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Dell Corporation Dell Computers Company Research Paper

… Probably, this is the reason why new firms find it hard to cope in the market. Dell has an already established market, and its affordable products gives the company a competitive advantage, which may discourage new entrants. In addition, as an existing competitor, Dell Corporation will competitively perform better compared to new entrants.

Bargaining Power of buyer

Due to the less amount of brand loyalty in the computer industry, the bargaining power is high. Additionally, this arises because many companies tend to produce similar products. In the case of Dell Corporation, the customers have a chance to specify their preference and order systems they can afford. Therefore, this will give the corporation a better chance because the customers choose what they can afford.

Bargaining Power…. [read more]

Dell Inc. Fraud Business Practices Term Paper

… The intense focus and stringent rules of Wall Street for companies to remain profitable consistently each and every year are something that needs serious revision. A company that doesn't get involved in some accounting irregularities might now be an exception and not a rule; since it is not possible to meet earnings targets each quarter without fail. What Dell did could be easily understood and in the long run even forgiven because this kind of fraud would keep happening if Wall Street continues to demand certain targets each quarter. (Hess 2010)

Dell's Michael Dell had been telling investors that his company's ability to meet earnings targets for 20 quarters was due to "superior operations" but it was later found that Dell's failure to disclose the…. [read more]

Apple Computer Essay

… The first is the company's brand, which has strong associations and is a point of differentiation across the entire product line; the second is the operating system. While all of the other major competitors rely on the Windows operating system from Microsoft, Apple has always utilized a proprietary operating system that it feels is superior. This differentiates the computer on the basis of function and feel, and also in terms of the software options that are available. Some types of software are more prevalent on the Apple operating system, others on Windows.

The mp3 player industry is fragmented, but it is dominated by Apple. The company has over 70% share of the mp3 player market (Delahunty, 2009) with most competitors being having small shares and…. [read more]

Dell Computers Evaluating Dell Inc Term Paper

… Dell Computers

Evaluating Dell Inc. As a Prospective Employer

Company Overview

Dell Inc. specializes in the sale of computer systems directly to their customers. Their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is 3571: electronic computers. Companies within the manufacturing portion of this code have an SIC code from 3571-3579. This code allows them to manufacture and sell their systems directly to their consumers. When one compares their SIC classification to their actual business as listed in their 10-K, they are close. Dell states that it sells systems directly to customers. However, it does not indicate whether it manufactures them or purchases them from another manufacturer. This is not stated in the company description. However, in the Shareholder Letter it is found that many of the systems…. [read more]

Dell Computer in 2003 Driving for Industry Leadership Term Paper

… Dell Computers in 2003: Driving for Industry Leadership

Company background and History

It is an interesting fact that Michael Dell, when he was just about fifteen years old, bought his very own first personal computer, which was an Apple II, in the year 1980. He subsequently took the entire computer apart, so that he would be able to better learn exactly how it had been made, and what its various parts were. Soon afterwards, when IBM introduced its first personal computer, Michael Dell started to buy, and then to upgrade, and to sell IBM compatible computers in the market. This was the simple and modest beginning of the 'direct sales' technique that the company Dell employs, even today. It is another interesting fact that even…. [read more]

Buying Process for a New Essay

… Trust then becomes an accelerator of sales and the willingness to try a new product or service (Leinsdorff, 1995).

The next phase of the purchasing process, which is evaluation of alternatives, happened very quickly as the companies who produce Microsoft Windows 8-compatible laptops have overloaded their sites with information. The evaluation of alternatives was accomplished by creating a relative simple matrix of the top purchasing criteria for our family along the left column, and a ranking by number of each feature by system in each column of the table. Each column in the matrix represented a specific laptop, Our family went through and debates the merits of each one relative to the ranking criteria and eventually had a winning system we all agreed would be…. [read more]

Market Structures Simulation Table Perfect Case Study

… Apple can price these hardware units relatively low because they are basically ensured an ongoing revenue stream through the purchase of content made available to run on these systems.

However, different pricing strategies are used other market niches that do not have the same capacity for additional revenue streams such as PC and cell phone product markets. Although there is some potential for future revenues, the platforms aren't as dependent on these future sales and thus there isn't as much future revenue potential. In these specific market segments Apple generally requires a product premium over the substitute products to maximize its revenues upfront rather than depending on a future revenue stream. Apple is known to also utilizes a dynamic pricing model based on the product…. [read more]

Dell Computer 2004 Term Paper

… Dell

Current Situation

Goals Objectives, Policies and Strategies


Maintained No. 1 position in the computer hardware industry

Introduction and sell of 2 million printers

Increased Revenues

Increased Year over Year Shipments


Decline in revenue growth

Decrease in Investment Income


Increasing the company's presence in existing markets

Entering new markets,

Pursuing additional product and service opportunities

Threats price wars (competition)

