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Democracy in America: On the Ropes? Essay

… What are those consequences? The authors allow the reader to figure that out or to conjecture quietly about the potential consequences. The authors do point out that the poor are about "three-fifths" as likely to vote as the rich; and the poor are "only half as likely" to attend a protest march or even contact a government official; and the poor are only "one-tenth as likely to make a campaign conation" (Verba, 76).

Reading between those lines an alert person can easily relate to the pathos of the narrative: without saying so, the authors are pointing to the slow but sure decay of participatory democracy here in America. Fast-forward to 2012 and what Verba and colleagues were writing about in 1997 has become dramatically and…. [read more]

Defining Terrorism Term Paper

… Terrorism

Encyclopedias and dictionaries define terrorism in the easy to understand language but in reality it is a concept that is hard to grasp. In the last two decades terrorism caused more damage to the world then anything else. Especially after 9/11 the word terrorism was being redefined. Despite differing definitions terrorism, is considered a crime in most of the countries. Statutes of different countries have different version of the definition of terrorism.

Looking up a dictionary we would find the definition in the simplest form. For example, the American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Racial Profiling the Distinguished Harvard Thesis

… That it does so whilst using police resources efficiently

3. That it does so without producing a "ratchet effect" on the profiled population.

Going through these factors one by one, we see that:

1. Apparently, racial profiling does not appear to be an effective tool for law enforcement to use in policing society, since drugs and other crimes, rather than decreasing, seem to have increased over the years. And this is so despite once common policy of racial profiling. Therefore Factor One does not hold since racial profiling does not reduce the amount of profiled crime.

2. The practice of racial profiling does not use police resources efficiently, since a large wastage of money and labor forces are used in a disorganized manner to flag…. [read more]

Fukuyama, Huntingdon, Friedman Reaction Paper

… But for Friedman, it is the irreversibility of the technological changes wrought by capitalism that are most important for analysis: the increased level of connection offered by the internet is now the most important fact, and for Friedman the ability to live life both free and informed will be the result.

The first two months of 2011, though, have offered events which test the ability of any of these three men to assess large scale political change. The uprisings throughout the Arab world, which followed the intransigence of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak in the face of popular protest, but which quickly transferred to other countries throughout the region and now focuses on Khadaffi's Libya, are hardly predictable by either Fukuyama or Huntingdon independently. For what…. [read more]

Equality for Women in the Workplace Term Paper

… Emma Goldman

The interesting thing about history is, as the saying goes, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." In the last century, the U.S. has undergone tremendous technological change. In many respects, it has changed in its political philosophy as well. In 1907, the 19th Amendment for women's suffrage was still years away from being ratified and the Civil Rights Act was not signed until 1964. In the 1900s, Emma Goldman was one of the most rebellious individuals who strongly advocated for a number of causes including equality and independence for women, freedom of thought and expression, radical education, sexual freedom and birth control, and union organization and the eight-hour day. Then she was known as "Red Emma" and an anarchist.…. [read more]

Civic Project Objective: Fulfilling Course Objectives Capstone Project

… ¶ … Civic Project Objective: Fulfilling Course Objectives 2 &

The focus of my civic project will be that of volunteering at a blood bank and assisting with the process of orienting the donors, helping them physically recover after they have donated blood, and making them comfortable afterwards, including ensuring that they have enough food and accommodations to lie down after the procedure. I feel that this is a worthwhile project, given that blood bank reserves have dropped in my area. I feel this is a way that I can help out and perhaps encourage my friends who are capable of donating blood to assist in the effort. I also think the experience will be particularly instructive because it not only enables me to act…. [read more]

Education Advocacy Issues Massive Institutional Research Paper

… • Developing a strong democracy through a truly innovative and progressive curriculum that will empower the students and assist more of them in moving on to higher education. This curriculum will emphasize civics and active participation of citizens in political and economic life, as well as the history and contemporary struggles of the poor, minorities and the working class.

• Changes in pedagogy that will move-away from the teacher-centered to the student-centered classroom and more active participation of students and parents in the learning process, as well as the school administration and the development of the curriculum.

• Seek more state, federal and private funding for improved textbooks and other learning resources, computers, school supplies and laboratory equipment.

States paid about 50% of the budgets…. [read more]

Douglas Brinkely's the Boys of Pointe Du Book Review

… ¶ … Douglas Brinkely's the Boys of Pointe du Hoc

In his book, the Boys of Pointe du Hoc, Douglas Brinkley chronicles a turning point in World War II, the assault on Pointe du Hoc by the 2nd Ranger Battalion, but he also examines the manner in which President Ronald Reagan paid tribute to these heroes on the anniversary of the event and how it helped contribute to the rebirth of patriotism in the United States during the 1980s. To better understand this important event in the history of World War II and the part President Reagan played in commemorating it, this paper provides a review of Brinkley's book to determine what training went into the mission, the actions taken by the Rangers during their…. [read more]

