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Blue Collar vs. White Essay

… Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison and fined $170 billion for operating a Ponzi scheme (Messe). Others have received very harsh sentences, though not in league with that or Madoff.

Blue collar crimes though can come with a sentence that deprives the perpetrators of their life. Sentencing, as stated above, can be as small as carrying a sign to demonstrate your problem (Doring) or receiving a small fine all the way to the death penalty. Of course, the seriousness of the crime is the considered paramount to providing a sentence. Usually it is some amount of jail time or a fine.


The two types of crime are very different, so they are treated differently. White collar criminals receive different sentences and…. [read more]

School Retention vs. Social Promotion Term Paper

… ¶ … School Retention vs. Social Promotion

The data for this study will be collected using interviews conducted with key stakeholders such as parents, teachers, school administrators and students in four schools, two in New York and two in New Jersey. A case study methodology is employed. The data collected will be coded and entered into Nvivo 10. The two proposed methods of analysis of the data are content analysis and narrative and discourse analysis.

Content analysis will be the major method by which data is analyzed. The rationale for content analysis is that it is best for primary qualitative data which is numerically reduced. Since the data collected will be coded using Nvivo 10, it will be appropriate for content analysis to be done.…. [read more]

Aphrodite and Venus Term Paper

… She is not helpful to anyone, and she seems to cause the people she associates with no end of pain. Even the people who are compared to her in beauty, Helen and Penelope, are seen as tragic figures because they have the beauty of Aphrodite and inspire the same madness that she does. Helen is the cause of a great war which destroys a people, and Penelope is the object of a great many suitors affection and demise when her husband comes back. But, the beauty of Venus is an inspiration to everyone who sees her. She is seen a morning star, and in the islands that she inhabits as adding to their beauty. The sailors seem to fall in love with her because they…. [read more]

In-House vs. Outsourced Advertising Outsourcing Essay

… Many online resources are available which aid you and your staff when you need to handle all or part of your advertising and marketing campaigns in-house." (Explaining Advertising and Marketing Concepts to the Masses, 2012, p.1)

II. Questions and Considerations Continued

In a separate report it is stated that the organization that does its' own advertising should be competent in the following skills areas:

(1) Graphic design;

(2) Copy writing;

(3) Web design; and (4) Photo manipulation. (, 2012, p.1)

Where the organization possesses some but not all of these skills it is reported f a business depends on media and traditional advertising, usually a full-service agency that includes a media buying department is necessary so that proper placement of advertising is achieved. Marketing events…. [read more]

Benefits of Year-Round School vs. A Regular Calendar Research Proposal

… ¶ … Round School vs. A Regular Calendar School Year

The Benefits of Year-Round vs. Traditional Calendar Year School

Continued interest in improving educational achievement has prompted school districts across the nation to consider alternatives to the traditional nine-month school calendar. Educators are exploring year round education, which means that schools will continue to operate on a 180 day system, yet they will spread these days out differently with shorter breaks between each term. The most popular example of year round education is the 45-15 plan.

This has students attending school 45 days and then getting three weeks (15 days) off. The normal breaks (holiday, spring) are still built into this calendar. Is the year-round school schedule more beneficial to student academic achievement vs. The…. [read more]

Amazon vs. Ebay Essay

… In short, the author of this paper would offer that the federal government is the only entity that can resolve the tax spats because they're the only government body that has the proper level of jurisdiction and patent laws in general should really be looked at. Protecting the inventions and innovation of a person (or company) is fine but any fallout from a patent spat (like the current one between Apple and Samsung) has to be based on common sense and what/who was truly harmed.

