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Nurse Training in Cardiac Procedures the Effects Term Paper

… Nurse Training in Cardiac Procedures

The effects of pre-operative nursing teaching on the stress/anxiety level of patients who will undergo heart surgeries and percutaneous interventions

Patients undergoing any heart-related procedure could expect to experience a certain amount of stress. Stresses go beyond the physical stresses associated with the procedure. Emotional responses before, during, and after the procedure have an impact on the ability of the patient to cope. Additional stress has an effect on the ability of the patient to recover and their willingness to make life changes to accommodate their condition. Stress has a negative impact on the lives of patients and families of patients who have undergone invasive heart-related interventions. This research will examine the effectiveness of nurse training on reducing the stress…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage Issues Surrounding Research Paper

… Present Impact

Baccalaureate programs are offered at approximately 606 four-year colleges and universities. The Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) program prepares graduates to practice across all healthcare setting and take on the widest assortment of healthcare roles. BSN programs include all of the course work taught in ADN and diploma programs plus a more in-depth treatment of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, nursing management, and the humanities. The additional course work augments the student's professional development and provides the basis for progression to advanced practice roles in nursing (Raines & Taglaireni, 2008).

Baccalaureate nursing programs encompass all of the course work taught in associate degree and diploma programs plus a more in-depth treatment of the physical and social sciences,…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

Spina Bifida and Nursing Care Essay

… The nurse is additionally responsible for providing the family with information on caring for the infant and are taught to use the appropriate assistive devices. (Peterson, 2005)

Summary and Conclusion

This study has reviewed the nursing care instructions for patients with spina bifida as indicated would be the case in the introduction to this study. The nursing care for the spina bifida patient varies from one clinic and hospital to the other as shown in the survey findings of the Spina Bifida Association (2012).


Gonzalez, GJ and Garcia, D. (2007) Care Plan in a Patient with Spina Bifida. Case Report. Enferm Clin 2007 Mar-Apr;17(2):90-5. Retrieved from:

Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice (2002) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 15 Feb 2002. Retrieved from:

Kaufman,…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Essay

… ¶ … nursing theory is that it allows a nurse to balance the very different components of the nursing profession. A nurse is supposed to be caring and compassionate, yet also use empirical evidence when making decisions. A nurse is supposed to be a medical practitioner, yet also take into consideration the various social forces affecting the patient's life and his or her environmental and familial context. Theories provide ways for nurses to fulfill their medical obligations and to view the patient in an objective fashion, yet still treat aspects of patient care that are unique to nursing, such as remedying self-care deficits and addressing the need for cultural sensitivity. Practice should not be subsumed to theory, but theory can be a valuable tool to…. [read more]

Nursing - Discharge Planning Essay

… A nurse is ideal for also helping the patient eat the recommended diet and help Mr. Trosack reduce his weight. The nurse could also play a principal role in making sure that he takes his medication at the appropriate time. She can also help to reduce the boredom of staying alone.

Social alienation mainly occurs because the individual has difficulties when walking, he fears lacking means of transport and thus making him remain indoors. Social alienation especially at old age leads to the person suffering from stress. It also causes stigma, low self-esteem, and rejection. The old person may also feel his services may not be required, and this causes despair in life. Many diseases are caused by this depression. The most common diseases associated…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Analysis Essay

… Transactions have occurred when goals are attained" (King, 1992, p.23). The nursing practice occurs in a sequence where nurse-patient interpersonal relationships or dyads happen. While transactions continued between patients, nurses and family, it can be predicted whether the goal will be met or not or to what extent (King, 1997).

