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Death Penalty Whistleblower Term Paper

… Death Penalty

Dudley Sharp claims that the death penalty is the "most appropriate punishment" for particularly horrendous crimes (p. 2). Therefore, first point Sharp makes is that capital punishment is the best punishment for heinous crimes like murder. Second, Sharp claims that no other punishment meets the needs of victims' sense of justice and equity.

Steven W. Hawkins, on the other hand, claims that the death penalty is racially biased and therefore highly unethical. Poor people and people of color do not have access to the quality attorneys that wealthier people do and therefore are more likely to be sentenced to death. Second, Hawkins points out that many innocent people are sentenced to death because of flaws in the justice system.

Sharp claims that most…. [read more]

Euthanasia Essay

… Conclusion:

Since euthanasia is not a standard medical practice, several arguments have been raised regarding its legality and morality. Some of the major arguments include voluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia though each has certain drawbacks. As a result of the disadvantages, a middle ground position is the most logical solution for the problem or issue. The middle ground position involves administering euthanasia based on the patient's medical condition and its appropriateness rather than its legality or morality. It's a logical solution because it enables terminally-ill patients to have the right to a dignified death, whereas physicians have the moral responsibility to keep their patients alive.

Works Cited:

De Boer, Marike E., Rose-Marie Dro Es, Cees Jonker, Jan A. Eefsting, and Cees M.P.M. Hertogh. "Advance Directives…. [read more]

Humanistic or Secular Approach to Death Reaction Paper

… Humanistic or Secular Approach to Death

One reality that people learn to live with very early in life is that death is inevitable. It is the end of all human beings, and indeed, of all living things on earth. At some point, death will come for all of us. This reality is most profoundly considered in Aurelius' writing. I find his writing on death not only more secular or humanistic, but in a very fundamental sense more realistic than any of the "traditional" views I have encountered so far. I do believe that it is possible for all human beings to attain this view of death. However, it will also depend on the specific person involved and his or her religious views. Some individuals will…. [read more]

Death of a Salesman Flashbacks in Arthur Essay

… Death of a Salesman

Flashbacks in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

Why flashbacks are important in Death of a Salesman

Why Miller wanted to call Salesman 'in his head'

How flashbacks advance the plot

Flashbacks: from Willy's point-of-view and audience's point-of-view

Ben: Easy promise of wealth in diamond mines

Biff: Early promise lost, devastation to Willy's self-esteem

How to characterize Salesman

Why play is naturalistic (flashbacks) not realistic

Why it is not a tragedy

Flashbacks in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller originally wanted to call what eventually became Death of a Salesman "In His Head." Although he chose another title, the interior nature of Miller's conception of the dramatic action is evident in the final version of the work. Using flashbacks…. [read more]

My Father Term Paper

… Death & Dying - Hospice


My beloved father died recently. In life, he was the source of many lessons, about love, friendship, honesty, compassion, fairness, responsibility, sacrifice, and the meaning of personal integrity. In his death, he provided one last lesson, a lesson represented more by questions and the opportunity for self-exploration rather than a lesson of definitive answers or solutions.

We all knew that my father was dying, because while still a hospital in-patient, his doctor advised him that he had approximately a week to live without dialysis.

Because dialysis meant merely extending a life that had become more difficult to prolong than to relinquish, my father declined the treatment; he had had enough suffering and discomfort.…. [read more]

Life Long Learning Plan Research Proposal

… ¶ … Nursing Home in Liberia

In the past, the need for nursing home facilities in Liberia was small because the culture demanded that immediate family members care for the elderly and given the relatively short life expectancies involved, few people lived long enough to require such care in formal institutional settings. Things are changing in Liberia, though, and improvements in healthcare and a reinvigorated economy following the cessation of a bloody civil war in 2003 indicate that more people are going to be living longer lives and will require the services provided by assisted care living facilities in the future. This paper outlines the plans for building such a project in Liberia, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the…. [read more]

Representation of Death Term Paper

… When God asks him why, he mocks Almighty God by saying essentially that any man could stand to see his son in pain and could stand there with pride as he took the whip and nails. He says with sarcasm that if God would have had a daughter, He couldn't have borne her passion (as if to say God doesn't know what it feels like to have a daughter). As God tells Luke that he loves in weakness, Luke defensively snaps back by saying, "…as you love me" (Clugston R.W., 2010). This shows us that Luke, in fact, is spiritually dead because he is unable to recognize with whom he is speaking.