Financial Analysis

In looking at financial statements, both Amazon and eBay have both been doing quite well over the last three full years. However, while revenues for both are obviously and massively expanding, Amazon is doing far better. Between 2009…. [read more]

Terry vs. Ohio Term Paper

… ¶ … Terry vs. Ohio:

police officer saw two doubtful men standing in a street corner in October of 1963. One of the persons was Terry. He had never noticed the men in the area before, and his police intuition drew them to his eye. According to him, they were not in the right place at the right time. Due to this doubt, the officer took a close watch from around 400 feet away. He saw one of the men leave the corner, and walked across many stores. The man peeped into the store windows, and started walking. After some time, he turned back around, and peeped in the same windows again as he went back to the corner where his friend was waiting. The…. [read more]

Copyright Laws vs. Peer-To-Peer File Term Paper

… Peer to Peer file sharing

Following the ruling that determined it was okay to record television movies and shows on blank VHS tapes for private use the explosion of alternatives arrived. About the time the Sony trial was winding down the Internet was heating up. The Internet was something that allowed communication between people across the globe and with many at once or one on one. It was and has been one of the most promising futuristic technological inventions in our history. The internet and dot com companies began springing up all over the world and with that came the SONY Betamax clones of sorts. Napster is probably the most well-known peer-to-peer file sharing example that is available at the present time. Peer to peer…. [read more]

Employee Motivation Intrinsic Term Paper

… In the end, employees who get used to intrinsic motivation deliver without having to look at what might have taken place in the external world or what they are to access after delivering. Their intention is based on meeting the set targets, and relishing the chance to demonstrate improvement once again.

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation refers to a type of motivation that is instilled in an individual in order to make him or her achieve a definite purpose. Many employees fall under this category of motivation. The fact behind this kind of motivation is that an external factor initiated by another individual or the environment drives one into achieving a set target. Extrinsic motivation can also be positive or negative in nature. A positive motivation…. [read more]

Orthopedics Arthroscopic Versus Open Rotator Cuff Repair Research Paper



Arthroscopic vs. Open Rotator Cuff

Orthopedics: Arthroscopic vs. Open Rotator cuff repair


Data was compiled to research Arthroscopic vs. open Rotator cuff repair. The findings suggest that regardless of the method utilized for repair there will more than likely be a need for maintenance repairs. Healing time is consistent between the two methods, and cost associated with both procedures is comparable. Researchers have indicated consistently through the research that there is a need for additional therapy of some sort after any procedure has been implemented. However, significant research does indicate that there is a higher level of skill associated with Arthroscopic procedures, this process has proven to be rather effective but intricate…. [read more]

Traditional Teachers vs. Alternative Trained Case Study

… Alternative Trained Teachers vs. Traditional Trained Teachers

High attrition and low retention are serious problems that limit the number of teachers. One third of all teachers leave the field during their first 3 years, and roughly 50% leave after 5 years"

Now, more so than ever, educators must determine new ways to retain good teachers. This research will explore teacher retention and attrition, comparing alternative trained teachers to traditional trained teachers, to discern whether one method or the other results in higher retention. The researcher predicts teachers with higher retention rates are those that have an alternative teaching background. Many studies suggest now, more so than ever before, school need to look at alternative forms of training so teachers are more inclined to stick with…. [read more]

Leasing vs. Purchasing Computer Equipment? Term Paper

… (Rowland, 2001)

2.2. Advantages Of Financial Leasing

1. Operational advantages to the lessee:

Leasing ready-to-use equipment may be more attractive if the asset requires lengthy preparation and set-up. As the setup and preparation costs may be very high and may not fit the firm's cash flows. In addition to that, if the firm requires the asset for immediate use that it may not have the time that is required to be spent on the setting up and preparation of asset. Therefore, if the asset requires lengthy setup time then it is better to lease it. (Roch, 2005)

Leasing avoids having to own the asset that will be required only seasonally, temporarily or sporadically. It saves the cash of the organization and the firm does not…. [read more]

National vs. International Business Essay

… Where national business provides autonomy, market control and simplicity, it also refrains the enterprises from not utilizing their complete potential by not utilizing foreign markets and not accessing the economical factors of productions without exploiting available technological advancements. Similarly, international business has its merits and demerits which are rather opposite to national business.

There are many ways via which enterprises can maintain international existence. Some of them are exports and imports, foreign investment and other strategic alliances such as licensing and franchising. However, it is important to understand that the decision, of which option should be utilized, mainly depends on the nature of business itself. Similarly, the nature of contracts between the both the parties and the terms and profit sharing are also dependent on…. [read more]

Patriot Act vs. Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights Term Paper

… Patriot Act vs. Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights

Patriot Act was passed in haste following the terrorist attacks on the U.S. In 2001. It was reauthorized and amended in 2006. But in its urgency - fueled by extremely fearful times and the mushrooming nationalism spawned by those fears - to provide the legal clout needed to avoid another attack it appears the United States Congress launched its own attack on the Constitution. Specifically, to use a graphic analogy, the U.S. Patriot Act (PA) has slammed into the 4th and 6th Amendments like an airliner into a tall building.