Inability to handle product transitions risks associated with doing business abroad

Instability in the infrastructure




Evaluation and Control

Current Situation

Historical Background

Dell Inc. is the leading manufacturer in the computer hardware industry. The company specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of an expansive product line built according to customer requirements ("Full Company Description"). These products include…. [read more]

Dell and Business Case Study

… Recommendations

My recommendations to Michael Dell are to invest more in research and creating new products. I would also recommend that Dell continues to conduct market research, gathering information about the competitors and the customers, to make changes in their product and services. Giant technology corporations are expected to keep up sales in 2011; however the instability in the economy in the United States and in Europe could prevent sales growth. Companies must continue to differentiate themselves to ensure growth (Reuters, 2011). I would recommend that Michael Dell immerse in marketing on social media websites, this is a low cost method of marketing and it can reach a wide range of customers. This strategy will help Dell to overtake Hewitt Packard. In 2010 Facebook reported…. [read more] Analysis Essay

… From the remarks that the Dell Chief Information Officer (CIO) has made about the company's decision to invest heavily in Web-based applications to ensure quoting, product configuration, pricing and supply chain integration are integrated to anticipate demand, it is clear Dell sees this as a major competitive advantage (AMR Research, 2005). Also evident from the company's approach to managing these applications is how Dell segments product lines by level of configuration complexity. The laptops and netbooks, which require very little configuration, are sold through guided selling applications, where Dell relies on an assemble-to-order strategy. The build-to-order strategy is used for the mid-range laptops; configure-to-order for high-end laptops and low-end servers; and engineer-to-order for the most advanced storage networks and advanced enterprise systems the company produces.…. [read more]

Financial Marketing Term Paper

… Dell

Overview & brief history of Dell

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. According to a profile for the company it is involved in their manufacture, design, marketing, sale and support of services and computer systems throughout the world. This company credits itself on providing services and products that allow businesses and individuals to develop an internet structure. Dell's product line includes laptops, mobile workstations, handhelds, printers, projectors, servers, peripheral products, software and notebook accessories (Dell Profile). The company also has several services that it offers consumers including deployment services, managed lifecycle services and client support services (Dell Profile). The company also provides asset management services and financial services (Dell Profile).

In addition, Dell sells products directly to government, healthcare and corporate entities…. [read more]

Innovation Strategy Dell Launched Term Paper

… Innovation Strategy

Dell launched its existence with an innovative strategy both in terms of production and retailing, but has struggled in recent years to match that innovation as its industry has moved towards commodification. The company's innovation focus is in customer-driven innovation. It has built innovation into the corporate culture, reinforcing this by highlighting innovators as corporate heroes (Dell, 2013). In recent years, these have come from a range of areas within the company, highlighting the fact that Dell is still focus on corporate-wide innovation. Dell is now a private company, so it is difficult to tell how well the company has succeeded in recent years with its innovation strategy. The company uses innovation not just to reinvent the business, but it also focuses on…. [read more]

Investment Opportunity Research Proposal

… Investment Opportunity

Nowadays' organizations strive to make it in this extremely dynamic and competitive environment. They have developed numerous strategies in response to the changes emerged, the most relevant of these strategies referring to the incorporation of the latest technologies, the treatment of the employees or the focus on customer satisfaction. Aside this, territorial expansion has also contributed to the strength of a company and to its achievement of a notable competitive position. Much of the success registered by the multinational corporations which expanded their operations nationwide is due to their wide access to resources. In light of the resources however, these were often to always limited, meaning then that each project had to be clearly though through before a decision was made. The aim…. [read more]

Change Management for Enterprise 2.0 Implementations Dissertation

… ¶ … Social Networking Technologies on the Collaborative Performance of Organisations

Today, there are growing numbers of large-scale organizations deploying Enterprise 2.0-based solutions for their information-sharing and collaborative needs. Although these solutions share some common features, every organization's requirements are unique and the manner in which they are adopting Enterprise 2.0 solutions varies. Moreover, the maturity levels of these Enterprise 2.0 implementations vary significantly. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to synthesize secondary and primary resources to identify critical success factors and maturity levels that exist along the Enterprise 2.0 continuum, evaluating the value of their social network-based communication and collaboration in the process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Project Objectives

Background Research

Organization of the…. [read more]

Current Event Analysis -- Apple's Product Innovation Term Paper

… Current Event Analysis -- Apple's Product Innovation Leads to Profitability

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is one of the most financially successful high technology companies globally today due to their exceptional management of the five forces Dr. Porter describes (Porter, 81, 82) in his Five Forces Model, which is shown in Figure 1. This is the framework used for analyzing the two articles cited in this analysis. The first article is about the Apple iPad, and the second, about the best-selling smartphone the Apple iPhone 4. In each of these articles are ample proof as to how effectively Apple manages the five forces that shape competitive strategy (Porter,

Analyzing the Market Acceptable of the Apple iPad -- A Runaway Success

Apple reported that in the first…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

… Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been identified as an effective marketing tool within the business environment. More importantly, the company will be operating in the U.S. economy and the company will take the advantages of the economic and technological superiority of the U.S. To deliver high quality product and services.

