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Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … diet and exercise. There are sixteen references used for this paper.

Americans are becoming more and more obese, which can lead to serious and potentially fatal health risks. It is important to explore diets and the role that exercise plays in them, as well as how age affects a person's metabolism.

Understanding Diet

Diet is "food and drink regularly consumed for nourishment. Nutritionists generally recommend eating a wide variety of foods; however, some groups of people, such as Eskimos and vegetarians, survive on a very limited diet (Unknown, Columbia)."

Until refrigeration was developed, availability was the factor which decided most people's diets. Diets were dependant upon growing seasons and the migrations of animals. Culture and religion also played an important part in an…. [read more]

Diet Analysis I Am Female Essay

… I am not sure that I would attempt to double my caloric intake, as I might prefer not to maintain weight but to lose it. In addition, such a change would be quite dramatic and I am unsure how my body would react to doubling my caloric intake. However, an increase of 20% might be beneficial, especially if there are nutritional deficiencies.

The other issue that I noticed with my diet is that I was off on two of the three elements of the macronutrient distribution. I eat a lot of protein. While my consumption falls just outside of the AMDR for protein, and I supplement my protein with protein powder, I feel that this is justified given my exercise level. Indeed, if I increased…. [read more]

Diet Analysis Project Day Food Essay

… In addition, I need increases of less than a cup for my fruits intake which will be met by consuming more apples, oranges and pears daily. Though I avoid the typical American diet, I need to reduce intake of discretionary calories such as peanut butter, cream cheese and ice cream.

From the above journal, my total intake of carbohydrates is below the DRI recommendations. As shown above, my consumption is 1100 kcal while the DRI recommendation ranges from 1460 and 2108 kcal. Besides, fiber intake is at 15 grams which is almost half the recommended 38 grams. I plan to increase fiber and carbohydrates by having a higher intake of fiber-rich foods like apples and bananas. Moreover, I should replace my consumption of refined grains…. [read more]

Dieting Makes People Fat Essay

… In a follow-up question to this answer, one respondent explained her views on the subject, views that are likely to be commonly held:

I know, I mean, I've read all those articles. Whenever you're in line at the grocery store, you pick up the "women's" magazines and there is always an article on how bad yoyo dieting is for you. I swear that there's actually just one article and the magazines pass it back and forth and just changed the pictures.

And I know that the more you lose the more you are probably going to gain back and that it's just going to get harder and harder. But the thing is, when you're losing weight, when you're losing weight and before you gain it…. [read more]

Diets Hollywood (Miracle) Diet What Foods Thesis

… Diets

Hollywood ("Miracle") Diet


Hollywood Miracle Juice" is all you consume for forty-eight hours. This juice is 100% natural fruit juices and botanical extracts. Mix sixteen ounces of juice concentrate with sixteen ounces of water per day for forty-eight hours. And drink eight glasses of extra water per day.

For the Optimal Results: You shouldn't consume food, alcohol, caffeine or tobacco while on the "Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet" and this includes chewing gum.


This diet is designed to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, while losing unnecessary weight. The juice is formulated from a special blend of fruits, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential oils and other cleansing ingredients. With each day's serving you can receive up to…. [read more]

Diet and Heart Disease Public Health Policy Research Proposal

… Diet and Heart Disease Public Policy

Identify a current public health policy (at the national/federal or state level) that pertains to your chosen topic.

Over the last several decades, the obesity / overweight epidemic is becoming a major challenge that is affecting two thirds of adults and one in three children. Where, the condition would remain fairly stable during: the 1960's and 1970's. Then, between the 1980's and early to mid-2000's, this number would skyrocket as the amount adults (affected by obesity) would increase from just 13.4% (in 1980) to 34.8% of the population. ("Surgeon General's Vision for a Health and Fit Nation 2010," 2010) This is significant, because such large increases in the number of obese adults and children will mean that: diabetes, heart…. [read more]

Atkins Diet Metabolic Term Paper

… Atkins Diet Physiology: Metabolic or Not?

