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Dementia Alzheimer's Disease Term Paper

… They are believed to produce a neurotoxic effect and are akin to functionless brain scar tissue.

3. Neurofibrillary Tangles. The neurofilaments of a neuron are the skeletal structures of the cell and serve as the transport system for components within the neuron. When these become malformed the cells cannot function properly nor send messages to other neurons. Tangles also lead to cell death.

Third, there is no cure for AD. AD is progressive and is 100% fatal (although many elderly patients may die from other complications). There are many conditions that mimic dementia and are reversible. The average expected lifespan for a person diagnosed with early AD is about seven to eight years, but the course can last anywhere from one to twenty years (Molsa,…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Essay

… Treatment

No cure exists for Alzheimer's disease. However, research indicates that certain lifestyle factors can have a formidable impact in preventing the illness. Individuals who engage in regular physical activity are 50% less likely to develop the disease, a rate which increases to 60% for women who exercise (Peeke 2004: 8). Regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen has also been correlated with lower rates of the illness: a 35% reduction in the in one study. Maintaining a healthy weight; engaging in sustained mental activity; and eating many fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, and nuts have all been linked to lower rates of Alzheimer's. Diet and exercise, along with a low-dose aspirin regime, may…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease: The Onset as Alzheimer's Diseases Term Paper

… Alzheimer's Disease: The Onset

As Alzheimer's diseases is believed to be the "dementing order" because of the recognized changes in the behavior and line of thinking of the person with the said disease. From the researchers' and the physicians' point-of-view, there is a possibility that anyone can get it, regardless of the age. More so, people should realize that Alzheimer's disease is not really a normal part of aging. It is not something that is inevitable. There are some people who reached the age of 75 and up who are not even suffering from any dementing disorder. Because of this, it should be considered that Alzheimer's disease is actually "an exception, rather than the rule, of old age" (Light and Lebowitz, 1989).

There are enough…. [read more]

Alzheimer Healthy Community Planned Literature Review

… Nonetheless, available evidence underscores its significant influence over the psychological well-being of older people in the community or institutions as a companion (Williams & Jennings).

Attendance in Adult Day Care Centers of Cognitively Intact Older Persons

This research conducted interviews and a structured questionnaire in exploring the reasons for the non-use of adult day care centers or ADCCs and the reason for their use by those at those centers (Iecovich & Biderman, 2013). Sample populations were 819, 417 of whom are users of ADCCs and 402 are non-users in the southern region of Israel.

Results showed that the most common reasons for not using ADCCs were accessibility barriers, characteristics of the participants and of the ADCCs, lack of need for the service, and personal difficulties.…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Currently Affects Term Paper

… One area of cognitive-behavioral research into the prevention of Alzheimer's involves the study of the link between leisure pursuits and dementia prevention. Specifically, investigators believe that activities such as chess, crosswords or reading that engage a person's cognitive abilities may have some ability to prevent the development of Alzheimer's. A study done in 2003 (Vergese et al.) examined the effects of various activities on cognitive functioning and their ability to prevent development of Alzheimer's. The leisure activities were broken down into two main categories; cognitively based ones, and physical activities. The cognitive activities examined were; reading, writing for pleasure, crossword puzzles, board games/cards, group discussions and playing instruments. The physical activities were; tennis/golf, swimming, cycling, dancing, group exercises, team games, walking, stair climbing, housework and…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Stages Term Paper

… As the disease spreads and worsens, the tasks will have to change accordingly and the skills and abilities will have to be rechecked in order to fix the tasks to adjust the routine. It is important for the families and communities to work together to create a successful environment to keep the mind of the patient stable.

