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Does Discovery-Based Instruction Enhance Learning? Essay

… ¶ … discovery-Based instruction enhance learning?

Allusions to the Virtue of Guided Discovery-Based Learning

The merits of discovery-based learning have been debated for nearly as long as this approach towards learning has been popularized. A number of specific research studies have been conducted to validate the efficaciousness of discovery-based learning, including that authored by Louis Alfieri et al. entitled "Does discovery-based instruction enhance learning?." In order to properly analyze the research and findings conducted within this article via a synthesis of other articles that either corroborate or disprove its conclusions, it is necessary to provide a brief overview of the history and attempts of discovery-based learning. This educational technique was widely pioneered in the middle part of the 20th century, and was based upon the…. [read more]

Luigi Persico's "Discovery of America" Was Placed Term Paper

… Luigi Persico's "Discovery of America" was placed at large stairway of the east facade of the Capitol and after considerable protests from the masses it was removed permanently in 1958 (Jaffe, 2008). The first look at the statue without going in to historical perspective depicts a hostile scenario between the studious man holding a spherical object high above the bowed and perplexed women, inappropriately dressed and tribal. Historically it represents the American hero that everyone in America agrees upon; someone who is accepted across various regions and ethnicities. Christopher Columbus was the earliest "founding father" for American Nation, being remembered due to his goodness, solemnity and inventiveness besides librating Native Americans from their barbarian ways (Brown, 2007) the removal of statue represents a gradual change…. [read more]

Discovery Narrative Analysis of William Term Paper

… Bradford attributed the Indians' success in planting, harvesting, and cultivating plants and animals as a 'gift of God.' What he considered as developments in the life of the natives was interpreted as "good beyond their expectation," which include not only include new ways of life introduced by the Pilgrims, but belief in Christianity as well.

Bradford's narrative is at best characterized as propaganda in favor of Christianity. His accounts of the Indians sought to convince his readers that their voyage was more than politico-economically motivated, but rather, a religious endeavor in which the Pilgrims aimed for a more 'civilized' society to emerge in the Americas. Evidently, despite his and his group's honest and good intentions toward the natives' welfare, Bradford's "History of the Plymouth Plantation"…. [read more]

Discovery if There Was Just Term Paper

… Discovery

If there was just one discovery I would make during my lifetime, it would be a cure for heart disease. From a personal and professional standpoint, finding a cure for this disease and its many ancillary impacts on humanity would save more lives, lead to a higher quality of life for millions of people, and spare literally billions of dollars in research dollars that could be used to eradicate HIV / AIDS and other diseases than any other. Heart disease claimed two relatives through congenital heart disease and it was shocking how fast their conditions deteriorated. Within eight weeks of being diagnosed, both had passed away.

Curing heart disease would also completely change how entire families and communities thought about life, and they would…. [read more]

Columbus's Description of the Discovery Essay

… Although the natives are characterized as 'natural' and 'friendly' they are clearly seen, on a sliding scale of humanness, as more primitive and thus less advanced the European Christians. Columbus carefully notes their darker skin and painted, savage appearance, and with a somewhat cool, implied assessment of the threat that they pose to him notes: "They do not carry arms and have no knowledge of them, for when I showed them our swords they took them by the edge, and through ignorance, cut themselves. They have no iron; their spears consist of staffs without iron, some of them having a fish's tooth at the end and others other things. As a body they are of good size, good demeanor, and well formed" but do not…. [read more]

Discovery That a New York Reaction Paper

… After all, it is most notably the reputation of media sources that earn them their popularity. The New York Times is the best-selling newspaper in the country, not necessarily because they break the stories first, but because their reputation for accuracy is so well regarded. The Jayson Blair scandal completely contradicts everything the newspaper has worked for -- it strikes at the heart of the New York Times, which is its reputation.

The resignation by Blair and the two top editors is a step in the right direction. It marks the acknowledgment of fault by those running the newspaper, rather than blaming it simply on the rogue reporter. However, I still believe that the reputation of the New York Times is questionable, or at least…. [read more]

Discovery the Opinions That People Essay

… This decision was not reached at single-handedly but through vast consultation with the career advisors in my local school, talking with my parents and even getting the opinion of friends. I ultimately decided to change to an international school. This was on the background of diversity of cultures and varying views of life among the myriad immigrant students who would coalesce in the international schools as opposed to the local schools. This was life changing decision since it is through the school that I met many people from different countries and cultures that made me get the exposure that I would need for my career. It was quite emotional to leave my friends that I had known for a very long time to go to…. [read more]

