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Design a Long-Term Care Service Delivery System Research Paper

… Long-Term Care Service Delivery System

Design a long-term care service delivery system

Long-term Care Service Delivery System long-term care service delivery system

Willow Oak is long-term care facility whose main aim is to provide health care to people with disabilities long-term illnesses. Just like any other profit making organization, this facility need sound organizational structure and planning. The facility should therefore have a formalized system with clear goals and objective clearly outlined in the organization mission and vision statements. The facility also needs sound management structure that ensures that the various resources available to the organization are focused towards the meeting of the goals. The facility also needs external supervisors who assess its effectiveness in meeting the client's needs and ensure that it remains relevant.…. [read more]

Diabetes Type 1 As a Long-Term Illness in the Community Essay

… Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs

The management of patients with type I diabetes presents a number of challenges to health care professionals. Of all the various chronic conditions, complicated diabetes is particularly challenging. In order for diabetics to achieve the medical goals suggested by current guidelines diabetic patients are required to self-monitor their blood glucose, take frequent insulin injections, properly administer their various medications, attend to their diet, pay particular attention to their foot and dental care, maintain a proper diet, and make sure they get proper exercise. It is a daunting task and it is one that few diabetics are able to manage on their own. Most diabetic patients require frequent and consistent monitoring. The intent of this care plan is to provide an…. [read more]

Diabetes Self-Care Term Paper

… Diabetes Self-Care

This research study conducts an extensive review of relevant academic literature including professional nursing journals in a qualitative review in order to determine the factors that exist in relation to barriers and challenges of specific groups of patients in self-care management of diabetes mellitus. Findings in this study include race/ethnicity differences in self-care management as well as psychological, social, and family predictors of the probability of self-care management of diabetes success for patients.


The objective of this research is to examine diabetes self-care with an emphasis on evidence-based clinical management and education which addresses the patient and nurse practitioner's concerns related to this problem and specifically appropriate nurse practitioner clinical management including non-pharmacologic treatment, pharmacotherapy, patient education, patient and family psychological…. [read more]

Diabetes Type II in Adults Term Paper

… Diabetes Type II in Adults


Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas to bring glucose to the cells so the body can use it for energy (University of Maryland Medical Center 2008). If this does not happen, the body has nothing to use for its functions. Diabetes develops. There are many types of diabetes. The most common are type 1 insulin-dependent, type 2 non-insulin-dependent and gestational diabetes. Type 2 is lifelong and characterized by high sugar levels trapped in the blood instead of flowing into the cells. This type develops when the body does not respond correctly to insulin. It is often accompanied by obesity and insulin resistance. Because the cells are not getting the needed insulin, the pancreas produces…. [read more]

Diabetes Mellitus Term Paper

… Diabetes Mellitus

In this report, Diabetes Mellitus will be discussed, since there are many factors that influence how patients handle the care and the managing of it due to the physical and emotional need of it. Furthermore, the paper will go through the many factors that influence diabetes self-management. It will be shown that some models have not been tested among veterans, which is a unique population with high rates of diabetes. However it will also that despite any demographic an individual's "readiness to change," their confidence in being able to make change (or self-efficacy), in addition to appropriate advice from medical providers, may impact diabetes self-management behavior. Interventions are designed to increase self-efficacy have improved quality of life, patient satisfaction, and glycemic control, and…. [read more]

MRSA in the Long-Term Care Resident Research Proposal

… Risk Factors for MRSA in Long-Term Care Facilities

This research proposal will propose a study on the prevalence of MRSA colonization among older residents in the nursing home setting and associated risk factor for infection in the long-term care resident. The work will first briefly introduce MRSA infection, outline the general and specific vulnerabilities of patients in LTCFs and demonstrate a possible way to research this population with regard to this disease in a long-term qualitative study. In brief the proposal is for long-term study of all patients entering a local LTCF for incidence of MRSA (done by nasal mucosal swab, visible infection site swab or positive MRSA culture on any given fluid causing infection). The work will then state and develop criteria for "colonization"…. [read more]

