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Diabetes Type II in Adults Term Paper

… Diabetes Type II in Adults


Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas to bring glucose to the cells so the body can use it for energy (University of Maryland Medical Center 2008). If this does not happen, the body has nothing to use for its functions. Diabetes develops. There are many types of diabetes. The most common are type 1 insulin-dependent, type 2 non-insulin-dependent and gestational diabetes. Type 2 is lifelong and characterized by high sugar levels trapped in the blood instead of flowing into the cells. This type develops when the body does not respond correctly to insulin. It is often accompanied by obesity and insulin resistance. Because the cells are not getting the needed insulin, the pancreas produces…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes Lifelong Health Thesis

… It is thus important both to understand this process, combat low insulin levels and ensure that the insulin goes where it is needed so as to avoid diabetes complications.

Because of the ways in which insulin is produced, as well as the fact that diabetes, especially type II adult onset, can lead to both complications and further weight problems, especially if one does not watch his or her diet, exercise is stressed often times by doctors diagnosing diabetes or prescribing diabetes medications.


Firstly, it is said that regular exercise is good for anyone, which is very true, but it is especially vital for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Exercise not only help one maintain his or her weight, but also contributes to a stronger…. [read more]

Diabetes II Description Term Paper

… , MD. (1999). Psychosocial Aspects of Type I Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Living. European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Annual Meeting. Retrieved October 30, 2003, at

Connell-CM; Davis-WK; Gallant-MP; Sharpe-PA. (1994). Impact of social support, social cognitive variables, and perceived threat on depression among adults with diabetes. Health-Psychology. 13 (3): 263-73

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Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Magnus Division, Mumbai. Retrieved October 30, 2003, at

Marcus-MD; Wing-RR; Guare-J; Blair-EH; Jawad-A. (1992). Lifetime prevalence of major depression and its effect on treatment outcome in obese type II diabetic patients. Diabetes-Care. 15 (2): 253-255

Mayou-R; Peveler-R; Davies-B; Mann-J; Fairburn-C. (1991). Psychiatric Morbidity in Young Adults with Diabetes Mellitus. Psychology and Medicine. 21 (3): 639-45

Mousleh, Jadala;…. [read more]

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in the US Essay

… IV. If drug-treated victims do not reach the above objectives of maximum accepted starting treatment, a decrease in cholesterol levels is an alternative step

V. Combination treatment has been shown not to provide additional heart benefit above the starting treatment alone and is not recommended.

VI. Work with nationwide and local commercial partners in motivating local public health groups to meet the nationwide objectives.

VII. Patients with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) should be referred to an effective continuous assistance program concentrating on weight-loss of 8% of body weight and increasing exercise to at least 150 min/week of average activity preferably walking (LeRoith, 2012).


Accumulating evidence strongly suggests that the majority of T2D incidences can be avoided through changes in lifestyle and diet. However, the…. [read more]

Versus Type II Diabetes Mellitus Term Paper

… Diabetes: Caring for Your Emotions as Well as Your Health. Reading, MA: Perseus Books, 1998.

Fackelmann, K.A. Pregnancy raises risk of Type II diabetes. Science News; 11/4/1989;

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. hl=en& start=12 Accessed Han 4, 2004.

Harris MI. Gestational diabetes may represent discovery of pre-existing glucose intolerance. Diabetes Care. 1988; 11:402-411.

Moses RG, Moses M, Russell KG, et al. The 75-g glucose tolerance test in pregnancy: a reference range determined on a low-risk population and related to selected pregnancy out comes. Diabetes Care. 1998; 21:1807-1811

Mullooly, Cathy. Keeping fit for 2. Diabetes Forecast; 12/1/1997;

Metzger…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes Prevention in the Adult Population Research Proposal

… Type II Diabetes Prevention

While modern lifestyles and medical care have certainly improved the longevity of humans in the developed world, and contributed to a greater quality of life scenario, those same lifestyles have engendered a number of issues that contribute to disease. Lack of proper diet, fast food, high fat and carbohydrate diets without adequate fruits and vegetables, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol contribute to an epidemic of obesity which, in turn, contributes to a serious metabolic disorder called Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. While not managed by insulin injections, it is nevertheless quite serious and has a number of progressing symptoms that, if not treated properly, can result in cardiovascular, renal and neurological problems, as well as amputation, ocular issues, and even cognitive…. [read more]

Diabetes Why Study Diabetes? Term Paper

… Diabetes

Why Study Diabetes?