Warriors Essay

… b. Violence

The graphic violence is also a useful cinematic tool. The director does not spare the audience from some very explicit violent scenes, showing the true ugliness of violence. At times, the violence seems so real that it is almost unbearable to watch: when Jake punches Beth in the face, beats her mercilessly, drags her across the floor, smashes furniture and smashes glass on her beaten body, we feel it; when Grace is graphically raped, we are sickened and angry. However, the violence is not gratuitous: it is vital to show the realistic consequences of alienation, poverty and hopelessness. Furthermore, the means of violence are visibly jarring: we do not see / hear mere gunshots; rather, we see smashed beer bottles, fists and every…. [read more]

Discovery of a Time Capsule Essay

… Discovery of a Time Capsule

Impact of the 1960s

The sixties were ruled by the youth, as 70 million kids from the post-war infant advancement became young adults and young people. The motion far from the conservative fifties carried on and at some point led to advanced point-of-views and genuine modification in the cultural textile of American life. Not content to be photos of the generation ahead, young individuals desired modification. The modifications had an effect on education, values, and way of lives, laws, and home entertainment. Numerous of the advanced concepts which started in the sixties exist today (Bradley & Goodwin, 2010).

Since I grew up in the sixties, I had the ability to mature in a community where various cultures live harmoniously. Prior…. [read more]

Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Research Paper

… Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins and Other Natural Remedies by Jean Carper

Miracle Cures: Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins, and Other Natural Remedies by Jean Carper

In this book, Carper discusses herbs, vitamins, and other natural remedies that can be used to help people look and feel better at any stage of their lives and no matter what their current level of health. There have been a lot of books that have talked about these kinds of things, and there are more and more people every day who are getting into the holistic side of healing. However, that does not mean that everyone in the scientific community is in agreement as to whether…. [read more]

Electronic Discovery Term Paper

… Laura Zubulake was hired at UBS as a director and senior salesperson in its U.S. Asian Equities Sales Desk. During her hiring process, she was told that she would be considered for a desk manager position when one became available. When one such position became available in 2000, UBS did not consider her but instead hired a male by the name of Matthew Chapin. Zubulake filed a charge of gender discrimination with the EEOC in 2001 based on that Mr. Chapin treated her differently than her other teammates who were mostly male. She was fired when UBS found out about her filing the charges. UBS Warburg is one of the world's leading financial firms but yet the corporation failed to produce adequate e-mail documents. The…. [read more]

Self-Exploration and Self-Discovery in Industrial Psychology Essay

… All of these are critical components of success in the modern workplace. LEAP encourages self-reflection about such skills and also is designed to encourage test-takers to improve upon them. The intention of the LEAP program is to question traditional barriers between specific and general learning and instead fuse the acquisition of essential skills to the practical needs of the workplace. This type of educational orientation can be very beneficial for students or employees within a specific work context although adults removed from the classroom may want a more integrated approach to refining their skill set, particularly if their needs for professional improvement were not confined to a specific workplace.

The Mission Statement Builder, in contrast, focuses on helping an employee target his or her passions…. [read more]

Pseudoscientific Discovery or Product New Evidence Term Paper

… ¶ … Pseudoscientific Discovery or Product

New Evidence of Aliens Discovered near Area 51! (Lincoln County, NV - May 20, 2008).

Local resident Seymour G. Pruett, 73, and his wife, Selma, 71, were driving their four-wheel drive vehicle alongside the road adjacent to the infamous Area 51 maintained by the U.S. government recently when they discovered what they believe to be incontrovertible proof of alien presence in the United States today. Mr. Pruett enthused, "We got it all right! We got it right there in the back seat and no 'gubmit' bureaucrat can tell us we've been out in the desert too long now!" Mr. Pruett pointed to an ancient camera in his backseat which he claimed contained actual pictures of aliens in the Area…. [read more]

Bryan University's E-Discovery Program Resume

… Although the legal profession is famously slow to change, more and more of the work that is done by lawyers and paralegals requires sophisticated technology. Bryan would provide me with a 'virtual' way of learning about the expanding role of IT and how to use various forms of technology more effectively through the discovery process. The legal profession cannot afford to tread water technologically, nor can I.

As someone who is working full time, one of the obvious concerns of any worker is the need to strike an effective work-life balance. All of my jobs have been studies in multitasking: I have been forced to handle multiple duties, as well as balance my commitments at home with my work. I understand the need to prioritize…. [read more]

New Earth, Chapter 8: The Discovery of Inner Space Journal

… Discovery of Inner Space

Traditionally, cognitive science incorporates concepts and methods from philosophy, psychology, biology, and chemistry to try to understand the way the brain/mind words, under what stimuli, and for what patterns of behavior. We now realize that our thoughts, far from being the "forms" the Ancient Greeks viewed, are a combination of neurochemicals that result from various stimuli expressed in different situations. However, after reading The Discovery of Inner Space, it seems more and more that we are patterned in a world that is really between many dimensions -- our object consciousness, memory consciousness, cultural consciousness, and whatever forms of reality we seem to engender. If we follow myth from almost day one, we are told "we make our own reality," the so-called…. [read more]

