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Divisive Staff Bias Favoritism Small Term Paper

… ¶ … personal schedule to complete the project, that is, what factors did you consider in setting due dates or "milestones" for each portion of the project?

This project is geared towards improving relationships among incompatible staff members in a private, non-profit school for children with hearing loss. The school provides classes for pre-kindergarten to twelfth grades.

The staff members do not get along in some regards. Research concerning improving relationships among incompatible staff members would focus on:

finding the reasons for and ii. solutions to the divisiveness.

The school has eleven staff members, three of which are teaching assistants; there are five teachers, an Administrative Assistant, an Associate Director, and the Director/Founder.

The initial deadline will fall according to the course deadlines, on which…. [read more]

Gender Roles in the Workplace Term Paper

… Friedan and others convinced women that social fulfillment was to be found in returning to school and attempting to take on roles in the workplace traditionally dominated by men. During the Second World War, the National War Labor Board had recommended that male and female workers with the same job received equal pay. Although it was largely ignored at the time, this egalitarian idea gained weight in the early 60's.

In 1963, congress adopted the "Equal Pay Act," which forbid employers to pay men and women different wages for the same position. During the progressive era, women that had successfully lobbied for suffrage also had introduced minimum wage laws for women workers. The Supreme Court declared these laws unconstitutional, and John F. Kennedy created the…. [read more]

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