Thus goal attainment presented by King is described as a process of reaction-interaction-transaction, where the perceptions, interactions and communication between nurse and patient are the major factor that play key role in this process. The TGA denotes that patient's have different view points and opinions as compared to nurses besides the fact that they continuously interact with each other. In her theory, King emphasized that nursing professionals access data about patients' perceptions so as to…. [read more]

Nursing and Health Breakdown Case Study

… Nursing and Health Breakdown: Pre-Operative Nursing Care Case Study

The patient in this case study is named Joe Taylor. Joe is 76 years of age, weighs 99 kgs, 153 cm tall and smokes 25 cigarettes each day. Joe is admitted to the ward and is scheduled for the repair of a right inguinal hernia. The following objectives exist in this study:

(1) This study will identify information obtained from a nursing admission and the importance of obtaining this information.

(2) As well, this work will discuss the purpose and necessity of obtaining baseline data from the patient; and finally

(3) This work will discuss the ethical and legal requirements of the nurse during the preoperative period.

Preoperative Nursing Assessment: Baseline Data Requirement, and Ethical-Legal Considerations…. [read more]

Plan and Implement and Evaluate the Proposed Change Term Paper

… Nursing

Plan and implement and evaluate the proposed change to a process of patient care

IC/PROBLEM: The purpose of this study was to demonstrate ways to include more 'stakeholders' in the care of patients in-patient environments.

Grounded theory (Forchuk, Mound and Yama*****a, 2005) was the method of choice. Interviews with nurses, nurse-managers, DONs, patients and families will be conducted in several regional hospitals sharing essentially the same population base, that is, with similar ethnic and racial constituencies. The literature will also be searched for information that can help in designing a program.

Moving care from a top-down process to one that involved all stakeholders from physician to patient, is helpful in building interest in, commitment to and behavioral changes regarding patient self-care in post-surgical periods,…. [read more]

Different Nursing Care Models Essay

… The teams are led by a charge nurse or clinical nurse manager who supervises the activities carried out by the members of the nurse team. When delivering patient care, physicians conduct the diagnosis and prognosis of the patient conditions and assign different roles and responsibilities to nurses. Nurses work in collaboration with the supportive staff to play their roles and responsibilities. For instance, while nurses administer medication as recommended/directed by the physician, nursing assistants carry out physical care under the supervision of the team leader. In essence, the Team Nursing Model is implemented in the practice setting through the establishment of a collaborative working environment for the healthcare workers/professionals.

Even though Team Nursing Model has played a major role in enhancing patient outcomes in this…. [read more]

Venous Stasis Ulcers Term Paper

… Nursing: WOC ET Approach to Venous Stasis Ulcers

Chronic venous insufficiency is a complicated problem leading to multiple health concerns including venous stasis ulcers. WOC/ET nurses are often challenged with providing the best care for patients with venous stasis ulcers while working with researchers and medical practitioners to identify at risk populations.

This paper will review the role of WOC/ET Nursing in treatment and patient outcomes for individuals diagnosed with venous stasis leg ulcers. Specifically the paper will review the prevalence, etiology, prevention, assessment, care and treatment by WOC/ET nurses in various settings including acute care and home care settings. The article will include details about recent studies reflecting modern treatment approaches and guidelines provided to help nurses provide adequate care for patients with venous…. [read more]

Malpractice in Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

… If a nurse specialist, her conduct should be compared with the reasonable practice of a similar or equivalent specialist. In addition, the courts recognized the extent of her role in patient care. While she may not modify the course of treatment set by the physician, she may consult nurse supervisors or other physicians to discuss her difference in view from the physician on the treatment. She may also communicate changes in the patient's condition to the physician and may do more if she is not appropriately or sufficiently advised. Acts or omissions, which constitute a breach of the nursing standard of care, can make her liable for malpractice. An example is failure to observe a post-operative patient at least every 15 minutes for the first…. [read more]

Ethical-Legal Nursing Discussions Research Paper

… Communication must be repeatedly absorbed on moral distress instead of expanding into more general self-exploration; the tradeoff cannot be permitted to go beyond limits that stop relaxed working together between sessions. Also, the individual cannot be a member of the administrative chain of command and must have an honest understanding of the issue. The individual should aid to expand viewpoints and expand doctor-nurse associations. The person must be aware of the continuing condition and, in that way, be able to spot sources and emblems of sudden rises in stress, which may specify moral distress. At the present time, countless hospitals use a comparable concept, known as "Moral Distress Consult Service," where the adviser performs in much the same style as a "Liaison Psychiatrist."

