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Disordered Eating in College Students: The Roles Term Paper

… Disordered Eating in College Students: The Roles of Attachment to Fathers, Depression and Self-Esteem

The objective of this work is to write a research proposal investigating the attachment process in eating disorders, particularly among college women. This work intends to examine the number of college women with subclinical eating disorders in contrast to those with full-blown eating disorders. This work will include background information on attachment theory and processes in general and in eating disorders. This work will focus on the father-daughter attachment processes and the roles of depression and self-esteem.

Eating disorders among college students have been noted to be more prevalent than ever in today's colleges. Eating disorders include those of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other various eating disorders. The research of…. [read more]

Eating Disorders Among Adolescents Term Paper

… Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Eating disorders are a big health care problem in the United States. Adolescents in particular, are a most vulnerable group and an increasing number suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Primarily a psychiatric condition, eating disorders can lead to serious consequences if they are not properly identified and treated. Statistics indicate that around.5% of adolescents are Anorexics while the prevalence of Bulimia nervosa is even higher ranging between.5% and 5.8%. Statistics also indicate that around 25% of college going women have a very high risk of developing eating disorders. However the exact figures of the number of people affected by these psychiatric conditions is still elusive as most often the disorder goes unidentified. Adolescents become easy victims to these…. [read more]

Eating Disorders Contain a Series of Situations Term Paper

… Eating Disorders contain a series of situations that have a mania with food, weight and appearance to the extent that a person's well being, rapport and daily actions are badly affected. Eating disorders are prevalent and can have an influence on people of all ages and sexes, but it mainly affects young women. It is projected that in the United States many million people undergo eating disorder, and the figures are increasing. In the last ten years, the number of men with eating disorders has doubled. (About Eating Disorder?)

Eating Disorder:

Eating disorders are a set of mental disorders that hinder with usual food consumption. They may result in severe health problems and, in the some cases like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, lead to…. [read more]

Explore the Individuals Experience of Night Eating Syndrome and How it Affects Their Life Research Proposal

… Night Eating

Explore The Individuals Experience Of Night Eating Syndrome And How It Affects Their Life

Night Eating Syndrome

The Individual's Experience of Night Eating Syndrome and how it Affects Their Life


The problem of night eating syndrome has become a focus of research in recent years largely due to the debate about its relationship to various eating disorders and obesity. This syndrome has also been linked to aspects of the individual's life experience with regard to the prevalence of anxiety and stress in many cases. Recent research has found a possible causative link between stress and tension as well as psychological factors such as depression, and the onset of night eating syndrome. This has led to a research concern with the experiences of…. [read more]

Binge Eating Animal Models Essay

… Prior to the DSM-IV the dependence/addiction criteria required that one have the physical symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal, but these criteria are no longer mandatory (Schuckit et al., 2003). Thus, under the new diagnostic criteria for dependence nearly any compulsive behavior can be labeled an addiction if it meets three other relatively subjective conditions. The reasoning for these changes are to allow for the ease of billing to treat compulsive behaviors as addictions and to impose a medical model of addiction (Alexander, 2008). Animal models of binge eating do not meet the criteria for demonstrating that there exists a food addiction for the same reasons that they do not demonstrate addictions occur in animals outside the laboratory conditions and research definitions (which represent operational definitions…. [read more]

Overeating Poor Eating Habits Research Paper

… Overeating and Poor Eating Habits: Learning to Make Healthy Choices

Obesity has reached near epidemic levels in many Western nations, including the United States, and increasingly sedentary lifestyles are further contributing to the incidence of poor eating habits. Young people in particular are at high risk of becoming obese due in part to poor eating habits. To determine the extent of the problem and what can be done, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning a general and personal definition of health and how consumer health behavior relates to these definitions. An examination of the implications of obesity and poor eating habits is followed by a comprehensive plan for behavior change for healthcare consumers to address these problems. Finally, a summary of…. [read more]

Nursing Consideration for Patients With Eating Disorders and Its Associate Medical Complications Term Paper

… Nursing Consideration for Patients With Eating Disorders and Its Associate Medical Complications

One of the most widespread and substantial health dilemmas in The Western world, in general, and in America, in particular, is eating disorder. Nurses have come up with several strategies of treating eating disorder amongst both young and old members of the population. This paper assesses the affects of some treatment strategies on medical complications associated with eating disorders.

