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Sex Crimes Sexual Essay

… There, in this regard, various associations of pedophiles who claim pedophilia as a way of life and human sexuality, therefore, naturally accepted by society. Pedophilic behaviors are very heterogeneous, from harmless or almost harmless, even those that reach levels that fall within the criminal. The sexual activity of a pedophile with a child under 13 years is known by the name of child sexual abuse or pedophilia (a word that, etymologically, means the same as pedophilia).


The theory of 'feminist' (supported by Holmes et al. 2008) argues that sexual assault is not motivated by a compelling erotic desire, but by a desire to control, dominate, humiliate and then keep the woman in a state of political and economic subservience to man. (Pithers and Gray…. [read more]

Sex Differences in Jealousy Research Paper

… Despite the negative factor in jealousy overshadowing most relations, there are positive aspects of jealousy as scholars indicate. The various types of jealousy, in addition to the reactions among the sexes, may assist in establishing the relationship positively. In this perspective, jealousy directly relates to the strength and closeness of the partners. This approach to jealousy indicates that romantic jealousy will stimulate the parties in relationship to act towards the perceived threat to rid the danger of losing the relationship. This causes the partner to employ tactics that may strengthen the sexual and emotional attachment in the relationship (Kennair, Nordeide, Andreassen, Stronen & Pallesen, 2011). Therefore, in this perspective, jealousy and strength of attachment have a direct relationship, with the level of attachment determining the…. [read more]

Sex Workers in Thailand ("Land Term Paper

… So much for the supply side of the causes behind prostitution in Thailand; now for the demand-side reasons:

Publicity and Tourism

When the U.S. soldiers descended on Bangkok as part of the official "R&R" deal between the governments of Thailand and the United States during the Vietnam War, they not only contributed directly to the development of the sex trade in Thailand but also laid the grounds for its continuance in the post-war era. This was done through enormous publicity about the licentious nightlife in Bangkok, and its glamorization as the "City of Angels," and "the sex capital of the orient." The stereotyped perception of the Thai women as "exotic and docile," "elegant and shy," and as "masters of the art of making love," were…. [read more]

Sex Education in Addressing This Concern Essay

… Sex Education

In addressing this concern, we have to look into and define he term sex education itself and the role and benefits that it has shown in the countries where it was implemented. In discussing the role of sex education in the curriculum we have also to see if the education harms the psyche of the individual. Cultural backgrounds have also had to be looked into. The desirability of sex education in schools in Hong Kong will be based therefore, first in defining what will exactly be sex education, the targeted audience and what they are aware of the issues. Conflicts with the moral codes that come with religious practices also have to be examined. The second aspect is the benefits and harm that…. [read more]

Sex Offenders an Investigation Thesis

… Furthermore, there have been many studies that have also shown that the recidivism rate is rather low. A study in Vermont found that offenders who underwent an effective treatment program had re-offenses at roughly 3.8% over a ten-year period (Dormin, 2010). Therefore, of a group of one hundred people who underwent treatment for their offense, ninety six of them likely had to undergo severe limitations in their lives even though there a small fraction of their group were reoffenders. This coupled with the fact that a majority of offenders are first-time offenders and likely know their victims indicates that the housing limitations placed on ex-offenders are ineffective at best.

However, in some areas state agencies are acting to rectify the situation and provide funding for…. [read more]

What Is the Effect of Single Sex Versus Co-Educational Schooling for Boys and Girls? Article Review


What is the effect of single-sex vs. co-educational schooling for boys and girls?

The role of single-sex vs. co-educational schooling in the friendship style, academic performance and social behaviour of girls and boys is the topic of discussion. Research studies and arguments that support both types of academic set up are reviewed. The results indicate that single sex schools seem to provide benefits from both the social and academic angles. This does not imply that single-sex schools are advocated as the best types of schools because the benefits of co-education schools are also wide ranging. Limitations of current research are discussed and areas for further research focusing on other parameters for investigation are offered.