In this study, we examined the effects of a high fat/low-carbohydrate diet on body weight and composition, in comparison to the effects of a calorie-reduced, fat-restricted diet. We conducted this particular study in an effort to answer the question of whether weight loss occurs because of a metabolic advantage, where the body begins to use fat as energy due to a lowered carbohydrate intake, or because of a negative energy balance, where the energy expenditure of an individual is higher than the energy intake. Our findings suggest that weight loss occurs because of a negative energy balance, which supports other studies on calorie theory (Golay, et al., 1996; Freedman, et al., 2001).

By comparing the total daily calorie intake…. [read more]

Diet to Achieve Weight Loss Essay

… ¶ … diet to achieve weight loss has become a common thought in the minds of overweight individuals. As the obesity epidemic continues to sicken industrialized nations, people think that crash diets, food deprivation, and starvation are the answer to reaching weight loss goals. To achieve a weight loss goal and maintain a healthy weight is not the result of a diet one can "go 'on' and 'off'" (Boyle, & Long, 2010, p. 291). Losing weight and sustaining a healthy lifestyle involves consuming foods that provide proper nutrition and promote health. In addition to adequate nutrition, losing weight involves adequate physical activity, calorie control, and other factors (Wing, & Phelan, 2005). Maintaining a healthy weight demands a lifestyle change that incorporates regular exercise and healthy…. [read more]

Educational Intervention on the Balance Between Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Intervention on the balance between Diet and Exercise

Energy Balance is the key to a healthy body

More and more people are becoming victims of obesity. While on one hand, the precise causes of this disease are still unclear, the general conclusion most scientists have agreed upon is the disparity between the energy consumed and the energy used. This is to say, obesity occurs when individual lifestyles lead towards excessive food consumption and little to no energy-utilization activities. Zakus (1982) in his study pointed out that certain ailments, namely, Frohlich's, Klinefelter's, Praeder Willi, Klein-Levin, Lawrence Mood Biedl, and Mauriac syndromes, are the underlying causes of childhood obesity. However, these cases, he points out, occur in less than 5% of children (Zakus, 1982).…. [read more]

Attitude Toward Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … Attitude toward Diet and Exercise

I have always been interested in exercise and physical fitness but my attitude toward it has changed significantly over time. Like many people, I used to think that exercise was the only important part of achieving specific fitness goals. For example, I used to believe (and tell other people) that the key to losing weight was to do a lot of aerobic exercise. I used to be opposed to focusing on dieting for that purpose because my only real experience with dieting was my exposure to some of the fad diets popularized in the media.

I used to believe that it hardly mattered what you eat as long as you do enough exercise to burn off extra calories…. [read more]

Dieting Factors Americans Spend Term Paper

… As a result, the authors recommended that there needs to be a better match of the diet chosen with the individual patient's food preferences, lifestyles and cardiovascular risk profiles.

Dansinger and colleagues thus concluded that adherence may have been better if the participants were able to choose their own diet approach: No one diet is best for everyone, they reported. Thus, very low carbohydrate diets are not any better than standard ones for the total population.

One of the more extensive research studies that compared different dietary approaches is a meta analysis that was conducted by Nordmann et al. (2006). For their analysis, the authors identified those trials that compared the effects of low-carbohydrate diets without restriction of energy intake vs. low-fat diets in individuals…. [read more]

Exercise Science the Physiological Benefits of Childhood Research Proposal

… Exercise Science

The Physiological Benefits of Childhood Exercise

The problem of childhood obesity has worsened in recent years as children tend to engage in less physical activity, to eat less nutritionally and to lead generally sedentary lifestyles. The result is a set of negative health indicators which include juvenile diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and diminishing physical dexterity. Therefore, the research conducted here makes as its primary focus the positive implications of regular physical activity and exercise for children. Considering the anatomical implications of regular healthy exercise, the research will reveal an array of benefits to immediate and long-term health maintenance.