Stem Cells Are a Hot Term Paper

… "All stem cells -- regardless of their source -- have three general properties: they are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods; they are unspecialized; and they can give rise to specialized cell types." (NIH, Unique) Being unspecialized means that stem cells have no tissue-specific structures, and it can't work with other cells to perform functions, yet stem cells do give rise to cells that are specialized. Stem cells also replicate many times, called proliferation, which is unique from other kinds of cells. Differentiation is the process by which stem cells give rise specialized cells such that those found in muscles and organs. (NIH, Unique)

However, there are actually two basic kinds of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Adult…. [read more]

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in the US Essay

… IV. If drug-treated victims do not reach the above objectives of maximum accepted starting treatment, a decrease in cholesterol levels is an alternative step

V. Combination treatment has been shown not to provide additional heart benefit above the starting treatment alone and is not recommended.

VI. Work with nationwide and local commercial partners in motivating local public health groups to meet the nationwide objectives.

VII. Patients with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) should be referred to an effective continuous assistance program concentrating on weight-loss of 8% of body weight and increasing exercise to at least 150 min/week of average activity preferably walking (LeRoith, 2012).


Accumulating evidence strongly suggests that the majority of T2D incidences can be avoided through changes in lifestyle and diet. However, the…. [read more]

Community Nursing the United States Case Study

… It is important to recognize the need for spiritual fulfilment for new immigrants entering the country.

In addition to these needs, it is also important to investigate the local and state legislation to best assist the family to make their way in the United States. There are several legal entities and legislation that exist to protect the rights of those without formal housing. One such entity is the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH, 2013). In August 2013, Illinois became the second state to implement a Bill of Righs particularly for the homeless, in which their basic rights are protected. These rights include the right to access public transport, public spaces, to vote, to make use of emergency services, and other basic human rights that…. [read more]

African-Americans in Louisiana Term Paper

… She dominated her children and husband, the Sambo, with her temper. This image of the Mammy as the controller of the African-American male, was used as further evidence of his inferiority to whites (

The second is the "Sapphire" stereotype, a demanding woman who refuses to take moral responsibility either for her own actions or for the actions that she demands of others.

Sapphire was a stereotype solidified through the hit show "Amos 'n' Andy" (Jewell, 1993). This profoundly popular series began on the radio in 1926 and developed into a television series, ending in the 1950s (Boskin, 1986). This cartoon show depicted the Sapphire character as a bossy, headstrong woman who was engaged in an ongoing verbal battle with her husband, Kingfish (Jewell, 1993).…. [read more]

Health Behavior the "Theories Term Paper

… The detailed study of the problem and related factors in the light of particular settings help the experts to design interventions accordingly. The intervention is in the form of policy, strategy and program that can have an impact over physical activity. The development of the intervention, its implementation and finally the evaluation depend largely upon the used model or framework (NCI, 2011).

Not all individuals take part in physical activities. There are many policies, social and physical environmental variables which determine an individual's habit of participating in physical activity. The change in habit is possible through change in these environmental factors. If environment does not support change, habits will remain the same. In order to increase physical activity, the need is to work upon individual's…. [read more]

Nutrition the Food Service Industry Term Paper

… Nutrition

The food service industry has long relied on meeting customer needs, in particular with respect to taste and speed of service. However, as tastes change and new trends emerge, the food service industry must change with the times. One of the major trends today is towards nutrition. This change manifests itself in a number of different ways. One example is the emphasis on nutrition in school lunches, which not only affects institutional food providers but has also extended guidelines for the private restaurant industry as well (Jones, 2012). These guidelines will change the eating habits of the new generation, making the move to improved nutrition a long-term trend for the industry to address. In addition, regulators have taken aim at trans fats and other…. [read more]

Program Project Design Grant Proposal Term Paper

… Obesity Proposal

There is a serious problem facing the citizens of America today that could lead to a variety of problems down the road, health problems that could further strain the health care industry and ultimately affect the future economic viability of the United States. That problem is the percentage of obese individuals and the ensuing diseases and health issues that come along with it.