The four essential categories of activities that take up our time in the course of a day are work, self-care, leisure and resting. It is important to however maintain a balance between these and manage the stress levels and keep our day positive and then has a control over our lives. The negative impacts are quite clear if this balance is not maintained. A day full of work…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease and Aging at What Age Term Paper

… Alzheimer's Disease And Aging

At what age do people start to get Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer disease (AD) usually does not start until around 65 years of age or older. It is characterized by gradually worsening dementia (forgetfulness) caused by cerebral atrophy (deterioration). It is the most common form of dementia. Fewer than 2% of families with AD have early-onset familial AD (EOFAD), in which symptoms occur before the age of 65 years. EOFAD only refers to families in which multiple cases of AD occur. Early onset may happen in the 40s or early 50s, although early onset in the 30s has been reported. Sixty-one percent of individuals with early-onset AD had a positive family history and thirteen percent affected individuals in three generations. EOFAD is not…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Treatment Term Paper

… Alzheimer's Treatment

Alzheimer disease is a ubiquitous form of dementia which is common among the elderly people. The person's abilities in undertaking his normal daily activities are affected by this disorder of the brain. This condition starts slowly where the parts of the brain controlling the memory thought and language are involved. It manifests itself from the initial forgetfulness of minor duties to the actual display of aggression and depression. There is no cure currently for this Alzheimer but the behavioral and cognitive symptoms can be treated by various drugs and other non-drugs forms. This paper will consider the different treatment for Alzheimer. Different medications and nutrition and other remedy like neurotransmitters will be analyzed. Various case studies of the treatments will be evaluated also.…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Has Become a Concern Thesis

… Alzheimer's Disease has become a concern that is now more widely studied than it used to be. Typically seen in the elderly population, Alzheimer's disease is characterized by several factors, including forgetfulness and agitation (National, 2008). Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and it gets progressively worse as the patient continues to age (National, 2008). Despite the lack of a cure, however, there are some treatments that are just coming to light where Alzheimer's disease is concerned (Mace & Rabins, 2006). In other words, doctors and researchers are working on ways to be able to slow the progression of the disease and to ease the symptoms of the disease, and there are some medications that do show some promise at this point (Medina,…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Has Developed Term Paper

… Using PET it is possible to even identify the minute details such as the number of receptors within particular areas of the brain. This in turn will help us identify defects in cholinergic transmission. [Bennett, 121]

Major causes for Alzheimer's Disease

Amyloid Plaques

There has been enormous amount of research in the field of dementia. Researchers have recently identified one of the important causes for Alzheimer's disease. Autopsy study of the brains of AD patients has revealed the presence of Amyloid plaques between the neurons of the brain. Amyloid and B-Amyloid are two proteins that are synthesized by the body. While in a normal healthy individual these proteins are easily broken down in the case of patients suffering from AD the protein structures seem to…. [read more]

Disorders in Older People Alzheimer Term Paper

… In the management of Alzheimer's disease, the approved treatment includes Donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine and tacrine in mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment in patients with AD. Donepezil has also been FDA approved for use in moderate-to-sever AD.

Apart from management, ongoing assessment is required for patients with Alzheimer's. According to Uriri-Glover, McCarthy and Cessaroti (2013), this entails the use of the standardized rating scale such as the Functional Assessment Staging Test (FAST) and the Global Deterioration Scale, or the Clinician's Interview-Based Impression are tests used in making a determination of the functional decline of the individual with AD and other forms of dementia. This research indicates that treatment is also done with Gingko and ginseng, the most commonly used herbs used for memory enhancement and in preventing cognitive…. [read more]

Depression and Dementia Alzheimer S In the Elderly Term Paper

… ¶ … health issues present themselves during the elder years of any patient, there is a lot of attention paid to cognitive and mood issues in this age group. The disorders and maladies that are applicable when speaking of this subject include, among others, depression, dementia, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and milder cases of Alzheimer's. Just as they could and should be handled and addressed for younger age groups, they should also be addressed for the elderly. This report shall endeavor to answer a series of questions relevant to the above including the demarcation between individual results and group trends, the ethics of diagnosing patients properly, the proper administration of tests, how to interpret the results of those tests and a few other important topics.…. [read more]

Depression Continues Term Paper

… It is thus necessary that anyone who sees changes in behavior should take action, recognizing that it could be a mental problem as well as physical or nothing at all. Family members should take it upon themselves to take their loved ones to someone who specializes in geriatric treatment.