Eating disorders are not a new health concern as people, both young and old, have been suffering from this disease. For instance, Shisslak, Crago and Estes (1995) studied the spectrum of eating disorders and revealed that adolescents have a much greater risk of developing an eating disorder. While eating disorders are spread across a…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Studies College Programs Research Interdisciplinary Research Paper

… Interdisciplinary Studies College Programs Research

Interdisciplinary programs: A Range of Institutions

Interdisciplinary programs are alluring to a range of students who have a wide range of interests and passions and who have a vested interest in seeing how those interests overlap and impact on each other. Universities have long been cognizant to this and intellectual powerhouses like the University of Chicago, Brown, Columbia and Stanford have been quick to forge interdisciplinary programs that cater to the range of courses of study that their students are interested in pursuing. Even so, distinctions exist between these programs. For example, while some colleges will allow students to simply major in "interdisciplinary studies" at the University of Chicago, that's not a major, but a course of study. The university…. [read more]

Obese Obesity Is the Health Term Paper

… This is because girls are sensitive in what they eat thus in constant checks over their weights. This allows them to maintain the normal body weights actively than boys.

The column of the United States of America indicates high rate of obesity in relation to women (female gender). The incidence of obesity in women within the context of America is approximately 34%. The male incidence of obesity in America ranks at approximately 27%. This is lower than the percentage ratings in women because of several factors that affect women and men differently. These factors might include psychological and emotional issues, biological make-up, and participation in physical activities. These factors bring about the substantial difference in the percentage ratings of obesity among men and women within…. [read more]

Health and healthy living require Essay

… Part 2: Unit 9 Assignment

Celio's (2006) article discussing the problems with diet pills and other diet aids in college populations reveal many differing aspects about this problem. The purpose of this essay is to build off these ideas and present a supplementary argument that can help contribute to the larger issues at hand. This essay will examine the role of body image, and how it plays a role in the development of eating disorders which may lead to the abuse of diet drugs and other substances. The idea of body image will be explored to help contextualize the larger discussion revolving around healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet.

Butkiewicz (2014) suggested that the media plays a large role in how college students may…. [read more]

Media Influence on Eating Disorders and Why Thinness Is so Sought Term Paper

… Media and Eating Disorders

Media, both electronic and print, tends to clouds one's judgment of reality. This is what cultivation theorists maintained, propagated and argued for. Even though theorists such as George Gerbner, did not include print media when he expounded his cultivation theory, we cannot deny that in today's world, print media has just as profound an impact on our perceptions as electronic media. Both print and electronic media have been criticized 'for depicting thin woman as ideal' (Holmstrom, 2004) and it is widely believed that these unreal images of women feed a female's insecurities about herself and usually have a damaging impact. In this paper, we study how media contributes to the culture of thinness and the role it plays in mounting cases…. [read more]

Does Taking Music Lessons Help a High School Student Improve Their Academic Performance? Research Proposal

… Music Lessons

Does College Life Promote or Restrict Eating Disorders?

One of the more perplexing questions involved in psychology concerns eating disorders, especially as they relate to students in college. As institutions of higher learning, on the surface it is puzzling that students would harm their bodies through eating disorders such as anorexia,. Eating disorders are often thought of as a malady that afflicts teenage girls, but a quick glance at most college campuses reveals that anorexia is a major issue across the 18- to 22-year-old demographic as well. While it is true that the myth of the "freshman 15" (in which incoming college students gain 15 pounds during their first year), one question that must also be raised is whether college life can have…. [read more]

Calcium Consumption Is Critical Term Paper

… And Krogstand, 2002). Studies have also shown that children not accustomed to drinking milk at an early age are less likely to obtain adequate nutrients as they age. Thus parents play a central role in promoting milk consumption among their young and impressionable children.

