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Domestic Violence Is a Negative Term Term Paper

… Domestic violence is a negative term in most cases which may cause some emotional reactions when it is used in conversation. Researching and learning about domestic violence in the United States serves to gain more knowledge about the topic so that it can be better understood. The purpose of this essay is to synthesize the findings of my research that I conducted on this subject in order to bring a clearer picture to what this topic consists of. I will present four differing aspects on this topic done by several different sources and bring these individual contributions together to form a consensus of the topic.

The World Health Organization recently conducted in their words, a "landmark study" on domestic violence. The report was released 24…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Effects Research Paper

… According to Jaffe et al. (1990), many children were unable to attend school because they were afraid of leaving their mother alone at home. These children couldn't stop thinking about how the man beats their mother. Majority of the children become very protective towards the physical and emotional well-being of their mother.

The social development of a child is greatly affected by domestic violence along with their ability of making and maintaining relationships with others. Recognizing the effects of domestic violence on children is very important. The most reported impact of domestic violence is fear, which has both short-term and long-term effects. The fear just doesn't end when the abusing stops, it is something that stays in them for quite a while. Children have reported…. [read more]

Domestic Violence a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated Thesis

… Domestic Violence, a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated

Domestic violence refers to the physical abuse or violence directed to a domestic partner or a spouse; it is the behavior pattern in a close relationship employed to uphold or gain control and power over an intimate partner. Domestic violence holds several severe impacts to the society. The establishment of social service agencies and domestic violence courts has trigged increased awareness of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence, more than ever before increasingly report cases of domestic violence in a bid to get social services and support from agencies dealing with this type of social problem. The increased number of reported domestic violence cases has made it appear as though the statistics are overly exaggerated, but they…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Is Often Overlooked Research Paper

… Despite the multitude of research conducted on this disorder, all results indicate that the incidence of PTSD is higher among children who have witnessed/experienced domestic violence and prove PTSD is worth looking into when treating or working with children exposed to domestic violence. However, PTSD is not the sole concern among children who witness domestic violence. These children may also experience anxiety, depression or other psychological problems.

IV. Anxiety/Depression/Other Psychological Disorders

Anxiety and depression are both indicators on the internalizing behavior scale of the Child Behavior Checklist that are often times connected to children who witness or experience domestic violence. Some research specifically addresses anxiety and depression. Goldstein reports males more so than females report instances of suicidal thoughts and tendencies as well as developing…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Research Paper

… Kolbo, Blakely, and Engleman (1996) also reported that studies measuring the differences in physical health between children exposed to domestic violence and those from nonviolent homes did not find evidence of a causal link between exposure to violence and health problems in the children. Recent research has looked at more specific measures of emotional and cognitive functioning and how being exposed to domestic violence affects these domains.

Animal models have suggested that exposure to stress at a young age is associated with reductions in cortical volume. Koenen et al. (2003) assessed IQs for a sample of 1,116 monozygotic and dizygotic five-year-old twin pairs in England whose mothers reported experiencing domestic violence in the previous five years. The children who had been exposed to high levels…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Its Effects Reason Term Paper


Reason why people left their own home (country)

General idea about domestic violence/welfare and API

Domestic Violence Specific to API Women - Vietnamese

Distinguishing dynamics

Meaning of physical abuse

Abusive community norms

Negative Effects on the community

Language as well as culture

Mental health

Issues of Family & child rearing

Question & Answer for Immigrant and Refugee Women

You have a right to be free from violence in your own home.

Confront the problem of resettlement.

The different individuals deal with their heritage and create a new life for themselves in a country that is not always welcoming them.

Domestic Violence and Its Effects

This paper analyzes domestic violence against Asian-American women. Specifically, it discusses domestic violence among Asian-Americans in…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Is an Insidious Term Paper

… al, 2003).

The sentence length that someone may serve for domestic violence activity will vary depending on the nature of the crime and the severity of injury reported by the victim. Obviously in cases of homicide the sentence is much longer than it would be for first time offenders. More often than not however first time offenders become repeat offenders in the world of domestic violence, suggesting that sentencing alone is not enough to discourage the behavior.

There are some theories that suggest that deterrence is the best method for addressing domestic violence. Deterrence theory is based on the assumption that the criminal justice system should impose "meaningful consequences" for criminals that commit certain behaviors and that by doing so they will prevent further crimes…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Social Learning Term Paper

… He behaves so rudely and violently even with the people that they stop coming to his house. In this way, he makes sure that the children are not getting any support from the outsiders and remain obedient and acquiescent to him. Restriction on movements was another form of control talked about by the victims of domestic violence. Children are tied and locked inside the room so that they remain in the house and could not escape. Abusers try to stop their children from talking to others. They tape-record the children's phone calls underhandedly in order to know who they were talking to (McGee, 2000). Following are a number of controlling behaviors that were experienced by the children brought up in a household of domestic violence.…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Term Paper

… Hence they hold on to it no matter how much abuse may come their way (Macy et al., 2011).

