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Desert Shield Desert Storm Thesis

… ¶ … Desert Shield/Desert Storm (the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein in 1990). The Gulf War began in the oil fields of Iraq, and ended with the liberation of Kuwait by American and allied forces through the United Nations. Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, which were forged by the Americans, became collectively known as the Gulf War, and much has been documented about the war since its' end.

What actually led up to the Gulf War was Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's desire to raise oil prices to help pay off massive debts his country had incurred during its' war with Iran. The Arab nations bordering Iraq did not support the plan to raise prices, and refused to go along with Hussein's plan. He…. [read more]

Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm Term Paper

… Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Storm

Just Cause & Desert Storm

There are underlying similarities and differences between both the operations. A study in detail of operation Just Cause which was launched in December 1989 involved deployment of personnel form very distant military bases and striking objectives within a twenty four hour time frame. The operation brought into play the role of projection, speed massing and precision that the American military was capable of. The success of the mission was attributed to better planning and training. Over twenty six thousand personnel were deployed in the war, and the rapid deployment of the forces from various stations contributed to the success. (Brown, 2006)

The mission in the operation was to bring down the government of…. [read more]

Landforms Barrier Island Beaches Term Paper

… ..

a Roads

b Latitudes

c Elevations

d scale of distances e Man-made structures

84. The cartographic technique by which points on the sphere of the Earth are transferred to points on the plane surface of a map is ...

a Trajection

b Projection

c Intersection

d Interpolation

e approximation

85. The Mercator projection is actually which type of projection?

a Conical

b Gnomonic

c Zenithal

d Conformal

e cylindrical

86. The reference lines on a globe which circle the Earth parallel to the equator are lines of ...

a Elevation

b Northings

c Latitude

d longitude

87. How many acres are in the E1/2 of the NW1/2 of the SW1/2 of a section?

a 40

b 20

c 80

d 60

e 10

BIOMES…. [read more]

Battle of Khafji Desert Storm Term Paper

… Military

The first "major ground action" of the Persian Gulf War occurred in January of 1991 in the coastal town of Khafji, Saudi Arabia. A surprise attack of around 500 Iraqi soldiers left two Marine reconnaissance teams trapped in a building. They were later rescued by allied forces, who provided almost all of the counterattack force in Khafji. The death toll of the "hit and run" attack varied between different sources. While Washington claimed that 12 Saudis and 28 Iraqis had died in the incursion, the Saudi commander, General Khalid Bin Sultan claimed 200 Iraqi deaths. Later Marine reports noted that 17 Iraqi tanks had been destroyed in Khafji, and Marine aviators had destroyed 15 more Iraqi military vehicles during their retreat from Khafji. Near…. [read more]

War Without Victory Nominally Research Paper

… The goal of the war was not the destruction of Iraq, but simply getting Iraq out of Kuwait. However, President Bush was determined to have a quick and decisive victory in the area, not the drawn-out fighting that had plagued the United States in both Korea and Vietnam (PBS, 2010). This desire for a clear-cut victory may have resulted in him allowing Hussein to remain in power, which only delayed further problems for the United States in the region.


There are some arguments that the Persian Gulf War was not a political failure. For example, many people suggest that deterrence was ineffective completely in preventing the Persian Gulf War. However, that view takes a limited approach to deterrence. Deterrence does not only apply to…. [read more]

Hemingway Analysis the Returning Essay

… More and more readers attribute issues of mental health to Krebs' situation, which shows a definite change in perspective from the time that Hemingway's story was first written and publish and the understanding of war's effects on people today (Associated Content). Psychology was still a very young field in the second decade of the twentieth century, and many people still considered it a largely "quack" science with little real implications or applications. These attitudes have changed dramatically in the decades between the nineteen-twenties and the current era, and the psychological trauma that can be caused by experiencing warfare and similar ongoing acts of violence is much better understood now, even if this understanding is still perhaps somewhat lacking. Krebs, perhaps like Hemingway himself, would most…. [read more]

Monograph One of the Great Essay

… These specialized officers will continue to enhance the readiness of America's combat troops, bolster the awareness and foresight of commanding officers, and help create the future generation of military leaders that will keep America strong and safe.


Counterterrorism and counterterrorism intelligence should become more fully integrated into the SAMS and AMSP curricula.

