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Decisions in Paradise Essay

… Decisions in Paradise: Implementation and Ethical Considerations

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The intent of this analysis is to first define the factors that are affecting the decision implementation of market and business development plans for Kava. Next an evaluation of resources and actions required for the implementation is provided. The ethical implications from the stakeholders' perspective are discussed, including the issue of oversight and governance. The foundation of the business model Nik and his team have defined centers on creating an educational company that offers vocational training and advanced education. The impetus of choosing this business is the need the island has for an educated workforce so its industries can grow.

Applying Business Theory to Kava Market and Business Development

The core business model for…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise Part III Essay

… Paradise III

Decisions in Paradise III: Resources, Actions, and Ethical Implications of Decision Implementation

Nik, Alex, and Chris all certainly have their work cut out for them on Java. Developing a training program for the youth of the island and keeping to an established progress plan that allows for government oversight of the various stages of development and progress within the group's operations on the island will not be a simple task. Financial planning in the hectic environment of Kava, with a weakened infrastructure under constant threat, can also be somewhat problematic. Other organizational factor that affect decision making will also need to be taken into account, as will a fuller understanding of resource availabilities and the full ethical considerations and stakeholder perspectives on the…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise: Implementation and Ethical Considerations Term Paper

… Decisions in Paradise:

Implementation and Ethical Considerations

Decisions in Paradise: Implementation and Ethical Considerations

Developing an educational system using public television as the foundation can serve as the catalyst for additional businesses that are essential for the growth of Kava's economy as well. Nik and his team need to next define the key factors that can contribute to the success of the initial development of a public-television-based educational system that can qualify for national, regional and global grants. Based on the success of this model, Nik and his team need to expand into location-based trade schools and colleges, and work to turn these into profitable businesses while also providing the necessary education for Kava residents so they can better their lives by getting better jobs,…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise III Essay

… Much of the lack of efficiency and organization is due to a disjointed work flow situation. Once the work flow is set up correctly, many problems will work themselves out almost immediately. As new problems arise, work flow needs to be changed and developed to meet those challenges.

Evaluating Resources and Actions Required for Decision Implementation Solution(s):

Work Flow Streamlining

As the organization grows, it will depend upon the work flow laid down in its infancy. While tasks may not be distributed exactly as planned in the beginning, as operations grow, the basic work flow template will need to followed to have maximum organizational effect. "Jumping the chain of command" at a later date will have even more dire consequences than in the beginning mistakes…. [read more]

Decision in Paradise: For Kava Term Paper

… The country needs a complete overhaul of the tourism sector. The sector is highly neglected because country is focusing on other more pressing issues and has pushed tourism far behind on its list of priorities. We need to address numerous problems before we can execute our proposed solution. The health concerns are many and must be properly handled. For this we will need support of various agencies. We are also concerned about corruption within political circles that might affect the implementation process since bribery and nepotism are common in small islands like Kava.

Apart from these factors affecting the proposed solution, we find that the same factors can hinder the entire implementation process. From our end, we will be able to get approval to go…. [read more]

School Counseling Ethics Term Paper

… School Counseling

Ethics has been very much on the public mind for the past few years, beginning with stunning revelations of corporate ethical lapses, some of them consuming pensions (Enron), and others consuming lives (Bhopal, India). These are devastating lapses, but it might be argued that even more devastating are ethical lapses in counseling, and, more particularly, school counseling. Children and adolescents who seek or are forced into school counseling are arguably among the students most at risk for unethical -- not to say illegal -- behavior themselves. Therefore, it would seem essential on that basis alone to solve ethical dilemma issues for school counselors working with that population.

School counselors obtain their own training in dealing with ethical dilemmas during their education; therefore, it…. [read more]

Boudon 2001 and Eskensberger Thesis

… Boudon 2001 and Eskensberger 2001

What concepts in the articles of Boudon (2001) and Eskensberger (2001) can current instructors apply in an adult education program?

An important concept for instructors to keep in mind when teaching adults is that adults usually return to educational settings in search of what the students see as rational, concrete purposes. Because of the expense of obtaining an education, even more undergraduates are entering into programs with a largely vocational mindset. But for adults with a family to support and a mortgage, these students are more likely to embark upon a program of study with the cautious, cause-and-effect approach that Boudon (2001) describes in his essay "Theories of Social Action." Just like individuals looking both ways to avoid being hit…. [read more]

Importance of Affirmative Action Term Paper

… Validity of Data

America considers herself the land of the free, home of the brave, and while the second component to this maxim is rarely challenged, the first has come under fire throughout all of the nation's history, particularly in the last 40 years.

After all, America is a nation of stark contrasts: On one hand, it is truly the only nation in the world in which a minority can literally immigrate one day, and be well on the way to a successful career and job the next, without the shackles of prejudice and discrimination.

However, this experience is not shared by all immigrants, and it is certainly not shared by the largest indigenous minority in the United States: African-Americans. Together with Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans represent…. [read more]

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