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Loans Envisioned Research Methodology Association Dissertation

… Mixed Method:

Mixed design research is an integrated method of study. It utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. The mixed method of research is highlighted in Creswell &, Clark (2010).

Research design:

Research design delivers a road-map for stipulating procedural steps to be taken for assembly and analysis of desirable information which can be mainly categorized into quantitative and qualitative research. All of these models have their own merits and demerits. Additionally the scope of the study is also determined by the research design castoff in the study. The usage of quantitative research design is reinforced with the view that the researcher concentrates on the objective material which provides the study with a noteworthy level of reliability and validity. Along with that the…. [read more]

In-Depth Interviewing as a Methodology Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … Interviewing as a Methodology

The interview coordinates a conversation aimed at obtaining desired information. He or she makes the initial contact, schedules the event, designates its location, sets out the ground rules, and then begins to question the interviewee. Questions elicit answers in more or less anticipatable format until the interviewer's agenda is completed and the interview ends. Gubrium & Holstein discuss in their writing that the interview is a viable procedure useful in securing knowledge. Individuals have not always been viewed as important sources of knowledge about their own experiences. Particular forms of questioning have been around for a while. The style of interviewing can be traced back to parents and children, prisoners and lawyers etc. The basic interview changed after World…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Essay

… Program Evaluation

Home And Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) program is an assistance that allows reimbursement for certain chronically ill, disable and elderly people who are not otherwise covered by the Medical aid program. The debate over the rising costs of the institutional healthcare has led to the passage of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981. (Miller, 1992). Under the HCBS program, people remain in their homes and communities, and the waivers allow people to receive services that are not covered under the traditional Medicaid program. Since 1981, states have used the autonomy of Section 1915(c) under Social Security Act to establish home and community-based waiver programs. Under this program, the states provide wide range of services to the participants, and the legislation allow states…. [read more]

Educational Program Evaluation Thesis

… Program Evaluation Parts I and II

Program Evaluation Plan: Treca Digital Academy Grades K-3 Curriculum

Program evaluation could be called the most important factor for maintaining a successful educational program. Without a proper program evaluation, it is difficult to determine if the program is reaching its intended goals. Program evaluation is necessary in order for curricular programs on all levels to achieve accreditation and endorsement from outside agencies. Developing an appropriate strategy for program evaluation is the key to performing an acceptable program evaluation.

The popularity of online schools is bringing some important issues to light. Many of these issues concern the ability to learn using only the computer and limited teacher interaction. Grades K-3 are critical in the development of skills that will form…. [read more]

Program Evaluation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Thesis

… Program Evaluation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Fundamental objective of this study is to investigate the factors leading to the delay in the Dreamliner project. The Dreamliner project is a multi-billions dollar project that Boeing is implementing for more than 8 years. The study is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 identifies the problem that the thesis attempts to address. One of the fundamental problems the study identifies is that Boeing is implementing Dreamliner project and due to some factors, the company is experiencing the delay in the project delivery, and the delay has stretched to more than 28 months. The project attempts to investigate the factors leading to delay and assess long-term viability of the project.

The study also reviews literatures such as several…. [read more]

Program Evaluation of a University Assessment

… Methodology

The principle points of the evaluation of Metropolitan University's Theater Program will show two very distinct, yet equally vital, aspects of this particular program. One will pertain to cost-benefit, which will primarily focus on the boons derived from attending and even graduating from this theater program. The other will focus largely on cost-effectiveness, which will primarily pertain to the efficaciousness of those same students in maximizing the value of this program to its intended audience -- other students and other community members. As such, several types of evaluations will be employed to gauge these different facets of the program in ways that are both quantitative and qualitative.

The methodology utilized for the evaluation of the cost-benefits for students enrolling in this program will be…. [read more]

Eveland's Research Design Is Quasi-experimental Essay

… The rules set up clear boundaries between research and practiced medicine. The rules define or provide a sort of cost-benefit analysis with regard to using human test subjects as a part of research.

Furthermore these federal rules provide clearcut guidelines in the selection process of research or experimentation involving human subjects. Finally, the rules make clear that there must be informed consent of the human subjects regarding the nature of the research settings. These rules were influenced by a document called the Belmont Report that was published shortly before the Federal Human Subjects Protection rules were established. The overall intention of the rules and the commission that governs or oversees these kinds of issues within behavioral research, is to make sure that the use of…. [read more]

Suicide Prevention Consultation Design: Case Essay


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The Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events: The CASE Approach (2012) Training Institute for Suicide Assessment & Clinical Interviewing. Retrieved from: [read more]

Solution of the Heterogeneous Data Methodology Chapter

… When the mapping has been created, it becomes possible to come up with a relationship between them so as to come up with the mapping of object properties. The property mapping can be achieved by relating the XML schema elements of the objects. In the final stage there are possibilities of exporting the rules of transformation that are generated in accordance to the mapping that is performed. The semantic integration of information is a very costly and difficult task. The use of Semantic web can assist in the process of integrating multiple heterogeneous data schema via the mapping of the schema to a single or multiple ontologies. The main aim of the SIM architecture is to present a common understanding of a given subject and…. [read more]

TESOL: Materials and Course Design Essay

… , 2009).

