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Doom Loop and Flywheel Essay

… However, they chose to go a different direction. By becoming the first in their industry to do something, they held the proverbial 'ball' in the court and began dictating trends, rather than following them. This is the key difference of Apple compared to Macy's. While Macy's is struggling to keep up, Apple is leading the way.

The image of a foot race comes to mind when comparing innovators versus followers or those lagging. Imagine five runners. One is in the lead, three are barely able to catch up to him, and then there is one in the back, not even close, no hopes of winning. Apple is the runner in the front. When someone is in the lead, although it can be hard to maintain…. [read more]

Organizational Analysis -- Hope Hospice Essay

… The application of these two fundamental principles has enabled Beckworth to add many new programs to the flagship hospice program. Several new programs of care are listed here:

Hope Select Care. This program is an all-inclusive program for independent living by people aged 55 years or older.

Hope Connections. This program is also an independent living program, but it is geared toward people who are aged 60 years or older -- who often live in rural areas -- and it is home-based.

Hope Choices. Supported by Medicaid and the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, this program serves people aged 65 or older who wish to remain at home for long-term care.

Hope Kids Care. This program provides support for children who are grieving, either because…. [read more]

Organization Decline Stages Essay

… Many companies have a large global workforce, for a company with a handful workforce globally can use the enterprise-resourcing plan (ERM) to incorporate all basic information about their workforce. In addition, companies should adopt consolidation of data in effective management of their global workforce. This will help in monitoring absentees and other work related vices. Leaders can observe the trends and develop programs to increase workplace attendance to enhance productivity (Woolard, 2010).

Mike (2013) asserts that work ethics may also cause a decline of a company. Work ethics is the source of mutual understanding, teamwork, and subsequent success of a company. In some cases the communication methods used by management in addressing the subordinate staff, is not ethical. They shout or curse the subordinate staff.…. [read more]

Enemy of Great, Jim Collins Critiques Term Paper

… ¶ … enemy of great," Jim Collins critiques the culture of mediocrity in the bestselling Good to Great. Collins' study of effective organizational management presents case studies and quantitative data to illustrate why and how some companies succeed, becoming the best in their field. Greatness comes from a combination of factors, according to Collins. Companies transition from being good to being great in three basic stages: amassing the right team of disciplined people; creating a disciplined organizational culture; and acting in systematic and disciplined ways. The repeated appearance of the word 'discipline' in each of these stages is no accident, for Collins is a firm believer in pragmatism over miracles; hard work over charisma or luck. The author also sets out to offer managerial staff…. [read more]

Flat ) I Was Intrigued Essay

… ¶ … Flat (2005) I was intrigued by the ongoing debates regarding globalization and its effects on both westernized and 3rd world nations. Specifically looking at it from the clash of cultures in the nations where many of the routine and mundane working is ending u, the curiosity of how two widely divergent cultures are managing to work together. Thomas Friedman has created a classic in this book by showing how westernized nations attempt to bridge the gap with India and other nations where labor is inexpensive today on the one hand, and how these nations are reacting to the massive influx of westerners and the overwhelming need they feel to fit it. He specifically notes that call center employees in India are taking voice…. [read more]

Adage, Good Is the Enemy of Great Term Paper

… ¶ … adage, "Good is the enemy of great," (Collins, 2001, p. 1). Good to Great is written for those who want to achieve greatness. Described as a "researcher and management guru," James C. Collins has authored or co-authored six different books all hinging on the same concepts related to leadership and organizational development. Collins does base Good to Great on actual data and research on America's top organizations, to show that there are trends in the ways great companies succeed in dominating the market in their sector over the long run, versus the good companies that might do super one year and then die out after failing to implement one or more of the seven main principles of organizational greatness. Those seven principles, identified…. [read more]

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