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China-u.S. Bilateral Relationship the Past Essay

… With China, which supplies Korea with fuel and food, the U.S. feels that China will stand a chance to do more in order to leverage the existing relationship with Korea, and subsequently persuade her to avoid provocations and denuclearize. In addition, the U.S. continues to push China to strengthen its execution of United Nations permits against Korea.

The two countries feel that it is not possible for other countries that neighbor Korea to carry out business as usual, with the threat posed by Korea. In response, China supported U.N resolution 2087, which condemned North Korea's rocket launch. In addition, China supported resolution 2094, which subsequently strengthened existing sanctions against Korea's nuclear test. In April 2013, President Xi Jinping warned, "No one has the authority to…. [read more]

Patient Care and Recovery Statistics Term Paper

… Return on Investment (ROI) is key to a medical facility's ability to operate at a profit and -- despite the non-philanthropic realities -- hospitals are businesses and often privately-held ones, at that. Bottom line is often not about lives saved, but dollars earned.

Another reason for product bar coding and not pharmaceutical is drug control and reporting. Sadly, many pharmacists and medical providers abuse the drug supply in their facility and -- unless a controlled and triplicate-issue drug -- many Schedule II and III drugs find themselves in individual pockets for non-prescribed use. If the federal government is able to track such products with more efficiency, drug use and misuse would be exposed to the harsh light of public and political pressures, even criminal consequences.…. [read more]

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