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Saudi Arabia Surveillance Intro the Knowledge Term Paper

… Saudi Arabia Surveillance Intro

The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Ministry of Health Physicians Toward Surveillance System in Saudi Arabia

Surveillance is the ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health data in the process of describing and monitoring a health event (Jajosky & Groseclose, 2004). The information is used for planning, implementing and evaluating public health intervention programs (Waife & Davenhall, 2005). An epidemiological surveillance system is a set of interrelated elements and activities which contributes to the achievement of surveillance objectives. It is usually well-known as a central part of a health care system in order to monitor priority health events which are known to be taking place in the population (World Health Organization, 1998). This study explores the knowledge, attitude and practices…. [read more]

Faith Diversity Faith Expressions Health Essay

… Arabs include people living in Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and many other countries.

Basic Beliefs

All Arabs are the Muslims practicing the second largest religion of the world "Islam." According to Islamic Encyclopedia, Islam is one of the major and widely spread religions of the world (Campo, 2009). Unlike Trinity concept in Christianity, Muslims believe in one God, "Allah" and submit their will to the God. However, like Christians they also believe in the Day of Judgment and concept of hell and heaven. The difference in the faith of the two is that Muslims (Arabs) believe that only their good deeds can take them to heaven while according to Christians' faith, Jesus Christ has already sacrificed himself for the…. [read more]

Development of Health Management System in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Project Title: Development of Health Management Systems in Saudi Arabia

Geopolitical Overview

Within the global healthcare model there are various expressions of appropriateness of care. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance, healthcare has always been the purview of the government, funded at the behest of the ruling family, designed for a predominately young or middle aged population, and certainly not designed for the increasing urbanization and economic improvements that oil and natural gas have brought to the region. In addition, changing demographics in the Kingdom make it necessary to rethink the model of healthcare.

A geopolitical and cultural background of the country and comparison with the region is first provided to engage the reader in the synergism between these…. [read more]

Health System of Kuwait Term Paper

… According to International Science Review, there are 70 general area-specific clinics (or "centers"), and 141 specialized area-specific health clinics. The clinics do not provide surgeries and other more complicated services, however - they are primarily for "routine check-ups and preliminary examinations." There are five health-care regions in Kuwait, and in each region, there is one main federally-operated hospital (plus there is one additional hospital that has been built since these data were offered by the Kuwait government. The five hospitals are: Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City; Jahra Hospital in Jahra; Farwaniyah Hospital in Farwanijah; Mubarak Al-Kibir Hospital in Jabriya; and Adan Hospital in Fahaheel. The growth of the availability of doctors in Kuwait is quite dramatic. For example, there were only 362 doctors in Kuwait…. [read more]

Adoption of New Technology Systems Essay

… Adoption Of New Technology Systems

In planning for the implementation of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, it is critically important to have a solid change management strategy in place well before the technology is introduced. In preparing for a meeting with the nurses one week prior to the training, the following framework has been created to guide the change management strategies for this healthcare facility.

Creating a Change Management Foundation of Trust

One of the most prevalent factors that leads to resistance to change is lack of trust. The five foundational elements of relative advantage, compatibility with existing values and practices, simplicity, trialability and observable results all must be based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust (Rogers, 2003). To attain this…. [read more]

Tackling Health Inequity Using Primary Health Care and Empowerment Approaches Essay

… ¶ … social determinants of health which according to WHO (2011) are the conditions in which individuals are born in, grow, live their lives, work as well as age is an integral to the achievement of health equality worldwide. These situations are basically shaped by the level and pattern of the distribution of money, power as well as other resources at a local, national, regional and international level, factors that are also dictated by the laid down policies of a given regime. These social determinants of health have been noted to be responsible for the cases of health care inequities the world over. Health inequity refers to the unfair as well as the unavoidable difference in the cross country health status. Social determinants of health…. [read more]

Brain Drain of Health Professionals Thesis

… The 'brain drain', also referred to as 'talent flow' (Hooks et al., 2005) and the 'Diaspora' (Bryant and Law, 2004), is the flow of skilled human capital out of a country at a considerable rate. Africa is faced with this growing problem (Mutizwa-Mangiza, 1996; Bloom & Standing, 2001) and has witnessed decades of wasted development potential, however it has also been experienced in other nations throughout history e.g. USA and Europe and is currently happening in Ireland. This migration has been blamed for worsening the human capital crisis in Africa (Wadda, 2000). The continent has suffered and continues to suffer problems of extreme poverty and lack of both human and institutional capacity. There has been massive influx of emigration from Zimbabwe since the late 90's…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia 14 18 Aged Essay

