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Deprivation Essay

… ¶ … deprivation and when does it lead to aggression?

Relative deprivation is when a person is denied access to something or someone when they see other people having access. The individual believes they have as much right to this variable thing as a person who actually has it. It leads to aggression when the relative deprivation is felt too keenly for too long in too large a population.

Should you pay children for getting good grades? Why or why not?

You should not pay children for getting good grades. Most research focused on the issue has shown that bribery benefits in the short-term, but that children lose out in the end. They are not motivated to succeed for their own intellectual benefit, but for…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation the Effects it Has on Adolescent Obesity Research Paper

… Sleep Deprivation: Effects on Adolescent Obesity

The Harvard School of Public Health reports that "dozens of studies spanning five continents have looked at the link between sleep duration and obesity in children." (2013, p.1) Key to maintaining good health is a good night's rest and while this is widely acknowledged researchers are demonstrating that individuals who get too little sleep are at a higher risk for gaining weight and obesity than those individuals who sleep seven to eight hours each night.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this study is to examine the issue of adolescent obesity and to determine is sleep deprivation effects adolescents in a manner that results in them having obesity. Obesity among adolescents is growing at an alarming rate.

Research Questions

The…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation and Adolescent Obesity Term Paper

… In general, craved or highly palatable foods will activate the AMY regardless of sated state (Hinton et al. 2004)" (Liu et al. 2010). If adolescents are staying up late at night and watching television saturated with food advertisements for unhealthy products or they are staying up with close proximity to a refrigerator filled with unhealthy snacks, weight gain is a likely side effect.

Late hours in adolescents may also be associated with a number of potentially negative lifestyle habits, including drug and alcohol addiction, which are correlated with a high preference for sweet foods. "Contemporary research has shown that a high number of alcohol-dependent and other drug-dependent individuals have a sweet preference, specifically for foods with a high sucrose concentration. Moreover, both human and animal…. [read more]

ADHD and How it Relates to Psychology Research Paper

… ADHD and How it Relates to Psychology

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD was known as hyper-kinesis or minimal brain dysfunction in the earlier times. It can be described as "a chronic, neurologically-based syndrome characterized by any or all of three types of behavior: hyperactivity, distractibility, and impulsivity" ("attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"). An individual is considered to act in a hyperactive manner when he demonstrates feelings of agitation, uneasiness or improper movement especially when it is expected of him/her to remain calm. On the other hand, distractibility refers to the sharp disruption by inappropriate and extraneous sights and noise. Distractibility is also the lack of care and lack of ability to perform simple tasks to the finishing point. Lastly, impulsivity can be described as the…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Psychology in West Essay

… Like Sajid, she is a British girl with roots in the Pakistani village. She speaks fluent English but also understands the social norms and expectations of a Pakistani bride. However, she does not feel threatened by them and sees it with a touch of humor.

Other Cultural Dimensions in West is West

Along with individualism-collectivism, Hofstede (1980) discusses cross-cultural differences along three other dimensions: uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and masculinity-feminity. In terms of uncertainty avoidance, Rashida is seen to have a higher tolerance for ambiguity than Ella. Rashida has been able to survive without seeing her husband for 30 years and knowing only that he has taken a second wife. On the other hand, Ella shows a lower tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty since she…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation Term Paper

… Sleep deprivation is common ailment in modern society and it affects 47 million American adults, or almost a quarter of the adult population. (Sleep Deprivation Symptoms) In essence sleep deprivation refers to an extended period of time in which the body and mind are deprived of normal sleep. The effects and symptoms of sleep deprivation can range from memory loss to an impairment of physical and mental functioning. Symptoms can interfere with memory, energy levels, mental abilities, and emotional mood. This ailment is often a product of our rushed and work --driven modern world. Besides the pace of modern life and work, there are a number of causes, including stress. Other causes include health and mental problems as well as the imbibing of certain foodstuffs…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation and Its Neurotransmitters Research Proposal

… REM Sleep Deprivation

The complex neurochemistry of the sleep wake cycle has been researched much over the last few decades. It is clear that REM deprivation causes the brain cellular machinery to trigger various neurobiological responses involving selective expression of genes, down regulation and upregulation of neurotransmitters, as well as reorganization of excitatory synapses.