Furthermore, sexual assault and domestic violence takes apace all across the world. Some barriers are under discussion here which makes the sexual assault a bit complex. There are certain barriers which hinder the sufferers from abandoning the relationship, hence will comprehend the gravity of the situation (Macy et al., 2011).

Averting and evading sexual assault and domestic violence

In addition, Macy et al. (2010) found that usually the sufferers of sexual assault and domestic violence never report these wrongdoings in case their spouses will eventually find out and in turn become even more aggressive. In any case however, the sufferer must take precautions and protect oneself.…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Laws Term Paper

… In addition, the laws need to carry mandatory jail time for anyone convicted of domestic violence. It is the one way the victim can be sure she will be safe from the abuser.


Domestic violence is no longer being ignored by society. It is an issue that has gained national attention. Michigan has adopted some serious laws to protect the victims of domestic violence but can do more to insure that offenders are locked away and victims remain safe from their abuser.


Overview of Legislative Issues

Addressing the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Domestic Violence Laws in Michigan

Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence laws work only when enforced

New Domestic Violence Laws Take Effect in Michigan…. [read more]

Awareness About Psychology Behind Domestic Term Paper

… The symptoms may include flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and depression. The child may become phobic about events related to the abuse. With Trauma-Focused CBT (TF-CBT) "the child may talk about his or her memory of the trauma. TF-CBT also includes techniques to help lower worry and stress. The child may learn how to assert him or herself. The therapy may involve learning to change thoughts or beliefs about the trauma that are not correct or true. For example, after a trauma, a child may start thinking, 'the world is totally unsafe'" (PTSD in Children and Teens, 2012, Department of Veteran's Affairs.). CBT helps the child replace anxious, rational thoughts with realistic thoughts and place her experiences in a more realistic context.

For her uncle Anthony, support…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Term Paper

… ¶ … domestic violence in general and also which happens in a Christian marriage. It shall explain as to how domestic violence affects children and the person being abused. The paper shall deal with examples of domestic violence, how church leaders are dealing with domestic violence in Christian families, how domestic violence and divorce are interrelated.

Domestic violence may be defined as any action, which can be deemed as the use or threat of use of physical, emotional, vocal, or sexual abuse with the aim to instill fear, intimidation, and control of behavior. Domestic violence happens in the area of intimate relationship and could continue even after the relationship has been terminated. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse all form part of Domestic violence.…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Policies Evolved in Local Police Term Paper

… ¶ … domestic violence policies evolved in local police departments across the United States. What is the trend in policing today? Discuss the research findings on the impact of mandatory arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence.

In the past twenty or more years domestic violence policies have evolved significantly on both a local and federal level as taking domestic violence seriously has become a hot button topic in law enforcement and other social sciences. Challenges to the historical lack of action on the part of law enforcement toward incidences of domestic abuse have led to an invigoration of standards, especially with regard to the protection of women in marriage and/or domestic partnerships. The trend has so evolved that law enforcement in many places has developed essential…. [read more]

Gender and Domestic Violence Discussions Essay

… However, it is critical to realize that the relationship between gender, wages, and domestic violence is a complicated one. Men are socialized to be the breadwinners for their family. In fact, in many cultures, the ability to support one's family is synonymous with the idea of being a man. Therefore, losing this ability to support the family is considered a major psycho-social stressor. Moreover, it is one of the stressors that are linked to an increase in domestic violence. This can be seen in refugee communities, where men are stripped of their ability to be the breadwinners for their families (Fisher 2013). Moreover, a man's lack of ability to be the breadwinner does not necessarily reduce the wage gap in the family unit. Keeping in…. [read more]

Domestic Violence on Children Term Paper

… A history of abuse is also related to the severity of a given mental disturbance, including suicidality, age at first admission to facility for care, frequency and length of admissions, time spent in seclusion, likelihood and dosage of psychiatric medication, and global symptom severity (Beitchman, et al., 1992; Briere, et al., 1997; Bryer, et al., 1987; Pettigrew & Burcham, 1997).