Parents can encourage milk consumption by also improving "packaging" and flavor. For example, nary a child exists that does not enjoy a glass of chocolate or strawberry milk with a straw. Parents should also be offering children milk as a staple at dinnertime, or even a glass of milk right before bed. By establishing milk consumption patterns early on, parents can effectively re-enforce the positive image portrayed of milk by school officials.

As mentioned previous, social learning theory has shown that…. [read more]

Borderline Personality Disorder Definitions and Historical Foundations Term Paper

… Borderline Personality Disorder

Definitions and historical foundations

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM




Environmental Conditions

Neurological issues

Diagnoses and related issues


Psychopharmacological approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Empirical support

Theoretical aspects of DBT

The dialectical model



This study is intended to present a clear overview of the characteristics, history, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Borderline personality Disorder. This disorder has been the subject of much contention and debate over the years and has not only been difficult to define but also to diagnose due to its theoretical and practical proximity to other disorders. The advent of Lineham's Dialectical Behavioral Therapy however has provided a more structured and theoretically integrated approach and means of dealing with and treating Borderline…. [read more]

Childhood Epidemic Obesity Term Paper

… Researchers should also develop instruments to measure their impact and closely monitor change. It has been found that even small amounts of increase in PE time are helpful in reducing childhood obesity. Government should ensure that all schools offer this option and that it be serviced by qualified teachers. Polices and environments too should be modified so that they are supportive of the different communities and attempt to introduce healthy eating habits and more regular physical activity. This needs health promotion interventions on the line that Michele Obama has in mind.

On the other hand, it is imperative that Government do not exceed their prerogatives and become too dictatorial and arrogant. A watchdog committee can be established to ensure that this not occur.

Following these…. [read more]

Cognitions Pertaining to Illness Essay

… For example, during their recruitment of subjects, they administered a hypochondriasis scale test without their knowledge or permission, and depending on the results of this test, subjects were invited to participate in a fictitious study about a fictitious disease in a deceptive health care-appearing setting in return for an undisclosed amount of money. More importantly, the researchers were not health care professionals but still based their eligibility criteria on their lay interpretation of the results that emerged from this telephonic administration of the hypochondriasis scale test to exclude diabetic and hypoglycemic individuals. The potential for error here was high and the implications of a mistake could have been severe. In addition, the saliva test used by the researchers was also a fake and provided consistent…. [read more]

Developmental Psychology Body Image Term Paper

… Several psychiatric disorders might lead to increasing risk of eating disorder, including neurotic and depressive symptoms, bipolar disorder, manic depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive personality characteristics, history of sexual abuse, severe family problems, extreme social pressures, insecurity, being controlled by others, distorted body image, etc. (NIMH, 2001). In addition, extreme negative dissatisfaction with their bodies may be a factor in its existence, even though not a predictor of eating disorders (Leon, Fulkerson, Perry, & Cudeck, 1993).

According to Johnson, Cohen, Kotler, Kasen, & Brook (2002), teenagers diagnosed with depression might be at a higher risk for the onset of eating disorders during middle adolescence and early adulthood, because eating disorders and depression in children and adolescents are closely related. Nevertheless, disruptive disorders might also contribute to recurrent…. [read more]

Causes of American Childhood Obesity Term Paper

… ¶ … Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Terms Defined

Preliminary Causes of Obesity: Energy Imbalances

BMI and Other Body Weight Assessments

Behavior and Environment as Causes for Obesity

Psychosocial and Physical Effects of Obesity


Family Dynamics and Parenting

Nutrition and Dietary Intake

Participants Selected


This research study provides a qualitative examination of the physiological and psychological effects of obesity among American children. A comprehensive review of the literature available with regard to obesity research is combined with insight acquired through surveys with K-12 physical education instructors and personal observations. The study results sow that obesity and overweight conditions among adolescents are the results of multiple elements.

