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Decision Support System Executive Presentation Essay

… The third component of the system is clinical reminders. The package incorporates a valuable aid to the treatment of the patient. The reminders are educative in nature as they facilitate the clinical decision-making process and educate the providers of the appropriate care. The clinical reminder component also improves the documentation of the patient information and accurate follow-up on the patient. The last component in the template is that of health summary (Whyte, 2005). The health summary component of the system supports the generation of the report containing all the specified information requested about the patient. This report extracts data from the CPRS system used in the setting, displaying this information in a standard format. This component can generate a wide range of information related to…. [read more]

Decision Support System (DSS) Assuring Research Proposal

… However, an overall efficacy in leading invention, innovation and commercialization is what the new concept of strategic leadership requires in this case. Distinctively speaking, the very measures which are supposed to gauge a CEO's leadership and creating creativity abilities need change. The interaction between innovation quality, quantity, and uniqueness and creative leadership has become extremely complex. The best leaders are thought to be those who can explore and exploit concurrently, while also lead imaginatively and operationally because today's innovation process involves three interrelated concepts, i.e. idea generation (invention), idea development, and idea commercialization (Bartels and Reinders, 2010). Therefore, the leadership plays an integral role in the successful implementation and integration of this particular Decision Support Systems.

3. Decision Support System (DSS) Proposal

The majority of…. [read more]

Decision-Making: What Are the Newest Concepts Utilized Thesis

… Decision-making: What are the newest concepts utilized in decision-Making? What are the most applicable concepts?

The most common form of traditional decision-making analysis is a 'rational actor' model. In this model, an individual logically makes decisions based upon a variety of alternatives, carefully weighing pros and cons and then arrives at the 'right' solution, based upon his or her self-interest. In real life, decision-making seldom functions in such a clean, neat fashion, and is reliant upon deciding between a variety of contingent circumstances, or 'if then' scenarios. In game theory, for example, decision-makers attempt to make various forecasts about the future, based upon a projected array of possible future actions. The future scenarios are reliant upon the actions of other, influential actors, over whom the…. [read more]

Decision Making and Creativity Essay

… It is a unique balance to see, yet the most skilled military leaders are capable of accomplishing this while attaining greater commitment and loyalty in the process.

Power And Influence In The Workplace

The military runs on a very unique foundation of power that is a combination of coercive, reward and legitimate power as defined by French and Raven (Drea, Bruner, Hensel, 1993). Historically, the military has relied heavily on legitimate power which often has lead to a transactional leadership mindset in many of the mid-tier management layer. With the pervasive adoption of information technologies throughout the military, the balance of power is shifting to expert and informational power. This is especially true in the recent series of trainings officers throughout my unit have completed.…. [read more]

Accounting Information for Decision Making Essay

… That web site is accompanied with reports for the company's 'environmental management plans'. Without particularly mentioning to water usage and consumption, it mentioned that Inghams website is needed to employ an Environment Management Plan (EMP). The EMP objectives are designed in compliance with: relevant legal structures along with other needs; identification from the environment impacts the company's activities, items and services; and, methods for controlling activities having a possibility to impact the atmosphere, continuous environment improvement through having specified aims as well as describe the company's organisational structure as well as monitoring responsibilities structures (Egan and Frost, 2012).

The site also reported particulars from the organisation's method of a yearly site by site self-evaluated 'environmental audit'. Finally, the site noted that 'all employees should be…. [read more]

Triangulation in Decision-Making and the Workplace Essay

… Triangulation in Decision-Making and the Workplace

Triangulation in the workplace often occurs when a member of the office enacts behavior that allows them to be not only the source of an emerging internal problem within the working environment while simultaneously being able to view its unfolding as an apparently uninvolved observer (Lyons, 2011, p.1). In a situation involving triangulation, the chain of communication is often as follows: colleague A talks to manager B, manager B. talks to client C, client C. also talks to colleague A, but the three never speak together in the same room or in the context of the same conversation. In this manner, a "triangle" of communication is enacted, but rather than solving the problem that is often the source of…. [read more]