A visit from Luke's daughter Jennifer, who comes home to visit her father…. [read more]

Theoretical Approaches to Learning Term Paper

… 6. Young adult: 18 to 35

Intimacy and Solidarity vs. Isolation - Love

At this stage, young adults tend to seek deeper relationships and satisfying partnerships and if they have failed relationships or are unable to develop positive social connections, isolation may occur.

7. Middle-aged Adult: 35 to 55 or 65

Generativity vs. Self absorption or Stagnation - Care

There is a sense of responsibility towards family and the greater society and individuals begin to work productively towards a higher goal of generativity and learn to build better families and social lives. Failing this stagnation and self absorption may occur.

8. Late Adult: 55 or 65 to Death

Integrity vs. Despair - Wisdom

Individuals want to reflect on life with a feeling of contentment and…. [read more]

Discrimination Within the Death Penalty and Criminal Justice Term Paper

… Death Penalty and Race

Arguments have raged for decades about the use of capital punishment in the United States, with some holding that there is a need for society to express its disapproval for certain acts by ending the life of the convicted person, while others see this as an act outside the boundaries of what a civilized society should do. The discussion can be much more complex, beginning with assumptions about why the death penalty is used at all, how well these reasons can be supported, how likely it is that a mistake will be made, and so on. Fairness is always an issue in these discussions, referring to fairness to the accused, fairness to the victim, and even fairness to society at large…. [read more]

Death and Dying Term Paper

… She acknowledges that life is hard, that adversity makes us stronger, and that we all have lessons we must learn in life. She also thinks that when we have learned the lessons we need to learn, the "pain goes away" (Kubler-Ross, 1998, p. 18). This book is the story of Kubler-Ross' incredible life, and through her gift of storytelling, the reader learns about her childhood, her school years, and how she began to study death and dying. It is clear this author has definitive thoughts on how to live the best possible life, and she shares them here as she shares her life. It is also clear that she believes in the ultimate decency of humanity, and those who are miserable will lead miserable lives…. [read more]

Life After Death: Philosophy, Science, and Belief Research Paper

… If anything these processes are heightened: thinking is vivid, hearing is sharp; and vision can extend to 360 degrees. [They] claim that without physical bodies, they are able to penetrate walls and doors and project themselves wherever they want. They frequently report the ability to read people's thoughts. The out of body experience is quite important from a scientific point-of-view because it is the only feature of the near-death experience that can be independently corroborated. (162-3)

Indeed in the twenty first century, this method of asserting life after death has become most popular, with best-sellers in the past four years focusing on a small child (Todd Burpo's Heaven is for Real) and a brain surgeon (Eben Alexander's Proof of Heaven) who had near-death experiences revealing…. [read more]

Fairness of the Death Penalty Thesis

… Actually, reviews of race and the death penalty in 96% of states that use capital punishment has indicated a pattern of discrimination based on race-of-victim or race-of-offender or both. In essence, the death penalty is unjust and applied in an unfair manner because of the conscious or unconscious racial prejudices that determine its use in case.