Recommendation 2:…. [read more]

Nursing Research HIPAA Proposal Patient Essay

… Protection extends to personally controlled electronic health data, contractors that work on behalf of health care providers and health plans and health care clearinghouses. The Act requires that individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or physically transported outside a health care unit, it requires encrypted or rendered scrambled unauthorized individuals. There are extra penalties for violations on the sale of individual patient information or its unauthorized use for marketing/fund raising and the Act strengthens enforcement and oversight (Manchikanti & Hirsch, 2009, 299).

A HIPAA violation is everyone's nightmare. Institutional reaction to and punishment of the principles involved is critical. Under HIPAA, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has discretion in determining the amount of the penalty based on the…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Research Paper

… Subsequent mentorship programs shall be planned in advance to ensure that funding to the program does not compromise the time delivery of the workshop. As a mentor I have appreciated in order to impact more practical learning to nurses a furtherance of their study through the seminar and workshops should not be ignored. An outside class setting in these workshops and seminars will also go a long way to increase confidence and bring out the students practice concerns.

Organization Planning: Time management

Objective is to reduce wastages and overcrowded work schedules thus easing pressures associated with provision of required health service. By seeing to it that objective is attained, nurses will competently undertake their duties in patient care, and provide medical staff with the support…. [read more]

Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Essay

… Solution Description

Staff education and new employee orientation will mandate staff awareness of managing noise, including use of personal phones, overall noise levels, and IV pumps, as sound control needs to be regarded with accountability in maintaining an appropriate sound environment (Mazer, 2006). Reducing staff conversation and overhead voice paging by introducing electronic documentation and collaboration via emails, electronic messaging, and electronic orders will improve the quality of noise levels in the unit and improve the comfort of patients (Solet, Buxton, Ellenbogen, Wang, & Carballiera, 2010).

Exterior noises coming from outside the hospital building (road traffic, etc.) will be counteracted by the installation of window treatments that will provide soundproofing and insulation around the window frames. The exterior noises were found to be the least…. [read more]

Exploring the Role of Emergency Room Nursing Term Paper

… Emergency Room Nursing

Exploring the role of emergency room nursing

Introduction of emergency room nursing in Canada and the rationale for choice:

The emergency room nursing is governed under the aegis of Emergency Nursing Association -- ENA which is the national association for professional nurses committed to the development of emergency nursing practice. The ENA caters to its members through some of the objectives like (i) promoting excellence for emergency nursing, (ii) promoting quality emergency care (iii) acting as resource for emergency nursing practice, professionalism, education, research and consultation (iv) work closely with other health-associated organization in the direction of improvement of emergency care. The rationale for my choice of nurse as emergency nursing is because of the diversity of career choices it offers such…. [read more]

Healthcare (Nursing) Malpractice and Negligence Essay

… The likelihood of malpractice cases is also attributed to the fact that the concept can mean various things based on the context in which it's used. This is mainly because the various meanings of the concept can result in confusion regarding the standard of care expected for nurses involved in today's nursing practice (Weld & Bibb, 2009, p.2).

Based on its definition, malpractice in nursing consists of various attributes including the fact that the individual must be a registered nurse. Secondly, the performance being examined must occur while the individual is acting as a registered nurse. Third, this conduct represents evident incompetence or the unexpected lack of professional skills in the nursing profession or practice. An analysis of the three attributes and the definition of…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Compassion Essay

… This confers with the ANA's call for such healthcare practitioners as myself to "examine the conflicts arising between their own personal and professional values, the values and interests of others who are responsible for patient care and health care decisions, as well as those of the patients. Nurses strive to resolve conflicts in ways that ensure patient safety, guard the patient's best interests and preserve the profession integrity of the nurse." (ANA, 2.2)