Further, it is crucial that healthcare providers, including primary physicians, not only be aware of the warning signs associated with depression and suicidal tendencies, but the inclination to question the patients. In many cases, the patients are relieved that the doctor is taking this interest in them and will seek further help. The fact that so many people see doctors just a short time before their final decision must mean a cry for help in many…. [read more]

Myra's Case Is Just Essay

… (2007) A Higher Dose of Vitamin D Reduces the Risk of Falls in Nursing

Home Residents: A Randomized, Multiple-Dose Study JAGS 55:234 -- 239

Ray, WA, Taylor JA, Brown AK et al. (2005) Prevention of fall-related injuries in long-term care: A randomized controlled trial of staff education. Arch Intern Med 165:2293 -- 2298.

Watson, J. (1988) New Dimensions of Human Caring Theory Nurs Sci Q,. 1, 4 175-18

Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's care: Simple tips for daily tasks

Biejevers, M.J. (2006). Fall prevention among people who have sustained an injurious fall: A multidisciplinary approach. Thesis. School for Public Health and Primary care, The Netherlands.

Chang, J.T., Morton, S.C., Mojica, W.A., & Roth, E.A., & Shekell, P.G. (2004). Interventions for the preventions of falls in older…. [read more]

Dementia There Are a Number of Individuals Term Paper

… Dementia

There are a number of individuals who believe that dementia is a disease when in fact it is not. Dementia is actually a condition derived from a variety of diseases. "Many people equate dementia with Alzheimer's Disease, but they are not synonymous though Alzheimer's is one of dementia's major causes." (Levine 2006 p 6)

Dementia can be described as the loss of memory; short-term memory first, and then, over a period of time, the long-term memory as well, and the subsequent difficulties experienced by the individual with this condition. There is much speculation concerning the loss of these memories, and most experts agree that the memories are lost due to the loss of neuron cells in the brain. There are a variety of reasons…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease Term Paper

… ¶ … Alzheimer's disease. Specifically, it will briefly describe the disease, and then focus on its causes, symptoms, and the population likely to suffer from the disease, and its prevention and treatments. Alzheimer's disease is a devastating condition that affects millions of Americans every year. It has recently received more attention because of the suffering of prominent people, such as the late President Ronald Reagan, and actor Charlton Heston. New research into Alzheimer's disease may find a cure, or at least medication that can slow down the onset of this devastating and as yet incurable disease.

Alzheimer's disease affects the brain and causes dementia, usually in aging patients. It is usually a gradual procession, that systematically "destroys a person's memory and ability to learn, reason,…. [read more]

Alzheimer's (Dementia) Disease Responsible Term Paper

… Hypertension precedes congestive heart failure in between 75% and 90% of heart failure cases.

While Alzheimer's is responsible for the most severe cases of dementia, including a progressive loss of memory and intellectual function, it does not appear to be the cause of congestive heart failure in its victims. However, research shows that CHF could be caused by dementia.

Dementia can cause the heart to lose some of its blood-pumping ability, as can hypertension (Davis, 1997). Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases the risk of heart failure by 200%, compared with those who do not have hypertension. In addition, the degree of risk appears directly related to the severity of the high blood pressure.

Persons with dementia have approximately a two- to eightfold greater risk of…. [read more]

Dementia an Inevitable Term Paper

… Such decline, however, does not prevent them from losing their mental alertness to an extent that they are not able to perform their normal functions. Dementia, on the other hand is a chronic and usually progressive deterioration of mental abilities due to changes in the brain. It is, therefore, important to realize that dementia is in no way an inevitable part of growing old. By recognizing this basic fact, doctors and family members are better able to help people suffering from dementia and the elderly who may show decline in their cognitive functions for other reasons.