There are two kinds of diabetes, Type I and type II, and they both tend to be a problem for many people throughout the world today, but for Americans it is especially alarming. The major concern with the American people is that Type II diabetes tends to occur at a very young age (Gilliland, Carter, Skipper, & Acton, 2002). Traditionally, Type II diabetes was assumed to be an adult onset disease. However, research shows that the development of Type II diabetes in Americans tends to decrease as population ages, therefore it is especially important to educate young Americans about the risks (Gilliland, Carter, Skipper, & Acton, 2002).

Since American youths are getting Type II diabetes at a high rate, the mortality…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes in Adults Essay

… Diabetes: PICO Search Strategies and Results

Electronic databases are able to efficiently collect and collate a far greater amount of information and specific articles than would be feasible or practical for even the most extensive and dedicated physical research library. The digital age has enables databases not only to retain full-text and abstract records from countless journals and other sources, but also to allow key-word searches and other means of locating information in this vast store of knowledge. With paper records, such a research-friendly system would require a team of full-time readers keeping careful track of every topic discussed in thousands of monthly and weekly periodicals. But though there are amazing advantages to electronic databases, there are also some marked difficulties in finding information for…. [read more]

Omniverous vs. Vegan Diet Omnivorous Term Paper


Omnivorous vs. vegan

A low-carbohydrate, high protein omnivorous diet vs. A low-protein, low fat vegan diet:

What is superior for diabetics?

The vegan diet has become extremely fashionable, thanks to endorsements by celebrities and Bill Clinton's much-publicized weight loss following heart surgery, which he attributed to his vegan diet. The escalating obesity epidemic in America and subsequent spike in type II diabetes have left many nutritionists searching for answers as to what is the best diet to follow to promote health, particularly for overweight persons with or at risk for diabetes (Davis 2011). However, the scientific evidence regarding the health-promoting effects of a vegan diet is questionable and no study has confirmed that a vegan diet is inherently superior to a…. [read more]

African Americans and Diabetes Research Paper

… All of that is highly significant for the future of people with diabetes. The more education they have and the more they are able to put that education to use by seeing their doctor and accepting treatment, the more these people will be capable of living longer, healthier lives (Vaccaro & Huffman, 2012). Type II diabetes can be managed, but it takes commitment and understanding to do so.


Unlike some medical conditions that get progressively worse over time, type II diabetes can be managed and -- in some cases -- even reversed. Because the African-American population is twice as likely to acquire this condition when compared with those who are Caucasian, educating them on the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatment options is…. [read more]

Diabetes: An Example of a Public Health Term Paper

… Diabetes: An example of a public health action plan

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body does not produce enough insulin or cannot properly use the insulin it does manufacture. "Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into [the] energy needed for daily life" ("All about diabetes," ADA, 2007). Diabetes may be easy to define, but it a terrible and complex disease and one which the public and even modern medicine has trouble fully understanding. There are two different kinds of diabetes, Type I and Type II. Type I Diabetes is mainly genetic in its origins. The ailment is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. In this form of diabetes, the body stops producing insulin…. [read more]

Diabetes and Obesity Thesis

… (Laska et al., 2011)

Both ignorance and laziness are often cited as the reasons that people are overweight or obese: Perhaps the most common cultural narrative about overweight people is that they are heavier than would be healthiest for them because they are too lazy to exercise.