For me, the most important step in navigating conflict and contending with cultural values that differ from my own is establishing an open and communicative relationship with the patient. I consider it of absolute importance to establish a relationship of trust. This is the only way to help a patient understand and…. [read more]

Nursing Care Plan: Mobility and Continuing Term Paper


This client is a 67-year-old single male employed as a job laborer who suffered a stroke and remains at a community hospital for the last six months. This client, Mr. Baker, has been scheduled to return home due to improvements in his mobility status however, requiring assistance in the form of a walker and wheelchair. This client resides with his older brother and hi brother's family as well as his elderly mother who all live in an executive flat with four bedrooms on the second floor. The primary caregiver of the client's elderly mother is Mr. Baker's sister-in-law leaving only his nieces and nephews who are unwilling to care for this client in order that he is enabled…. [read more]

Orem's Nursing Model Patients Perception on Discharge Research Paper

… Orem's Nursing Model



This work conducts research and makes examination of the nursing model of Dorothea Orem and further examines through a qualitative review of literature in this subject area whether the post-discharge telephone interview is an effective method of assuring patient comprehension of instructions and knowledge provided by the nurse at the time of discharge. This work examines several studies, including meta-analyses of the effectiveness and outcomes of having conducted a post-discharge follow-up telephone interview with patients.




The objective of this work is the research the perception of a patient as to their readiness for discharge based on Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Deficit through…. [read more]

Practicing Quality Care in Saudi Arabia Book Report

… 804). By acknowledging patients' rights, providers show concern and respect for patients. As Al Momani and Al Korashy (2012) show, "failure of nurses and other health care providers to take into account factors observed and reported by patients as important to their nursing care is inconsistent with the notion of patient-centered care and patient empowerment" (p. 42). Treating each patient in the manner that he or she wishes to be treated is what providing quality care is all about. This means that understanding patient needs and interacting with patients in a way that demonstrates respect for the patient's culture, beliefs, and attitudes is a significant part of health care. Administering to symptoms, ailments and illnesses is only one portion of providing care. Because patients are…. [read more]

Organizational Values Organizational Foundations Visiting Nurse Service Discussion Chapter

… Organizational Values

Organizational Foundations

Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY): Organizational values

The stated vision of VNSNY is to "become the most significant, best-in-class, nonprofit, community-based integrated delivery system providing superior care coordination and care management services to vulnerable populations across a broad regional footprint" (Mission and vision, 2013, VNSNY). The VNSNY provides assistance to patients and their families who need health-related assistance necessary to thrive and function at home, enabling many patients to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings while they are provided with care. The stated mission is "to promote the health and well-being of patients and families by providing high-quality, cost-effective health care in the home and community; to be a leader in the development of innovative services that enable…. [read more]

Professional Development Assessment Principal Duties Professional Writing

… Music selection, conversation, and a level-headed demeanor are the ways, small and large, in which I create an optimal working environment.

Collaborates with other professionals and directs nonprofessional nursing personnel in maintaining recognized standards

Teaching and orienting new permanent senior and temporary staff members is one of my greatest joys. It is always gratifying seeing a new recruit gradually become an old and trusted associate over time, and to feel proud of the role I had in mentoring his or her career. Also in my 'teaching' capacity, I developed the nursing manuals for the staff for minimally invasive procedures. I act as the primary resource nurse in these areas: the robotics program, ventricular devices, ECMO, the TAVI program and VATS.