When TESOL students are taught to interpret graphs, tables, websites, maps, diagrams as well as other visual representations, it shows that visual literacy has been developed. As students understand, think seriously, give out opinions and talk about images and items, it shows that viewing is incorporated into verbal communication and inscription actions. As the students look towards diagrams plus other graphics in line with a tactic for understanding language, developing vocabulary and gathering knowledge, viewing helps in understanding comprehension (Cloud et al., 2009).

TESOL instruction should incorporate representing in approaches besides writing. The instructor can get a chance to evaluate understanding and build up necessary verbal communication abilities and aid in developing comprehension abilities through representing, like, communicating meaning with the help of…. [read more]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Term Paper

… Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most widely used tests in the world for assessing personality characteristics for general non-psychiatric populations. The authors state that it is a self-report inventory, objective assessment that is not diagnostic in a psychopathological sense. Developed by Katherine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers and based on Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung's studies on psychological type, the MBTI is used extensively both in academic and corporate settings. Opinions about MBTI range from those who are leery of personality tests as a whole because of stereotyping and profiling, to those who specifically question this test's reliability, to those who believe that it's an essential tool for helping people become more satisfied with their lives and companies find a…. [read more]

Criminal Procedure and the Idiosyncrasies Essay

… The evaluator attempts to determine the positive or negative nature of the responses but quantifying such qualitative measures is sometimes quite difficult. An additional benefit to qualitative studies is that it may not require groupings with the participants.

Qualitative studies can also include how the participants feel or think about certain concepts and these feelings, thought and perceptions can often times change. This can lead to skewed results, especially if a pre-test and post-test is administered within the study. However, a quantitative study is often conducted using a pre-test and a post-test in order to compare results.

The researcher may also use close-ended questions to elicit responses instead of the open-ended that is favored by the qualitative researcher. Whatever methodologies are employed by the evaluator,…. [read more]

Managing Human Resources Analysis of Research Study Methodology Chapter

… Managing Human Resources Analysis of Research

Study Using Qualitative / Quantitative

Analysis research study using Qualitative or Quantitative

Objective of this paper is to evaluate the methodology and data analysis of a research study titled "Perception of Students Characteristics of Effective College Teachers: Validity Study of a Teaching Evaluation Form Using a Mixed-Methods Analysis." Written by Onwuegbuzie, Witcher, Collins, et al. (2007). The study uses mixed methods to evaluate the perception of students on the effectiveness of their college teachers. The study also discusses the effectiveness of teaching evaluation form (TEF) as an indicator of accountability as well as playing decision role in promotion, merit pay rise and selection of adjunct and full-time faculty member. To arrive at the research findings, the study employs methodology…. [read more]

Methodology of a Study Essay

… ¶ … charter schools: Research methodology

Review of Methodology of a Study

Research methodology review

Greene, Jay P., Greg Foster, & Marcus Winters. (2003, July). Apples to apples:

An evaluation of charter schools serving general student populations. Center for Civic Innovation at the Manhattan Institute. Education Working Paper. Retrieved May 22, 2010 at

Research methodology review

Greene, Jay P., Greg Foster, & Marcus Winters. (2003, July). Apples to apples:

An evaluation of charter schools serving general student populations. Center for Civic Innovation at the Manhattan Institute. Education Working Paper. Retrieved May 22, 2010 at

One of the most striking and controversial developments in recent years has been the explosion of charter schools in America. Charter schools are publically-funded schools that are released from…. [read more]

External Market Forces Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … external market forces have a measureable effect on the manner in which small, private, non-profit higher educational institutions in Jamaica are managed in both economically good times and bad. Additionally, the purpose is to determine to what (if any) extent external forces influence creativity and innovation within the administration of the institutional strategies which those small, private educational facilities employ during both good markets and bad markets. To accomplish this purpose the design of the research will be quantitative in nature, and will seek to confirm results with hard numbers.

Quantitative, correlation analysis of such abstract human features as innovation might at first seem misplaced, but such techniques have been commonly used in similar research in order to yield more concrete and directly…. [read more]

Systems Computer Science Computer Forensic Research Paper

… The first evaluation is carried out to determine the inconsistent directory trees to determine whether it will be possible to view an image within the two inconsistent directory trees. The evaluation provides which of the two files will be revealed. The ISO9660 was created using Joliet extensions with "File1.txt" and "File2.txt" within root directory.

