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Personal Skills Development Assessment

… Produce a critical reflection on working with a number of colleagues on a given project or significant operational task. In doing so address the following:

a) Drawing on relevant theory and concepts, would you describe this as a group or a team?

Objectives of the team

The objectives of the team

The team's objectives are the goals that are specific to the team and enable it accomplish these goals within a fixed amount of time. The objectives flow the purpose of the team and they move the team members towards the vision of the organization. The objectives of the team were appropriately aligned with the organizational objectives. This was made possible by means of the Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton, 2000).My team was mandated with…. [read more]

Sickle Cell Disease Recent Years Research Paper

… Levels of interest and overall patient "readiness" were found broadly to increase when measured with the patient's age but had an inversely proportional relationship to self-assessed disease severity (including pain and symptoms). As the pain or severity worsens, McPherson and Thaniel concluded, so does the patient's psychological readiness for transition decrease.

Treadwell Telfair et al. (2011) represent the most recent comprehensive survey of the transition issues involved in sickle cell disease care, and they hope to offer new directions for both practice and for research. They acknowledge a number of "systemic" difficulties at the outset which have little to do with patient motivation, such as "limited access to adult providers." Moreover other patient issues they identify are not specifically psychological, such as "absence of financial…. [read more]

Prescription Drug Abuse Opiates Thesis

… ¶ … Abusing Opiates

Cost associated with Abuse

At times, the cost associated with abusing prescription pain killers, such as opiates, may seem minimal, as having a prescription filled in the quest to secure relief from pain may be small in the cost of dollars. When an individual becomes addicted to opiates, however, the associated cost dramatically increases. At times, along with being dishonest and denying the fact that one may in fact be addicted to opiates may cost much more than the addictive individual ever intended to pay. Abusing opiates may at times cost an individual his/her life - figuratively, or literally, as in the case of Anna Nichole Smith, when abusing opiates ultimately ended in premature death. In "As painkiller, methadone proves deadly,"…. [read more]

Social Work Assessment

… Social Work

Describe some of the early childhood messages or rules you remember hearing as you were growing up. Which of these do you still believe? Which have you now discounted?

When I was growing up there were only a couple of messages or rules that were enforced in my household. The first was to never get into a car with strangers. The second was to always respect your elders and the third was always eat your vegetables. I still believe that it is not safe to get into cars with strangers. On second thought it is almost not safe to even speak to strangers anymore. I also still believe that the right thing to do is always respect your elders. Older people should always…. [read more]

Family Break Up Term Paper

… The inevitability of crisis in the family life cannot be avoided; however, the effective efforts of strong families include facing of the crisis as effectively as possible in order to have a minimum harm simultaneously focusing on the growth avenues. The strong families are distinguished from the mode of their addressing to the crisis and magnitude of the attained success in the area. The renowned economist, philosopher, general system theorist, Kenneth Boulding emphasized on continuous individual and collective efforts for attainment of the basic objective of betterment of human life. (Conger; Harold; Fincham; Osborne, 247)

Betterment is being viewed as a continuous transformation in the system which can be assessed as continuous improvement. The objective is enhancement of the ultimate object which is evaluated to…. [read more]

Policy Changes in Healthcare Finance Essay

… These findings suggest that ASCs will remain viable, thrive even, if they diversify and offer both rare and common procedures.

A more recent analysis predicting the winners and losers during the 2009 calendar year suggested that the losers will be gastrointestinal (-6%), neurological (-3%), and ophthalmology (-1%) (Editors, 2008). By contrast, the winners were expected to be integumentary (7%), genitourinary (11%), respiratory (14%), cardiovascular (16%), musculoskeletal (19%), and auditory (25%). Since eye procedures represent the highest volume surgeries performed by ASCs facilities this prediction tends to validate the claim by Strope and colleagues (2008) that common procedures will tend to experience declines in reimbursement rates over time.

Part III: MS-DRG System

The Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 contained provisions mandating a shift of focus…. [read more]

Physiotherapy on Sport Injury Essay

… Physiotherapy on Sport Injury

ID# Case Management

Case Management Assignment

In this essay thought to be best evidence-based practices for tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon. Tendinopathy has been reported as one of the most common injuries encountered in sports and in the workplace (Woo, Renstrom, & Arnoczky, 2007).tendinopathy is the inability of the Achilles tendon to return to its homeostatic balance. Researchers have gone further to explain that effective treatment can be difficult and depends somewhat on the person giving therapy and treatment. Woo, Renstrom, & Arnoczky, (2007 ) discuss that tendinopathy is a major medical problem associated with sports and physical activity in active people over 25 years of age. They define it as a syndrome of tendon pain, localized tenderness, and swelling that…. [read more]

Life in High School Essay

… However, another unexpected event was just around the corner.

After being discharged from the hospital, I spent my days trying to adjust to being in a wheelchair and lift my morale. The shock of what happened hit me hard, as I believe it would to anyone, but my intrinsic optimism kept reminding me that life was not all over, that there was still fulfillment to be found; it was just a matter of finding it. I was simply searching for the positive outcome to a negative event that I knew existed. After a month of further recovery and adjustment, one of my former basketball teammates turned up at my house to show me something he thought I may be interested in. What he told me…. [read more]

Smoking Cessation Device Research Paper

… Treatment

Smoking Cessation Devices

Smoking has been around for a very long time and the health effects that it has are numerous. Everyone who has taken up smoking has ended up trying to quit at one point it time. Many fail from the beginning or stop for a while but end up starting again. The new phenomenon that has come along to assist people with this problem has been the invention of smoking cessation products. These products range from nicotine replacements to actual devices that can be used to regulate how often a person smokes. Prescription medication is the best method that can be used to stop smoking. There are a couple of different medications that are on the market today all having been proven…. [read more]

Healthcare Administration Risk Term Paper

… Key points to charting include: (1) legibility, (2) alterations, (3) accuracy, and, (4) timeliness. There are times when medical records must be changed. In these instances, the best thing to do is copy the original record, and then places any changes on top of the original document. In this way, the original document can still be reviewed in the event a malpractice claim is made. Too often, the original record is deleted, and claims can be made for false practices.

With regard to documentation there are still few providers that routinely taking advantage of electronic medical records; many instead continue to dictate medical records, outsourcing transcription to foreign providers (Carroll & Brown, 2006). This again, must be addressed with regard to regulatory compliance and risk…. [read more]

Suicide by Cop Trying Term Paper

… (Donnelly, 1998)

However, giving it a second thought by the official is usual. Several people exhibit manifestations connected to trauma which is frequently not paid any heed. A lot of causes related to this exist, but one of them might be the absence of any suitable wherewithal present with their department to aid them in this intricate hour. Another fact might be that the capabilities are existent but cannot warrant that they would be dealt with decorum and discretion. The crux of the problem to unravel the mystery covering this happening lies in collaborating of information among them, guidance and increasing the consciousness within the police establishments. It is essential for every police official implicated in a shootout that he must establish communication as the…. [read more]

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