My desire to give back…. [read more]

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Term Paper

… Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Historical Background. Neonatal refers to the first six weeks after birth (Jones 2004, Nursing 2000). Neonatology or neonatal care is, thus, the medical specialty in taking care of newborns, sick and premature babies. Neonatal nurses specialize in helping these babies survive and successfully live through the first 28 days of life. This kind of care requires the artful combination of high-tech and "high-touch" skills from these nurses. It has been available in specialized nurseries and intensive care units for infants since the 60s and has been evolving. It will be recalled that the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy's son, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, was born prematurely and underdeveloped in 1963. If the current level of neonatal were available at that time, the…. [read more]

Education Project Proposal (Nursing) Term Paper

… References

Barbara A. Nilsen: Week by Week: Plans for Observing and Recording Young Children: Delmar Learning, January 1997

Evelyn A. Petersen: Practical Guide to Early Childhood Planning, Methods and Materials, A: The What, Why and How of Lesson Plans: Allyn & Bacon, November 1995

Linda M. Bambara & Tim Knoster: Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans: Amer Assn Mental Retardation: January 1998

Barbara Stevens Barnum: Teaching Nursing in the Era of Managed Care: Springer Publication Company, March 1999

Paul A. Lotke: Postoperative Infections in Orthopedic Surgery: Prevention and Treatment: Amer Academy of Orthopedic, December 1992

F. Michael, M.D. Ferrante & Timothy R., M.D: Postoperative Pain Management: Churchill Livingstone, December 1992

Maria Severin & Karl Ulrich Bartz Schmidt: Diagnosis and Treatment of Postoperative Complications: Springer Verlag, April…. [read more]

Chronic Wound Care: Nursing Assessment Essay

… In chronic wounds, stage two is where the healing process is arrested; chronic wounds do not seem to progress past the inflammation stage. In order to move past the inflammation stage, there must be a multi-modal approach to dealing with wound necrosis, bacterial load, and moisture balance. Treating the wound with topical antibiotics can mitigate infection. Necrotic tissue may need debridement. The moisture balance of the wound must be balanced with dry wounds receiving moisture and moist wounds receiving drying. Specialized dressing materials are available to move the chronic wound past the inflammation stage, including films, hyrdrofibers, hydrogels, foams, and alginate dressings (Gist, Tio-Matos, Falzgraf, Cameron, & Beebe, 2009).

O'Meara et al. (2009) conducted a study to assess the efficacy and appropriateness of using compression…. [read more]

Management: Nursing Leadership Overview: Using Orlando's Theory Term Paper

… Management: Nursing

Nursing leadership overview: using Orlando's theory in nursing practice, leadership, and management today

For the purposes of this assignment, I conducted a phone interview with Nurse B, a registered nurse in charge of managing and training several nurses on staff (personal communication, Oct 11, 2007). Her official title was that of a RN Clinical Manager responsible for Community Care. She was responsible for the leadership of her fellow nurses and other healthcare professionals, such as physician's assistants, and showing leadership in the community as an educator. She was involved in a hospital outreach treatment program, specifically developed to address issues of diabetes, inactivity, and obesity in the community.

According to Nurse B, RNs like herself are increasingly called upon to be both practitioners…. [read more]

Nursing Assessment Taking the History Essay

… However, the Craig (2007) article does provide some useful basic information concerning what information should be taken in the patient history and in general the article is well-written and direct. Some of the references to alcohol may not apply outside the UK; however, most of the information is relevant for nurses, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and other health care workers who are interested in taking complete patient histories. However, as mentioned above the article does has some minor inadequacies and supplementing the information in this article with information in the references provided in this paper will result in a more complete understanding of what is required in the history taking process. Craig's (2007) recommendations could be adopted into most practices, but again as mentioned above…. [read more]

Lean Nursing for Work-Life Balance Research Paper

… There is evidence in the nursing literature that roughly 25% of practitioners' time is wasted because of systematic inefficiencies. Nurses report having to look for missing equipment or medication, having difficulties deciphering the handwriting of doctors, being asked by doctors and others to find charts, being distracted while administering medications, and putting up with numerous, unnecessary interruptions during their shift. Informed by this body of research, my initiative to improve the work-life balance of nurses will include efforts increase efficiencies in the workplace. This is counterpoint to examining timesheets and looking for time management issues with individual practicing nurses -- that would be treating the symptoms instead of causes. It is critical to my efforts to ensure that systematic issues do not pull down the…. [read more]

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