"Dementia" (2004). Neurology Channel. Retrieved on February 12, 2005 from / 'Forgetfulness: It's Not Always What You Think." (2004). National Institute on Aging:

U.S. Department of Health…. [read more]

Workers Engaging in Eldercare-Related Activities Article Review

… Moreover, explaining the techniques the person uses when caring for her mom suffering from Alzheimer's can help understand the extent to which an individual can manage Alzheimer's in the family.

Asking questions related to Alzheimer's or other forms of Dementia is necessary to assist the mother caring her elderly parent. This will give her ideas relating to caregiving and how she can initiate other ways of making her mom happy and easily manage other family and work responsibilities.

The mom's feeling whether positive or negative form the core of her perception towards caregiving for her elderly disabled parent with memory problems. Once the attitude is confirmed then the research from the read journals can be used to prove whether caring for patients with Alzheimer's is…. [read more]

Taking Care of the Elderly Term Paper

… ¶ … Care of the Elderly: The Responsibility of Family

It is a fact of life that people are living longer lives than ever before in human history. Because of advances made in medicine and knowledge about lifestyle choices, the older population is growing and living to increasingly older ages. With this, some unfortunate effects are following, including the economic burden of health and old age, long-term care for the aged, the frail, and the ill. Many older people are also suffering from debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Although these are not exclusive to the aged, such conditions are certainly more prevalent in old age. Hence, while human life expectancy has increased dramatically, it is also the unfortunate case…. [read more]

Depression in the Elderly Research Paper

… Depression in the Elderly

Many American adults are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, and the elderly segment of the population is rapidly growing. Current U.S. Census Bureau projections indicate that the number of elderly in the United States will fully double by mid-century, and despite the advances in healthcare that have made longer life possible, many of these older adults will still suffer from age-related disorders. In some cases, these disorders can contribute to the incidence of depression in the elderly while in other cases, the depression specific cause or causes of depressive episodes remains unclear. What is known, though, is that depression can have an enormous adverse effect on people's lives and the elderly are at particularly high risk for developing…. [read more]

Elderly in Monrovia, CA Term Paper

… This service organization contracts with over fifty other community agencies to deliver services that promote the well-being and independence of seniors (Sapp-Pradia, 2009).

Home delivered meals and nutrition programs

Home-based care and illness management

Alzheimer's Day Care

Health and Wellbeing classes and information

Integrated Care Management

Elder Care

The community is well poised to assist seniors in Monrovia with these and other services such as legal advice, health insurance, activities, and even ombudsman programs. Program help sheets, documents, and forms for enrollment are easily accessed at the Los Angeles County web page (, or simply by calling the Senior Services Office. While there are gaps in service due to reliability of funding, the number of secondary agencies that assist in these programs are wide-range enough…. [read more]

Elderly Depression: A Review of Psychological Literature Research Paper

… Elderly Depression: A Review of Psychological Literature

When exploring the issues of aging there are important investigative studies available in the literature to aid the researcher in understanding key psychological aspects. This paper delves into several studies that embrace important components of the elderly experience -- in particular the problems encountered that relate to depression. The four studies that will be reviewed in this paper are all based on sound empirical psychological strategies and will be presented in a format that is both instructive and interesting.

It is not a revelation to learn that as humans get up in years, they begin to lose the alertness and clarity of thought, memory, and perception. For those unfortunate individuals whose cognitive skills diminish to the point of…. [read more]

Savages in the Film Research Paper

… , 2010).