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Thesis

… ¶ … management and decision sciences from various theorists; and, analyzes the evolution of managerial decision making from scientific management to the complicated forecasting models used today. The objectives of the Breadth component were four-fold: (a) to examine the theories of applied management and decision sciences as interpreted by the research of Ducker (1974), Harrison (1975), and others as listed in the reference section; (b) to analyze the historic evolution of decision making from scientific management to modern applications of operations research; (c) to examine the decision making process, with a particular emphasis on the importance of values and management judgment; and (d) to describe, assess, and evaluate various decision evaluation tools including matrix analysis, influence diagrams, payoff matrices, sensitivity analysis, decision tree, probabilistic forecasting,…. [read more]

Venture Capital Decision-Making Research Paper

… ¶ … Capital Decision-Making

It presently little understood as to precisely what factors determine the final funding decisions of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and this has become the focus of much study because of the necessity to understand what factors enable and empower the funding of entrepreneurs and business ventures. Venture Capital decision-making is stated in the work of Vouros and Panayiotopoulos to represent "...a complex, ill-structured, decision-making task." (2004) the following study explores decision-making among Venture Capitalists (VCs) which is an area characterized by complexity and confounding findings in previous studies. For instance, the work of Robert D. Hisrich entitled: "Toward a Model of Venture Capital Investment Decision Making" relates that the venture capital market's role in providing capital to a wide variety of enterprises…. [read more]

Decision Sciences Decision-Making Term Paper

… (The Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education)

Elsevier" publishes books, papers and free e-mail alerts on Decision Sciences. Some of the handbooks published by Elsevier are: Handbook on Operations Research and Management Science, Handbooks in Economics, Handbooks in Finance, etc. Decision Sciences Alert is a free e-mail alert that offers currently published research articles in the decision sciences to the readers. It comes once in a week and contains table of contents of journal issues published currently. (Decision Sciences Publications) A list of articles on Decision Sciences in given in the web page of College of Business, University of Illinois. (Research by Journal)

DSJ Online is a Decision Sciences Journal website. The three objectives of this site are: To promulgate information about the DSJ mission,…. [read more]

FIFO vs. LIFO Essay

… Under each system the value of inventory would be different. If management wants to lower the value of inventory, then one method would be preferred over the other. In addition the LIFO method is preferred during periods of rising inflation or increasing prices. Under LIFO, cost of goods sold would be the inflated resulting in a lower taxable income. A lower taxable income results in a lower income tax. Therefore companies with tax consideration may consider the LIFO method (Gibson, 2002).

FIFO is the preferred method of companies with products with limited life or use. This method is preferred for grocery store chains as products often have a predetermined shelf life. Technology companies are using this method as innovations create products which quickly become obsolete.…. [read more]

Decision Making Tool Term Paper

… another (Buckley & Dudley, 2004).

Decision trees are in fact mathematical in nature, using a technique referred to as mathematical expectation to produce the "most beneficial" alternative in many instances (Buckley & Dudley, 2004). Gerber Products Inc., recently took advantage of decision tree analysis when deciding whether to use PVC for its products (Buckley & Dudley, 2004). The organization, working in conjunction with other big names including the U.S. Consumer products Safety Commission and Green peace, set out to decide whether PVC use was safe (Buckley & Dudley, 2004). Because Gerber makes a variety of products used orally for children including nipples and pacifiers it was vital they evaluate the pros and cons of PVC use and the potential effects such use would have on…. [read more]

Medical Ethics and Decision Making Term Paper

… Doctors are often conflicted emotionally by this because their ethics and morals conflict with what they can do for their patients (Goold, 2001).