Sleep is an indispensable physiological function for all living beings. The rejuvenating and refreshing effects of sleep are well-known and over the last few decades there have been numerous research on sleep. The negative effects of sleep deprivation or sleep restriction have been analyzed by many researchers and we now understand some of the basic neurological mechanisms of sleep. It is well-known that sleep deprivation affects the thalamocortical circuits that are…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Theory Study Essay

… The phrase 'looking-glass self' was used by Cooley to present the idea that "what we think of ourselves depends on what we think others think of us" ("Charles Horton Cooley,").

The human beings are living in groups, both large and small. The concern shown by the members of the groups towards each other differentiates the primary and secondary groups. Thus, a primary group is one in which the members share personal relationships that are permanent and long-term and family being the most important one. This group of prime importance plays a significant role in the life of an individual. Members of this group spend a lot of time with each other, display real concern for each other's welfare and understand each other really well. It…. [read more]

Dreams -- Are They Psychologically Term Paper

… Generally, he postulated that human beings have a protective psychological mechanism designed to shield the psyche from various thoughts and perceptions and from actual memories whose conscious perception could be so traumatic that they would be damaging to the individual to perceive consciously (McWilliams, 2004; Mitchell & Black, 1995). According to Freud, those types of thoughts remain in the subconscious but invariably become the source and the root cause of numerous different types of psychological pathologies in waking life when they are left hidden from the conscious mind and unresolved (McWilliams, 2004; Mitchell & Black, 1995).

More specifically, Freud argued that the actual imagery of dreams represented psychologically significant ideas and that identifying the meaning of those images could provide the basis for linking the…. [read more]

Homicide in Puerto Rico Term Paper

… One of the possible benefits is the elimination of a competitor claiming power in the region. This benefit is commonly witnessed as the reason for violence in Puerto Rico where inter-gang wars are the most common scenarios having a lethal effect on those involved and also on general public giving rise to a considerably higher rate of homicide. Secondly, gaining access to the resources of others is also the benefit which is the most sought one. The design theory further illustrates that Gaining access to a rival's fertile mates is a benefit that triggers competitors to commit a murder. In case of Puerto Rico where women are seen as a commodity instead of equal partner, acquiring the women of the rival can add more panache…. [read more]

Mary Wollstonecraft's Impact on American Essay

… Wollstonecraft used such logic to form the basis of her argument that women were entitled to the same consideration under the law as men. This is a position that is widely accepted today but in the era when Wollstonecraft lived it was highly profound, and needless to say, controversial.

Wollstonecraft's contributions were not limited to the area of human rights and their extension to women. She also contributed to the ideas of social deprivation and equality. Although Wollstonecraft's primary concern was how such ideas applied to women she was enlightened enough to recognize that such problems applied to men in society as well. Having been influenced by the ideals of the French Revolution, Wollstonecraft was not content with the prevailing ideas of Burke and Bentham…. [read more]

Procrastination, I Pay Essay

… This disorder is most often treated with breathing aides such as nCPAP.


Parasomnias are abnormal behaviors that occur during sleep or during the transition from sleep to waking. The most common are:

Nightmare disorder occurs when a person had repeated vivid dreams the produce anxiety and disturb sleep. These nightmares almost always occur during REM sleep, especially after long periods of REM sleep. Tricyclic antidepressant drugs and benzodiazepines are sometimes used.