… Saudi Arabia Obesity: Adolescent Girls

Obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Although the patterns of obesity differ between developing and developed countries, obesity rates are generally on the increase worldwide. According to Speiser, et al. (2005), 250 million people, literally 7% of the world's current population is obese. In Canada, 40 to 60% of the population is obese while in the United States over 65% are obese and around 65% of the American population falling under this category (The Toronto Sun, 2011). The situation is not different in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Elser Baxter (2010) indicated that more than half of the Saudi adults are obese with 34% being the middle aged males while 45% being…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia Essay

… Obesity in Adolescent Females in Saudi Arabia

This paper examines the causes of obesity among the adolescent girls in Saudi Arabia. It endeavors to unravel the pre-exposing factors and the other related conditions that come along with development of obesity, e.g. High blood pressure, strokes, diabetes type II and coronary artery. In this study 1486 adolescent ladies were randomly sampled and interviewed on what their diets is, whether or not they engage in physical exercises, their family income and the history of obesity in their families. Body Mass Index (BMI) was also taken. All this were to expose possible areas of obesity causes. It came to be established that about 95% of obesity causes is the lifestyle regarding consumption of snack and products that contains…. [read more]

Nursing Education Article

… Unfortunately for the patient, there is a need to have someone immediately available who has "the ability to collect, interpret, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data" (Maneval, Filburn, Deringer, & Lum, 2011). Critical thinking is important in nursing primarily because the nurse is the healthcare worker tasked with direct care of the patient (Simpson, 2002, 23). The need to make decisions that will impact the health and safety of the patient is of paramount importance in the role of nurse. Education which fosters this ability is critical to nurses and the literature bears out the fact that multiple methods can be used to accomplish this goal (Maneval, Filburn, Deringer, & Lum, 2011; Reese, Jeffries & Engum, 2010; Simpson, 2002, 26).

Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking in…. [read more]

Management Information System in Web Application Research Proposal

… Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS)

for e-Government Web Applications


The Kuwait Ministry of Defense (MOD) needs secure workflow management systems (SWMS) to enable globally distributed users and applications to cooperate across classification levels to achieve critical goals, an SWMS that is dedicated to improve tender processes through the internet, it considered as an online tender management system that permits administrators to automatically issue military electronic tenders to a list of tendering companies. To this end, this study presents a roadmap for implementing (SWMS) e-tender application for (MOD) and focuses on onion routing technique for anonymous communication over a computer for such workflows.

Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS) for e-Government Web Applications



A Web application is simply an application…. [read more]

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Capstone Project

… Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

Saudi Nurse Edit

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

The purpose of this quantitative cross-sectional descriptive/correlational design research study is to test Benner's (1982) theory "From Novice to Expert" in relation to the impact of preceptorship on the competency of undergraduate nursing interns at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC). This study seeks to determine if preceptors provide the support recommended by Benner (1982) to the undergraduate nurse during their preceptorship program and if these have an impact on undergraduate competency levels. The study will use two reliable validated clinical competence questionnaires based on Benner's (1982) competencies (Shwu & Ching, 2014) and Knowles Adult Learning theory and nursing…. [read more]

Developing a Maritime Policy for Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… ¶ … Rational Maritime Policy for Saudi Arabia

The Untapped Potential of Saudi Arabia's Maritime Resources

Saudi Arabia is not a nation whose fate has been historically associated with the oceans. Images conjured of Saudi Arabia will involve oil fields and vast deserts. At first blush, there seems little reason to even consider a maritime policy for the nation, let alone a rational and holistic one that incorporates information from many maritime interests and successfully coordinates policy decisions for all. This is a misconception. In fact, Saudi Arabia has an intimate and strategic relationship with two major oceanic routes: the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. As the importance of these routes is certain to grow in the coming years and decades, it is important…. [read more]

Academic Research in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… The obstacle that arises in order to carry on some research is that the funding process to carry out some research is so complicated that discourages much of the young researchers. Moreover proper infrastructure is not available, since scientific research (as opposed to other academic researches) need s proper and well-developed infrastructure. Secondly, the heavy burden on teachers (which includes additional teaching hours and administrative duties) does not motivate the faculty members to carry on some research activities.

Another similar study has been done to analyze the research activities among faculty members of medical and health colleges in 2011. Over 38.6% faculty members have published their work in last two years. Lack of time, no research assistance, non-availability of funds for research and heavy load…. [read more]

Health Care Systems Management Dissertation

… Health Care Systems Management

As the society grew and evolved, its focus on healthcare increased and it has eventually come to a situation in which the life expectancy at birth doubled or even tripled. Macau is for instance the country with the highest life expectancy at birth with 84.36 years. It is followed by Andorra with 82.51 years, Japan with 82.12 years and Singapore with 81.98 years. At the other end sit Angola with 38.20 years, Zambia with 38.63 years, Lesotho with 40.38 years and Mozambique with 41.18 years (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010).

