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Shadow Banking on the International Term Paper

… These measures are instrumental in leading towards more prudent risk management of entity, reduction of any implicit "government safety net" linked with highly leveraged funds and mitigate pro-cyclicality of market movements occurring mostly in the cases of market distress. However, its potential disadvantages comprise of potential difficulties encountered in the calibration of limits for different investment strategies, which implies that some strategies are considered "efficient" only if they operate on highly leveraged basis. Moreover, impediments to a fund's portfolio investment flexibility tend to be another disadvantage associated with it. Thus, the type of entity under consideration and the particular features linked to it must be considered for tailoring this type of tool. Such type of tool is considered suitable for hedged funds (FSB, 2012f).

References…. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay Term Paper

… An additional 16 voted for the Cuban independence measure and abstained from the Platt Amendment (Mellen, 2004). These votes from the hypocritical members of the Senate would have defeated the Platt Amendment had they not changed their position so drastically (Mellen, 2004).

The U.S. intent to use the Platt amendment as the means to legitimize control over Cuba was not a hidden agenda (Mellen, 2004). Congressman Corliss of Michigan stated: "I am construed to vote for the amendment with reference to the island of Cuba, because I believe that the adoption thereof will insure the continuance of our sovereignty. I am unalterably opposed to the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States over the island of Cuba" (Mellen, 2004). Congressman C.E. Littlefield of Maine…. [read more]

Information Systems Have Changed Essay

… Information systems have changed the way we collaborate and work in significant ways.

The technology system has had effects on everyday life. The innovative aspect of the working system with collaboration has encouraged the wiring of the globe to help maximize accessibility. The paper addresses the revolutions in the technology system beyond recognition. The paper also analyses how the technology system has managed to revolutionize the field of company practices through the encouragement of collaborative efforts across the principal involved functions and units. The technology system is also in the verge of leveraging functional nature of knowledge and experience with the specified diversity in the workforce. The paper also tackles how the technology system has managed to improvise business to become speedy. It is significant…. [read more]

Global Strategy of Eastcompeace Smart Card Company, Ltd Dissertation

… Eastcompeace: Strategic Management

Data Presentation, Findings & Analysis

Recommendations & Management Implication

The smart card industry is one of the most lucrative industrial sectors in the world. This is because the lack of competitiveness and margin of innovation existing in this particular industry. From a sim card in a cellular phone to high tech and sophisticated security systems, the smart card industry covers it allThis makes it a highly price inelastic industry, which in turn means, that smart card producers have an edge to play with the prices the way they want to. On the other hand, the critical and sensitive nature of product that the smart card industry deals with demands immense level of continuous research and development so that the smart cards can…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior: Wal-Mart Essay

… Management throws out the culture, however, the Wal-Mart structure places limits on the local decision-making power of the managers at the store level. As a result, managers themselves have a vested interest in modeling and perpetuating the messages of the culture because they depend on its persuasive morality as a primary tool to manage the behavior of employees and the space of the stores. Managers need the social power of the culture to manage, even as they perpetuate their own subordination to it by extolling its virtues and refining its messages.

iv. Organizational Design

Wal-Mart's organizational design is a tight masterpiece of detailed reporting and task. Such allows the company to control, motivate and organize workers to obtain one common goal. It has a unique…. [read more]

Just and Unjust USA War Against Afghanistan Term Paper

… Terrorism

There are a number of ways to interpret terrorist attacks in the modern world. The Bush administration has chosen a particular perspective that is intended to justify the employment of the United States military as a tool for rooting out terrorism in general. However, there are many difficulties with the logical backing for such a position; the way terrorism is understood, and the sources of terrorism have been largely misconstrued. Many people have put forward criticisms of the White House's outlook -- some from particularly visible individuals -- and an equal number of alternative approaches to terrorism have been offered. but, fundamentally, terrorism needs to be understood as a means of waging warfare; usually adopted by those who possess significant strategic and militaristic shortcomings.…. [read more]

Management Theories Historical Records Show Term Paper

… He listed the three top functions of the executive as to establish and maintain an effective communication system, to hire and maintain effective personnel, and to motivate personnel. He set forth the Acceptance Theory of Authority, which said that a manager had only as much authority as employees allowed him to have and that authority goes downward only if it is accepted by subordinates (Allen). To this, this acceptance depended on their understanding what the manager wanted them to do, their compliance with his directive, their belief that the directive was consistent with organizational objectives but not inconsistent with their personal goals. Barnard supposed that each worker had a range of indifference within him or her that motivated acceptance or rejection of authority and the…. [read more]

Cultural Perceptions of Time Term Paper

… The regional or ethnic subsets I will examine are: the Bantu-Kongo of modern Nigeria, the Nguni Zulus of modern South Africa, and the Akan of central and southern modern Ghana and parts of the adjoining eastern modern Cote d'Ivoire,. Additionally I will discuss other regional affiliations of Africa based on the importance of the issue the history of the particular culture gives testament to.