From the community standpoint there are several resources that deal with dementia. First, there are dementia support groups and many communities for caregivers, relatives, and persons with dementia. These support groups provide an outlet for the relatives and caregivers of people with dementia and can also provide much-needed education and social support for these individuals. Often the relatives of the person with dementia are in need of education and support regarding how to understand dementia and deal with the issues associated with and support groups offer a means to achieve this. There are some community programs that allow people with dementia to interact with therapists, groups, and engage in activities on a daily basis and then return home with their caregiver later in…. [read more]

Elderly Care Thesis

… Elder Care

The baby generation has begun the march into their silver years, their retirement years. These years in a person's life represent, too, the years when the body's betrayal of the mind, or vice versa, often result in an individual's inability to care his or her self during the post retirement years. These years have come to be referred to as the elder care years, because the care for the elderly often becomes the responsibility of the younger family members, children, or involves the institutionalization of loved ones. In either situation, the problems family members are faced with and the choices they must consider in resolving those problems concerning the care of their loved ones can be difficult and emotionally overwhelming. In some cases,…. [read more]

Cognitive Aspects of the Aging Term Paper

… 1,500 milligrams per day was given to elderly subjects in a clinical rial with findings that after 90 days significant improvements in memory, mood and responses to stress were noted and these favorable effects lasted up to 30 days after discontinuation of treatment. (Vitacost, 2005)

Phosphatidylserine, a substance derived from bovine brain phospholipids has been shown to:

Improve memory

Improve cognition

Improve mood

In two placebo-controlled trials elderly patients received 300 milligram doses per day of the phosphatidylserine in an unblinded trial of ten elderly females with depressive disorders. The phosphatidylserine produced "consistent improvement in depressive symptoms, memory, and behavior after 30 days of treatment. In another double blind trial of 494 elderly patients found that a 300 milligram dosage per day had produced 'significant…. [read more]

Should Elderly Driver Be Tested in the United States Term Paper

… Drivers Test/Elderly

Due to the population change in the United States, or what is called the "graying of America," the next couple of decades will significantly increase the number of individuals over the age of 65 who are driving on the country's roadways. Because a variety of physical and psychological conditions either become worse or arise after the age of 50, especially as the years progress, and because older individuals are involved with a greater number of motor vehicle accidents, it would seem practical that proactive measures be taken at this time. Special examinations should be developed and administered prior to re-licensing that test for the conditions that are most prevalent with aging so that the safety of older individuals and others on the road…. [read more]

Impact of Senior Centers in the Elderly Term Paper

… ¶ … Senior Centers in the Elderly

The baby boomer generation has just about a year to reach the retirement age prompting the urgent need of successful aging. The current life expectancy is higher than the previous ones with the 15% of the American population composed of individuals above the age of 65 years (Skarupski & Pelkowski, 2003, Walker, et al. 2004). This is brought about by the good life that people live into the second 50 years and the increase in the number that enter their third 50 years. To ensure that old people, commonly referred to as seniors, get the opportunity to take part in meaningful activities through contribution many Acts have been formed in different countries such as the Older Americans Act.…. [read more]

Early Onset Dementia: Caregivers Research Proposal

… Caregivers that are better able to adapt to the changes that characterize dementia, feel more competent to care and experience less psychological problems" (de Vugt and Verhey, 2013). Overwhelmingly, the negative aspects of an early diagnosis outweigh the benefits if people are left with diagnosis but no form of support. The evidence points to the fact that caregivers too need multidimensional interventions in order to help better overall caregiver well-being (de Vugt and Verhey, 2013). Thus the study focuses on the urgent need for more research on the most effective caregiver interventions (de Vugt and Verhey, 2013).

"Marital Relationship Quality in Early Stage Dementia: Perspectives from People with Dementia and their Spouses" (Care et al.,2012).

This research study examines the impact on spouses of people…. [read more]

Benefits of the Creative Process for Dementia Thesis

… Art Interventions for Dementia Patients

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Creative Aging

Art Intervention Processes for Dementia Patients

Art Interventions for Dementia Patients


There are few phrases that I dislike more than 'It is what it is'. I believe people that make use of this phrase are stating that whatever the concern, it is not worthy of thought; it is their under-mannered way of naturalizing the consequences of misguided choices. However, the fact that every choice, good or bad, has consequences is a truth that cannot be ignored. I know the frustration and anguish of rectifying the consequences of the horrific choices of others. I know because on October 24, 1998, I survived two violent crimes. In 2002, I was formally diagnosed with…. [read more]

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