paper will highlight Epicurus's views on death.

Death these days has become one of the main topics that create increased anxiety and speculation. The same speculation and anxiety was seen at the time when Epicurus was laying down ways of life. The main aim of the paper is to highlight and analyze Epicurus's point-of-view in relation to death. If his view of death is summarized in short, Epicurus mentions that there is nothing to fear…. [read more]

Death and Dying 'My New Term Paper

… Her experience, which prompted her to write the book Embraced by the Light illustrates that dying is not in itself a bad thing and therefore cutting the feeding tube off of someone who has lost the essence of their human nature might be the morally correct thing to do. The spiritual experiences that are shared by many who have had near-death experiences show that dying can allow the individual to encounter God in ways that living often cannot. Denying individuals the right to die in cases of terminal illness demonstrates a lack of understanding of death as well as an infringement on personal civil liberties.

In his book The Rights of the Dying: A Companion for Life's Final Moments, David Kessler lists several rights that…. [read more]

Learning Term Paper

… Nonetheless, imaginary and keyword mnemonics are the two basic types of mnemonic techniques that are frequently used in the everyday lives of the people. Acronym or keyword mnemonic refers to learning things and objects by the initial letters of the words so that they have to recall and remember only the initial letters of the learned words (Semel & Rosner, 2011).

Keyword mnemonics also helps intervening words such that it connects to the format of paired associate learning to a great extent, for instance the creating the relationship of the famous people with their key accomplishments. Furthermore, storytelling is another method of mnemonics where the events or the words are fabricated in a sequence in the story to make the person recall or remember the…. [read more]

Death and Dying Heard Term Paper

… "The first time was the anniversary...the fiftieth anniversary for you and Mama..." That itself is sad, that a nuclear family had not enjoyed the experience of sharing time together, but also it is sweet that now they are brought together, albeit the occasion was made possible by death. Does it take a death to understand how vitally important life and families are in this world? Probably, the answer for many is, yes, it does take a death.

Another note of sadness (11) is presented when "no one knew" how many grandchildren there were in the old man's family. How could that be? "You'd think somebody would know how many grandchildren there are," said Sam. Jr. And indeed, the only one who did know the number…. [read more]

Tolstoy and Chekhov Death Essay

… The man is even able to recall having a daughter that died, something that Marfa mentioned on her deathbed but of which Yakov had no memory. In facing his death, Yakov feels. He feels pain and sadness and loss but at least he feels something. Upon the moment when he must realize that he is a human being, he finally accepts his humanity.

The story of "The Death of Ivan Ilych" written by Leo Tolstoy has a similar point to make as the Chekhov story but provides a protagonist who is potentially more likeable. At first, the reader does not care for Ivan Ilych. Here is another greedy man who has spent his entire life trying to acquire financial gain, even at the expense of…. [read more]

Death of Ivan Ilych Term Paper

… " There may be some of Tolstoy's own poisoned marriage described in these passages here between Ivan and Prokovya. She decided at a certain point in her husband's illness, the attitude she would take to it: "that is was his own fault and was another of the annoyances he caused her." Her selfishness is made very repugnant to the reader. At one point she is depicted going out to enjoy the opera, as her husband wastes away at home. There is a falseness to the marriage, and a void or gulf between the married couple, which will not be rectified in the story: in the end Ivan merely learns to "pity her."

Vasya is Ivan's young "school-boy" son. He appears very little in the story,…. [read more]

Death by Sherwin Nuland Term Paper

… Criticism

From the above discussion there is no doubt that the above views and analysis of death by both Nuland and Socrates are practical in the sense that it offers one the insight to a dignified death through knowledge. Yet it can be seen that Nuland focuses too much on the technical and medical aspect of the transition of life to death of the body. According to him we lose our dignity once our body fails which result in death. How one experience death depends on how one bears the pain of the disease or the condition in which one lives. Thus, even if one dies naturally as a result of growing old without any affliction Nuland's explanation does not offer an understanding for them…. [read more]

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth. On Death Term Paper

… 5. Kessler, David. The Rights of the Dying. Perennial, 1998. Kessler presents a set of seventeen clear-cut ethical "rights" of all living persons, who should ideally be able to participate in one of the most important parts of their lives: their death. Included among these rights are the right to die itself: the central issue in the reformation of public policy. Kessler's book can provide an overall ethical framework from which to deal with the thorny issue of death and dying.