Effects of single-sex vs. educational…. [read more]

Sex Therapy the Efforts Term Paper

… (Mangan, 1992) These problems are rectified by sex therapy. Sex therapy involves administration of some of the structured sexual tasks to the couple at the therapist's office. The couples practice the methods so prescribed successfully at home after understanding it fully, thereby rectifying the inhibitions that affects sexual response. Techniques developed by the Americans William Masters and Virginia Johnson during 1960s are most frequently used by the therapists. (Leiblum; Raymond, 1989)

The sex therapist mainly brings remedies with the non-organic problems affecting the sexual lives including premature ejaculation, impotence and other forms of sexual dysfunction. Therapists resort on exercises emphasizing inflicting and attaining sensual pleasures in order to overcome the anxieties about sex. Sex therapy may also involve specialized treatments against the specific sex-related problems.…. [read more]

Perceptions of Male and Female Viewers Term Paper

… Perceptions of Male and Female Viewers Regarding Women's Violence in Kill Bill, Vol. 1 by Quentin Tarantino

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent, if any, to which male and female viewers perceive the violence of women in Quentin Tarantino's motion picture, "Kill Bill Volume 1" in different ways. In addition, the extent to which the differences in the opinions between male and female viewers contributed to their gender difference will be examined.

Finally, the study will seek to determine if male and female respondents share any opinions regarding violence.

The aims of this study are three-fold:

To determine the extent to which male and female observers differ in their perceptions of violence content in this movie;

To identify those factors that…. [read more]

Discrimination Against High-Risk Sex Offenders Research Paper

… Discrimination Against High Risk Sex Offenders

Even when denoting truly violent offenders, demonization of any class of individual as being beyond redemption and/or devoid of humanity proves not only destructive, but wrong.

Contemporary laws, albeit, routinely brand any transgressor of under-age sex rules as a "sexual predator," even when no violence or force is alleged, and even if the young person is an only a few days from the age of consent. Most sexual contact between adults and minors occurs among family and friends. Without doubt, however, children deserve to be protected from sexual abuser...period. Not acknowledging sexual predators are also human, however, stigmatizes these individuals amdcontinues to cover of the roots of such crimes. These type negative actions also hinder/prevent individuals, previously branded as…. [read more]

Soldierly Perception of Masculinity Research Paper

… The shift of military and social values has become a permanent trend in Germany after it weakens position in war. Although this change did not happen all of a sudden but many factors were involved in gradually changing the situation, there was still a back way to tackle the hurdles and to restore the previous standards and for these strong, sincere and collective efforts are needed to be carried out by promoting the culture and law.

Some grades this change as a natural process of refusal .If someone has to do some deliberate destruction of a particular religious, racial, political or ethnic group for the purpose of wiping them completely; it will be quite a difficult task to do but it will be possible if…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Age Gender Research Paper

… Abraham and Julie also are of the opinion that the same sex marriages will also bring in a change in the social structure that will also benefit the female population.

The third hypothesis of the research is that non-religious people are more in favor of giving homosexuals their right to marry one another as compared to religious people. Hart A. For American Psychological Association (2004) conducted a research which showed a clear difference in the mindset of people of religious people and non-religious people on the issue of homosexuality. The religious people considered homosexuality as a sin and were not in favor of the concept of same sex marriages and giving rights to homosexuals as they were challenging God by changing the natural phenomena of…. [read more]

Book Sex Lives of Cannibals Research Paper

… Most Americans would never dream of not having instant access to hot or cold water and in unlimited amounts. Very much the same thing can be said of electricity. The challenges and poverty definitions of the United States are wholly and completely different from areas like Tarawa and even Troost, who was very well educated even before he came to Tarawa, was caught by surprise due to the misconceptions and/or lack of knowledge that he had in comparison to the real facts and realities on the ground in the Tarawa area. There is little doubt that United States culture and how it so incompletely informs and teaches its people about the world is the reason for this but the same is true in one form…. [read more]

Gift of Sex Book Review

… Gift of Sex

Clifford and Joyce Penner, clinical therapist and nurse have written a sensitive and forthright guide to understanding sexuality and how it fits into God's design for marriage. This revised and updated version features a new introduction, new illustrations, a section on addictions and the Internet, and a timely discussion on sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences. With the latest information on sexuality and intimacy, this best-selling book is ideal whether you are newlyweds or have been married for many years.