The Bantu-Kongo region is defined as: "Kongo" refers to a cultural, linguistic, and historical group of people that is descended from a larger body of Bantuspeaking communities who migrated south from the Benue-Cross river region of present-day Nigeria into the equatorial forest of West Central Africa and beyond." (Fu-kiau 1994, 17)

The three factors to be analyzed as foundational to the…. [read more]

Legal Memo African Diaspora Research Paper

… Because the Protocol is an offer, it is critical to examine the manner of acceptance. The Protocol clearly and explicitly describes how one accepts the offer; through tender of application materials and the timely tender of the $25,000 application fee. ADM accepted the offer by providing the required materials and paying the fee. The consideration in the contract is the $25,000 application fee. Finally, if the Protocol is an offer, which ADM accepted by its application, one must look at GGYC's discretion to reject or accept an applicant. Nothing in the Protocol gives clear guidelines that would ensure that GGYC either accepted or rejected an application. On the contrary, the guidelines give GGYC leeway and suggest that it has discretion to determine whether an applicant…. [read more]

Positivist Theory of Crime Term Paper

… This program will serve to assist these individuals in their formulation of a new type of existence in the community that adheres to acceptable norms of behavior.

Summary and Conclusion

Positivistism was formulated by Lombroso and has enabled a more scientific approach to criminology. Three types of positivism exist: (1) biological; (2) psychological; and (3) social. Social control theories holds that societal norms enforce conformity and compliance to the rules of society. These influences include family, school, friends, and the morals, values and beliefs of the individual's peers. Juveniles and adults have been found to be responsive to these social controls.

Proposed in this study is a program for treatment and prevention of criminal behavior based upon the social control theory. The program has several…. [read more]

Communication History Fans of Science Term Paper

… Lodge did more to introduce the forefront of theoretical electromagnetic research not just to the broader scientific community, but to the engineering community as well. Lodge's biographer W.P. Jolly says, with some irony, that "Lodge was of the light cavalry of Physics, scouting ahead and reporting back, rather than the infantry of Engineering, who take and consolidate the ground for permanent useful occupation" (Jolly 113). This is a tactful way of pointing out that Lodge technically invented the radio, but missed out on receiving credit, or indeed a Nobel Prize. Lodge was not incompetent in engineering: indeed he would hold patents for the first versions of the modern automotive spark-plug, and his electromagnetic research began with a practical problem (the construction of a better lightning…. [read more]

Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Seminar Paper

… Predatory Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The issues with subprime mortgages are recognized by now, with many evasions and consequences for businesses and financiers in a similar way. A lot of writers have been swift to charge what they call hungry, predatory lenders who oppressed poor, simple and uneducated borrowers. This is expected for the reason that lenders have been blamed of many comparable sins in earlier periods. For instance, the uproar following the printing of Apgar et al. (2006)

, which has been extensively deduces as proof of racial bigotry, is renowned. So far other explanations of the data exist, with Elliehausen & Staten (2004) being a well-known case in point.

Analysts state that minorities disburse bigger overages or yield spreads than Caucasians,…. [read more]

Juvenile Justice System Verses the Adult Term Paper

… Juvenile System vs. Adult Justice System


Juvenile Justice System vs. Adult Justice System criminal justice system is a mechanism, utilized by a society to enforce a given standard of conduct in order to protect the members of the community (Colquitt 2002). It consists of apprehending, prosecuting, convicting and sentencing violators of the basic rule of group existence within a society. The purposes of such a system are to remove dangerous members of the community, discourage the rest from criminal behavior, and give society the chance to change violators into law-abiding citizens. The core philosophy of the American criminal justice system is that the government may punish a person who has violated a specific law. A juvenile court, on the other hand, is viewed…. [read more]

Journalistic News Media Term Paper

… g., do not violate constitutional rights) [premise]

Therefore, Judge Brieant's ruling constitute acting like an education czar [conclusion; enthymematic]

Will ends his editorial with [argument 4]:

The inclusion of mystical/spiritual/holistic worldviews within educational practices is not necessarily unjustified [premise]

Judge Brieant finds the practices of using 'worry dolls' and the teacher's assertion that the world is overpopulated to be instances of unjustified educational practices [premise]

Therefore, Judge Brieant's rulings are inconsistent [conclusion; enthymematic]

The above four arguments provided by Will are mostly valid, however, only some are sound. However, it is helpful to assign truth-values to each one of his statements in the arguments above. They can be assigned as follows:

Argument 1

Premise 1: False

Premise 2: True

Conclusion: False

Argument 2

Premise 1:…. [read more]