The curricula should include a greater focus on future threats, including those that come from cyberterrorism.

Greater integration of knowledge on technology, and particularly communications technologies and new media would assist SAMS graduates in non-combat-related applications in the future.

More coursework on language, culture, global politics, and similar issues will help SAMS graduates who go on to be stationed abroad, and will help SAMS graduates broaden the application of their education by…. [read more]

First Gulf War Thesis

… ¶ … Gulf War

Although many people believe that the current problems in the Middle East can be traced to the end of World War II and the creation of Israel, much of the current conflict can be attributed to the Cold War. In fact, the United States maintained a strong military presence in the Middle East. "The continuous, albeit limited, American military presence in the Persian Gulf demonstrated to potential aggressors that in any confrontation they faced the prospect of war with a superpower."

The United States and Russia engaged in a covert struggle over much of the Middle East, and that struggle extended to Iraq, which was Russia's ally during the Cold War. As a result of the Cold War and disagreements over…. [read more]

General Norman Schwarzkopf Term Paper

… With such vast experience regarding the terrain of the Middle East, and their cultures, he has been able to provide a different perspective for Americans.

Regardless of the somewhat questionable retreat of the Allied Forces from Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, General Schwarzkopf proved himself a tactical genius with stunning leadership abilities. From the tender age of seven, Schwarzkopf can recall how his father taught him to honor his country, and to defend it if necessary. He accompanied his father at age twelve to Tehran - the first of many trips to the Middle East. Schwarzkopf followed in his father's path at West Point and in his early assignments within the United States Army, but clearly forged his own way during the Gulf War.…. [read more]

5th Fleet in Bahrain Term Paper

… Ultimately, Tehran's only credible choice is to disrupt activity in this major Gulf trade route. Is the Strait of Hormuz really vital to the world's oil market? The answer is: Much less than it used to be.

US and EU Oil Embargo & Iranian Nuclear Program

The decision on an EU embargo on oil exports from Iran was expected on 30 January but as yet no information has emerged. This paper considers the potential outcomes of such an embargo, assuming it is imposed. The initial impact is that the EU countries will have to get alternative supplies to replace their imports of heavy, sour crude from Iran. The right numbers are uncertain. According to OPEC, in 2010 Iran exported 890,000 barrels per day (b/d) to…. [read more]

Policy Briefing Regarding Women Term Paper

… Women are currently excluded from the draft, a decision that was upheld in Rockster V Goldberg (1981).

Even with the legislation in place, the U.S. Marine Corps still excludes women from 39% of total available positions.

Several major issues divide people into two opposing sides.

One key argument is whether biological differences, both physically and emotionally play a role in unit safety.

Men of different races are held to the same standards as every other man, regardless of race, whereas women are not held to the same physical standards as their male counterparts.

Pregnancy could jeopardize unit effectiveness.

Research has demonstrated that women do effect the deployability of military units.

During Desert Shield and Desert Storm 56% became pregnant before deployment.

Women are physically smaller…. [read more]

Aviation Fatigue Term Paper

… Aviation Fatigue

Fatigue is a complex phenomenon that has been ascribed to various causes. The underlying reasons for fatigue are investigated in this paper and the focus of the research is on solutions to the problem as well as on the importance of understanding the causative factors. Fatigue has also been singled out by the aviation industry and the Air Force as one of the most pervasive reasons for in-flight errors and loss of concentration in operational conditions. The seriousness of the issue of fatigue and fatigue related problems are indicated by the numerous studies, reports and seminars that have been conducted over the past decade. In this investigation into the solutions to the problem of fatigue, the study also finds that the solutions are…. [read more]

Health Consequences of Air Pollution Term Paper

… Definition of Terms

We have already touched on some of the important concepts that will be explored in this project including a general definition of air and of air pollution. However, a few more specific definitions need to be given to help us understand the specific types of pollution most commonly involved in these two instances as well as their possible health effects.

Scientists have determined that hundreds of specific substances are hazardous to the health of humans and other mammals even when they present in trace amounts in the air. Many of these substances were released into the air during the Gulf War thus exposing both civilians and members of the armed services to them.

The toxins that existed in the air at relatively…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Military Food Research on the Food Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … military food research on the food industry has emerged in recent years as a topic of growing significance and importance to citizens, scientists and government officials alike.