A Biblical Perspective

This was an interesting chapter because the authors painted the picture of how sexuality and theology are commonly being utilized. This chapter talked about the myth of how most people tend to think that we as people are basically…. [read more]

Sexes Uses Intersexuality as a Springboard Article Review

… ¶ … Sexes uses intersexuality as a springboard to address broader topics related to gender identity and human sexuality. "What it all boils down to is that the roots of gender identity are much more complex than anyone thought," concludes an expert in genetics interviewed for the Time magazine article (59). The main purpose of Christine Gorman and Wendy Cole's piece is to inform the public that "more babies than your think are born neither boys nor girls," and to dispel myths and fears about intersexuality (57). Published in a mainstream news magazine, the article is clearly aimed at a wide, lay audience and is designed to give a basic overview of the phenomena of intersexuality. The article opens with an anecdote about Kelli, who…. [read more]

Sex Education Annotated Bibliography Research Paper

… Yet even in teaching the mechanics of contraception, a program that fails to recognize power relations between the sexes is unlikely to succeed. In many adolescent sub-cultures, as elsewhere in society, a double standard exists; it is the women who are expected to take sole responsibility for birth control, and yet if they take oral contraceptives or have an intra-uterine device (IUD) they are seen as 'sluts' because it appears that they are expecting to have sex…(Lenskyi 1990: 221)"

The political objectives of sex education must be reconsidered, according to this author, to create lasting change in the more harmful sexual attitudes impacting the status of women in Canadian society. Lenskyi summarizes her pedagogical reccomendations for a feminist revision of the Canadian sexual education curriculum:…. [read more]

Using Sex Appeal to Market Our Athletes a Case Analysis Into This Growing Issue Term Paper

… ¶ … Sex Appeal to Market our Athletes?

Women are performing very well in sports. Since women have become part in the world of "sports" and/or athletics, the capabilities of women are becoming continuously noticeable. However, the skills of the women in various sports categories are not the only thing noticeable nowadays because the kinds of clothing and the concepts of advertisements involving women are also becoming conspicuous.

Women are very good in sports, but it seems that their ability to play excellently are not the only thing that people loved watching but also the scantily uniforms being designed for them. Many would have recognized the fact that the physical attributes of the female athletes are more highlighted today than their skills.

The media is…. [read more]

Sex Offender Therapy in the State of Texas Capstone Project

… Therapy


Sex offender


A sex offender is generally understood as an individual who has committed what is considered to be a sex crime. However, one also has to bear in mind that what constitutes a sex crime varies according to culture and region. The region that will be the focus in this paper is the State of Texas.

As Hazelwood and Warren ( 2000) state in their study of sex offenders and criminal sexual behavior, sex offences are an extremely complex form of human behavior which includes the intricate area of human sexuality as well as the areas of mental disorder and criminality (Hazelwood and Warren, 2000, p. 267).…. [read more]

Perception of Racism and Colour Research Proposal

… However, this was far from the truth. The popularization of Jim Crow laws which permitted racial segregation was approved in many local and state governments in 1865; the same year slavery was abolished. Furthermore, even with the ratification of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment, Black/African-Americans and other minorities were still treated as second class citizens and oftentimes refused the right to vote.