6. Byock, Ira. Dying Well. Riverhead, 1998. Another series of compelling case studies regarding the need for individuals in our society to better confront the issues of dying and death, Byock's Dying Well shows that death is not only an integral part of life…. [read more]

Death Penalty Is Fair Essay

… The question arises, does capital punishment discourage criminals from committing severe crimes in future? The answer is, yes, in case of Texas, where the rate of assassination has dropped below 60% since the state started seriously execution of the death penalty for severe crimes in era of 1990s, when the rate of murder decreased to 33% all across the country. (Vila and Morris, 1997) Lots of people believe it was a Coincidence. It's possible but the effort to implement orderly retribution is an indication of civilization. Nations nonserious to execute their most dangerous criminals represent their citizens and their lives possess no value to them.

In conclusion, the death penalty serves an important function in implementing justice and providing protection against hostility and violence which…. [read more]

Near Death Experiences Term Paper

… ¶ … near-death experiences. Specifically, it will discuss the reality of near-death experiences and whether they exist or not. Near-death experience (NDE) stories have become almost commonplace in our modern culture. Many studies into this phenomenon have occurred, and many of them explain near-death experiences as the body's reaction to tremendous stress. There is much debate about whether they actually exist. However, to the people who have experienced them, they do exist, and are extremely real and emotional. Near-death experiences may exist only in the ailing person's mind, but the details, the colors, and the images are real to them, and indicate that they do exist, at least to the people who have experience them and lived to tell their stories.

Near-death experiences are not…. [read more]

Self-Assessment on Death Essay

… Self-Assessment on Death

We are all, from the moment of our birth, proceeding to the same final endpoint -- death. But while we know how life is created, what occurs at the end of life remains a mystery. Even after studying death from an analytical perspective, despite becoming more fluent in the various ways different philosophical traditions and cultures have interpreted death, I still fear the end of my natural existence. No matter how complete and apparently neat the explanation is of the life to come, it still does not satisfy me, because I feel that all attempts to answer the question of what occurs at the end of life are engineered by humans, and do not approach the truth of what is likely to…. [read more]

Death of a Salesman Term Paper

… Biff disparages this idea when he says, "To suffer fifty weeks a year for the sake of a two-week vacation." Biff's conflict with his father hinges on Biff's desire to know himself and to be true to finding his bliss. Biff believes that Willy rejected this a long time ago, "He had the wrong dreams. All, all wrong."

Biff has rejected his father's concept of how to make it in the world. He has chosen to be basically a ranch hand somewhere in the west. For Willy this seems unfathomable.

In the second half of the play Willy and Biff have decided to go into the sporting goods business. This cheers up Willy and understates the fact that Biff still has some illusions about where…. [read more]

Learning Theory Several Theories Term Paper

… Learning Theory

Several theories are suggested for the best way to help students learn in a classroom setting, such as constructivism, brain-based learning, attribution theory, emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences. There is also the concept of "learned helplessness" that places a barrier on learning. It is important for teachers to consider each one of these methods and how if fits into their own educational gestalt. The students need to be motivated to gain as much knowledge as possible, yet the teacher has to feel comfortable about that style of learning to attain the maximum results.

The theory of constructivism (Piaget, 1950) is based on observation and scientific research and the way that people learn. It recognizes that individuals construct or build their own understanding and…. [read more]

Capital Punishment and DNA Evidence Term Paper

… Other features of those twenty-eight wrongful convictions included reliance on apparently erroneous or misleading forensic evidence, and alleged government malfeasance or misconduct, including perjured testimony at trial, intentional withholding from the defense of exculpatory evidence, and intentionally erroneous laboratory tests and expert testimony." (Findley, "Learning from Our Mistakes…," Page 339 -- 340)

Perhaps then, the issue should be taken all the more seriously when those within the system, who are not the alleged criminals themselves, advocate for systemic changes in criminal justice practices:

"The sheer number of exonerations due to innocence in capital cases has raised growing concern and recent calls for further reform.1-33 Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens stated in a speech before the American Bar Association in August 2005 that he believes…. [read more]

Tolstoy and Chekhov Essay

… ¶ … Death of Ivan Ilych" and Ward No. 6"

An analysis of "The Death of Ivan Ilych" and "Ward No. 6" reveals that death is a critical concept in both. While Ivan Ilyich and Dr. Andrei Yefimich are similar characters, the significance of their death is very different. While these are clearly different characters, they share similar viewpoints regarding death and, to an extent, life itself. Ivan lived his life in a vacuum and reached out to others very little. His concept of what was important related mostly to work and success. Andrey's view of the world was bleak and hopeless. His attitude towards his patients was cold and aloof. Both men neglect the "human" side of life and, as a result, do not…. [read more]