The past few decades have witnessed numerous processes of global change, one of the most important of them being the liberalization of markets and the globalization of not just economies, but cultures,…. [read more]

Regional Planning Positive and Negative Effects Research Proposal

… Regional Planning

Positive and negative effects for re-planning in squatter areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This study will demonstrate that fast re-planning in squatter areas is connected to massive challenges of public sector management. Through an in-depth analysis, the study will show the challenges and effects that arise from the need to guarantee that services are expanded to fulfill the needs of the growing population in squatter areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It illustrates why urban development and re-panning must take place in a sustainable and orderly fashion. The adequacy in the public sector division enhances the ability to address these challenges and impacts fixed to its capability to foster appropriate capacity (Munro-Hay, 2011). This paper supports the capability to grasp…. [read more]

Health and Environmental Issues Term Paper

… Hunter estimates that ... A third of those 14 years old and younger - will be missing at least one parent. Sub-Saharan Africa will then be home to about 90% of the world's AIDS orphans.

(Sachs, 1993. p.10)

Health and effects of the disease are worsened by poor environmental conditions and especially by poverty. These factors also result in the concomitant decline in the economic situation. This is especially the case in Sub-Saharan Africa where a number of civil wars and other conflicts have complicated and worsened the situation.

War ands conflicts undermine and even destroy the infrastructure, which in turn degrades the chance of any defense against a disease like HIV / AIDS. It also leads to poverty, which results in a decline in…. [read more]

About Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Saudi Arabia

The official name of Saudi Arabia is Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SAMIRAD 2008). It is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen. Its land area of more than 2 million square kilometers consists of deserts, plateaus and mountains, the highest point of which is Jabal Sawda. Most recent statistics say it has close to 25 million people, 72% of whom are Saudi citizens. The official language is Arabic and the official religion is Islam. Its flag is the Green Banner of Islam with the inscription: "there is no God but God and Muhammad is his Messenger." A sword was added to this flag in 1906, which symbolizes Islamic victories…. [read more]

Economical Situation in Saudi Arabia Thesis

… Saudi Arabia's economy has traditionally relied heavily on oil revenues, but in recent years that government has followed the lead of other Gulf nations in taking steps to diversify the economy. The economic plan incorporates several elements. Among them are improving education, ascension to the World Trade Organization and the development of "economic cities." These reforms are in their early stages, but the government, which exerts tight control over the economy, hopes that over time the nation will be able to use its oil wealth as a stepping stone to a sustainable economic strength, even beyond the point when oil revenues dry up.

The present economic system, however, remains heavily reliant on oil. Oil revenues account for roughly 45% of the nation's GDP of $467.6…. [read more]

Leading Change for Patient Essay

… Lee et al. (2000) described the main medical services, Haywood-Farmer & Stuart, 1988 explained the fundamental features of medical service which included benefits, appropriateness, effectiveness to the patient and professional skills, Brown and Swartz, 1989 evaluated knowledge, level of training and expertise of the personnel which were discovered as another aspect to responsiveness, sympathy, dependence, assurance and tangibles in assessing the quality of the healthcare service. A four feature structure was presented by Choi, Hanjoon, Chankon, and Sunhee (2005) which included the staff concerned, the physician concerned, tangibles and ease of process of care and this structure exposed the characteristics of administrative, environmental, technical and functional quality (Buyukozkan, 2011).

A similar kind of scale was presented by Dageer et al. (2007) which completely assessed the…. [read more]

Starbucks' Human Resource Management Policies Essay

… The high commitment approach to human resource management seeks to "elicit a commitment so that behaviour is primarily self-regulated rather than controlled by sanctions and pressures external to the individual and relations within the organization are based on high levels of trust" (Gratton, Hailey, Stiles & Truss 1999, p. 41).

Although pay and benefits remain among the most important motivational factors in the workplace, the high commitment HRM model recognizes that there are other factors involved that play a role in individual motivation as well that must be taken into account. In this regard, Chonko and Roberts (1996) report that, "Of all the many properties that characterize work in formal organizations, pay is one of the most important. Pay has been found to influence significant…. [read more]

Kasp and Saudi Economy Research Paper

… This improvement in female participation in higher education should in theory be a boon to the Saudi economy.

The reality is that educational opportunities for Saudi women are good, but economic opportunities are poor. While unemployment among Saudi women with a secondary education is around 20%, unemployment among Saudi women with a tertiary education is closer to 80%. This contrasts with the experience of women in developed nations, and even in other Muslim nations such as Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Turkey, where education unlocks opportunity for women.