In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that de jure segregation (racial segregation) was legal in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). Plessy, who was seven eighths White, was refused a seat in the "Whites only" section of a train car in Lousiana, and was arrested for his resistance. The Supreme Court approved the separation between Whites and minorities in public and…. [read more]

Stereotype Threat the Different Social Essay

… I want to seem like a person who doesn't act my age, because to many people I still look like I'm in high school, so it's very important to appear mature and grounded. As for my minority status, it only really matters on paper because I am very mixed race and it is hard to "tell" what I am without asking me. As far as if this is the "real me," I believe it is. I have always been more mature than my age, which I believe it my nature and not anything I've perceived as a stereotype that I need to overcome.

Some personal experience that I have had with stereotypes has to do with my age and dealing with professors at the university.…. [read more]

Influence of Self-Perception and Self-Image on Consumers Choice of Luxury Fashion Brands Dissertation

… ¶ … price remains one of the most important factors that many consumers take into account in formulating their purchase decision, it is important for marketers to segment their target market accordingly. For luxury brands, this means that higher prices must be justified by the consumers' perception of higher quality or more nebulous factors such as brand association. The primary of the proposed study is to examine the influence that self-perception and self-image have on the consumer in their choice of luxury fashion brands. To achieve this research purpose, the study proposed herein will be guided by five main aims: (a) to test and examine the hypothesis stated above for its validity; (b) if the hypothesis holds true, to measure how strong of an influence…. [read more]

Women Face Sex Discrimination in Their Career Advancement Term Paper

… Women Sex Discrimination in Career Advancement

The delineation of the sexes is clearly established in society and impressed in people's minds. The man is to be the breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer of children and keeper of the home. Yet for the last two decades, professional women have entered the workforce and now account for almost half of the American labor force, half of them occupying managerial and professional specialty positions, about half coming from medical and law schools and an increasing number of them as corporate officers. But few of them hold line jobs, receive comparative wages with male employees, are top-earners and appointed to board seats. The majority of high-powered women employees leave their positions mainly because of dissatisfaction with job…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … same-sex marriage. Specifically, it will discuss if same-sex marriage is a threat to family and national values, including who is threatened and why they feel threatened. Same-sex marriage is a contentious issue facing the states today. Some states have sanctioned same-sex marriages, while others have passed laws stating marriage must occur between a "man and woman" only. In a nation that prides itself on tolerance and democracy, banning same-sex marriages is not only irrational, it is intolerant and biased. Same-sex marriages should be available for gay and lesbian couples, they should be able to celebrate their commitment and enjoy the benefits of marriage.

Marriage is one of the oldest unions known to humankind. It is a celebration of commitment, love, and sharing, and…. [read more]

Same Sex Adoption Research Paper

… When a "rigorous and auditable" study is done, using a qualitative approach within the Determinants of Health model, behaviors can be influenced, Lobaugh continues. The long-range goal within the context of social change using the Determinants of Health model is that "…discriminatory practices" will diminish and even "disappear" in those communities where gay and lesbian same sex couples wish to adopt children.

The Determinants of Health model has several goals once the assessment has been completed and the greater community has had a chance to grasp the substance of its results, Lobaugh explains (186): a) "multicultural awareness"; b) equal access to health care; c) assistance in family planning; d) healthy communication within the community; e) education and community-based programs; and f) "responsible sexual health behavior."…. [read more]

Person's Own Perception, Which of Course Essay

… ¶ … person's own perception, which of course is based on upbringing, family structure (or lack thereof), religious exposure/thoughts and so forth. When those feelings become entrenched and ingrained, any culture, group or activity that is a clear outlier from that ingrained culture is usually defined as an out-group. A common example would be gay people as viewed by a person raised Catholic or a Buddhist man to someone that is Jewish.