It is becoming more clear that doctors need more guidelines when it comes to delicate situations involving their patients, because they often have to go on only what they are taught in medical school and do not get to exercise their ethical beliefs as much as they would like (Rhodes, 1986). In other words, they often do not have the power to try to help their patients in the best way possible because they are unaware of some of the options that they have or are not able to find a way to get the procedure, tests, or medication covered by the…. [read more]

Ethical Problem(s) Relevant Values Stakeholders Research Paper

… He had excellent analytical skills, he focused more on the reformation of justice system e.g. penal system of Britain and English legal code, and he termed it, "Demon of Chicane," rather than facilitating the status quo system. This leads us to the conclusion that Jeremy Bentham was more of a philosopher of his time. He was continuously busy in finding new ways and theories to define the laws he had created. Secularism was popular in Jeremy Bentham's time. Therefore, his ideas and beliefs were highly influenced by it. He looked for conclusions dependant on the material explanation of good and bad, right and wrong. Furthermore, he criticized Christianity and said that it was too much based on institutions. David Hume (1711-1776) and French philosopher Claude-Adrien…. [read more]

Generational Conflict and Adult Decision-Making in John Term Paper

… ¶ … Generational Conflict and Adult Decision-Making in John Updike's short story "A&P"

The short story "A&P," by John Updike (410), first published in 1962, focuses on a moral/social dilemma suddenly, unexpectedly experienced one summer afternoon by a teenage boy, Sammy, who works as a check-out clerk at the neighborhood grocery store, the a &

Sammy's boss, Mr. Lendel, is a strait-laced, unimaginative pillar of Sammy's small east coast community. He teaches Sunday school each week and has for years; and Sammy's parents have been friends of his for years, too. At the end of the story, Sammy, in order to be true to himself, makes a decision about either staying at his job or quitting it that changes all of that. The choice he…. [read more]

New Trucking Hours of Service Rule Research Paper

… ¶ … new trucking hours of service rule will take effect in the United States that will have important implications for over-the-road trucking companies and their professional drivers. To gain some fresh insights into these implications, the purpose of this paper was to use the three value system comprised of law, morality, and social responsibility in the application of different ethical principles in the analysis of the response by Swift Transportation and Werner Enterprise to the new hours of service rule. To this end, the paper presents a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly, governmental and organizational literature in these areas, followed by a summary of the research, important findings, personal opinions and recommendations in the paper's conclusion.

Table of Contents




Purpose…. [read more]

Decision of Uncertainty Internet Research Paper

… Decision of Uncertainty

Internet has become a way of life because of the convenience and flexibility that comes with it. One can do a whole lot of things including comparing different products and buying the right product that perfectly fits their needs. This widespread use of Internet has led many businesses to have Internet as an important medium to sell their products to customers located in different parts of the country, or even around the world. It has transformed the way businesses conduct their operations.

Business Scenario

A company in the wholesale segment of business wanted to evaluate whether it is a good idea to have an e-commerce site that can boost its sales among its existing customers and help it to get a higher…. [read more]

Future Leader Term Paper

… Leaders will need to learn to demonstrate competencies to make the best decisions given these events, conditions, and crises. To make the best decisions, leaders and their organizations will need to be able to learn efficiently and effectively, collaborate, coordinate, share information, and create knowledge more readily. Diffusion of advanced technology is essential to enabling Network-Centric principles in a true learning environment.

The potential for crisis consequences of epic proportion makes business and military executive competency a serious social concern. The lack of essential military competencies for anticipating the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack or the September 11, 2001 attacks raised national security uncertainties and contributed to poor executive decisions (Anonymous, 2003). Also in 2001, poor communications among executives and ethical issues led to devastating shareholder…. [read more]

Businesses Make Decisions Term Paper

… This was first operationalized by stressing teams or communities intended to capture good practices, on-the- job experiences, and accepted learning processes in order to build team-owned knowledge assets. One early initiative was to assemble a global knowledge community across BP Amoco to use expertise regarding maintenance of oil drilling platforms. Better and faster decision-making plus development of new products and services are knowledge management objectives.