Death Penalty Term Paper

… Their task certainly is not to interpret popular feeling or perception. They do not take polls and are not meant to respond to popular feelings. They are meant to interpret the law independently. Nor are the judges meant to enact their own moral theories into law. It is not the task of the Supreme Court to discover or to reveal new moral standards. Their task is to interpret the laws, including the Constitution. If the voters want to accept new moral standards, if, for instance, they now consider the death penalty wrong, they can vote accordingly to elect representatives who will repeal it. Courts are not meant to be legislatures. Our Constitution distinguishes the making (or repealing) of laws, through the political process, from the…. [read more]

Death as a Theme in Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Term Paper

… Death as a Theme in Dickens's Oliver Twist

Death as a Theme in Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist (1838), his second after his (considerably less dark) the Pickwick Papers (1836-1837) contains dominant themes of social evils and exploitation of the poor (Miller, 1987; Walder, 1993), among others. Another key theme that occurs very often in Oliver Twist, though, although perhaps less overt than some others, is one of death, i.e., including both literal and figurative descriptions, throughout the story, of various characters' deaths; near-deaths; or circumstances having to do with death. Thus within Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens starkly and vividly depicts the degraded and deprivation-filled lives of 1830's London's orphaned; indigent and abused children, and of the many other poor within…. [read more]

Learning and Teaching Identify Essay

… This is especially important with habit-forming drugs like painkillers and the like (Kreitner & Luthans, 1984).

Behaviorist - Decrease

A behaviorist approach to DECREASE a behavior would be the inverse of the last paragraph but would obviously manifest differently. The current behavior that is not desirable could be documented and explained and it could then be shown and proven through family members or others in the same precise predicament that their actions and behaviors have caused them great harm and then this could be compared to people that faced the same dilemma and made the right choice. For example, a type II diabetes patient that is near death due to their bad choices could be compared to someone who technically has type II diabetes but…. [read more]

Learning Experience Related to End Essay

… For those not cognitively impaired, even aging, and are typically able to at least describe the level of pain they may be undergoing. One of the critical questions deals with pain memory -- dementia patients do not appear to have much memory cognition, thus it is unclear how much long-term or lingering pain they may experience. Dementia is a serious health consideration, yet it is seriously underfunded while costing the UK economy over 23 billion pounds per year; far more than cancer and heart disease combined (Alzheimer's Research Trust 2011; Mast 2009).

Grief is a part of being human, everyone experiences transformation in many ways; active, passive, pushing and shoving, begrudgingly, etc. Loss and grief, rather than being a tragedy of living, and be an…. [read more]

Differentiated Learning and Assessment Essay

… If only a few students score poorly on a given lesson, teachers can group and re-teach those points or offer assignments to help select students master lesson standards. If many students fail to demonstrate their mastery, the overall lesson and instructional delivery strategy should be re-examined to see what changes can be implemented.

Differentiating instruction and assessment is about doing what's fair for students. It's a collection of best practices strategically employed to maximize students' learning at every turn, including giving them the tools to handle anything that is undifferentiated (Forsten & Hollas, 2003). Facilitating differentiated instruction is not about teaching louder or slower; it's about creating a robust instructional repertoire -- having an assortment of teaching tools and techniques to meet the diverse needs…. [read more]

Denial in the Death Research Paper

… All these are end of life concerns which can only be dealt with if the patient knows about his impending death.

In some cultures talking about death or planning things according to person's death are considered unethical and often regarded as welcoming death. Other end of life concerns are related to decisions about the treatment and care possibilities which cannot be made without open communication with the family and the patient.

Literature Review Of Current Research

Learning to cope with the losses and needs in the context of terminal illness, it becomes a challenge for the patient, for family and health professionals.

Communication Between Doctor And Patient

Numerous studies have shown that patients often think about the treatment they would receive if they were terminally…. [read more]

Capital Punishment: Does it Reduce Term Paper

… We are committing a similar action to the crime we are punishing and therefore it does not justify itself as being right, morally or ethically.

If a juvenile has committed murder or a series of murderous acts, we are less likely to condemn them to the death penalty, because we believe; we have hope that they can change and learn from their crimes. If proponents would have their way, these juveniles who have had no chance to learn from their mistakes or learn the reality of their crimes would just become examples of what happens when society goes wrong.