Legacy Board Members and District Literature Review

… ¶ … Legacy Board Members and District Culture

From a theoretical and scientific perspective, there are compelling reasons for appreciating the role of organizational culture in shaping organizational processes and leadership. Since science seeks to develop universally valuable theories, principles and laws, there is a growing demand for organizational and leadership theories transcending cultures. Theories encounter inherent limitations as leaders seek to apply them across cultures. One tends to work in one culture does not work in a different culture. While focusing on cross-cultural issues, this study will help researchers reveal the new association by incorporating a wider range of factors regularly not considered in contemporary theories like political systems. Therefore, a review of literature on cross-cultural studies has helped expound on theories of organizational…. [read more]

Leadership and Change Management Research Proposal

… A perfect example being the cases of IBM and GM where most of the recent moves to bring culture change involved the application of pressure from persons outside their boards. Culture is therefore instilled through a network of relationships and never through the formal structure of authority as this is the basis of creating culture as well as adapting it.

A study by Gordon (1991) indicated the important role played by external influence of the organization culture. He concluded that the values and basic assumptions of any business organization are heavily influenced by three major external factors: These are; competitive environment, societal expectations and the requirements by customers. Firms that are faced by the highly dynamic and complicated business environment can successfully employ cultures that…. [read more]

PC Moments the Present Era Business Plan

… The potential prospects we can target for the IT solutions that are provided by us, includes the people who work on management level positions in small, medium, and large organizations. They may be marketing managers, general managers, sales managers, and any other executive having the right and power to take quick decisions. These people emphasize on the importance of the information they often require in taking crucial decisions. As a result they are not usually price conscious and they do not spend much time in finding low price solutions. So it can be said that our potential prospects need premium IT solutions but they cannot have computer management personnel.

Moreover, those companies that are not quite capable of availing opportunities in new markets because of…. [read more]

Ethics in Cyberspace Summary Term Paper

… Irrespective of the real influence of the industry in our thinking the cyberspace crucially has become a new centre point in consonance with the neo-classical economic program of global capitalism. The corporate interests have paramount prioritization in the sphere of information technology, as is evident from the regulations for piracy, privacy, competitions in cyberspace along with, to some extent, the reluctant interests put forth in support of the public benefit like universal access, diversity in cyberspace, unprofitable cyberspace however are not taking into account the digital democracy, justice, human security and freedom. It is felt by Cees that the only method of evolving a popular and acceptable global controlling system of cyberspace is active participation of the associated community in the controlling process and ensuring…. [read more]

Truancy Rationale, Relevance, Significance Organization of Remainder Research Proposal

… Truancy

Rationale, Relevance, Significance

Organization of Remainder of Study

Review of the Critical Literature

Historical Context

Motivational and Behavioral Research: Why Punishment Doesn't Work

Co-Morbidity with Other Problems: Identifying Stressors

Bridging the Gap Between the Criminal Justice System and School Counselors

Experimental Design and the Problem of Truancy

Researcher's Philosophy

Research Design Guide or Model

Sampling Design and Setting


Field Testing/Pilot Testing

Internal Validity

External Validity

Expected Findings

Ethical Issues


New Approach to an Old Problem: Do Incentive Programs Decrease Truancy among Middle School Students


Truancy refers to any unexcused absence from school. Each state enacts their own school attendance laws and determines at what age the child is required to begin schooling, when a child can legally drop out…. [read more]

Childcare and Productivity Term Paper

… Business

Using Gelso (2006), Harlow (2009), Stam, (2007, 2010), Wacker (1999), and five additional peer-reviewed articles from your specialization, discuss scholarly views on the nature and types of theory. Compare and contrast at least three views of what constitutes a theory, including the view you will use in Part 3 of this question. Be sure to distinguish theory from related concepts, such as hypothesis, paradigm, model and concept.

Using Ellis & Levy (2008), Harlow, E. (2009), and five additional peer-reviewed articles, review the scholarly literature on the relationship between theory and research and the ways research (quantitative and qualitative) can contribute to the theory. Discuss at least three ways research can contribute to theory.

Pick a theory (in one of the views of what constitutes…. [read more]

Enron's Misleading Accounting & Fraud Tactics Thesis

… Enron was the seventh-largest corporation in the world. Enron Company was divided into five distinct parts including; Wholesale Services, Transportation and Distribution, Broadband Services, Retail Energy Services, and Corporate and Other. By the late 1990's, Enron had gone from a gas pipeline company to an energy trading company and then to a company based on trading gas, oil, water, forest products, minerals, broadband, and any other product that could be made into a commodity. Ultimately, the company began trading derivatives. Derivatives are useful because they provide a hedge against future business risks such as hikes in oil prices, changes in interest rates. When used legitimately derivatives can be beneficial to a company. The paper endeavored to explain the tactics that Enron used to evade detection…. [read more]

Police Reform in Post-Authoritarian Brazil Thesis

… 2) This particular research will also be of immense help for policy formulators in metropolitan police departments and in police departments of small vicinities, in making effectual judgment regarding relevant development.