As for what is missing from the Iron Maiden video, it is quite clear that there are no clearly identifying national marks or flags anywhere in the video…not on the soldiers and not anywhere else. This was probably selective editing on the part of who made the video, but it's fairly obvious after…. [read more]

Dimensions of Social Inequality Race Essay

… Women with a high school diploma or less, and who are out of wedlock have higher birth rates at 40%, and which continually increasing each year. These studies indicate that children or persons raised in a family set up other than the traditional family are at a disadvantage (Kathryn & Joanna, 2005). They results of their research is used to indicate that a person raised in a home with deprived economic power, single parent, and an absence of a consistent male guide suffer uncertainty and disorderliness (Wax, 2007). These persons are more likely to end up in the same situation as their parents with life-long repercussions like school dropout, have children out-of-wedlock, lower education and job attainment, mental health and family instability.

On the other…. [read more]

Patterns of Health Perceptions Research Paper

… However, dietary restriction and medicine intake was not as it should have been. The persons in the family affected with hypertension did not take their medicines regularly. They relied more on taking the medication when they felt negative symptoms that they themselves affiliated with high blood pressure.

Decreased cardiac output

This was the second diagnosis that I attained from the assessment. Even though this diagnosis cannot be applied to the members of the family that are aged less than thirty, these members are at a high risk for developing cardiac problems. This diagnosis was reached on the basis of poor diet, lack of physical activity, stress and positive family history for cardiac problems. The mother and father in the family both had hypertension that was…. [read more]

Protecting the Community From Sex Offenders Few Thesis

… Protecting the Community From Sex Offenders

Few crimes strike more fear into the hearts of the average citizen than sexually-based offenses. From the trauma of adult rape to the absolute horror of child predators who kill their victims, the community at large is terrified of those criminals who commit sexually-based offenses. This terror is justified, though it may be misdirected towards stranger crimes, rather than focusing on those criminals who commit sexually-based offenses against their own families and friends. This revulsion is also relatively recent and is largely limited to the Western world. In many societies, sexual offense victims are still penalized; some communities still seek to remedy rape by forcing the victim to marry the offender. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that…. [read more]

Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Passed Thesis

… ¶ … Same Sex Marriage

The issue of same sex marriage remains one of the most controversial topics in the new millennium. This issue has conservatives and liberals at odds and the battle is far from over. There is little difference between gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual couples and their heterosexual counterparts. They experience similar feelings towards one another and have the same level of commitment. The right to choose one's partner in life is a basic human right. This essay will support the concept that same sex marriage should be allowed in the United States and that it should have the same status as heterosexual marriage.

The idea of same sex marriage has been around for as long as these partnerships have been around. However,…. [read more]

Effect of Gender Race and Religion on Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

… ¶ … Gender, Race, and Religion on Same Sex Marriage

Staver, M.D. (2004). Same-sex marriage: Putting every household at risk journal, Vol. 9,

Issue 2, Nashville, Tenn: Broadman & Holman.

According to this article, same sex marriage is one of the controversial topics and engagement in the 21st century. Several studies have focused at the notion behind same sex marriage in the society. Human understanding on marriage is a multifaceted body of knowledge that has attracted numerous studies and research. Many scholars in the world have studied the influence of marriage and components that constitute a good marriage in the society. Most studies reiterate on the influence of several factors on the avenues of marriage. This study endeavors to explore how various human practices and…. [read more]

Role of Religion in Same Sex Marriage With Emphasis on California's Proposition Essay

… Role of Religion in Same-Sex Marriage

Homosexuality and gay rights have always been controversial issues, particularly in the more conservative states of America. This is clear in legislative guidelines that make marriage between same-sex partners illegal. The most recent case of this is Proposition 8 in California. Claimed reasons to justify such legislation range from general morality and aesthetics to the Constitutional rights of voters to decide the issue in each state. However, statistics, such as those quoted by Geoffrey R. Stone (2008) appear to suggest that religion is the strongest driving force behind Proposition 8, and also other manifestations of prejudice and intolerance towards those who adhere to such a lifestyle.

Stone (2008) correctly describes the situation surrounding Proposition 8 as something of a…. [read more]

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