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Diminishing Middle Class Term Paper

… Market upswings

The highest new development sale took place in the Greenwich Village during the past month. The property is located at 130 West 12th Street which made a sale of about $13M. There was another sale that took place on the 130 West 12th Street in the last quarter; this was a penthouse that was sold for $8,095,087. Another large development sale took place at the Upper West Side. A sale of $8,858,775 was made on a building that is situated at 535 West End Avenue. An interesting thing to note here is that all of these sales took place September. From among the 379 units that were sold about half of those units were sold for over a million dollars (MNDR, 2012).

The…. [read more]

Working Class in England First Book Review

… This connection between the centralization of capital and people as a result of industrialization is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of Engels' book, because it demonstrates the extent to which the central features of the "modern world" that arose over the course of the nineteenth century, meaning large cities and a new evolution in the development of capitalism, are inextricably intertwined. This is because Engels convincingly demonstrates that the same technological and social processes responsible for the concentration of wealth in the hands of factory and factory farm owners concentrated the population in city centers (Engels 75-76). Essentially, as new technologies made certain stages in the process of production more important than others, workers flocked to these particular jobs and factories (such as…. [read more]

Social Class How Sociologists Analyze Social Classes Term Paper

… Social Class

How Sociologists Analyze Social Classes

Analyzing peoples' social class is a complex thing that many sociologists consider. The analysis won't just entail the recognition of one's living status in the society, or one's professional degree or background in the workforce. Analysis of social class needs to consider different factors and compare them in a group or collective method. Among such factors include the demography of the different classes, their psychological characteristics, their interaction, their culture, and many others. These components serve special purposes in analyzing and identifying social classes and structure.

Smesler, in his article Sociological Approaches, used five basic approaches in analyzing social classes. These basic approaches are the following.



Collective Approach



Richard Rubenstein, on the other hand,…. [read more]

Impact of Imperialism on the Middle East Term Paper

… Imperialism in the Middle East

The Impact of Imperialism in the Middle East

Imperialism and Decolonization:

A Case Study of Egypt and Iraq

In this paper, a discussion will be offered on the consequences of Western imperialism, notably British, that not only impacted on the immediate aftermath of their comportment in previously colonized areas, but also contributed in forming their prospective social, economic and political future, through examining imperialism in Egypt and Iraq. The powerlessness of the Egyptian and Iraqi authorities can be linked to the socio-economic modifications the British enforced and their disinclination to assume a choice to the Western construct of power.

It can be said that historically speaking, the Middle East has not been considered to be charitable to the power of…. [read more]

African-American Parenting Styles According to Social Class Annotated Bibliography

… African-American Parents

Annotated Bibliography

Abar, B., K.L. Carter, and a. Winsler. "The effects of maternal parenting style and religious commitment on self-regulation, academic achievement, and risk behavior among African-American parochial college students*." Journal of Adolescence. 32. (2009): 259-273.

In the Journal of Adolescence, the purpose of the study explored the relationships between religiosity, maternal parenting style, student academic self-discipline and risk behaviors among African-American youth attending a parochial college (Abar, Carter, and Winsler, 259). The research question of the study was how African-American youth who have had parenting from social classes above the poverty level and focus on the parenting and other skills had contributed to student success or failure that were influenced by religiosity and middle to upper class social status (there are possibly…. [read more]

Business Class Organizational Behavior Team Research Paper

… 5

Believed in manual, traditional processes and are technically challenged.

Gen X is Tech savvy and wants telecommuting to play a great role in their lives.


Work Attitudes

Baby boomers preferred balance between work and family.

Gen X believes in quality of life doing much more than just working and spending time with family.


Baby boomers were slow and steady; taking risk required a lot of deliberation. They were slow and hesitant decision makers and preferred routine lives.

Gen X is dynamic and are innovative. They tend to have more sources at their disposal hence quick and decisive. Any change in routine is seen by them as opportunity.


Baby boomers were acceptors of commitment.