The results show that genetic influences may increase an individual's susceptibility to overweight or obese conditions, however do not…. [read more]

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education Learning Essay

… For this purposes, researches involving adult learning theories were studied. It was established that Typical adult learning theories encompass the basic concepts of behavioral change and experience. From there, complexities begin to diverge specific theories and concepts in an eclectic barrage of inferences. Furthermore, there are "four invariant stages of cognitive development that are age related" (Merriam & Caffarella, 1999, p. 139). According to the authors, Piaget contends that normal children will reach the final stage of development, which is the stage of formal operations, between the age of twelve and fifteen. According to a literature review by Owen (2002), humanism, personal responsibility orientation, behaviorism, neobehaviorism, critical perspectives, and constructivism are all important facets of, and perspectives on, adult learning theory. The most common treatments…. [read more]

Aesthetics Norms of Beauty and the Social Term Paper

… ¶ … aesthetics norms of beauty and the social definition of normality vs. abnormality vary from one epoch to another, and their influence over self-perception and over our own psyche cannot be neglected. The contemporary definition of a beautiful female body imposes a certain weight limit and the Rubensian model of female beauty is long gone. These standards and the new times brought to surface multiple new forms of eating disorders, from anorexia nervosa to bulimia. In their quest for beauty and for social acceptance, younger or elder females engage in unhealthy eating practices and develop compulsive attitudes towards eating, many times accompanied by variations in weight or resulting in the condition of under or overweight.

Physical characteristics may affect psychological well-being by way of…. [read more]

Obesity Psychology Term Paper

… This prioritization though, has serious negative health consequences.

By being exposed to such dietary patterns, children are not only denied the necessary habits to maintain healthy nutritional standards but are sufficiently detained from an education and psychological orientation in proper eating habits, producing belief systems which do not integrate the realities of negative nutritional patterns. The Gaynon articles denotes that "According to a recent national survey by the American Diabetic Association, the lead source of nutrition information for almost three-quarters of America is television; however, analysis of television advertisements has shown that the most frequently advertised product category during children's programs is food, primarily sweetened foods or fast food. These advertisements have long been criticized for sending psychological messages that encourage eating without regard to…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity Term Paper

… This implies that when the dietary treatment is stopped, weight regain almost always occurs.

The critical periods in the postnatal as well as the uterine environment pertaining to the development of childhood obesity have been identified by many researchers. Once these critical periods are well-understood by the midwives and nurses, it will be easier for them to devise ways for intervention and prevent the risk of childhood obesity in infants. Apart from the factors that have been identified in the beginning of this paper, recently attention has been given to the significance of the interaction between the physical and social environment with biology that is genes. Many epidemiological studies have suggested that there is a strong statistical connection between the maternal weight in pregnancy and…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity and Its Affects Term Paper

… Among all teens, low levels of self-esteem were linked with feelings of loneliness, sadness, and nervousness. This often led the obese children to use tobacco and alcohol. Psychiatrists also said that parents who insist on strict diets might be contributing towards a poor self-image as the child may be feeling that he or she is incapable of running his or her life. (Obesity plus Low Self-Esteem May Lead to Risky Behavior in Teens)

There are also differences that are found in different studies of such children, but what we have to note are the common factors. There was a study of 1,000 mostly white children of the ages from nine to 16 living in a rural North Carolina region. This region has childhood obesity at…. [read more]

Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Developmental Theories Term Paper

… Anna can also be assisted by joining group therapy sessions with people suffering from the same ailment. This will aid her open up and share her issues with people suffering from the same. She will also learn how these people deal with their issues and embrace those practices. Increasing her self-esteem will also go a long way in making her a responsible parent and adult. Anna needs to know how to value, love and accept herself thus making her feel good about herself (Shaffer, 2009).