Many health care professionals realize the seriousness of this problem and many state and national agencies have created programs designed to address this important issue. Much of the educational instruction being espoused by this proposed project will be in conjunction with those types of programs, though smaller in scale, of course. This project will focus on the citizens residing in…. [read more]

Diabetes the Diabetic Epidemic Essay

… Diabetes

The Diabetic Epidemic

The issue of diabetes and particularly type 2 diabetes has reached alarming proportions in many developed societies today. As one study notes; "…approximately 4,110 people are diagnosed every day with diabetes. In 2005, 1.5 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people age 20 years or older" (Galvin, 2006, p. 157). However, while there is a radical growth in the prevalence and the extent of this disease, there is also a concomitant growth in knowledge and this form of diabetes and methods of managing and treating it.

There are two forms of diabetes mellitus. Type 1 is insulin dependent while Type 2 is non-insulin-dependent. In Type 2 sufficient insulin is formed in the pancreas, but the body has difficulty in…. [read more]

Obesity a Disease? Term Paper

… This has already started to prove correct in the pharmaceutical industry. "To further enhance physician understanding, training modules accredited for CME by the University of Minnesota will be distributed to interested physicians with materials on the importance of recognizing obesity as a chronic disease, the role of lifestyle intervention, and the value of the team practice approach -- involving nurses and dietitians -- in the patient's management." (Business Wire, 1998). Not only has the potential for booming need for pharmaceuticals specifically to treat obesity already been envisioned, but there is also much action to gaining the regular acceptance of society's critics.

This chart will help the reader to determine his or her own BMI (Body Mass Index). The reader should take his or her height…. [read more]

Community Assessment Demographic Data Research Paper

… II. Analysis of Data

Health problems perceived by the nurse include poor nutrition, diabetes, obesity, cancer, tuberculosis and heart disease. The local residents often do not recognize the extent and severity of the health problems, especially tuberculosis, heart disease, poor nutrition, and obesity. Community leaders and leading health professionals do recognize the severity of the problems affecting the residents of Georgetown, Delaware.

Poverty in the community prevents adequate access to health care services in Georgetown. Especially among non-whites in Georgetown, poverty impacts when the individual seeks care. This means that many health problems develop further than they would if preventative measures were taken. Therefore, health prevention is the most important feature of a proactive community health program in Sussex County.

Currently, there are some actions…. [read more]

Cloning Term Paper

… ." We worry that the market for women's eggs that would be created by this research will provide unethical incentives for women to undergo health-threatening hormone treatment and surgery. We are also concerned about the increasing bio-industrialization of life by the scientific community and life science companies; we are shocked and dismayed that clonal human embryos have been patented and declared to be human "inventions." We oppose efforts to reduce human life and its various parts and processes to the status of mere research tools, manufactured products, and utilities." (Rifkin) This view tends to epitomize the serious concerns that are felt in many sectors about the future implications of cloning.

The fact that has to be faced is that cloning raises many issues that extend…. [read more]

Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice Term Paper

… 1. As she suffers from osteoporosis, several mechanisms are at play in
Mrs. Wood's condition. The basic elements result from poor bone mass
accumulation during childhood combined with an acceleration of bone loss
adulthood, when peak bone mass has been achieved. One half of bone mass is
made during pre-puberty, with only minimal accumulation of minerals in the
teens and peak bone mass in the 20s. Mrs. Wood's rate of bone loss is
based more upon her lifestyle than her genes. Dietary calcium, vitamin D,
protein and calories impact on her development of osteoporosis. If she had
poor calcium intake in her childhood, this directly impacts her likelihood
of fracture in adulthood (Heaney, 1998). Mrs. Wood's calcium intake is
directly associated with bone mineral mass…. [read more]

Diabetes Amongst Indigenous Australians Research Paper

… , 2007).