Read also discovered that of those New Zealand inpatients who reported either childhood sexual abuse or childhood physical abuse, 64% were acutely suicidal on admission, as compared to only 22% of in-patients who had not suffered these types of abuse (Read, 1998). A later study of 200 adult outpatients determined that child abuse was a significantly stronger factor in current suicidality than was a more…. [read more]

Domestic Violence: A Bleak Reality Research Paper

… Domestic Violence:

A bleak reality in the modern United Kingdom

The crime statistics from the British Crime Survey (BCS) of 2008/2009, which is based upon the public's answers to questions about crime, reveal some promising data with regard to violence in the United Kingdom. Specifically, based on the 2008/09 BCS, violent crime remained stable in the United Kingdom relative to the data collected from the previous year. Another important gauge of crime data is based upon the police recorded crime index which provides even more promising data concluding that total violence against the person decreased by 6% (Crime in England and Wales, 2009). Given that violent crime has either remained constant or decreased depending upon which means of recording data is reviewed, it would seem…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Article Review

… Domestic Violence -- How it is represented in the popular media

Domestic violence has many forms and is also known as spousal abuse, battering, or family violence. It may be mental, emotional, or physical and has most likely been part of the family or intimate setting since recorded history. It may be comorbid with alcohol consumption, mental illness, or even psychological patterning when someone comes from an abusive situation. The awareness, perception, and documentation though differ widely from culture and time period, as do attitudes towards what constitutes abuse (Dutton, 1994). Until the 1990s, though, domestic violence was not really part of the mass-media paradigm in America. Despite it being an overwhelming harsh social problem, the media treated it as a private matter. This has…. [read more]

Male Entering a Domestic Violence/Battered Term Paper

… It motivated me to possibly volunteer at a shelter, especially as I thought about my mom.

3. What are the needs of the population that you interacted with for this assignment?

The population I interacted with for this assignment was diverse, and had different needs. In general, though, they all needed self-confidence, direction, and specific plans for the future. Some of the women were poor, and because of this needed financial security more than anything else. This would require self-development in some way, such as going back to school so that their income might be high enough to live independently.

Other women needed a lot of psychological counseling. There were many women in the shelter who were drug or alcohol users and required some assistance…. [read more]

Domestic Violence No Place Like Home Term Paper

… Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence: the Scourge of Intimacy

Domestic violence is now considered a major crime and a serious health hazard. Roughly 2 to 4 million women are reported to be domestic violence victims each year. Technically, anyone can be a victim or an abuser as neither has no definite or consistent profile. Therapists and society in general view women victims as incapable of violence themselves. Depressed war veterans and veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder tend to perpetrate domestic violence more than any other tested group. Men and women victims have comparable victimization symptoms and signs. Involved individuals have formed partnerships with the State and legislations have been instituted to address the problem. Their effectiveness continues to be monitored.


Review…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Is a Problem That Society Term Paper

… Domestic Violence is a problem that society has been dealing with for s number of years. The only difference seems to be the number of people coming forward to report it. One thing that still seems to be a constant is the number of women that are the recipients of the violence, not saying that there is not a percentage of men that are also victims of domestic violence. In this report, I reviewed five journal articles dealing with domestic violence, as I mentioned before one common thread in all of the articles in the number of women that are reporting the violence.

In the first journal article, some of the main points argued in this article were: (Ellsberg et al. 1) Violence against women…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Why Women Stay Term Paper

… ¶ … Domestic Violence Research: A Qualitative Examination of Why Women Stay in Violent Relationships

The purpose of this study will be an investigational analysis of why women who are battered stay in violent relationships. The researcher will examine the current literature available and previous studies conducted of domestic violence in the hopes of gathering insight into the key issues influencing women's mental states and psychological well being when they are subjected to violence. The researcher will also conduct field research in the form of a survey questionnaire, and combine the information gathered from the literature study with the field results to provide a grounded theory that identifies what factors contribute to a woman's inability to leave a domestically violent situation.


One of the…. [read more]

Domestic Violence on Children Peer-Reviewed Journal

… If a daughter watches her mother become abused by her father, the chances that she will tolerate abuse in her future relationships during her adulthood also increases (REFERENCE). A child of either gender that has felt emotional abuse due to domestic violence on a maternal figure often has issues with confusion, fear, shame, or emotional problems. If desperate enough, the child may attempt to run away. This can risk their health, education, and chances of financial success, thus potentially trapping them in the life they tried so hard to escape (REFERENCE).

It is extremely important and fortunate to know that at-risk, domestically abused children are not a lost cause. Though led to a path of societal and interpersonal relationship failure, many at-risk children hold another…. [read more]

Theories Listed, the Relative Deprivation Term Paper

… These are some of the causal elements. According to Agnew and his theory, these are the base onto which feelings of depression and anger are formed. Stress and strain work hand in hand to turn one's personality to a violent one, with direct manifestations in the household.