The mission of UPS is "serve the ongoing package distribution needs of our customers worldwide and provide other services that enhance customer relationship and compliment our position as the foremost provider of package distribution services, offering high quality and excellent value in every service." UPS used to stand out most because of its the most price-effective carrier, but the company…. [read more]

Improving Decision-Making and Patron Service in the Library System Research Proposal

… Improving Decision Making and Patron Service in the Library System

Library System

In 1897, according to "The library and the system of cataloging: Report of the committee on the library," a patron had to pay a fine of one cent per day for each overdue book. In addition, rules regarding patron's use of the library stressed: "Members may borrow books for home use, but no one shall have more than four books at any time, nor keep any book more than five weeks" ("The library and the system... 6). Rules enforced during 1897 appear to indicate that the library itself, not the patron, was the primary focus for the American library system. Patrons were warned:

Any person mutilating or losing a book shall pay for…. [read more]

Crime Doesn't Pay Essay

… Lavish Lifestyle

Richard M. Scrushy had a lavish and sophisticated lifestyle with a good number of people. Jennings (2009) stated that his personal properties which includes a mansion situated at Birmingham were worth $3 million which was 14,000 square feet lakefront home located at lake Martin, Alabama, he had a ninety two foot yacht and thirty-four cars including two Rolls-Royces and one Lamborghini. At same time he was also having and access to the 11 company jets which he was using to move his own rock band (Jennings, 2009, p. 371).

Jennings (2004) recognized some popular red flags that would point to corporate counsel that certain inquiry which touch on the accounting of the company might be in order. She pointed out that in HealthSouth's…. [read more]

Course of Action Decision Professional Writing

… ¶ … Action Decision Brief

"What you want to do is to weigh all the numerous issues, distinguishing that in war some data could be wrong, that a lot is missing totally, and there are all sorts of essentials over which you have no control…. You have got to weigh all of these things and come to a decision as to what you want to do." Field Marshall William Slim


Situation update.

Planning considerations.

Guidance received.

Centers of gravity.

Area of operations.


Analysis of COAs.

COA comparison.


Situation Update

Operations in water are restricted Numerous landing field exist all over the district.

would have to rely on its own intelligence to control the correctness of completed strikes and the degree of damage…. [read more]

Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced Business Proposal

… Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced in Marketing

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Product Strategy

Pricing strategy

Promotional Strategy

Market Targeting

Companies have to come up with marketing strategies consistent with an organization's strategy because absence of a marketing strategy undermines such companies' effort to attract customers. A company's marketing strategy must be one that ensures that the products and services the company deals in meet the expectations of the customers (Galavan, Murray & Markides, 2008). This can guarantee a long lasting and profitable relationship between the company and its customers.

A company's marketing strategy should among other things take into consideration the resources available. The resources have to be optimally utilized. If a company's management contemplates venturing into a new market or coming up with…. [read more]

Perceptions of Elementary Teachers in Tennessee Schools in Regard to Preferred Shared Decision-Making Roles Literature Review

… Administration

Perceptions of Elementary Teachers in Tennessee Schools in Regard to Preferred Shared Decision Making Roles

Negative Historical Findings of Top-Down Leadership Style

Some of the greatest things that have ever been accomplished have been the product of a group of people considering, accepting and believing in a fact when everyone else saw myth, deceits and dissent. Many people, alteration programs and leadership molds have gripped the ground-breaking power of the combined over the execution of personal power by a leading few. This begs the question, in the realm of education of whether leadership is really the driving force, or simply an explanation for everything that is wrong (the Problems of Top-Down Leadership, 2011).

It has been seen that most associations are far more contented…. [read more]

Cultural Analysis What Values, Attitudes and Behaviors Research Paper

… Cultural Analysis

What values, attitudes and behaviors of yours (that is -- your culture) might clash with the chosen culture?

Butler (2012) in his investigation directs out the subsequent aspects about Indian civilization and attitude and the errors one should keep away from. One should keep away from arrangement of meetings on or close to a national vacation in India. Timeliness for meetings is not a main concern of Indians. If you are fifteen minutes not on time, it will be barely noticed.