The physiological indicators produced by the exercise science discipline illustrate that there are causes in terms of both shaping emphasis and preempting risks…. [read more]

Exercise and Proper Diet: Solutions Term Paper

… It also increases blood pressure, which is the primary reason why smoking is harmful to the health of an individual (aside from lung cancer) (Heartsavers 2003).

Physical inactivity or lack of exercise also causes heart diseases. Aside from lowering the blood pressure of an individual, exercise greatly contributes to the replenishment of oxygen-carrying blood to the circulatory system, particularly the heart. When a person lacks exercise and leads a completely inactive life, the bodily functions slow down, hindering and slowing down the maintenance of an individual's body health. Lack of exercise thus results to higher blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, plus the development of the body to obesity. Improper food diet, meanwhile, is also essential in the maintenance of a good, healthy body…. [read more]

Fad Diets Such as Atkins Term Paper

… ¶ … Fad Diets Such as Atkins

An increasing number of body-conscious Americans have taken to dieting in the last few years. This is hardly surprising in a youth-worshiping culture. While weight watching is an essentially healthy activity and a welcome development, most dieters, instead of following a common sense, long-term approach to dieting, are on the lookout for easy short cuts. Several "low-carb" diet programs, e.g., the Atkins' Diet have been devised to cater for this demand and have attained tremendous popularity. Clearly such diet fads miss the true path to weight loss and overall health: a balanced diet with moderate exercise besides posing serious health problems. This explains why most popular fad diets, particularly Atkins', are based on faulty, unproven theories and describes…. [read more]

Importance of Proper Diet and Exercise and Obesity Epidemic in America Term Paper

… ¶ … Diet

Attention Step

Obesity is one of America's biggest problems. People in America of the most prominent problems that young and adults, men or women face. In the nutritionist's point-of-view, obesity having 20% more of the should be and/or ideal body weight. So, why is obesity considered as a major problem of the Americans? The response can be explained better by the statistics related to obesity.

In America alone, obesity is already considered an epidemic as it has affected, and continuously affecting millions of its populace. The recent statistics reveal that (Middleton, 2006):

Million Americans are overweight, 40 Million are considered obese and 3 Million are considered morbidly obese

Eight of every 10 Americans are found to be overweight

More so, other studies…. [read more]

Diet Pills Step 4 Project Essay

… However, to view weight management from a nutritional perspective takes a significant amount of training and support. Furthermore, it also requires a significant amount of lifestyle changes that are difficult to overcome on your own.

Yet the nutritional education and the sacrifices that this perspective demands is incredibly important to not only individuals but the society in general. People with high weight and shape concerns are likely to develop anxiety traits, which could prompt the use of diet aids to stay in shape. However the use of diet aids can compromise health and provide short-term solutions at best. Therefore, nutrition and exercise is the only sustainable solution that exists. What is needed is a way to reach these individuals in a way that can empower…. [read more]

Exercise and Pregnancy Term Paper

… The second article examines this finding and found that only in heavily, as opposed to moderately exercising women, did there appear to be a statistically signficant lower birth weight, for good or for ill. The third article examined potentially risky pregnancies involving gestational diabetes and concluded that exercise was an important way of moderating the insulin therapy of the patients


Moderate exercise seems to be beneficial in controlling weight and aiding in an easier delivery for all pregnant patients, including some patients from high-risk groups, such as those patients with diabetes. However, heavy exercise could limit birth weight, especially in older mothers, although not to the extent that this is of major concern. Still, caution is suggested on this point. Furthermore, even pregnant women…. [read more]

Dieting Makes You Fat:" Old Essay

… One very interesting study even determined that adolescents who drank whole 'white' (non-sweetened milk) despite the fact that milk is caloric, had lower body weights than diet soda drinkers. This "suggests that the use of low-calorie soft drinks is a marker for more general dietary behaviors and weight concerns…Adolescents who consumed little or no white milk gained significantly more weight than their peers who consumed white milk" (Vanselow, Pereira Neumark-Sztainer & Raatz 2009). Dieting behaviors, an unhealthy relationship with food, and self-regulation followed by uninhibited eating were all associated with diet soda consumption, versus drinking the non-diet product of milk.