Knowledge: It's supremely essential to supply precisely maintained records of an the patient, which include each and every tiniest element such as how the person is been looked after, in context to the predetermined standard of diabetes care. Important points to think about whilst documenting particulars are, it should be according to facts, ought to be accurate, crystal clear, legible and simple to comprehend, it ought to be dated as well as signed, it ought to be kept classified as well as shouldn't be revealed or distributed except inside the designated chief staff. Risky elements ought to be high-lighted and layout of the individual record should be demarcated. Observations regarding progress or deteriorating indicators and signs should be obligatorily recorded with date (Randall…. [read more]

Psychological Influence of Diabetes Essay

… Moreover, the pancreas will wear out, and the body will require insulin injection for normal functioning. Health related behaviors on the psychological aspects of individuals with diabetes are important in controlling the disease (Sepa et. al., 2005). Diabetics should behave in a responsible manner towards their medication, through their knowledge on their health, through maintaining diets and exercising. Individuals need to change their lifestyles, feeding habits and encourage physical activities.

Diabetics should develop strategies for controlling the disease. Persons may come up with personal exercise routines or exercise schedules. People should always maintain good diets. Eating healthy discourages obesity, which may result to diabetes. Medical practitioners and clinics should develop strategies of educating people on the effects of the disease. Clinics or hospitals may offer…. [read more]

Depression, Diabetes and Obesity Research Paper

… ECT is of particular benefit in patients who have significant functional impairment or have not responded to various trials of combination treatments. This mode of therapy may also be used for individuals who have major depressive disorder with associated psychotic or catatonic features or in those who require an urgent response, for example, in patients with suicidal tendencies. (Gelenburg et al., 2010) The mode of active of ECT is unknown. In this somatic therapy, seizures are electrically induced in anesthetized patients for a therapeutic effect.

Psychodynamic therapy and problem solving therapies are less common models of help in depressive disorder. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on a person's subconscious mind and its processes. These processes affect a person's behavior. The aim of this mode of therapy is…. [read more]

High Risk Family Type: Healthy Essay

… , 1992). Time effects included decreased symptoms, increased self-esteem and interpersonal adjustments. The role of an advanced pratice nurse in these programs is to help the patients overcome their distrust of healthcare service providers, to coordinate needed treatment and health needs. Working with this demographic requires a demonstration of trust and support, aspects that the disrupted family dynamic lacks. Creating a trusting relationship with the patient encourages them to return for future needs and thereby helps to control the cause of health neglect. An essential component of treating the homeless is to create a continuum of care that enables regular screening. This is the only way to accomplish the objectives established by Healthy People 2010.

The role of the advanced practice nurse as a case…. [read more]

Policy Considerations in the Development and Implementation Essay

… ¶ … policy considerations in the development and implementation of an aging-related service program. What specific aging-related factors of an older client need to be considered in offering such services? Give 2 examples of such situations that may occur in the "real world" service with an aging population.

Policy considerations in the development as well as implementation of aging-related service program are numerous. In this section we use the work of Niles-Yokum and Wagner (2011) and other related materials in the description of five policy considerations in the development as well as implementation of an effective aging-related service program. A review of the work of Niles-Yokum and Wagner (2011) indicates that there are several policy considerations. They include the following;

Cultural background

Health status

Living…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Essay

… Program Evaluation

Home And Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) program is an assistance that allows reimbursement for certain chronically ill, disable and elderly people who are not otherwise covered by the Medical aid program. The debate over the rising costs of the institutional healthcare has led to the passage of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981. (Miller, 1992). Under the HCBS program, people remain in their homes and communities, and the waivers allow people to receive services that are not covered under the traditional Medicaid program. Since 1981, states have used the autonomy of Section 1915(c) under Social Security Act to establish home and community-based waiver programs. Under this program, the states provide wide range of services to the participants, and the legislation allow states…. [read more]