However, the students surveyed by Laska et al. As well as the students at Hostos Community College are neither uneducated nor lazy. Indeed, it is more how busy they are than how lazy they are that seems to be at the root of weight problems for many of them.

Proposed Research

The above cited research along with preliminary research that I have gathered about students from Hostos Community College suggest the direction that a future comprehensive study of…. [read more]

Diabetes Mellitus Among Older Age Groups Essay

… The first diabetes prevention strategy I would provide a patient upon discharge from hospital is self-management skills, which would help the individual to prevent complications and stay healthy (Royal College of Nursing, 2018). Self-management education is critical for the patient because most of the complications associated with diabetes are developed outside the health care environment. Patients develop these complications because of lack of knowledge on appropriate measures to manage their conditions.
The second prevention strategy I would provide is lifestyle changes recommendations, especially in relation to nutrition and physical activity (exercise). Lifestyle changes play a crucial role in preventing diabetes and its complications through lessening risk factors of the condition. Some of the recommendations I would provide include maintaining a balanced diet, regular physical exercise,…. [read more]

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences Term Paper

… Adult Learner in a Diabetic Education Center

At my previous place of employment I worked in a clinic that provided education to individuals who had just been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. While this condition is increasingly common among children in the United States as well as in other Western countries, the clinic at which I worked served only an adult population. While I believe that our patients were in general served well by the clinic, looking back from the perspective of using techniques for the adult learner I can see that a number of our strategies could have shifted to be even more helpful.

The population was split between Spanish and English speakers with clinicians assigned according to the speakers' native language. While many…. [read more]

Literature Worksheet Essay

… This explains why type 2 diabetes, once referred to as 'adult onset' diabetes has become increasingly common in adolescents and even children. The adolescent rodents showed distinct differences in the "omental depot, the skeletal muscle, the islet and ?cells and the end-organs including the myocardial and renal tissues. Obesity seems to be the driving force behind this process occurring in the skeletal muscle, islet and ?cells, which constitutes the adipose-skeletal muscle-islet axis in the development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus" versus the control group (Hayden 2011 et al.). Specific, quantitative measures were taken to model the behavior of the tissues of the control group vs. The experimental group.

Q2. How did you confirm that the journal you selected was peer-reviewed or germinal?

I limited the…. [read more]

Public Health Diabetes Case Study

… Diabetes Education

Public health Diabetes

Arizona: Diabetes programming and services

As is the case throughout the United States, the prevalence of diabetes has been rapidly escalating in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Diabetes Coalition was developed "to reduce the burden of diabetes on individuals, families, communities, the health care system, and Arizona. This is done by increasing awareness of diabetes, advocating for and promoting policies and programs that improve access to care, treatment, and outcomes for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes" (Arizona Diabetes Coalition, 2013, ADHS). The Arizona Diabetes Coalition releases bulletins offering suggestions on healthy meal planning and maintains a website intended to inform the public of the symptoms and seriousness of the disease. The focus of the…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes Research Paper

… If a person has a number of others in his or her family who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, that person's risk will be elevated (Fasanmade, Odeniyi, & Ogbera, 2008). While there is nothing that can be done about genetics, a person with a pre-disposition to diabetes can mitigate his or her risk by making sure to follow a good diet, remain at a healthy weight, and get proper amounts of exercise. Visiting the doctor for annual checkups and/or checking blood sugar at home can also help a person determine whether his or her blood sugar is too high, so changes can be made in an attempt to avoid becoming diabetic. For some people who are genetically pre-disposed, though, diabetes is inevitable. It cannot always be…. [read more]

Nursing and Healthy Communities Essay

… Diabetes and Learning Games - The learning games could be used by either the school nurse, a science classroom teacher, or a public health nurse as a means to open up the discussion regarding diabetes. For adults, seminars at schools, churches, or as community events could use the exercise as an "ice-breaker" and introduction to the presentation.

Primary- (Sources: "Diabetes," 2010; "Diabetes Australia," 2010; "Diabetes for kids and teens," 2010; "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation," 2010).