Military research on food has had a significant impact on the food industry, mainly because military research in this area often consists of food preservation, nutrition and performance enhancements. All of these categories directly impact the economic and nutritional aspects of the food industry. Research indicates that food intake in the military is influenced by the same factors that influence food intake in non-military settings. This paper will analyze and discuss the impact of such research on the food industry as a whole.

Military research on the food industry often consists of studies conducted on the…. [read more]

Multinational Command Structure Essay

… Justification-Major limitations on C2 are those of national forces such as those of Azerbaijan that must maintain parallel command structures to avoid feeding the propaganda of SAPA or Ahuristani forces portraying the CTJF as "crusaders" who are coming in to take over a Muslim country. With Azeri national forces poised on the borders (at least publicly) in a defensive or support posture, this should give the lie to this issue. The U.S. can not publicly be a lead nation due to these political considerations

Constraints-U.S. And CJTF EUCOM EAST forces will need to keep a low profile on Azeri bases. CJTF nations on base should wear UN blue berets and blue helmets when and if the UN security council approves the deployment of MNF forces.…. [read more]

Black Markets and Their Results Term Paper

… Countermeasures must continue to emphasize containment of material at the source in Russia and other countries. Once the material is illegally and surreptitiously removed from a storage area, the difficulty of intercepting it en route to foreign buyers increases dramatically. Nevertheless, interdiction efforts at international borders, between the original storage areas and the borders, and across transit countries can greatly complicate efforts, making life difficult for contraband mercenaries. Hence a layered defense, with strategies directed at every possible checkpoint in the trafficking routes of HEU and plutonium, is an essential ingredient of any program to secure nuclear materials (Schweitzer and Dorsch 64).


Probably one of the most dehumanizing and reprehensible of the black markets is the one that exists in human trafficking. There…. [read more]

Group Structure and Unit Cohesiveness Term Paper

… Although many young men when they enter the Army already have a foundation of their own moral codes and values, which have slowly developed through their years of integration with society, these values and codes are slowly changed or developed by the Army to enable the individual to become one of many as part of a free thinking but also collective thinking organization, binding the men to each other into a professional close knit unit of men in uniform not boys in the school yard.

It these values that have formed us as part of a group, giving us comfort and safety to belong, to trust and respect our fellow men, there can be no negotiation on these values or codes they are set in…. [read more]

Global Warming Trends and Impact Essay

… It is now believed that everyday activities such as mass production, transportation activities, and using electricity and aerosol products in our homes, all contribute to greenhouse gases. The one natural protection humans have -- trees that reduce greenhouse gases and produce oxygen -- have been devastated by human development and monetary ventures (Weart 44). Rainforests are estimated to be destroyed at the unprecedented rate of one and a half acres per second, and could be gone within the next 30 years (Prothero 19). The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (known as the IPCC) has now concluded that most of the increased temperature in the twentieth century is related to human industrialization (Weart 48).

The goal today among scientists, organizations, and activists is slowing…. [read more]

Advanced Persistent Threat Research Paper

… ¶ … Persistent Threat

Historical Background of APT

Today, APT, or Advanced Persistent Threat, describes cyber attacks, which are produced by organized teams of individuals, whom have extremely in-depth resources. These teams of individuals have highly advanced technological and database penetration skills and they target specific profiles. Attack tactics are very precise and deliberate and they remain consistent in their attacks. The attackers evaluate the attacked profile's defense and what their likely response will be to the attack in an attempt to anticipate what techniques will need to be implemented.

According to a 2010 CSO Cyber Security Watch Survey, threats posed to organizations by cyber crimes have increased faster than potential victims over the last few years. Cyber threats are becoming significantly more common throughout…. [read more]

Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Research Proposal

… Disabled Veteran Outreach Program

Wars have always had an immediate effect upon the forces that take part in them. In particular the ones that are directly affected are the ones who fight them and the ones that come home injured or suffering from war disabilities. Their future in the work market is often placed in doubt. The present study will be conducted in response to concerns raised by unemployed disabled veterans returning from operations in the Middle East. It will consist in an evaluation of the "Disabled Veteran Outreach Program" undergone by the Government of the United States in order to address the problems of veterans who can no longer find suitable jobs as a result of disabilities suffered during combat.

Description of the Program…. [read more]

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