These findings do not mean that public health experts should utterly abandon attempts to regulate and improve the public's eating behaviors. However, it does indicate…. [read more]

Healthy Eating: Diet, Aging, and Longevity Research Paper

… New York: Da Capo Press.

Dibell, J. (2007). The Fast Supper. New York News and Politics. Retrieved from

Fanson, B., Fanson, K. & Taylor, P. (2012). Cost of Reproduction in the Queensland Fruit Fly: Y-Model vs. Lethal Protein Hypothesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Retrieved from

Fight Aging. (2012). Calorie Restriction Explained. Fight Aging. Retrieved from

Graves, P. (n.d.). Some Non-Original Thoughts on Diet, Health and Longevity. University of Colorado. Retrieved from

Jaret, P. (2014). Eating for Longevity: Foods to Keep Your Heart, Brains and Bones Healthy. WebMD. Retrieved from

Maxmen, A. (2012). Calorie Restriction Falters in the Long Run: Genetics and Healthy Diets Matter More for Longevity. Nature Publishing Group. Retrieved from

McTiernan, A. (2010). Physical Activity, Dietary…. [read more]

Diet and Activity Plan Thesis

… Diet and Activity Plan

What I have learned

Beginning this class, I believed that my diet and nutrition habits were acceptable because I know that eat healthier than many of my contemporaries. In addition, at 6'3" and 210 pounds, I certainly appear within the normal range. However, my BMI is 26.2, which places me in the overweight BMI range. I have also realized that much of that extra weight has come on within the last few years, which alarms me because I could gain more weight as I grow into middle-age. I realize that I have taken my diet and nutrition for granted, because I have not historically struggled with my weight. However, this class has made me aware that the diet habits that worked…. [read more]

Health and Quality Improvement Term Paper

… I have seen programs based on dancing, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and intensive aerobic workouts.

Since I am out of shape and have little free time, I think I should choose a program that is not too long and starts out slowly, building up as I become more fit. I will look for a program that is 30 minutes or so, and has different options for me as I progress through the program, something like the "Power Half Hour" workout I researched online. I think the best way to check these out is to rent a few from a video store, and then choose the one I like the best. It also needs to utilize the basic principles of beneficial exercise. Another author notes, "In order…. [read more]

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Thesis

… Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

One of the marvels of the modern world is the fact that we can anticipate health problems and take steps to mitigate or even prevent them altogether. Scientific and nutrition research has identified the optimal diet and exercise regimes for persons of different age groups, genders, and conditions. While it is unfortunate that some conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are the result of a family history with these conditions, other factors can be controlled. A person anticipating these diseases can for example choose to modify his or her lifestyle in order to minimize or prevent their effects. The problem to be targeted is a combination of diabetes and high blood pressure as a result of family history.…. [read more]

Exercise and Diet Term Paper

… ¶ … Diet in Weight Loss," discusses the number of obese Americans and the health risks associated with obesity, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) held a conference on the subject of exercise and diet in the treatment of obesity, and then released "consensus statements" regarding exercise. Two of the most important statements are discussed in the article, along with the research that led to these statements.

The research consisted of "random control trials" that compared subjects who added exercise to a calorie-controlled diet, and those who exercised alone. In one of the studies, women who dieted without exercise reduced their body fat from 35% to 29%, and women exercising reduced their body fat from 35% to 33%.…. [read more]

High Fiber Diet and Serum Lipids Research Paper

… High Fiber Diet and Serum Lipids

The study reported herein addresses the question of "What affect does a high fiber diet have on serum lipids in adults?"

The significance of this study is the additional information that will be added to the already existing base of knowledge in this area of study and the synthesis of the information and research on serum lipids and high fiber diet outcomes.

The study reported is a retrospective chart review on patients that have been on a high fiber diet for a period of 12 weeks. Serum lipids were drawn at the beginning of the diet and at 12 weeks to see if there was a change in the serum lipids. Expectations in this study are to witness a…. [read more]

Diets and Young Women Term Paper

… Then the plan gradually begins to add some of these items back into the diet. The first two weeks may be so difficult that many dieters do not stick with the plan long-term.