The fairness and effectiveness of the death penalty in punishing offenders is further questioned on the basis of its costs and probable conviction of innocent people. Generally, innocent people are wrongly convicted despite of technological advances that have enhanced the criminal justice system. While these technological advances have contributed to release of innocent people, they have partially contributed to the wrong conviction of innocent people. The conviction of innocent…. [read more]

Death of a Salesman Doll's House Term Paper

… ¶ … Death of a Salesman

Doll's House, and "The Lady with the Pet Dog"

Love is never easy and hardly ever do we experience love without some sort of difficulty involved. Anton Chekhov's "The Lady with the Pet Dog," Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, and Henrik Ibsen's a Doll's House are stories that revolve around the pain and disappointment that love can bring. While love is often celebrated as a positive experience, we would be wise to learn from these characters and their situations to avoid the same heartache they experienced. Gurov has a chance for love but he must break away from his wife in order to take that chance. Nora discovers that her husband is a fake and she, too, must…. [read more]

Death of a Sales Man Term Paper

… ¶ … Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Specifically it will examine the connection between the Loman family and American culture. William Heyen's essay, "Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and the American Dream" analyzes Willy and compares him with some of Arthur Miller's other characters. Ultimately, the essay describes the play's intricate images of the American dream, a dream that may seem old-fashioned today, but was the heart of American optimism in the 1940s, when this play was written. Heyen writes, "The American dream is rural, not urban, and the perfect world is out there somewhere, and when we can't find it out there ahead of us, we go back to the elm-shaded past" (Heyen 54). Miller alludes to this "elm-shaded past" often…. [read more]

Death Linda Wertheimer and Robert Term Paper

… She discovered that there were several forms of leukemia, some more serious than others. This was a systematically logical approach. However, even though she could see that her grandmother's symptoms pointed toward a very deadly form of the disease, she became angry at the doctor when he told the family that Payne's form was aggressive and would be fatal. Even though Crabbe had figured this out for herself, she had counted on the doctor to prove her wrong. The doctor did not do that.

By contrast, Payne accepted her diagnosis with equanimity. Payne herself attributed this to her age -- at eighty-one it was not unreasonable to die -- and her religious faith, which gave her a positive perspective on death. In fact, she started…. [read more]

Causes as Well as the Available Approaches Term Paper

… ¶ … Causes as Well as the Available Approaches Affecting Learning Abilities

The Legislative perspective

The need for early intervention

The theory behind learning disabilities

Approaches of teaching children with Learning disabilities

Constructivist theory and its application

Behaviorist theory and its application

In this paper, we explore the concept of teaching student with learning disabilities. The concept of learning disabilities is defined and then the constructivist and behaviorist approaches to tackling the problem are presented. This is followed with a conclusion on how to best improve the quality of education for children with learning disabilities.

Learning disability is defined by the Pastor and Reuben (2002) as a disorder that affects a single or more of a person's basic psychological processes that are involved in active…. [read more]

Tuesdays With Morrie People React Term Paper

… I want to tell you about my life. I want to tell you before I can't tell you any more. I want someone to hear my story." (p. 63) It was one more indication of the terrible nature of Morrie's illness: the time would come when his brain would still work but he would not have any way to communicate with people.

Morrie had lots of things he wanted to talk with Albom about -- feeling sorry for oneself, the fear of aging, and one that has probably crossed many people's minds -- regrets. Albom insightfully puts this issue where it belongs: it's an issue of selfishness. What have I missed out on? What did I deserve that I didn't get? Where was I deprived?…. [read more]

Miller's "Death of a Salesman Term Paper

… ¶ … Miller's "Death of a Salesman" and the birth of Biff Loman

Although the title of Arthur Miller's play "A Death of a Salesman" refers to the character of the play's father, Willy Loman, the play could also be subtitled, "The Birth of Biff Loman." At the end of the play, Willy Loman commits a kind of passive form of suicide. Willy has changed little over the course of the play, still believing that monetary rewards, like his brother Ben's diamonds or the successes of the most notable salesmen of the firm he worked for, are the most important things in life -- almost as important as being "well liked." But the final scene of the play, where his wife Linda mourns that the…. [read more]

Computers on Learning Educator Richard Term Paper

… Postman further argues that the arrival of television dramatically changed America's theory of knowledge. Television as a medium dramatically changed public discourse in America. Notes Postman, "No matter what is depicted or from what point-of-view, the overarching presumption is that it is there for our amusement and pleasure" (87). As such, Postman argues that a specific medium can deeply change our very perception and understanding of the world about us.