Anna also needs to undergo parental training. Parents play a crucial part in the overall development of their children. Once Anna has learnt how to accept and love herself, she must train herself how to raise her child appropriately. Spiritual…. [read more]

Obesity in Los Angeles County Essay

… Note the similarity in percentages between those with no High School and those at or below the federal poverty level. Also note the decrease in obesity rates as education and income increase (Los Angeles County Public Health, 2003). Further, when we track populations over time based on ethnicity, we do see that obesity is rising across the board, but at a more rapid rate for latino and African-American populations than for Whites or asians. This trend is particularly alarming for the African-American community, with an almost 10 point jump in just 5 years (Office of Health Assessment).

Community Resources

Clearly there is an obesity problem in Los Angeles County. The overall conclusions as to the reasons are very similar to that of other communities, particularly…. [read more]

Visual Cognition Term Paper

… Visual Cognition

Attention Deficit Disorder and Driving While Multi-tasking

According to Marlene Snyder's book, ADHD & Driving: A Guide for Parents of Teens with AD/HD, teenagers with attention deficit disorder are in more accidents and receive more moving traffic violations than unaffected teens. Considering that the symptoms of AD/HD are relatively consistent from the late teens up into the early to mid- adult years, one would assume that adults experience the same sort of disparity. (Research on adult AD/HD lags well behind that dealing with children and teens) Obviously, having the ability to pay attention to the road is very important to good driving. Yet AD/HD is not the only thing that can distract from the road. According to AAA's traveling companion, the top causes…. [read more]

Health - Nursing Community Term Paper

… Tell people the negative effects of over eating.

Brief about the diseases that are more prevalent in fat people nursing actions to improve Obesity

Nurses can play a vital role I guiding their patients who to reduce weight and to control their BMI. The nurses are trained and they have close interaction with patients and societies hence they can adopt several techniques to guide people how to have healthy life. The Minnesota Nursing Wheel helps to guide nursing activities for a program.

The nurses can teach the patients and the attendants to have power and control over themselves. An individual can be taught to have power and control by using reminders. The patient can be given threats about the unhealthy lifestyle and its consequences. The…. [read more]

Holistic Wellness Essay

… Holistic Wellness

Targeted objective: Nutrition and Weight Status.

Target population: 11-20: adolescent/young adulthood.

Model of Health Promotion and Wellness: Holistic wellness: Self-inventory of personal wellness using the Medicine Wheel. (Lundy and Janes, 2009)

Overweight and obesity are among the biggest problems faced by American society today. A child is considered obese when the weight is at least 10% higher than is recommended for the particular height and body type of the child. Obesity in adolescence is a particularly difficult problem, since studies have suggested that children who are obese whey they are between 10 and 13 years old are 80% likely to become obese adults as well (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2008). It is therefore an issue that could affect their future…. [read more]

Nutrition and Cognitive Learning Term Paper

… In an effort to address the problem of low nutritional levels, many students have implemented school breakfast programs, building coalitions to improve the school nutrition and physical activity environment, teaching nutrition curriculum, and adding more physical activity for children, using federal snack program reimbursement as a foundation (ADA, 1995).

Recent research suggests that many aspects of nutrition can have an enormous result on cognitive learning in elementary school children (ADA, 1995). For instance, it has been proven that skipping breakfast can have a negative effect on a children's intellectual performance, and even moderate under nutrition can have permanent effects on cognitive development.

Children who have poor nutritional habits are more likely to have behavioral, emotional, and academic problems than children with good nutritional habits.

Many…. [read more]

Fibermyoalgia or Fibromyalgia Term Paper

… Fibermyoalgia or fibromyalgia is a common and long0standing physical disorder, which is characterized by widespread pain, fatigue and several painful or tender points or parts all over the body (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders. 2004). These specific parts are the neck, shoulders, back, hips and upper and lower extremities. It is only similar to arthritis because of the pain and fatigue but, unlike arthritis, there is no inflammation of the joints, muscles or other tissues. In addition to pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia may cause sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, headaches, the irritable bowel syndrome, painful menstruation, numbness or tingling of the extremities, the restless leg syndrome, memory problems, and sensitiveness to temperature. Unlike a disease, which is a medical condition and has…. [read more]

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