In my opinion, the general strain theory is quite similar to the relative deprivation theory in terms of the consequences, being linked by a single key concept: frustration. Frustration generally leads afterwards to anger and, here from, to violent behavior. The difference between the two theories is related to the causality. In the first case, we are discussing a deplorable social condition and frustration is being built on grounds of underachievement, sometimes compared to the spouse. In the…. [read more]

Violence Against Children the Structure Term Paper

… Unfortunately this structure of relationship is more likely to result in violence than kinship care directed by human service agencies. Kinship foster care which involves human services comprises the second largest group with over 400,000 where social services helps place a child with a relative who has been designated as the child's provider by the courts (Urban, 2003: Oct). This is a more structured solution, where children can be monitored for subjection to violence in a foster care setting.

Are kinship relationships truly a human services solution to violence against children from broken homes and other high risk socio-demographic factors? Statistics seem to indicate they are not. The majority of children in kinship relationships are minorities, 43% are black and 17% Hispanic (Urban, 2003: Oct).…. [read more]

Health Consequences of Relationship Violence Term Paper

… Psychology


Domestic violence is popular as domestic abuse, spousal battering, abuse, intimate partner violence, and family violence. Psychologists define the behavior as a pattern that involves violence or other forms of abuse from one person against others in domestic settings such as cohabitation or marriage. Intimate partner violence refers to domestic violence against spouses or other partners in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence takes place within same-sex or heterosexual relationships. The perception also takes various forms such as physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and economic abuse. The contents range from subtle and coercive forms and include marital rape and physical abuse resulting in death or disfigurement. Globally, wives or female partners are the common domestic violence victims even though the male partner is increasingly…. [read more]

Violence Against Women Term Paper

… Violence Against Women: An Application of Theory

The question of gender violence in relationships, particularly violent crimes perpetrated against females, has been the focus of media as well as criminological and psychological investigation in recent years. Various theoretical trajectories have been put forward with the aim of understanding and thereby preventing the occurrences of this type of crime. The application of social learning theory has been shown to provide invaluable insight into the deeper causative structure of these crimes. This paper investigates a single, severe example of this type of crime and analyses it in terms of social learning theory. This analysis indicates that this theory not only provides a useful understanding of the causes of the crime but is also beneficial in terms of…. [read more]

Family Violence and PTSD Children Are Subject Term Paper

… Family Violence and PTSD

Children are subject to a number of stressors that may contribute to the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One of the stressors given particular attention is domestic violence, not necessarily against the child, but violence that the child witnesses. Such events in the home have an effect on the child who is privy to them, creating a sense of guilt, adding to the child's stress, and distorting many aspects of the bonding process with one or both parents while also putting a strain on other relationships the child may have at home, at school, and elsewhere. Studies have examined this issue and found a link between violence in the home and subsequent problems played out in children who have witnessed…. [read more]

Family Violence and Health Issues Domestic Term Paper

… Family Violence and Health Issues

Domestic violence is one of the most unreported and insidious forms of violence in our society. The complex nature of this violence and the fact that it takes place in the privacy of the home often complicates and problematizes reporting of the issue and intervention strategies.

This factor also hampers the development and implementation of solutions to this widespread problem. Research and studies also show that domestic violence has a profound effect on society and has serious implications in terms of psychological and community health and well-being.

Family violence can include a wide variety of factors that lead to morbidity and health issues. These issues can include child abuse and the increasing prevalence of IPV or intimate partner violence. Central…. [read more]

Causes of Teen Violence Term Paper

… Males points to differences in occurrences of violence between different races and classes as proof that images in mass media aren't as important as family circumstances to contributing to the violence. According to Males, "In practical terms, media-violence theories are not about kids, but about race and class. If TV accounts for any meaningful fraction of murder levels amid poorer, nonwhite youth, why doesn't it have the same effect on white kids?" Unlike Males, Katz and Jhally, believe that trying to view teen violence in a gender-neutral fashion will blind us from understanding and resolving the youth violence problem. They point to school shootings such as Columbine, murder, assault and rape as being predominately a male phenomenon. They also argue that girls are growing up…. [read more]

Problem of Domestic Violence in American Athletes a Marketing Perspective Research Paper

… Domestic Violence and Marketing in American Sports Leagues

In 2014 Ray Rice, an NFL player, was given an indefinite suspension and released from his contract with the Baltimore Ravens (Bien, 2014). With the event starting in February of that year, and the suspension only occurring in September, the long delay provided a significant level of fuel for the media, and complete a high level of controversy. It may be argued that the Baltimore Ravens were in a difficult position, one of their players had been accused of domestic violence, but he was an economic asset with a previously good reputation, which management and representation indicated they trusted. However, evidence also emerged to indicate he was guilty of domestic violence. This creates a difficult position for…. [read more]

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