Sleep terror disorder occurs when patients wake up (usually in the first third of the night) during non-REM sleep. These people almost always wake up in a panic with high levels of anxiety and often wake up screaming. They often fall back asleep and forget the incident; however, night terrors can frequently develop…. [read more]

Maternal Deprivation Term Paper

… Abandoned Babies

While it is unthinkable to most people, experts say that over 12,000 babies are abandoned by their mothers shortly after birth every year (Collins, PAGE). Sometimes these babies live and are put into foster care and eventually adopted. Sometimes they are abandoned while alive but die before being found, and sometimes the birth mother kills the child herself.

Obviously the babies who are found, put into foster care and eventually adopted are the most fortunate, but research suggests that the abandonment of these babies may put an unfortunate burden on their growing personality. Research indicates that babies may well imprint their mother while still in the womb. In fact, psychologists who used to think that consciousness developed after birth now suggest that it…. [read more]

MS-13 Gang and How it Related to Terrorism Research Paper

… M-13 Gang and How it Relates to Terrorism

The M-13 gang, otherwise called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. Originating in the U.S., Los Angeles, it spread to other parts of the world, predominately Canada, Mexico, and Central America, and has recently spread to the Washington DC area of the Untied States1. Active in urban and suburban areas, the majority of the members are Central Americans. There are approximately 50,000 MS-13 members living in the U.S. today, and almost double that amount proliferating in Central America.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is actually quite a recent phenomena. Mushrooming in the Pico-Union neighborbood of Los Angeles, MS-13 was formed by immigrants from Central America whose original purpose was to protect Salvadoran…. [read more]

Marketing Industry Introduces People Essay

… Regarding an individual's influence of personal sensations in buying a certain product, this is relevant in cases of physiological needs or health issues. For example, we are more likely to buy a beverage when we feel thirsty and food when we are hungry, both of the situations being dependent on bodily sensations. Therefore, we need to drink because we feel thirsty but, when we buy a specific beverage, with a clear inclination to favor one over another, then it is a case of wanting. Suppose we would have our lunch in a restaurant or even at work. The marketing industry would seek to benefit from that by advertising on the radio at noon time. Through this, it has created an opportunity of which the customers…. [read more]

Entrepreneurship: It Is Said That Women Term Paper

… Entrepreneurship: It is said that women are worse at entrepreneurship than men.

Introduction and Definition of Entrepreneurship

The woman who heads her own company is no longer something exceptional. However, there is still a disparity in the number of entrepreneurs and businesses run and owned by men compared to women in the United Kingdom. A definition of entrepreneurship does not reveal any logical or innate reason for this disparity.

The conceptualization of the concept of entrepreneurship is complex and one that evolves with economic development. In the modern business context it means combining various factors in an innovative manner to generate a dual collaboration between entrepreneur and customer that will result in the creation of wealth. While scholars from diverse disciplines have over time grappled…. [read more]

Education and Race Sociological Perspective Research Paper

… Theory

Three theories can be used to take a more in depth look at these concepts and how they relate in the sociological realm. Symbolic interactionism is how a person "acts toward things on the basis of the meanings that the things have for them" (Storrs & Clott). The second theoretical stance is social conflict which looks at structural factors within a society and how they can affect the society (Lo). The final theory used to examine the topic is structural functionalism which sees "role of culture as an organizing regulatory system" (Pichette, et al.).

Looking at race and education through the prism of symbolic interactionism, one can see that the role of the culture is to help the individual place value on different elements…. [read more]

Ethnic Conflict Research Paper

… Ethnic Conflict

When considering the ethnic conflict in Bosnia, one might derive reasons for the conflict on the premise of primordialism or social constructivism. To summarize the two views: primordialism refers to the inherent tendency of human beings to identify themselves with others with the same physical or geographic properties. This is a generally collective viewpoint of ethnicity, shared by large groups of people. This sense of ethnicity is reinforced by collective histories, myths, religion, and other cultural elements. This is not necessarily grounds for ethnic conflict, and it is possible for different ethnicities to tolerate each other and live together peacefully within the borders of a country. Social constructivism, on the other hand, suggests that ethnic conflict tends to be rooted in economic and…. [read more]

Raymond Carver Term Paper

… Knopf. Lish himself argues that he shaped Carver's earlier work and that the substantive differences in the two parts of his career reflect not his soboriety but the difference between his own hand alone and that guided by Lish.