The issue of women's economic opportunity is important in the context of high unemployment in the nation. That so many women with good educations are excluded from the workplace means that the country has a wasted asset. While it…. [read more]

Organic Farming in Saudi Arabia Its Environmental and Socio Economical Prospects and Challenges Term Paper

… Organic Farming in Saudi Arabia: Environmental and Socio-Economical Prospects and Challenges

Conceptual Framework Chapter

"Many organic practices simply make sense, regardless of what overall agricultural system is used.

Far from being a quaint throwback to an earlier time, organic agriculture is proving to be a serious contender in modern farming and a more environmentally sustainable system over the long-term"

(David Suzuki as cited in Famous Organic Quotes, 2010).

In this Conceptual Framework Chapter, the researcher addresses the three primary research questions:

How viable may it be in the future for Saudi Arabia to apply an aggressive organic farming system? Or this question could it work as:

How viable may it be in the future for Saudi Arabia to cultivate and produce an aggressive, successful organic…. [read more]

Economic Integration of GCC Countries: Latest Developments Since 2010 Essay

… This indicator is inopportune when focusing on other indicators.

There is also a dangerous debt in non-oil producing countries. They have no choice but to implement the policies. Countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman are facing pressing challenges when it comes to labor. In these countries, national workforce has been rendered inopportune to deliver since foreign labor (with better services at cheaper rates) especially from India and Africa have recently flocked the labor market. Therefore, GCC is currently pursuing policies, which will seek to replace foreign workers with local workers. To accomplish this, GCC is advising member states to pursue a combination of mandatory of market-based and as well, policies which will seek to promote non-oil economic growth.

Although the population of the GCC…. [read more]

Management Three Case Studies Event Case Study

… The city of Ha'il is in Saudi Arabia, and the festival relates to the unique and rich history that the city presents, and which it could demonstrate to the country. In order to plan this festival, example from Australia, Tunisia, and Morocco were utilized. The Ha'il festival, however had to be unique to this city and though it could research elements from other festivals, it would have to ensure that, in the end the city would be portrayed for all its cultural glory. Therefore, the city decided upon strategies that included the specificities of the region, including a falconry exhibition, saluki dogs contests, poetry evenings, family traditional enterprises, a camel calling contest and a competition involving sand dune car racing.

The first question to be…. [read more]

Information Systems (Is) and Technology Term Paper

… "Issues that were of major concern among IS executives in developed countries are: building IT infrastructure, IS architecture, telecommunication systems and network, and data resource issues." (Pimchangthong, Plaisent, & Bernard, 2003) The U.S., Australia and Canada all ranked the development of IT infrastructure as their long-term strategic goal.

Developed country's economies are moving away from the manufacturing base to a more knowledge and intelligence base, thanks in part to the technology revolution of the past decade. And, developing countries are slowly becoming manufacturing and production bases needing higher levels of infrastructure. The developing countries have the advantage of learning from the mistakes made by the developed countries when they were initially setting up their infrastructures. In many situations, the capabilities and optimization of the IT…. [read more]

Natural Energy Resources Term Paper

… Managing Natural Resources - Natural Gas

Natural gas is a non-renewable energy source. It is often found with oil. Natural gas makes up a significant proportion of the energy used by the United States. Effective management of this energy source is vital. Though the United States is a major producer of natural gas, it also must import to meet its needs. Management must cover not only extraction, processing and distribution within the United States, but it must also constructively interact with the demands of the rest of the world to secure natural gas imports. Economics, politics and environmental concerns must all be properly addressed to create an effective management system that everyone can live with.

Today, natural gas has become an important energy resource in…. [read more]

Emergency Response Literature Review

… Supervisor Draft



Emergency management / disaster management

Emergency Preparedness


Community resilience












This chapter is comprisesd of the literature review regarding community resilience and emergency preparedness in the context of emergency/disaster management. Additionally It will additionally discuss the general terms and definitinons that includes all aspects related to emergency management and preparedness specifying the terms is…. [read more]

Iconic Nursing Leader and Theorist Essay

… He had a forlorn expression on his face so I sat down next to him and let me say what was on his mind. You could say this was absolutely a caring moment -- and the husband opened up to me about the sixty years he and his wife have been married. He also said the two had never been apart except for the time when he served in World War II.

As he covered some of the good times he and his wife had shared together, tears were trickling down his face. At that point I touched his hand and I began to shed some tears as well. His opinion was quite different than the daughter and her fiance. He wanted his wife to…. [read more]

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