What is diabetes? A. A bacteria we get from food; B. A condition that happens when our body does not have enough insulin to balance the sugars; C. A type of heart disease, D. Something we get when we run too fast and our sides hurt.

Answers/Justification: A car needs…. [read more]

Family Theory Home Visit Term Paper

… Family Case Study

PRESENTING PROBLEM: The patient, Herbert Schelley, is a 66-year-old Caucasian male, referred for home care evaluation due to polypharmacy and multiple medical conditions with poor control. Patient was recently hospitalized on the medical-surgical ward of the local hospital for IV antibiotics surrounding an ongoing case of cellulitis that was worrisome for progression to osteomyelitis. The patient was treated inpatient with a 6 day course of antibiotics. During his hospitalization it was noted that the patient had a significant knowledge deficit surrounding his multiple disease states. His home situation was unclear. For this reason, and to facilitate disease and medication management, a family home study was ordered.

PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: The patient's past medical history is significant for the following:

Type 2 Diabetes,…. [read more]

Proposal for Business Case Analysis for Diabetes Term Paper

… ¶ … Business Case Analysis for Diabetes

Cleveland Clinic

Achieving the overall business plan of the organization

Diabetes Monitoring will Strengthen this Institution

Using it Tools will Strengthen Loyalty to the Clinic

Positive Partnering with the Patient and the Clinic's Staff

Patient Outcomes are Improved


Staff is Competent to Use the Technology

Organization is Ready to Employ this Technology

Improving Access and Service to Patients


The technology facilitates providing a safe workplace


The technology inter-interfaces with current IS systems in the organization

The technology can be utilized with minimal investment with other equipment (i.e. PCs, video cameras).

The organization has sufficient it staff to support the technology.

The software has been tested and demonstrates usability and viability.

The technology is consistent with…. [read more]

African-Americans in Louisiana Term Paper

… She dominated her children and husband, the Sambo, with her temper. This image of the Mammy as the controller of the African-American male, was used as further evidence of his inferiority to whites (

The second is the "Sapphire" stereotype, a demanding woman who refuses to take moral responsibility either for her own actions or for the actions that she demands of others.

Sapphire was a stereotype solidified through the hit show "Amos 'n' Andy" (Jewell, 1993). This profoundly popular series began on the radio in 1926 and developed into a television series, ending in the 1950s (Boskin, 1986). This cartoon show depicted the Sapphire character as a bossy, headstrong woman who was engaged in an ongoing verbal battle with her husband, Kingfish (Jewell, 1993).…. [read more]

How to Avoid Diabetes Through Healthy Eating and Exercise Chapter

… Diabetes: The Rise and Potential Fall of a Non-Communicable Disease

One major global health issue that many researchers link to improper diet and lack of exercise is diabetes. Diabetes is a non-communicable disease that affects approximately 9% of adults around the world (World Health Organization, 2015). In the U.S. alone, 20 million people are diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes (though there is a third form -- gestational diabetes -- that can affect women during pregnancy) (National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014). According to the International Diabetes Federation, in the entire world 387 million people are impacted by the disease, and over the next twenty years that number is expected to climb to nearly 600 million (IDF Key Findings, 2014). But what is…. [read more]

Impact of Paternal Abandonment on Female Adult Obesity Term Paper

… Paternal Abandonment and Female Adult Obesity

This work will explore the obesity epidemic, first through a comprehensive analysis of its development, as well as through a literature review pertaining to obesity and its controversial causes. The work will then go on to describe in detail the findings of independent research regarding the issue of paternal abandonment between the ages of 6-19 and its effects on adult obesity in women. The initial findings from this study indicate that there is a causal relationship between adult female obesity and paternal abandonment between the ages of 6 and 19. If this is the case further exploration of this correlation is needed to better understand the development of such results.