Further technique to carry out the evaluation is through secondary volume descriptor that assists in hiding data because some of the tools only rely on the first or secondary volume descriptor. The study identifies which of the files within the volume descriptor to enhance greater understanding of the evaluation procedure. Typically, the secondary volume descriptor is named as File2.txt while the primary volume descriptor is tagged as File1.txt.

The study also…. [read more]

International Emphasis on Education Methodology Chapter

… Strauss would say that the quality of a theory can be evaluated by the process by which a theory is constructed." (p.1) The work of Weilgamage and Siengthai (2003) entitled "Employer Needs and Graduate Skills: The Gap between Employer Expectations and Job Expectations of Sri Lankan University Graduates" reports that the data for the study were "… gathered through structured interviews and surveys of selected sample of (better specify the exact number of responses from each sample category here) employers, unemployed graduates, employed graduates, current university students and university faculty members. Survey questions were designed to obtain information on perceptions and attitudes of sample respondents based on the determinants identified from the literature review. It is required that the researcher be sensitive to the following…. [read more]

Different Types of Evaluation Designs and Methodologies Thesis

… ¶ … constantly developed over the past decades, as the complexity of the evaluated group, task or activity continued to grow. This complexity translated into a multitude of methodologies and designs, of which this paper will point out some of the most important ones. This paper also aims to discuss some of the main differences between this evaluation designs and methodologies, as well as draw conclusions on the comparison made.

Within a single group, the evaluator deals with the simplest types of design and evaluations. In general, there is a sole program targeting a single group with a particular purpose. This means that the evaluation can be as simple as determining whether or not the participants met the objective or improved after the program was…. [read more]

Comparison Between Rup and Ethics Methodologies Using Nimsad Framework Assessment




the History Timeline of the RUP development

RUP Iterative development

One of the most significant current discussions in the human and commercial philosophy is how to develop information systems in the most efficient and effective way. The mechanism by which the information system is structured, organized and developed is known as methodology. According to Britain computer society (BCS, 2006), methodology is "a set of recommended means for information systems development or part of it which is based on logic and specific philosophy." A closer look at the great improvements in the field of methodology development can observe that there are many methodologies have been developed to meet various requirements for the different information systems. In order to be able to identify, evaluate,…. [read more]

Criminal Justice - Evaluations Evaluation Methods Thesis

… Criminal Justice - Evaluations

EVALUATION METHODS in CRIMINAL JUSTICE Introduction: As in the case of any other professional industry, policing and other criminal justice administration functions must maintain a system of agency evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its programs. Evaluations encompass effectiveness with respect to achieving specific strategic objectives, supervisory controls, program design, methodology, and fiscal efficiency.

In professional business administration, the criteria for evaluations generally relates primarily to profit margins and secondarily to most other elements of the venture.

Within government administration, there is no profit margin per se, although fiscal responsibility, resourcefulness, and optimization remain important concerns. However, because the measure of fiscal efficiency in government is operating within available budgets, performance is the primary measure of success and the criteria used…. [read more]

Program Evaluation of Public Agency Research Proposal

… Program Evaluation

Evaluation #1'

Operation and Performance of Virginia's Social Services System

Which agency is being audited?

The Virginia Social Services System provides a variety of services for the general public. The evaluation involved site visits of the 120 local departments of Virginia's Social Services. In addition, phone interviews were conducted with 27 local departments (JLARC, 2005). In addition to these procedures, the JLARC also performed an analysis of the department's financial records, human resources, caseload, and internal performance data (JLARC, 2005). Social Services in the state of Virginia are structured so that they are administered locally, with oversight on the state level (JLARC, 2005). This allows the agency to meet the needs of its local population and tailor its services to meet those…. [read more]

Rick Houser's Book Counseling Questionnaire

… They are men who have improved and consummated their physical, mental, spiritual, and psychic organizations to the extreme conceivable degree. With the vision they have picked up, have contemplated, and recorded the accurate Science of the Universe. In fact, present-day science tries to get closer and closer to this Knowledge. However, that Knowledge as of recently exists. It gave us a chance to recall that that this aged Knowledge can never show signs of change any more than immaculate math can change, in any event for our present earth-cycle. Current science must be judged with all considerations of Theosophy and not the other way round because science changes with time while Theosophy like everlasting truth is constant.