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is computer hardware and software provider operating in the United States and the company is…. [read more]

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Term Paper

… E-Manufacturing - a New Link in the Supply Chain

Research Question and/or Hypothesis

Benefits of the Study

Industry/Organizational Perspectives/Implications

Conceptual Framework

Definitions/Operationalization of Terms

Research/Sampling Design

Research Variables/Measurement

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations

E-Manufacturing - A New Link in the Supply Chain

Computer use first spread throughout manufacturing and industry during the 1950's and 1960's. Early computers, however, were both difficult to program and limited in their speed and memory. Therefore, they were used mostly for tasks requiring little analysis, but much sorting, calculating, and filing. These first computer applications did in fact improve the efficiency of basic clerical activities within manufacturing companies: accounting; payroll; order processing; inventory maintenance, customer record keeping, and so forth.

However, the early computers used in manufacturing and business were dedicated…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Ethics Essay

… The management regularly appraises where the organization is at and the next plan and direction. There are uncontrollable external factors like competition from other companies like Samsung and Nokia as well as computer manufacturers like Dell and IBM that pose a great threat to Apple Inc. hence they have to do a comprehensive and realistic evaluation of the same.

Organizing will deal with putting into proper channel the resources that Apple has in order to implement the course of action that has been identified in the planning step. Here is when the internal factors will matter and the relevant departments will be put into use plus the dissemination of information. Apple has always succeeded in ensuring there is good organization towards executing their plans since…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Organization's Product Life Essay

… The principal benefit of an efficient and the automated system is that it enables Apple to respond to reduced inventory levels quickly. Apple can be equipped pull back on stock while ramping up inventory in different product categories as customer interests and needs change (Thomas, 2013).

Inventory Costs: Reduction of inventory management expenses is an essential driver and profit of just-in time practices. Management of inventory has costs, and when Apple reduces the amount of holding space and staff needed with JIT, the organization can invest funds other opportunities and business development. Apple will additionally have less probability of throwing items that expire or get old. This means waste will be reduced (Thomas, 2013).


Quantitative Forecasting method

Market Growth: While it is impossible for…. [read more]

Investment Prospectus With a Major Corporation Term Paper

… ¶ … investment prospectus with a major corporation, it is often helpful to provide an historical background of the company, as well as information designed to uncover the company culture, prospects for future growth, and marketing/communication issues. Ford Motor Company's first car was sold on July 23, 1903. In 1906, the first Model T. was made available and the millionth car produced on December 10, 1915. Production of trucks and tractors began in 1917. Ford became the first international company when they started exporting cars to Europe. Within 10 years Ford had plants in 5 countries. In 1956, Ford went public with the largest stock issue of all-time; 10.2 million shares. The Ford family still retains 34% of the firms voting stock. Ford's finance subsidiary,…. [read more]

Blackboard, Inc. Marketing Plan Term Paper

… Blackboard Inc. marketing plan

Blackboard Inc. is a software company focused on delivering high quality products that satisfy a wide array of customers. Their products and services mainly target students, teachers and universities and are aimed to facilitate the e-learning process. Aside from online learning, the Blackboard products are also used for online purchases and other e-commerce operations. However, the current marketing plan is focused on the learning features of the Blackboard products, represented by the Blackboard Academic Suite.

But in order to analyze the one particular product, emphasis must be placed on the current features and characteristics of the overall company, including its' vision, objectives, core competencies, human resource and financial highlights. The outside environment must also be analyzed in order to identify what…. [read more]

Business Logistics and the Supply Chain Term Paper

… Business Logistics and the Supply Chain

In order for manufacturing companies to be successful in the emerging e-business environment, it is necessary for companies to establish strong relationships within their supply chain. A significant part of this process is improved information sharing on all levels of the chain, and the Internet allows for this integration of communication and information technologies, from the factory floor to the top office, and including the company's vendors and suppliers.