Success One Obvious Difference Research Proposal


One obvious difference in how success is defined at different firms is the different mission of profit and not-for-profit firms. Profit-driven firms define success as being 'in the black,' while not-for-profits and charities define their goals in terms of achieving a particular social mission, although they must remain solvent. Another difference in definitions of success exists between publically-traded corporations, which define success in terms of making a profit for their shareholders, and firms with non-publicly traded shares concentrated in the hands of the business owners. These owners might define success more in terms of building a reputation over the long-term, rather than generating short-term revenue. The difference between long and short-term success may vary between even for-profit businesses. Some businesses desire to show high…. [read more]

Aeronautics Degree Program as Enrolled Thesis

… ¶ … Aeronautics degree program as enrolled in by the student who wrote this report. There were several topics looked at for this project including increased visual intraocular pressure and other impairments during human spacefl9ight, the effects on space travel of the increase commercialization of the space programs around the world, the utilization of flight simulators by NASA and the pros and cons therein, the effects of transient vibrations and/or shock loads on spacecraft engines as well as with the structural integrity and the effect of space weather phenomenon such as geomagnetic storms, radiation blasts from the Sun and other radiation-giving bodies on NASA missions and aviation missions around the country in general. Relating to the last of those topics, how the data from the…. [read more]

Mexican Economy One of the Primary Reasons Term Paper

… Mexican Economy

One of the primary reasons given for the movement of illegal immigrants northward across the border between Mexico and the United States is the poor showing of the Mexican economy, leaving many people with no choice except to flee to the United States to find work. The long-term control of the country by one political party has been seen as one of the reasons why economic development has been so poor. For a time in the 1990s, it was hoped that an oil discovery in the region would change the economic situation, but any change has been too small.

Mexico also hoped that the implementation of certain global programs would change the economic situation, notably the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In…. [read more]

Shakespeare William Term Paper

… Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights of the English literature and one of the titans of the Renaissance movement. His works gave way to new forms of literary creations, or the perfection of old ones. Nonetheless, controversy did not eluded him and today he is still one of the majestic emblems of the British people and one of the great representatives of his time.

Despite rigorous research made to complete Shakespeare's biography, little is known for certain about his life. He was born at Stratford-upon- Avon in April 1564. His family was rather prosperous and highly regarded in town. However, by 1582, he had married Ann Hathaway, a woman eight years older than him; a fact that especially at that time…. [read more]

Diversity Management Essay

… Diversity concerns are on the rise and so are diversity related lawsuits. This has become a major concern since full spectrum diversity became a popular adage. Discrimination related to age, race and gender is one thing that companies need to remove completely in order to avoid possible legal problems. But diversity issues are complex and organizations may not always be prepared to handle every situation that arises. This is because in their efforts to eliminate discrimination, companies may inadvertently become guilty of reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination needs to be taken into consideration just as seriously. But most importantly, organizations cannot be expected to be complacent when it comes to diversity.

They need to understand that new kind of challenges can surface anytime and new and…. [read more]

Thumbsucking One of the More Common Concerns Term Paper

… Thumbsucking

One of the more common concerns among parents when preparing their young child to enter the social settings of daycare or preschool is that child's habit of thumbsucking. Sucking on the thumb or other fingers is considered to be a very normal and accepted behavior in infants in Western culture, though in some non-Western cultures (such as African or American Indian children) this habit may be less common or even missing altogether. (Leung 2001) Many psychologists believe thumbsucking is instinctive and a normal stage of childhood development. (Leung & Robson 1991) Pacifiers and other oral-comfort items are manufactured for infants to serve the same purpose as thumbsucking. The urge to suckle on fingers and inanimate objects is a natural one related to the instinct…. [read more]

Amy Tan Thesis

… Amy Tan is one of the most prominent voices in the contemporary literary world. Despite the fact that her popularity is based in the United States of America, she is most likely to achieve the deserved credit in other countries as well in the following years. The purpose of the present paper is to describe her background and analyze two of her works in order to demonstrate her genius.

It is worth mentioning right from the very beginning the fact that, just as her name suggests it, she was born from a family of Chinese origin. This must have definitely influenced her work, since coming from what can be called a different cultural paradigm, may have allowed her to have a better understanding of the…. [read more]

Term Paper

… Poverty has always existed, but defining poverty must always be considered in relative terms. Poverty in the modern day United States differs dramatically on its face from poverty in many African nations; it is the relative lack of resources when compared to a prevalent social group and social ideal that establishes the definition of poverty. Therefore, the industrial revolution, which greatly increased affluence in many ways, also helped drive the underlying conflict between the haves and the have-nots. In fact, "By the mid-nineteenth century, the industrial revolution had produced enormous demographic dislocations, extreme poverty, and a wide gulf between worker and owner" (Bartos & Wehr, 2002).