Gen X prefers negotiating and leveraging it to…. [read more]

Social Class Term Paper

… Social Class

The term class and particularly social class continue to be and will continue to be a cause of enormous uncertainty in social science. (Headrick, 1) The writings reveal meager conformity regarding what comprises class. Classes continue to be described by ownership of property, status or responsibility, position class, self-esteem or through intermarriage. (Rummel, 47) Simkhovitch describes classes as categories of people having identical sources of earnings. They are aware of the related or equal monetary benefits. According to him a social class is a structured group of persons having the same economic attainment. This pattern is akin to Marxism, since it regards class as a pressure group. L. Von Stein breaks the classes of society into ownership classes, legal classes and honorific classes.…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

Bungalow Craze the Bungalow Style Essay

… With more women in the workforce, women wanted simper homes that were easier to keep clean and more time saving appliances. Some feminists advocated for kitchenless homes and public childcare to ease domestic demands on women. An ideal kitchen was evoked by a laboratory order to show the future of cleanliness. The smaller kitchen was justified as a means for women to enjoy more time outside the home.

By 1910, homeownership had become difficult due the increased unmarried population choosing to rent. Smaller dwellings was an attempt to solve economic problems. By 1911, house plans were considered to allow women to have a career at home and still be involved with the family. Magazine articles explained how to make money at home as well as…. [read more]

Management Karl Marx Is Highly Term Paper

… In this instance, as in the case with unions, the supply of labor is controlled by the individuals in society. As such, both the Unions and the Occupy Wall Street movement serve as a check and balance against the loss of labor control. Marx during his period did not have the organization of unions that capitalism today has. In many instances teacher, policeman, firefighters, autoworkers, and airline employees all control the productive labor in their respective industries. As such, the can balance the interest of the productive class with those of the upper class, to a certain extent. Now, to be fair, the upper class, as it is currently doing, can simply outsource and take labor abroad. However, this propensity to outsource will eventually abate…. [read more]

Marx and Madison Research Shows Essay

… ¶ … Marx and Madison

Research shows that a recent survey that had been conducted not to long ago by the Harris communicating polling ?rm on behalf of the Bill of Rights organization shows some startling, discouraging results. As stated by the survey, 4-2% of the over 2.000 respondents were the ones that have this belief that Karl Marx's maxim, "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need [or needs]" is part of one of our country's founding credentials (Magstadt). More, approximately 20% dispensed it to the Bill of Rights and rather or political parties represent social classes. However, when it came to class-based political parties both, James Madison and Karl Marx share various views on the matter. With that…. [read more]

21st Century Race Gender Class and Ethnicity Issues for Native American Indians Essay

… Native Media

Stereotypes and the Impossibility of Objective Identity: The Case of the Native American in Popular Media

The history of the United States, as most people the world over are well aware, has not exactly been a history of peaceful coexistence between divers groups of people with different perspectives, attitudes, and values. Though the country has been dubbed "the melting pot" and truly does support a very ethnically diverse population, its history has been more concerned with eliminating difference and creating similarities than it has been with preserving the individual cultures that came here to be "melted." Of course, there are certain ethnic strains that remain quite vibrant and noticeable, primarily in their culinary contributions: Italian restaurants, Mediterranean cuisine, Polish sausages and the now…. [read more]

Federal Government (Both the Executive and Legislative Research Proposal

… ¶ … federal government (both the executive and legislative branches) did and did not do for the freed slaves, and why;

Following the Civil War, the United States still found itself grappling with the cultural divides on racial orientation that were a basis for the war -- along with economic realities of course. In the years immediately following unification and the initiation of reconstruction, these two issues of economic reformation anticipated abolition would be categorically dominant as President Lincoln attempted to balance a severe division of priorities. Naturally, the South would enact an immediate response at the state level to its defeat by beginning to adopt what were known as 'black codes.' These state-based laws proliferated in the south as a precursor to the Jim…. [read more]

Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

Impact of Poverty Research Paper

… Adolescents growing up in poverty experience a different set of environment and conditions than those in a middle class school setting do. They experience classmates and colleagues -- sometimes-best friends -- who die from AIDS and all sorts of violence. They live in an environment where gang-violence and street abuse, as well as, no doubt, abuse from their own family, hunger and, often, homelessness is common. Their experiences are unnatural to those that a child their age should receive growing up. Although young, they experience instances that would be difficult for any adult triple their age. The stages of child development that psychologists such as Erickson have prescribed for them remain for 'normal' children. They either remain fixated in specific stages or collapse them leaping…. [read more]