What is of true worth to us is…. [read more]

Role of Research Problem Research Paper

… Another benefit of quantitative research is that it eliminates bias and favoritism from the responses. The respondents are given specific choices to choose their answers from. Thus, they are bound to answer within the set boundaries or dimensions (Sandelowski & Barroso, 2007).

b. Challenges:

Researchers face a number of challenges when they conduct quantitative research. First of all, they cannot use quantitative research in social science, human psychology, and natural sciences because these fields require more subjective responses rather than simple 'Yes' or 'No' (Rubin & Babbie, 2011). Secondly, facts and figures used in quantitative research cannot be generalized with confidence as compared to qualitative research (Cooper & Schindler, 2013).

2. Role of the Research Problem in Choosing an Appropriate Methodology

The research problem for…. [read more]

Benchmarking Keyloggers for Gathering Digital Multiple Chapters

… Diverse cases and media may call for different techniques of evaluation. Persons assessing digital evidence require exceptional training for this objective.

Documenting and Reporting: The examiner is accountable for accurate reporting the results and the outcomes of the evaluation of the digital examination. Documentation is a continuous activity throughout the evaluation. It is significant to monitor the steps taken during the digital evidence examination.

In the current scenario, security concerns are top for any firm. Attackers are using different key logging methods to access private data especially user login details. Once the attacker gets the credentials, they can easily validate themselves as the system user.

In (Gong, 2010) the author has proposed a new pattern of virtual keyboard. The solution in this paper highlights on…. [read more]

Ergonomic Evaluation Essay

… Two of the respondents felt that the symptoms they experienced did encroach upon their leisure time but none felt that their work activities had been reduced. Of those who complained of shoulder problems, 60% attributed this to sonography work including working with the arm elevated for long periods. Moving patients and heavy equipment were also implicated to a lesser degree.

Table 2. Incidence of Musculoskeletal Problems in the past 7 days or 12 months

Body Segment

Last 7 days

Last 12 months























Upper back/Thoracic Spine





Lower back





One or both: hips, thighs, buttocks


0…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation of How Hedge Funds Research Proposal

… ¶ … Performance Evaluation of How Hedge Funds Can Be Used to Augment the Overall Efficiency in German Pension Funds

Much attention has been given to hedge funds over the last few years, but the industry itself remains to a large degree, opaque. A lack of clarity and understanding of how these funds work, what they do, and how they can be used in conjunction with other kinds of funds is at the forefront of the knowledge and beliefs of most people when it comes to these funds.

High and unseen risks are involved when investing in these vehicles. However, the returns generated have attracted the attention of a growing number of institutional investors, including those who work with pension funds. Past studies have suggested…. [read more]

Piles the Literature Review Research Paper

… According to the study "The results revealed that infrared thermography can be used as an effective nondestructive evaluation tool for detecting subsurface debonds in structural components wrapped with carbon or glass reinforced composite fabrics" (Halabe, Dutta, GangaRao, 2008, p. 1387). Perhaps, new technology can also assist the researcher during this study in determining exactly what type of pile to create.

Concrete Piles

According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia "concrete piles are generally of two types, the precast and the cast-in-place. They are very strong and durable, do not deteriorate when wholly in the ground, and are immune to the attacks of boring insects" (p. 1). If this is true, then it would seem that when the piles are going to be used in areas where…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Integrate Data Collection Essay

… It is used to determine if it was large enough and looked at a number of other factors in the process. The basic idea is to enhance diversity when studying the problem. (Kirk, 1996)

According to Kirk (1996), these ideas are used to have a better comprehension of key trends with them saying, "Statistical significance is essentially scientific credibility. In many academic disciplines, research is considered statistically significant only if the results of the study would occur by mere chance less than five times out of 100. For many, this number has become a kind of gold standard, often determining which papers are published, where researchers find work, etc. As a consumer of numbers, this is important to you for two reasons. Practical significance is…. [read more]

Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Term Paper

… There were 6 options for this question. The question sought to get an idea about the literacy level of the participant. The reason behind adding this question is that according to the general trend, the more a person is educated, the more he or she will make use of technological things because he or she will have a better understanding of the technological devices. Similarly, it has been expected that illiterate people will have low usability of the smart watches. The second section of the questionnaire focuses on the products. It is based on 8 questions related to the product. These questions have been asked by the participant in order to learn about the attitude and level of usage of the participants. Apart from that…. [read more]

Families Society Purpose Essay

… 72) How are people selected for program participation? Does this affect the interpretation of findings, and, if so, does the researcher discuss this?

Program participants are at-risk children and families. "The child and family worker provides training to staff in attachment concepts that relate to children's exploratory and security needs. A child and family worker is placed in the service to train and support staff to increase their understanding of children's behaviours" (Valentine, Thomson, & Antcliff 2009).

73) Are the results clearly explained?

The positive input of program leaders and participants are noted.

74) How does the article address the other areas of evaluation discussed in earlier chapters?

The article records a qualitative, researcher-reported summary of the findings.

12. Quantitative Analysis

81) Is the results…. [read more]

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