Table of Contents


Statement of Problem


Review…. [read more]

Standards of Practice on Diabetes Essay

… Standards of Practice on Diabetes

Print & Use to Rapidly Critically Appraise Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines


Who were the guideline developers? American Diabetes Association

Were the developers representative of key stakeholders in this specialty (interdisciplinary)? National Standards

Who funded the guideline development? ADA

Were any of the guideline developers funded researchers of the reviewed studies? No, National Association.

Did the team have a valid development strategy? Yes, effective overview of significant symptoms and treatment factors.

Was an explicit (how decisions were made), sensible and impartial process used to identify, select, and combine evidence? Yes No

Did its developers carry out a comprehensive, reproducible literature review within the past 12 months of its publication/revision? Yes No -- Continual and updated information published in both peer…. [read more]

Activity Studies Found Common Features Essay

… Healthcare workers must ensure that the hospital protects vital health information such as names, dates, social security numbers, and other identifying information. These cannot be shared with third parties without the patient's consent. One of the primary purposes of passing HIPAA was so that insurance companies or outside parties with a vested interest in discriminating against patients with certain conditions could not have access to medical records that could now be easily shared with a click of a mouse in the age of electronic record-keeping.

Under HIPAA, patients also have the right to certain information: the "right to receive a notice of the privacy practices of any health care provider health clearing house, or health plan;" to correct errors in records, to have access to…. [read more]

Processed Foods and Diet Essay

… That being said, some studies show that the key to increasing fruit and vegetable intake is repeated exposure to a wide variety of seasonal products as well as a combined educational program showing the nutritional value of natural snacks (Wardle,, 2003). Still, there is an ample bibliography and list of further reference materials that focus more on the manner in which restrictive dietary considerations can lead to more positive outcomes (Gonzales,, 2009), as well as the manner in which children are taught about food and nutrition and the way they approach healthier snacks (Baranowski,, 1999).

Sample Selection- The study included 705 mixed gender children aged 9-10 years old in 4th grade. Fifty-five schools participated; 31 segmented for intervention and 24 as control.…. [read more]

High Risk Family Type: Healthy Essay

… , 1992). Time effects included decreased symptoms, increased self-esteem and interpersonal adjustments. The role of an advanced pratice nurse in these programs is to help the patients overcome their distrust of healthcare service providers, to coordinate needed treatment and health needs. Working with this demographic requires a demonstration of trust and support, aspects that the disrupted family dynamic lacks. Creating a trusting relationship with the patient encourages them to return for future needs and thereby helps to control the cause of health neglect. An essential component of treating the homeless is to create a continuum of care that enables regular screening. This is the only way to accomplish the objectives established by Healthy People 2010.

The role of the advanced practice nurse as a case…. [read more]

Community Nurse Diabetic Clinic Thesis

… Community Nurse Diabetic Clinic

One of the hallmarks of economic progress is ironically the fact that certain kinds of diseases become far more common. Diabetes is one of these diseases. The causes for diabetes are complicated, including genetic as well as environmental factors: It is linked to the abundance of food in modern American society, culinary traditions brought from cultures of origin, lack of easy access to healthy foods to many working-class Americans, lack of education about diabetes, and lack of access to health care by many Americans.

The problem is so complex -- and the personal consequences for those individuals with diabetes -- that it can seem overwhelming. Where does one start in trying to address the problem of the widespread nature of diabetes?…. [read more]

Heart Disease in Young Adults Term Paper

… Young Adults & Heart Disease

Research Considerations

For this paper, this writer chose to examine the subject of heart disease in young adults, with the aim to present information for young adults to help them increase their understanding of CVD. Many young adults consider heart disease as an old person's disease. From this paper, some of these young adults may become more aware that individuals of all ages, even their age, can have CVD. In turn, they will gain access to strategies presented to combat heart disease.

Questions this writer considered during the research of this paper included:

Why is heart disease a current concern for young adults?

What strategies can be implemented to combat heart disease in young adults?

The following figure (1) relates…. [read more]

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