Online purchasing has provided the impetus for many manufacturing firms to move from a build-to-stock to build-to-order business model. In addition to upgrading technology, companies must work with their vendors to create win-win relationships with a special emphasis on information sharing. This requires a drastic change in manufacturer/vendor relations, which…. [read more]

Arby Fields: Computing, Networking Essay

… With communication between individual users being so streamlined, it creates a dangerous situation where one user can bring in a virus or malware from the outside and quickly delivery it to the other users in the network. Spyware is especially dangerous because it can often go unnoticed for long periods of time, putting the company's sensitive data in jeopardy (Enterprise Networking Planet Staff 2011). Unlike malware, which typically work to noticeably attack the operating system in order to purposely damage it, spyware stays hidden and mines for lucrative data to steal. If a network-based system does not have the most efficient and resourceful anti-virus and malware protection, it is at risk to invasion from these external threats. Moreover, a number of internal threats pose a…. [read more]

Change Management Implications of Lenovo's Acquisition Term Paper

… Change Management Implications of Lenovo's Acquisition of IBM Computer's Personal Computer Division

Lenovo's takeover of IBM PC is described as a 'snake eating an elephant.' -- Ling Zhijun, "The Lenovo Affair: The Growth of China's Computer Giant and Its Takeover of IBM-PC," 2006

The epigraph above suggests that the recent acquisition of IBM Computer's personal computer division by the up-and-coming Chinese concern Lenovo was a painful affair, and the scholarly literature concerning change management bears likewise suggests that there were some difficult challenges involved throughout the process as well. The early history of Lenovo is fairly unremarkable, with the company being first established in 1984 to sell computer parts manufactured under the IBM label. By 1990, though, Lenovo was selling personal computers under its own…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Marketing Report for HP Pavilion Assessment

… Organization Behavior

Marketing Report for HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea 11.6" Silver Laptop

Marketing Report for HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea 11.6" Silver Laptop

To make its product or service brand successful in the market, every organization has to develop a complete set of marketing strategies before bringing that brand in the market (Kotler & Armstrong 2008). This paper proposes a comprehensive analysis of HP Pavilion laptop, its market analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies and marketing mix.

HP has provided a lot of innovative products in the field of information technology and has launched a number of products meeting the people's demands, ranging from HP printers, photo smart scanners, digital cameras and laptops.

Marketing strategy tries to match firm's opportunities with the available resources and the objectives which management…. [read more]

Behavioral Finance and Human Interaction Term Paper

… Retail sales can serve as a measure of the economy's strength. Low retails sales often mean that the economy is weak, which could cause a drop in the Federal Reserve interest rates.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in the prices that consumers pay for a fixed amount of goods and services. The Federal Reserve monitors this data and uses it as a key measure if inflationary pressure on the economy. As a general rule, if the CPI's value increases, the money supply will tighten.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures economic activity. It is the output of all goods and services created by labor and property in the United States. GDP provides important information on the current economic climate.

Characteristics of…. [read more]

Business Value What Is England, Inc Research Proposal

… Business Value

What is England, Inc.'s value proposition? Is the company different from an average furniture manufacturer in value creation and capture?

The furniture company England, Inc. prices its products extremely low, based upon an industry average. Its products are priced around $500-$1,500 when sofas, especially custom-made, upholstery sofas, can easily cost several times over that amount. It also promises swift delivery, within a few days if shipping logistics allow. Low price and speed, rather than customization might initially seem to be the focus: yet the company still offers a tremendously varied array of frames and fabrics. In 2002, England, Inc. hoped to take advantage of budget-conscious consumers, and, at the time, capitalize upon the fact that so many people were buying new homes.

To…. [read more]

E-Customer Relationship Management Essay

… Customer Relationship Management

e-Customer Relationship Management

How would you use social networks, permission marketing, and customer information acquisition in an E-commerce strategy?

The disruptive nature of social networks and their effects on marketing are revolutionizing every aspect customer relationships, including the re-ordering of marketing sales and services strategies. In aggregate social networks are bringing an entirely new level of insight and intelligence into how permission marketing, information acquisition and e-commerce strategies can be accomplished. The highest-performing marketing and sales organizations have successfully integrated the intelligence and insight gained from social networks via analytics and customer listening systems to better tailor selling, product and services strategies (Bampo, Ewing, Mather, Stewart, Wallace, 2008). Social networks have emerged as one of the most important and powerful platforms for…. [read more]

HP Secures a Place in the Cloud Research Paper

… More than a decade ago, the competitive environment signaled movement away from mainframe computers and toward blade servers and virtualized storage. Accordingly, HP acquired a networking equipment producer in 3 Com for nearly $3 billion dollars, and acquired AppIQ for storage management: moves that dovetailed with the growth strategy for the HP Technology Systems Group. According to industry sources, HP has plans for more acquisitions in the infrastructure software arena, which would likely include security software companies, storage software makers, and software companies that serve the blade server market (Makri, 2012). HP's Imaging & Printing Group will likely continue with the long-term plan to develop commercial printers.

Consumers increasingly expect the companies they deal with to conduct business in a socially conscious manner. The technology…. [read more]

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