The details varied from telling to telling, but the basic idea was that he had changed some of the stories so much that they were more his than Carver's.

No one quite knew what to make of his statements. Carver, who died in 1988, never responded in public to them. Basically it was Lish's word against commonsense. Lish had written fiction, too. If he was such a great talent, why did so few people care about his work?

As the years passed, Lish became reluctant to…. [read more]

Hofstadter and Progressivism the Progressive Thesis

… The shift to an industrial society was not seen as a completely negative occurrence, as it meant more opportunities for those individuals that may not have had them previously. Wiebe supported every notion of this claim and in fact came forth as being a quite open opponent to Hofstadter's thought on progressivism (Brinkley, 1985).

Progressivism was a very novel situation when it occurred. American citizens were so accustomed to the way that life had been for generations, that shifting to something new caused upheaval and turmoil. If Hofstadter had been proven to be correct, then this in itself would say a lot about the power of progressivism. It would insinuate that progressives were not leaders in thought but were instead followers of the influence that…. [read more]

Public Policy Analysis the Definitions Case Study

… Analysis

Responsibility must start with the understanding that under the best arrangements there will be irresponsibility in administrative actions to a considerable margin. Accountability to another person or body requires some agreement concerning the action or the end result. It is evident that a principal cannot effectively bring about the responsible conduct of public affairs, unless elaborate techniques make explicit what purposes and activities are involved in all the many different phases of public policy (Friedrich). The memorandum on February 7, 2002 stated the Geneva Convention rules did not apply to conflict between the U.S. And al Qaeda because he was not a high contracting party to Geneva. It did not mention anything about the detainees being exempted and the Geneva Convention rules did not…. [read more]

Social Deprivation and Learning and Language Disorders Term Paper

… Social Deprivation: Language and Learning Disorders


The objective of this work is to research and report social deprivation as it relates to learning and language disorders.

Social deprivation has been linked to many negative factors in the lives of individuals who are socially deprived ranging from factors such as learning and language disabilities, as well as other negative factors and particularly when combined with racial and ethnic prejudices. (Transcultural Healthcare Practice: Core Practice Module, Chapter Four, Ethnicity and Learning Disabilities, 2007)

Review of the Literature

In 1965 Harlow, Dodsworth and Harlow conducted studies with rhesus monkeys relating to isolation and the long-term effects of social isolation or deprivation. In the work entitled: "Total Social Isolation in Monkeys" published in…. [read more]

Psychology States of Consciousness: Sleep Deprivation- Circadian Research Paper

… Psychology

States of Consciousness: Sleep Deprivation-

Circadian rhythms are normal changes in mental and physical characteristics that take place in the course of a day. The majority of circadian rhythms are controlled by the body's biological clock. "This clock, known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus or SCN is in fact a pair of pinhead-sized brain structures that jointly contain about 20,000 neurons. The SCN rests in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which is located just above the point where the optic nerves cross. Light that reaches photoreceptors in the retina creates signals that travel along the optic nerve to the SCN. Signals from the SCN travel to several brain regions, including the pineal gland, which responds to light-induced signals by switching off production…. [read more]

Cells an Individual Can Drink Term Paper

… Cells

An individual can drink too much water. Excess hydration can lead to electrolyte disruption by diluting fluids in the body to the point that concentrations of electrolytes are too low for normal function. Depletion of electrolytes can disrupt function of muscles and nerves, leading to a variety of symptoms up to and including death. Harm from consumption of water are very rare, as a healthy person would have to drink an extreme amount of water in a very short period of time to experience significant harmful effects. Excess hydration is usually only experienced due to drug abuse or when forced.

When an athlete does not get enough oxygen to meet the demands of his or her system, cells cannot maintain a cycle of aerobic…. [read more]

Nurses Working the Late Shift Essay

… The "restorative naps" that were taken of course depended on the "…demands of patient care" (Fallis, e1).