Manny Pacquiao Trinidad's Pacific Storm Term Paper

… 37). This is a kind of scenario that is difficult to imagine in today's America, but it also explains certain aspects of Pacquiao's ability: his first experience of boxing at age 13 was attempting to do nothing more than win against boys of much larger size, and as a result that sheer physical determination seems to be the thing that exhilarates him, and gives him the sense of courage overall. It was probably more difficult for Pacquiao to fight those first street-fights when he was barely in his teens than it was for him to fight his much-publicized bouts against Erik Morales. (He got to wear shoes and gloves when he fought Morales, for a start.) I can only imagine my way into that sort…. [read more]

Growing Agricultural Hemp Essay

… One hemp advocate notes, "Hemp sales grew from $5 million in 1993 to $75 million in 1995, according to Hemptech, a California firm that tracks the industry. Hemptech is projecting sales of $200 million in 1997, and $600 million by 2001" (Thevenot). Many manufacturers in America use hemp for many different products, including designer clothing and shoes. Many cheap alternatives have also sprung up, including banana fiber, Manila hemp, cotton and flax, which has led to the creation of the True Hemp Certification Council, (THCC) "a group representing companies that use 'the real thing' and label their products accordingly" (Elvin 16).

Hemp production is a growth industry around the world, and American farmers are losing revenue to foreign nations that allow the growth of hemp,…. [read more]

U.S. Involvement in Vietnam From Very Different Term Paper

… ¶ … U.S. involvement in Vietnam from very different perspectives, even though they sound very similar in title and purpose. Author Hearden notes that the U.S. was gearing up for economic dominance even before it entered World War II, and that economic concerns have always been primary in the government's concerns and actions, and that they began to formulate a plan which included foreign economic expansion to help protect the United States from future economic collapse and depression. Hearden writes, "In other words, they looked to new frontiers in the markets of the world in hopes of preserving capitalism in the United States" (Hearden 61). Thus, the United States involvement in many foreign countries resulted from their economic goals and ambitions, rather than a desire…. [read more]

US China Trading Relations Research Proposal


The objective of this work is to examine China and U.S. trading relations of Post-Tiananmen China from the perspective of Chinese businessmen. This work will answer the questions of:

In the context of the U.S. hostility towards China after Tiananmen incident, how privatized firms and businesses flourished along the southeastern coast of China during the 90s. focus on firms exports to the U.S. And affects of bilateral policies;

Chinese businessmen's early impression of U.S. And how they felt about the differences between business styles of the U.S. And China; and 3) how it is that such firms are affected during each of the major transitions or incidents later on, from Hong Kong's return to China's WTO concession, from September 11th to…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan From Different Theoretical Perspectives Research Paper

… Theoretical Perspectives on the War in Afghanistan

As the sun rose over New York and Washington D.C. On what began as a quite, pristine, lovely early fall, beginning of September morning, the citizens of New York, the nation's capital, the United States and indeed the global community were unaware of the magnitude of horror that would befall not only these two illustrious cities but how these actions would alter the geo-political landscape for years to come. The actions of September 11th, 2001 did more to change the very nature of international relations than any other global event-save for World War II and the dropping of the Atomic Bomb. Although one could argue that September 11th, 2001 influenced the evolution of geo-politics more than either WWII…. [read more]

Bill of Rights and Today Essay

… Local law enforcement agencies already walk a thin rope in terms of effective policing and PR. The solution to local law enforcement agencies might be to campaign for decriminalization with respect to drugs and sex crimes. This would eliminate a good portion of what is often cited as "racial profiling." As far as illegal citizens are concerned, this too should be made a state's issue. With the rise of terror threats, private security firms are facing the challenge of protection, but by aligning themselves with the DHS recommendations, they should be able to operate smoothly and efficiently.


The Bill of Rights set the initial tone for law enforcement in America. But that guide has been substantially overhauled in the wake of 9/11 so that…. [read more]

Britain, Australia Term Paper

… In 1785 the Parliamentary Committee enquiring into the Transportation Act of 1784 commented, with reference to transportation to America, that "the old system of Transporting to America, answered every good Purpose which could be expected from it - That it tended directly to reclaim the Objects on which it was inflicted, and to render them good Citizens... That the Colonies seem to have been sensible of the beneficial Consequences of this Practice." In the case of the Australian penal colonies drawing workers from the ranks of the convicts was not only a matter of policy, it was also a necessity, given that no other suitable workforce existed:

Governor Phillip [the first governor of Botany Bay] accordingly had to find all his overseers from among the…. [read more]

Various Independent Readings Between 1865-1910 Expanding Frontiers Essay

… ¶ … Independent Readings Between 1865-1910: Expanding Frontiers

"Outcasts of Poker Flat" Outline

Exposition/Introduction: Poker Flat is a town that has suffered financially due to gambling and immorality and they lay the blame on gambler John Oakhurst. In lieu of hanging him, the town government decides to expel him and three other immoral characters from their midst, including the Duchess, Mother Shipton, and Uncle Billy.

Rising Action: The four characters are escorted out of town and reluctantly set out to live in Sandy Bar, which is a difficult journey away. They meet up with a pair of runaway lovers, Tom and Piney, and retreat to an abandoned cabin, where their mules are stolen by Uncle Billy and there is an extended snowstorm which traps them.…. [read more]

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