3) The material along with the conclusion of this particular study will certainly enhance and modernize the methodologies of the investigations linked to job performance and challenges related to police development in Brazil.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Section 1: Police and Crime in Brazil

Since the last ten years the focus of the Brazilian establishment concerning the protection of the civil society has been on the conglomeration out of three immense spectrums: (a) the police department, essential constituent of numerous problems and possibly the recurrent performer in every region of urban space; (b) violent…. [read more]

Phoenix Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Phoenix Program Lessons to Iraq

Scope and Significance


The Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Phoenix

Applications for Iraq

Selected Bibliography


It is not at all unusual to hear popular comparisons made between the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq and though most experts see only a casual relationship still others see a comparison that is not only valid but is applicable to the utilization of historical Vietnam tactics and lessons learned from them to formulate reasonable resolutions to the Iraq War. In a collection of essays analyzing the similarities and differences of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, ed. David Ryan demonstrates that the two wars are very similar in public sentiment…. [read more]

Ethical Issue With Nanomedicine Term Paper

… Ethics in Nanomedicine

The term "nanomedicine" is mainly a reference to the scientific technology called nanotechnology which is used to enhance or sustain health at a small level. This technology is being used in medical domains: such as the processes involved in the production of tissue in the human body; the transportation of drugs that help in the DNA treatment; as well as, studies that concentrate on the diagnostic instruments and procedures. The single most important merit that this form of health sustenance has over other medical procedures is its volume. Its volume is as small as a fragmented particle and this particle influences the duration of the effect of the serum and has a very specific design of deposition. Both these aspects allow the…. [read more]

Inflation Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China Dissertation

… Inflation, Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China

Research particularities

Inflation, unemployment and their definitions

The problem of inflation

The definition of inflation

Measures of inflation

How inflation is measured

Global values of inflation

Types of inflation

Issues raised by inflation

The problem of unemployment

The definition of unemployment

Measures of unemployment

How unemployment is measured

Global values of inflation

Issues of unemployment

The Phillips curve

Defining the Phillips curve

The original Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the original Phillips curve

The modified Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the modified Phillips curve

Two Phillips curves

The Phillips curve in China

General information about China

People's Republic of China interest rates

Phillips curves in China

Relationship between inflation and unemployment in short-term and long-term

The real estate bubble in…. [read more]

Scientific Revolution and Management of Western Civilization Literature Review

… ¶ … Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution and Scientific Management of Western Civilization

The quest for knowledge for knowledge's sake is an inherent part of mankind, and with this knowledge we are able to progress as a race through scientific advancements, in the form of medicine and technology to name but two. One of the most famous figures who pushed knowledge for knowledge's sake was Galileo, who discovered, to the horror of the Church, that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. So important was Galileo that he has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy" (Singer 217). The Scientific Revolution itself was a major turning point in human understanding of the world, but rather than being confined to a single area or…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft's book a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) was written as a response to the proposed state-supported system of public education that would only educate girls to be housewives, a proposal made by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, the French minister of education after the French revolution (Mellor 367). The passion with which Wollstonecraft wrote a Vindication of the Rights of Woman was derived from her personal experience of inequality as a young woman in a patriarchal society and also by the injustice she experienced in her own family growing up, an injustice experienced primarily because of her gender given that she was raised in a home where her older brother, Ned (who by law…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Government Business Relations and Market Characteristics of China Term Paper

… Industrial Relations, Government-Business Relations, And Market Characteristics of China

The reforms that the Chinese government introduced in the last couple of decades or so has brought about a tremendous change in the Chinese economy, to the extent that a major reduction of poverty and a quick increase in income levels are experienced. From Deng Xiaoping in 1978 to the current leadership level, the Chinese have shown a firm commitment towards economic reforms and opening the Chinese economy to the outside world. (Background Note: China) Hence the business environment in China is considered to be very attractive and there are many multinational companies that have already made use of the opportunities offered and many others are venturing to enter the Chinese business market. (Understanding Eastern &…. [read more]

Managing Behaviors and Teaching Social Dissertation

… This program was called Committee for Children's First Curriculum Talking About Touching ( program was an improvement over Boys Town as it searched for the reasons behind a behavior. Boys Town was treatment focused, whereas this new approach sought to explain a behavior and resolve the issues that led to the behavior. This second-generation program concentrated on preventing child abuse. However, it still did not go far enough and eventually the focus changed to finding the cause of child abuse dealing with the family issues that lead to it in the first place. This program is called Second Step, a curriculum-based program that concentrates on preventing child abuse through identifying and dealing with its underlying cause.

Second Step and Girls and Boys Town are the…. [read more]

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