Determinant of Health Term Paper

… Determinant of Health of Income and Social Status

Definition of Determinants of Health

Since the 1990's, a very important body of research (Wilkinson and Marmot, 2001) has emerged about the determinants of health. Evidence has been systematically collected about how path- ways through societal, political, environmental and economic determinants become translated into illness and disease, and how social conditions and settings in which people live their lives not only influence how they behave, but also have a direct impact on their health. The social determinants approach seeks to address the social dimensions of health and illness that arise at the level of populations. Thus it is a population health approach, concerned with improving the health of whole populations or specific sub-groups of the population. It…. [read more]

Nutrition and Weight Status Obesity Term Paper

… Mortality Diabetes Program

Though the number of people with diabetes is rising to epidemic proportions across the nation. It is interesting to note that there is little evidence that the elderly women in Maryland are faced with similar mortality rates to any other group. In fact the number of serious complications reported lack sufficient evidence that this age group has the same rate as other populations. A program to investigate the actual population of elderly women in Maryland with diabetes is being designed to determine the actual data on mortality and the number of older adults that face complications due to illness. This research study, (Health Program Study of Elderly Women with Diabetes), is being developed using data from medical records that indicate serious illnesses…. [read more]

Type II Diabetes Research Paper

… If a person has a number of others in his or her family who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, that person's risk will be elevated (Fasanmade, Odeniyi, & Ogbera, 2008). While there is nothing that can be done about genetics, a person with a pre-disposition to diabetes can mitigate his or her risk by making sure to follow a good diet, remain at a healthy weight, and get proper amounts of exercise. Visiting the doctor for annual checkups and/or checking blood sugar at home can also help a person determine whether his or her blood sugar is too high, so changes can be made in an attempt to avoid becoming diabetic. For some people who are genetically pre-disposed, though, diabetes is inevitable. It cannot always be…. [read more]

Role of Diet in Weight Gain of Severely Mentally Ill Term Paper

… Role of Diet in Weight Gain of Severely Mentally Ill


This work intends to relate that all the problems of comorbidity and resulting morbidity and mortality of SMI may be problems, which are "combined to the one metabolic syndrome. (Kato, Currier, Gomez, Hall, & Gonzalez-Blanco, 2004; Toalson, Ahmed, Hardy, & Kabinoff, 2004) One of the causes is antipsychotic treatment (Ascher-Svanum, Stensland, Zhao, & Kinon, 2005; Chue & Cheung, 2004; Tirupati & Ling-Ern, 2007) Another cause is poor diet (Brown, Birtwistle, Roe, & Thompson, 1999) the problem. In order to help these SMI individuals that long-term educational program about dieting with clients with SMI and their families involvement. Nurses and dietitians will play the main…. [read more]

Arizona Organizing Campaign Term Paper

… Healthcare: Diabetes

In the past few years, diabetes mellitus has emerged as a common endemic in the Phoenix, Arizona population. The pancreas, an organ that lies near the stomach, produces a hormone called insulin to help glucose, or sugar that human bodies use for energy, get into the body's cells. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body either does not produce enough insulin or cannot use its own insulin as well as it should. Diabetes can cause serious health implications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations. It is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. In Arizona, the Arizona Diabetes Prevention and Control Program has been established to assist with the prevention of diabetes, and provide…. [read more]

Nutrition Is the Study of the Organic Term Paper

… Nutrition is the study of the organic process by which an organism assimilates and uses food and liquids for normal functioning, growth and maintenance and to maintain the balance between health and disease (Nutrition pp). Today, it is common knowledge that "you are what you eat," however, as recently as the 1960's the medical community claimed that nutrition had little to do with health (Nutrition pp).

It was believed that knowledge about the elements of food, such as the nature and role of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, was enough, and food was seen as the fuel humans needed to stay alive (Nutrition pp). Then came a series of discoveries that have revealed knowledge gaps concerning the role of food in health and proper functioning…. [read more]

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