Reform in Egypt and the Islamic Brotherhood Party Research Paper

… Reform in Egypt and the Islamic Brotherhood Party

The purpose of this paper is to discuss Egypt as a democratic country and analyze the strength of their democracy in light of the recent boycotts done by opposition parties. A democracy is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is as, " a government by the people exercised either directly or through and by elected representatives." An effective democracy requires a strong system of law and legal principles implemented with impartiality. Favoritism towards one political party or another will weaken the basic foundation that democracy is built on. According to Sean Wilentz, "Democracy is nothing without the rule of law administered by and independent judiciary; yet it is also diminished and threatened when that rule favors one…. [read more]

Emergency Response Essay

… Hurricane Katrina

Natural disasters often occur unexpectedly and without warning. These disasters, as a result, create massive amounts of casualties and financial hardships on the communities affected. Disasters such the tsunami impacting Japan in 2012, or the 2013 earthquake in Chile, are a testament of the devastating power natural forces have on daily human activities. Hurricane Katrina is no different in this regard. This disaster was particular troublesome as it impacted the entire state of Louisiana. In addition, the disaster provided an unfortunate reminder as to the overall shortcomings of state policy in regards to emergency response. Individuals, irrespective of socio-economic status were forced to live in condition not consistent with their previous standards of living. As a result, both political and public sentiment regarding…. [read more]

History Education Term Paper

… Theories


Methods and Techniques

A Specific Method


Results for the Same

Examples of Voices Singing a Canon

The Project Life Cycle

Project Management Puzzle Parts

Map of More and Less Developed Countries

Criteria for LDCs

Selected Economic and Social Indicators for LDCs (2005)


"Great music is in a sense serene; it is certain of the values it asserts."

-Rebecca West (Simpson)

Contrary to the consensus some students purport, a thesis does not constitute a torture tactic designed by professors to traumatize students. In fact, according to Teitelbaum (1), "The thesis paper, when carefully assigned and conscientiously done, has definite value." Professors usually assign the thesis paper as a major component of a course requirement. The researched…. [read more]

Nordstrom Market Structure Term Paper

… This is indicated by the cyclical nature of the retail. During periods of mass euphoria, individuals purchase more goods and services and the economy therefore continues its upward trend. Many shoppers during these periods are not worried about short-term economic uncertainties as their jobs are believed to be secure and the economy is going smoothly. As such, many individuals purchase products they might not have otherwise purchased during periods of euphoria. These products almost inevitably include luxury clothes, bigger vehicles, electronics and other convenience items that improve the overall quality of life for that particular person. However, during periods of extreme pessimism, as is the case now, shoppers tend to trade down and purchase only necessities. These necessities are often purchased on the basis of…. [read more]

Microeconomics the Japanese Are Rationalizing Their Essay

… Microeconomics

The Japanese are rationalizing their rational choice more than the Americans are. Of the three options for bequests that are presented, the one that most closely resembles rational choice is the "selfish" parents who spend the money for themselves. In such a situation, they are maximizing their own benefit, which is what a purely rational actor does. Rational choice theory holds that individuals always make prudent and logical decisions that provide them with the greatest benefit (Investopedia, 2012). This effectively excludes saving money for future generations, implying that a rational parent spends and saves as little on their children as possible. Thus, the Japanese are being more rational in their approach to bequests.

Adam Smith is considered to be the father of rational choice…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

World Poor Thesis

… ¶ … aloud or in writing, making the reflective report exercise a valuable addition to the learning process. This reflective report recounts the events that took place during the research process for the study, "Identifying Marketing Opportunities to Combat Global Poverty," including a recollection of individual experiences, the personal feeling and learning that were experienced, as well as the group dynamics and learning that were derived from the experience. A review of lessons learned that can be used in future projects is followed by a summary of the reflective report entries in the conclusion.