The Atkins diet is so popular that a whole industry of low-carb foods has grown up around it. However, this low-carbohydrate diet is so restrictive, that it is difficult to stay on for any length of time, and it cuts out nearly all fruits, grains, and sugars, especially in the initial stages of the diet, so it is quite difficult to maintain, and it is quite expensive, since it relies heavily on proteins, such as meats and cheeses. This diet is not concerned with fat, and it might be perfect for those…. [read more]

Which Approach Is More Effective for Weight Loss a Low-Carb Diet or a Low-Fat Research Paper

… Low-Carb Diet or a Low-Fat Diet

Which approach is more effective for weight loss: a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet?

[Cincinnati State Technical and Community College]

When people plan to choose to lose weight, one of the most difficult decisions that they make is to choose the diet type. There are two main kinds of diets; diets that are low in carbohydrates, which are often referred to as the low carb diets and low fat diet. Restriction of carbohydrates is often referred to as the Atkins diet, and low fat diets are the ones that retract the intake and consumption of high fat food (Rulifson, 2008, p. 281).

Most of the studies have shown that low fat diets may be one of the best…. [read more]

Personal Training-Exercise Habits Term Paper

… Improvement in any aspect of fitness requires attention to frequency, intensity and volume as adaptations are made to a fitness regimen (Feigenbaum 1997). Frequency is defined as the number of exercise sessions per given time. Volume is the number of units referring to such variables as number of muscles worked, sets, reps or types of intervals performed during a given session. Intensity is the total amount of work performed in the activity in a given time. It must be stressed that for beginner-level fitness participants, increases in any of the three variables at too fast a rate can result in injuries and/or fatigue from overtraining (Campos 2002). For the improvement that "Self" is seeking it is recommended that for the two months, alterations between low…. [read more]

Exercise Pros and Cons Project Research Paper

… ¶ … Exercise

The subject of exercise has been consistently brought to the forefront, as it is the focus of increasing attention and discussion. This however is nothing new, as interest has begun to wane, with it suddenly becoming topical once more. To answer the question of: who exercises and why, requires understanding the various reasons for an individual choosing to exercise. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights as to the overall benefits and drawbacks of exercising.

Who Exercises?

Simply put, exercise is any bodily activity, which enhances / maintains physical fitness, and health / wellness. It consists of two popular types: aerobic and isometric. Each of these can be of three different intensities to include: light, moderate, and vigorous. The…. [read more]

Exercise and Metabolic Response Term Paper

… Physiology - Effects of Moderate Exercise on Metabolic Responses and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)

"Effects of Moderate Exercise on Metabolic Responses and Respiratory Exchange Ratios (RER)."

The purpose of this study (Kaoru et al. 109) was to determine if a significant relationship exists between metabolic responses, in this case respiratory exchange ratios (RER), and exercise duration. The aim is to discover the level of exercise required in order to combat insulin resistance, which can be a significant problem for individuals who require such treatment. Insulin resistance must be counteracted by increasing the utilization of fatty acids in the blood stream as well as in adipose tissue (109). While the authors admitted that endurance-level exercise has been positively correlated with increased utilization rates, there has been…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity/Exercise the Study Annotated Bibliography

… 11 program (Schmolck, 2002; cited in Aktar-Danesh et al., 2011, p. 70).

Thirty-three parents (one father and thirty-two mothers) completed the questionnaire. Of these, nineteen were characterized by their confidence that they were delivering healthy nutrition to themselves and their families. Thirteen parents were characterized by their focus on physical activity and its role in childhood obesity. Although the parents in the study differed in their focus (healthy food vs. physical activity), most parents were aware of healthy nutrition. Both groups agreed that physical activity is very important to a child's health. The findings of this study are in agreement with findings by Nazario Rodriguez, Figueroa, Rosado, & Partilla (2008) and Myers and Vargas (2000).

The literature review by Aktar-Danesh et al. supports the need…. [read more]

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