In the Journal of Nursing Management the authors interviewed 27 registered/enrolled community nurses in Sweden, all of whom were working the late night shift. Two main areas of concern were reported by the nurses based on "81 critical incidents"; their circadian rhythm was interrupted causing disturbance to: a) their normal nutritional intake; and b) their exercise programs (Persson, et al., 2006). The authors believe however that by identifying those factors that have an influence on diet and exercise, "…strategies can be developed in order to strengthen the factors with a positive influence" (Persson, 414).

Elaine Marquezea and colleagues explain in the peer-reviewed journal Work that after receiving completed…. [read more]

Sleep Disorders / College Students Essay

… 50. There were no significant differences found along racial lines. Females were at greatest risk for most sleep disorders. Students who reported no sleep disorder had higher GPAs than those who reported at least one sleep disorder. Self-proclaimed "morning" people also had higher GPAs. The researcher concluded that the link between sleep disorders and lower GPA is significant enough to warrant further study. "Successful treatment of sleep disorders or improved sleep practices might increase GPAs, improving students' chances of staying in school and ultimately graduating" (Gaultney, 2010, p. 95).

The results of the study were not surprising. The effects of sleep deprivation are well-known and well-documented. Occupational studies have shown that workers from emergency room personnel to truck drivers to heavy machine operators experience problems…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Theories Term Paper

… If we consider the view point of Israelis, they claim to have ownership of Jerusalem which is their prime religious hub and was acquired from them forcefully in 15th century. Now Israelis have believed Jerusalem to be rightfully theirs because of historical background, and the frustration caused by this deprivation act as the source of motivation for them for their current course of actions which involves military activities ranging from normal military operations to guerilla wars and attacks on civilians. Under the action of the relative deprivation perspective, Israel further attacked the then Palestine in 1965 and acquired the area provided to Palestinians by UN.

On the other hand, if we consider the ideology followed by Palestinians and other Arab groups supporting them, they believe…. [read more]

Sleep All Human Beings Need Essay

… The less students sleep at night, the more difficulty they will have getting up for school in the morning. Additionally, when they get to school, there is a danger that they will be unable to focus. There is a great likelihood that they will even fall asleep in class, thereby missing out on lectures and even assignments because of their sleep deprivation. Students have even been found to fall asleep in the middle of tests and important examinations. In the article published by the National Sleep Foundation, it was stated that "more than one-quarter (28%) of high school students fall asleep in school, 22% fall asleep doing homework, and 14% arrive late or miss school because they oversleep" (511). This is a startling statistic because…. [read more]

Hunger Artist Franz Kafka Deprivation Essay

… The final reveal then works as a payoff of his hubris. He tells the supervisor, as he is dying, that the motivation for hunger is that he "couldn't find a food which tasted good" (Kafka, 2000). In his weakest moment, he is admitting that his art is futile not because it is unappreciated but because the artist was flawed. Kafka is saying that art is in the intention, not the execution.

There is a lot of animal imagery in the novel, which reminds the reader that man, though capable of art and higher level thinking, is no better than any other creature. When he is questioned by his audience, he starts "to shake the cage like an animal, frightening everyone" (Kafka, 2000). We are told…. [read more]

Theories Listed, the Relative Deprivation Term Paper

… These are some of the causal elements. According to Agnew and his theory, these are the base onto which feelings of depression and anger are formed. Stress and strain work hand in hand to turn one's personality to a violent one, with direct manifestations in the household.

In my opinion, the general strain theory is quite similar to the relative deprivation theory in terms of the consequences, being linked by a single key concept: frustration. Frustration generally leads afterwards to anger and, here from, to violent behavior. The difference between the two theories is related to the causality. In the first case, we are discussing a deplorable social condition and frustration is being built on grounds of underachievement, sometimes compared to the spouse. In the…. [read more]

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