Recollection of Experiences

Perhaps the overriding perception that emerged during the earliest phases of the research process concerned the extent of the problem of global poverty and how it affected the…. [read more]

Demand Macroeconomics 'It's an Ill Wind Research Proposal


macroeconomics 'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

According to the standard, textbook economic definition of a recession, overall macroeconomic demand will decrease as individuals lose jobs. Inventories will grow as a result and production will decline in response. Eventually, prices go down as firms engage in bidding wars, and consumers begin to buy again (Haltiwanger et al. 1991, p.89). However, as the current recession demonstrates, the effects of a contraction upon specific niche demographics…. [read more]

Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia Term Paper

… Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia

This proposal for a clinical case study of the treatment of a woman diagnosed with dysthymia employs a cognitive behavioral approach to identifying effective treatment modalities for patients with depressive disorders. In cognitive behavioral sessions, psychotherapists seek to help a patient identify his or her harmful thinking patterns in order to develop better coping strategies and social skills. The focus of the research in this study is on how people in general think, behave, and communicate in the present rather than on their early childhood experiences.

Proposal for a Clinical Case Study Dissertation - Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Chapter One. Introduction

Statement of the Problem



Chapter Two: Review of the Relevant Literature

Background and Overview…. [read more]

Relationships and Social Lives Essay

… Overall, educational attainment serves as the perhaps most essential class feature of most Americans, being directly linked to income and occupation.[16]


Social classes feature their own sub-cultures and have therefore developed slightly different manners of socializing their offspring.[5] Due to class mobility individuals may also acculturate to the culture of another class when ascending or descending in the social order. However, one does need to remember that all social classes in the United States, except the upper class, consist of tens of millions of people. Thus social classes form social groups so large that they feature considerable diversity within and any statement regarding a given social class' culture needs to be seen as a broad generalization.

Since 1970, sociologists Paula LeMasters and Melvin Kohl…. [read more]

Tuition in Higher Education Holds Thesis

… ¶ … Tuition in Higher Education

Higher education holds the key to the future economy of our nation. However, the recent performance of our educational sector only reflects a sad state of affairs. The Enrollment curve has flattened, accessibility reduced and dropouts have increased. For higher education to become more affordable institutions should formulate plans, innovate and restructure to deliver quality education in a cost effective setting. It is high time that policy makers rethink and redefine this ailing, unhealthy and commercialized system to a more principled, productive and accountable one. The future economic success of America rests with success of the educational system in transforming itself to improve the accessibility, participation and successful completion of higher education programs.


As we progress into the…. [read more]

Social Control Integration of Knowledge Essay

… " (2003, p.752) Carr states that the information gained during the findings of the Beltway study should be "viewed in the context of discovery." (2003, p.755)

Systemic theory is reported as based upon the work of Kasarda and Janowitz (1974) which holds that local community is "…a complex system of friendship and kinship networks and formal and informal associational ties rooted in family life and ongoing socialization processes" (p. 329). The complex of network social ties mediates between neighborhood structural variables, length of residence for example, and outcomes for the community, among them the informal control of crime." (Carr, 2003, p.756)

The concept of informal social control is tied to systemic theory by Janowitz (1975) who is reported to hold "for a return to what…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Symptom Management in the Combat Veteran Capstone Project

… Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been recognized by a growing number of healthcare authorities and U.S. governmental agencies as a serious and potentially debilitating condition in combat veterans returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although estimates vary from troubling to extremely alarming, the incidence and prevalence of PTSD among this population is far higher than for the general population in the United States, and the adverse effects of the condition are further exacerbated by a number of other factors, including early life stress, different levels of individual resiliency and a potential genetic predisposition as well. The consequences of untreated PTSD can be severe, including suicide, another trend taking place among the combat veteran population that has researchers scrambling for answers and efficacious…. [read more]

Surging Oil Prices Essay

… 2. Delivery companies such as Federal Express and UPS are likely to raise rates.

3. Food prices will reflect the higher costs farmers incur to run their tractors and other equipment. Transport costs would also rise.

4. Plastic goods might increase in price, since plastic is derived from oil.

5. Crowding out -- since consumers' real incomes are already down 8.1% in the last decade, those higher prices will limit what consumers can spend elsewhere (Cohan, 2011, para. 2).

Although it is impossible to predict the future price of oil, the most recent estimates provided by the Federal Reserve place the growth at between 3.4% and 3.9%, with the three outcomes described in Table 1 below being the most likely.

Table 1

Three Possible Scenarios…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

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