This paper will review the literature surrounding the Patriot Act's intrusion into the Constitution. A review of the issues, the amendments, and how the Patriot Act conflicts with those…. [read more]

Educational Leadership Management Effectiveness vs Term Paper

… Educational Leadership

Management Effectiveness vs. Leadership Effectiveness

Just like is the case with the terms management and leadership, effective management and effective leadership are in most cases used synonymously. The two however differ. In seeking to bring out the difference between management effectiveness and leadership effectiveness, it would be prudent to first revisit the terms leadership and management. In the words of Lussier (2008, p.334), "management is broader in scope than leadership." While a leader attempts to influence people towards the accomplishment of certain goals by winning over their trust, a manager largely relies on the existing systems and structures to direct individuals towards the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, effectiveness from a managerial perspective has got to do with the…. [read more]

International Free Trade vs. Protectionism Essay

… International

Free Trade vs. Protectionism

Free trade vs. protectionism is a debate that continues among those who think the government should control the financial system and those who want the government to stay out of commerce dealings. Protectionism is the government practice of limiting imports and exports amid one nation and another. Tariffs are now and then placed on imports or exports, elevating the price for doing such things. On the other hand, free trade takes away such limitations. The objectives of protectionism are to protect jobs. By escalating the expense of importing, businesses are optimistic to manufacture goods inside the nation where the goods will be sold (Pearson, 2011).

Free trade supporters dispute that protectionism leads to elevated costs for the reason that employees…. [read more]

Propaganda vs. Art Term Paper

… It is possible that her work was included without assessment in the general condemnation of the Nazi regime. Firstly, Leni Riefenstahl was never a member of the Nazi party and she is acknowledged by her biographers as having been apolitical. "Nor did she ever make any of the films that Hitler's propagandists used to spew hatred at Jews, Gypsies, and others viewed as "undesirable" by the regime. Indeed, although some evidence suggests that she was (for a time) one of Hitler's lovers, she worked very little with the German government after World War II started. Nor was she ever arrested or tried for (or even accused of) war crimes after the end of the war."

Despite evidence that suggests that she was primarily an artist…. [read more]

Spinal vs. General Anesthesia Term Paper

… General and spinal anesthesia both carry risks, both carry adverse side effects. Which side effects a patient is best equipped to handle should be the determining factor for the majority of patients undergoing TURP. Patient's post-operative outcome and comfort should be factored into the decision, and anesthesiologists need to work closely with physicians to ensure that patients are aware of the post-operative outcome based on their anesthetic choice. The studies conducted suggest that a practice may have the option of emphasizing one anesthetic technique over another regardless of outcome, as no statistically significant increased risks can be associated with use of either technique. The success of the practice will be based in large part, upon the practices ability to educate and inform patients, and meet…. [read more]

Electric Hybrid Cars vs. Gas Powered Term Paper

… Electronic/Hybrid Cars vs. Gas PCs

One of the most profound social questions of the modern day is the nature of the market addition on fossil fuel usage. Within the global economy the fossil fuel industry, and the worlds dependence on it has driven prices of fuel to enormous levels contributing to a global market situation where a very few hold a growing percentage of wealth and the rest must struggle to eek out an existence with what's left. "Today, more than half the world's population lives on less than $2 per day, and almost 1.1 billion people live in extreme poverty, defined as less than $1 per day."