There is also the case of innocent people being sent to death row for crimes that they have been incorrectly found guilty for due to circumstantial…. [read more]

Death Penalty Thesis

… This is similar to the old age dunce cap in the classroom. If a child acts up in class, you sit him in the corner with a white cone on his head. Seeing the boy or girl thus humiliated, the other kids will think twice before they follow suit. Instead of sticking the criminal in the corner, he or she is executed. Fearing for their own lives and their sense of self-preservation, the criminals will not commit heinous acts. According to statistics that have been gathered, there is no validity to the deterrence theory at all (Facts 2011). States that have the death penalty reportedly have twice as many murders than states that do not possess the death penalty. Pro-death penalty advocates say that this…. [read more]

Dying on Death and Dying: A Review Term Paper

… Dying

On Death and Dying: A Review of Historical Perspectives and Implications for Modern Society

All living creatures must eventually die; this is one of the simple facts of life and one of the ways in which life and living can most clearly be understood and defined. That which cannot die cannot be alive, and even the most long-lived organisms -- some of which can persist for thousands of years -- suffer the deterioration and depletion of the cells and tissues of which they are made, and which sustain the functions that keep them alive (Luper 2009). This is just as true for the smallest form of bacteria as it is for the giant creatures of the world's oceans, and from the simplest unicellular organisms…. [read more]

Death Penalty (Anti) Historically Term Paper

… Death Penalty (Anti)

Historically, much of the debate over capital punishment has focused on the core moral issue of whether it is right to take a life as a punishment for murder. This moral debate is important and necessary, but because a variety of cultural factors influence a society's sense of morality, it is unlikely that any society can ever reach a complete consensus on this key question. To borrow from Judeo-Christian ideology, there are some who believe in the philosophy of "an eye for an eye" and others who believe in "turn the other cheek," and defend the sanctity of life, under all conditions.

The goal of this paper is to move the debate on the death penalty beyond the core moral issue of…. [read more]

Death Penalty in U.S. How Does Race Impact Its Application Term Paper

… Death Penalty & Race in America

Death Penalty: How Does Race Impact its Application?

The death penalty and the race / ethnicity of those who are actually put to death - and those on death row today - have a long and unfortunate history of linkage, and the issues spawned therein have generated countless debates, research studies, and court decisions. The built-in anti-African-American bias that has existed in the capital punishment milieu for years has many facets and many unfortunate realities. What's more, the U.S. criminal justice system that is institutionally prejudiced against people of color is flawed to the point that, on a regular basis, men on death row are being dismissed from incarceration because, upon deeper investigation, they were innocent to begin with.…. [read more]

Capital Punishment the Use Term Paper

… Capital Punishment

The use of punishment to discourage various kinds of wrongdoing is as old as humanity. However, what has dominated the debate arena for centuries is the use of capital punishment as a penalty for wrongdoing. While there are those who believe that capital punishment is highly effective as a form of punishment, others oppose the same from both a moral and religious point-of-view. In basic terms, capital punishment is the use of death as a legally sanctioned form of punishment for an individual convicted of a wrongdoing punishable by death. In my opinion, the application of capital punishment cannot be justified under any circumstance and hence should be abolished.

Capital Punishment: Reasons for Abolishment

In my opinion, there exists both moral and religious…. [read more]

Puritan Life Was Heavily Contaminated Research Paper

… The funeral is used as a metaphor for this loss and due to its association with death. She is present for the funeral, signifying her ability to watch herself slip in to this new state of existence. She is the subject of the funeral, as well as a participant. She "feels" the service rather than experiencing it. The death mentioned in this poem marks a psychological change of mental state and although it may appear unorthodox, it continues to follow the puritan belief that nothing can be done to change one's destiny. According to puritan theology, a person's life is pre-determined, denying them the ability to change the path they are on, which can be seen in the poem. As the narrator states, "and when…. [read more]

Capital Punishment and Sexual Crimes Term Paper

… Capital Punishment and Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes and its impact on victims

Sexual crimes are a kind of crime involving forced sex, rape, child abuse, human trafficking, sexual harassment and sex with animals. Every country has differing levels of punishment for sexual crimes. Western countries are in general more tolerant to mild forms of sexual crime than other countries. A commonality when it comes to punishment is that there are stringent laws in every country to protect children and minors from sexual crimes and strict punishment is awarded to offenders.

Irrespective of the age of victim, sexual crimes have a profound impact on the victim's emotional health. Many child abuse victims end up with multiple personality disorders, extreme violent behavior, psychotic behavior, depression and other…. [read more]

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