Clark's assertion that the medium has essentially no impact on learning is inherently inconsistent with Postman's assessment that the medium defines our understanding and knowledge. Notes Postman, "each medium, like language itself, makes possible a unique mode of discourse by providing a new orientation for thought, expression, and sensibility" (10). Further, Clark's understanding that media…. [read more]

Learn so Little Essay

… The terracotta warriors were meant to protect the First Emperor Shihuangdi in the afterlife. They were built during the Qin dynasty 221-206 BCE. The emperor unified China by building the first portion of the Great Wall.

The Terracotta Army is striking in its lifelike depiction of the protectors of the Emperor. They are as large as real-life warriors of the age, and their expressions and gestures are highly individualized. Their function is symbolic, given that they are supposed to protect the Emperor after death. Yet they are also a work of highly detailed craftsmanship, and testimony to the power of the emperor. The Emperor was able to demand great detail in terms of how he was supposed to be honored after death.

The afterlife was…. [read more]

Rinpoche in the Tibetan Book Essay

… This life can and should be viewed as a means to hone the mind. The natural bardo is in the here and now, and the true nature of the mind is absolute stillness. A practice of "bringing the mind home," which Rinpoche discusses in Chapter 5, is crucial to making the most of this life and making the most of death.

Rinpoche's views on death are echoed by those of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the classic On Death and Dying. In On Death and Dying, Ross discusses the fear of death that plagues modern Westerners. Although Kubler-Ross's four stages of grieving are different from Rinpoche's Tibetan bardos, both authors offer their readers spiritual and psychological tools they can use to embrace the reality of death…. [read more]

Tuesdays With Morrie: An Old Man Term Paper

… ¶ … Tuesdays with Morrie: An old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson by Mitch Albom. Specifically it will discuss the essence of aging portrayed in the book and existential psychology. Albom's book is an emotional look at the end of a man's life, and how that man's life made a difference in the world, and with the author himself. The book is really a syllabus on aging and what we can learn about ourselves, what we should learn about ourselves before we age, and how to deal with aging and disease. It is inspiring and unique, and makes it seem like aging might not be so bad, after all.

Morrie Swartz was the author's favorite professor at Brandeis University, although they never…. [read more]

Death and Learn Hypothesis

… Emotional Intelligence

Humans are living longer today due to modern medicine, but death and dying are still mysterious concepts and the more humans understand and learn about dying and death the more enjoyable those final years will be. In fact dealing with the grief that is associated with the death of a loved one or family member is not always easy. Although everyone at one time or another goes through a grieving situation when someone close passes away, everyone goes through the "same cycle of emotions," according to the book the EI Advantage: Putting Emotional Intelligence into Practice (McBride, et al., 2001, p. 109). In this paper a review of ways to approach the death of a loved one using emotional intelligence, and also the…. [read more]

Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) Term Paper

… After all, blameworthiness and ideas about morality develop as people learn from their experiences. Since many mentally retarded people would lack this capacity to learn, it would be arbitrary to assign blame.

For these reasons, society does not assign the death penalty to children, despite the growing number of violent crimes committed by the very young. Accepted social standards dictate that children should not be held to a moral standard that is beyond their intellectual capacity. These reasons should therefore apply to the mentally retarded as well (Ellis and Fiorenza 186).