However, the industrial revolution, which gave the opportunity of upward mobility for some also helped establish one of the…. [read more]

French Fur Trade Term Paper

… ¶ … discovery of the "New World" came an increased need for European nations be competitive for resources. The concept of mercantilism that drove European political and economic understanding argued that there were limited resources and that power is granted to the class of individuals who can first recover this source of wealth. When French and English governments saw that the Spanish returned from America filled with reservoirs of precious metals and gold, they also wanted to be included in the wealth of discovery. Even as Columbus continued to comb the West Indies, both France and England sent explorative teams to the northern reaches of the American continent. Through their discoveries one of the most important early products from America was commoditized. By the time…. [read more]

Discovery and Analysis of a 2,000-Year-Old Hoard Essay

… Hoard

There are several types of archaeological errors. One of them is making assumptions, sometimes based on broad misconceptions about the culture, or sometimes based on projecting one's own culture onto another. Bias also emerges, for example in this report where early determinations color the researchers latter findings (Beck & Jones, 1989). One such misconception/assumption in this report derives from a copying error, one that has led to a critical misunderstanding of the context of the source material, leading the researcher 2000 years later to have a significant misunderstanding about American life as a base assumption (Eerkens & Lipo, 2005). This report also contains problems with analogy that lead to a gross misinterpretation (Wylie, 1988).

At the site of this random apocalyptic disaster we found…. [read more]

Seemingly Paranoid Neuroses Research Paper

… The driver, it turns out, is the son of a local farmer who has taken a job with the commercial farms, and in return for three dollars a day, the driver destroys the farms of the people with whom he has lived all his life. He destroys the lives of people like his own father, and is not sorry for his actions. Instead of viewing the community at large as the most important thing, the driver's focus has shifted to that of his immediate family. He no longer cares about the community when his own family's survival is at stake. As Steinbeck writes, "You got no call to worry about anybody's kids but your own." (Steinbeck p. 39) The transformation of society has forced individuals…. [read more]

My Creature Term Paper

… Discovery in Walker Percy's "The Loss of the Creature"

The title of this essay speaks for itself. Indeed, what this essay contains is my won discovery of the Creature that Walker Percy identifies in "The Loss of the Creature." My discovery of the Creature was by reading through three essays that I consider enlightening in my own pursuit of the Creature. What make these essays enlightening to me is that they allowed me to look discover the Creature as it was 'seen' by the eyes of other people. The texts that follow are my own insights, reflections and ratings of the essays that made me discover people's 'discovery' of the Creature.

I have chosen three essays and rated them from one to three, where one…. [read more]

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Term Paper

… The glimpse of the steamboat had for some reason filled those savages with unrestrained grief" (Conrad). Their grief comes from their understanding that the white men will change their lives forever, and of course, this is true. Imperialism did not take into account the culture or needs of the native citizens, it only looked at what profit could be made in the country, and so it ruined the culture and surroundings of millions of people around the globe. Marlow notes, "And outside, the silent wilderness surrounding this cleared speck on the earth struck me as something great and invincible, like evil or truth, waiting patiently for the passing away of this fantastic invasion" (Conrad). Imperialism was a "fantastic invasion," and it was not only Great…. [read more]

Self-Evaluation Application of Course Concepts: Creativity Research Proposal

… ¶ … Self-Evaluation

Application of Course Concepts:

Creativity, discovery and innovation are three of the most critical concepts that organizations must master in order to be successful in today's increasingly competitve marketplace. According to De Miranda, Aranha, and Zardo (2009), creativity, people, environment, and organizational culture are the key elements to organizational success. Gong, Huang, and Farh (2009) found in their study that it was employee creativity that was positively related to not only sales performance, but also employee job performance, in general, as reviewed by their supervisor. Furthermore, the employee's learning orientation and transformational leadership were also positively related to creativity. Zabielaviciene (2009) surmises that organizations that wish to thrive in an innovative field must ensure their teams are comprised of employees who have…. [read more]

History of Education in Kuwait Research Paper

… The ratio of national to expatriate teachers over the years of reformation has not remained stagnant. Significant fluctuations have been noticed and are described below (Ministry of Education, 2008).

In 1982, public schools employed 24,367 teachers in total, of which only 6,478 belonged to Kuwait. On the contrary, in academic year of 1997-1998, public schools employed 27,359 teachers in total, of which 17,357 were Kuwaiti citizens. Therefore, the ratio of national to expatriate teachers increased from 1.3:7.6 in 1982 to 1.7:1 in 1998. This indicates that although assistance of foreign teachers was sought in the early days of development, this dependency reduced largely when Kuwaiti citizens were in a better position to perform these services. However, the ratio is just a statistical analysis and a…. [read more]

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