When going inside a meeting, a handshake is suitable for greeting a male associate. Handshake with a woman is not suggested unless it is started by the woman. If you feel as if shaking hands is inappropriate, it is secure to make…. [read more]

Ethics the Terri Schiavo Case Term Paper

… " (Lazzaerini et al., 2006)

Related issues are those to do with physician assisted dying and with, generally, helping a willing patient to die. Torke et al. (2008) argue that guardian judgment is often used as decision-making when a patient lacks the cognitive abilities to decide treatment for herself. Surrogate decision-making, however, has its own flaws and should be replaced by something more rational. Tong et al. (20080 argue that the decision whether or not to prolong a patient's life should focus on the patient's dignity and individuality rather than on his or her autonomy. This is the crux of the Schiavo case.

Summarize your analysis and conclude by discussing what could have been done to avoid this ethical issue.

The Terri Schiavo case was…. [read more]

Group Communication and Decision-Making Research Paper

… You can be an individual contributor or a "box on the organizational chart" and still act as a leader in your organization because of the communication strategies you apply, or fail to do so. Prepared Mind leadership is not limited by formal roles but is guided by decision making abilities and group communication strategies. In fact, the more we looked at acts of leadership, the more we realized the power, the responsibility and the risk of 'acting outside the narrow confines of your job description' and being mentally prepared to take the necessary decisions based on diverse circumstances. Furthermore, in this era of continuously shifting boundaries and relationships, and shorter job and strategy shelf lives, successful people learn to do just that, for their own…. [read more]

Decision Making and Strategy in Management Essay

… Assuming that a new situation, although similar to one in the past, will play out in the same way is to assume too much and set oneself up for failure.
My weaknesses in regard to strategy are that I sometimes fail to give myself room for the unexpected. I will allocate all available resources to a project as though it existed in a vacuum, thinking that once it is greenlighted, nothing will come along to disrupt the process'but almost always there is a hiccup. The problem I face is that I become too excited about moving forward and want to get as many people and resources committed to the project beforehand so that they are not scooped up by another project manager and committed elsewhere.…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Mnes New Organizational Strategies Term Paper

… competitive advantage MNEs


The objective of this work is to "assume the position of a member of the strategic planning team in a large multinational enterprise (MNE). It has been acknowledged by the team that other MNEs appear to have set out changing the strategies and structures of the organizations in order to obtain competitive advantage in the changing global environment. A written report is required that: (1) examines the major determinants of the control strategies adopted by MNEs and the extent to which they parent companies are prepared to allow their subsidiaries decision making autonomy; and (2) describe the organizational structures used to implement such strategies, the types of control mechanisms…. [read more]

Concept of Human Security Essay

… Human Security

Origin and Development of the Concept of Human Security

Dr. Mahbub ul Haq first introduced the concept as part of holistic paradigm of human development through his 1994 Human Development Report.

The Report was the first document to propose the concept and appropriate policy and action. Dr. ul Haq and many others discussed at a previous roundtable meeting on the "Economics of Peace" in Costa Rica in January that year the need of the post-Cold War for such a new concept in consideration of changed foreign policy objectives from an almost entirely military nature. They agreed that the focus should broaden into overall security of individuals from "social violence, economic distress and environmental degradation. That new and more relevant concept should address the…. [read more]

New Healthcare Challenges for a Divers and Growing Elderly Population Term Paper

… There were an estimated 3.3 million African-Americans over 65 in 2010, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA). By 2050, it is expected that the elderly population of African-Americans will account for about 11% of the 65-and-older population in the United States (AoA).

And although African-Americans are living longer, the majority of those over 65 years of age have had "at least one chronic health condition and many have multiple conditions" (AoA). The AoA provides a breakdown into the most frequent chronic conditions that afflicted older black people between the years 2005 and 2007.

Topping the list is hypertension, with 84% of elderly African-Americans reporting this medical problem. The following medical ailments are listed with percentages of black elderly people in parentheses: a) diagnosed arthritis…. [read more]

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