Since the Supreme Court has ruled that executing the mentally retarded is unconstitutional, the question of the Texas statute is now moot. However, the Supreme Court ruling has not ended this debate, whether…. [read more]

Jack Kevorkian Essay

… ¶ … life of Jack Kevorkian. Jack Kevorkian, dubbed "Dr. Death" by the press, is a famous Michigan physician who is a champion of Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS). He claims to have personally assisted in the suicide deaths of 130 terminally ill patients, and he is an activist for legalizing euthanasia for terminally ill patients. At the age of 80, Kevorkian still speaks on the subject around the nation and works to promote the passage of euthanasia bills in states and Congress.

More Resistant to Change?

As Dr. Kevorkian's life clearly indicates, older adults are not more rigid and resistant to change. That is a myth that should be quickly dispelled. Kevorkian, born in 1928, is a champion of radical social change, something he has been…. [read more]

Capital Punishment the Pros and Cons Term Paper

… Capital Punishment

The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment: Can the Practice be Justified?

One of the more startling ironies of living in the Land of the Free is the fact that the United States incarcerates far more of its citizens that most other countries in the world, and it remains one of the very few to execute criminals for capital offenses. Indeed, many observers are questioning the moral justifiability of a practice that many consider to be unconstitutional based on cruel and unusual punishment considerations, while others point to the alarming number of death row inmates who have been exonerated through innovations in forensic technologies, particularly DNA evidence. Nevertheless, a clear majority of the several states continue to have capital punishment laws on their…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Hamlet Term Paper

… Hamlet and the Memento of Death

When the Renaissance brought about a rebirth of many of the philosophies and customs of antiquity, it resurrected the ancient stoical idea that by mediation upon death one might be able to come to terms with it and pass beyond grieving into a more rational relationship with the dead. Of course, even prior to the Renaissance, the culture of the middle ages had certainly been preoccupied with death. "More than any other period in history, the late middle ages were preoccupied with the thought of death," writes Henry Jacob in his book on Memento Mori and Shakespeare. He goes on to explain that during the middle ages, individuals lived with the constant reminder of mortality; they faced plagues and…. [read more]

Dead Skeleton (Calavera) Art Anthropology Research Paper

… The uniqueness of the celebration of the Day of the Dead is in the food offerings practiced by Mexicans. This is because this is a cultural practice only evident in Mexico, and the existing elaborate presentation of the food sacrifices and sugar moldings makes use of sugar as a principle ingredient for sculpted figurines symbolic (Frank 26). There is an outstanding sculpturing of sugar animals, skulls, caskets and cadavers. This is a tradition that dates back to the eighteenth century, and it has spread throughout Mexico and even over to the United States.

In the colonial era, sugarcane figurines existed, and that spells out a significant connection between colonialism and sugar. The presence of multicultural societies brought the introduction of new practices and habits, which…. [read more]

Mortality and Life Review Research Paper

… Social distress associated with love and belonging play a role in this stage. McPherson cited multiple studies where 40-84% of dying individuals report feeling like a burden to their families or as a source of hardship to others (2007). These feelings of burden are exacerbated by fears about things ranging from physical safety to the fear of death itself because they require the presence and emotional support of others to overcome (Zalenski & Raspa, 2006). The lack of independence that occurs with the dying process becomes burdensome as well. The dying person is acutely aware of their inability to continue in their current role and fears a lack of respect from their family or being taken advantage of (McPherson et al., 2007). The accommodations that…. [read more]

Death Row Thesis

… Mumia Abu-Jamal's "Live From Death Row"

An Analysis of Language, Tone, and Style

Throughout history, speech and language have influenced peoples' thoughts on some of the most controversial of issues. Many of these elocutionists and writers were put to their deaths shortly after, and sometimes before, their words were revealed. One recalls the convicting message of Martin Luther, delivered under the threat of death, Thomas Moore, delivered shortly before death, and Martin Luther King, delivered before his untimely execution. While many of these speakers' words expressed deep conviction, the syntax alone was not what proved to convict members of the audience -- whether in person or in writing. Instead, a combination of language, tone, and imagery worked together to shape and challenge perceptions and preconceived…. [read more]

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