Rice, 76) Though this may seem divergent of the topic at hand, which is global dependence on…. [read more]

Analyzing Lease vs. Buy Decisions Term Paper

… ¶ … Lease vs. Buy Decisions

Analyzing Lease Vs Buy Decisions

In a company's plan for acquiring valuable equipments and assets vital to its operation, there is always a question raised by the management and top executives, that is, whether to lease or buy. This important question is a common dilemma among financial managers of a company. Moreover, it is often a delicate task to analyze the pros and cons of buying or leasing depending on a given situation. The most common approach in resolving issues in the acquisition of vital equipments and properties for a company is by means of carefully calculating the risks in both options. A financial manager of a company must put into consideration different factors that must be addressed cautiously…. [read more]

Rent vs. Own Housing Serves Term Paper

… An interesting finding is that for households with incomes above $150,000, a lower amount of households accounting to 86% own a home. Norman Hutchinson in his research claims that households headed by professionals, employers or managers are the most likely to own a house with a mortgage while the unskilled or manual workers are five times more likely to be renting a housing unit

Lori Taylor in his study 'Does the United States Still Over invest in Housing'

nevertheless argues and proves with empirical evidence that risk-adjusted social rate of return is much lower for housing than other types of investment, especially non-fixed capital assets and higher education. The social return to housing is benefit to the society from investment in housing and is measured…. [read more]

Public Schools Versus Private Term Paper

… Public Schools vs. Private Schools

Literature Review (in Progress)

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute study results published in "Where Do Public School Teachers Send Their Kids to School?" (Doyle et al. 2004) may be surprising to many parents whose children attend public school. Teachers are expected to be the individuals that know the most about what is going on in schools because they work there every day, with access to the classroom, school resources, school administration, and every aspect of the education system. One would expect that teachers would take pride in their schools and have their own children attend the public schools in which they teach; this would be a strong vote of confidence for the public schools. However, if teachers themselves chose not…. [read more]

Philosophy: Deontology vs. Utilitarianism Term Paper

… Moreover, Mill writes several long paragraphs describing what he means by pleasure and by pain; and on page 358 he rebuts (without directly mentioning Kant) what Kant has said about "duty." While admitting that "It is the business of ethics to tell us what are our duties..." he follows that passage with: "...but no system of ethics requires that the sole motive of all we do shall be a feeling of duty; on the contrary, ninety-nine hundredths of all our actions are done from other motives, and right so done...."

III. Support for my view; Utilitarianism: Let's say "Bob" has applied for an executive fund-raising position with the YMCA in a certain city, but he lies on his resume about his fund-raising experience, also falsely…. [read more]

DVD vs. VHS DVD Comparison Term Paper

… The media for video is magnetic and can be affected to the extent that it can also be erased by means of magnetic devices like speakers, TV's computer monitors and other magnetic field that produces devices (Forever DVD. Com).

The other reason is indexing. One can locate the scene(s), which is wanted without having the problems of recalling the counter number where the scene was located. The VHS picture at the top is a little fuzzier and more distorted, while the DVD picture at the bottom is a much more clear and less distorted (Forever DVD. Com).

Along with many other reasons for DVD to be considered as more standardized than VHS is because DVD discs offer much higher capacity than VHS for high quality…. [read more]

Sun Trust Bank vs. Houghton Term Paper

… These media constantly resort to parodies, like "The Wind Done Gone." The New York Publishing House stated that one of its literary treasures, "The Lord of the Rings" by JRR Tolkien, was the object of a parody in the Harvard lampoon version, "Bored of the Rings."

Earlier Parodies

Other critics did not think that Randall's case was that big because it was not the first time a black author criticized the conditions of the blacks in the South. In 1967, Margaret Walker wrote the very successful novel, "Jubilee" the synopsis of which was quaintly very close to that of Mitchell's, as can be inferred in this blurb that was then written about it:

Daughter of the while plantation owner and his black mistress, the heroine…. [read more]

Demand vs. Supply vs Essay

… Fagan, Maraldo, and Mason tell us that "the shortage at its simplest is a lack of skilled, practicing nurses." (2007)

The question as to what can be done to address this problem in the health care industry is a difficult one to answer. The United States will never be able to do without nurses, or some type of nursing care, within its health care system. There is a great deal of legislative measure being proposed to address the issue. S.2064: Nurse Training and Retention Act of 2007, is a bill to fund comprehensive programs to ensure an adequate supply of nurses. H.R. 5924: Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act was introduced as a bill that would have given visas to up to 20,000 foreign nurses and…. [read more]

Criminological Theory Self-Control Theory vs. Differential Association Research Paper

… Criminological Theory

Self-Control Theory vs. Differential Association Theory

The term 'deviance' is a difficult one to assess objectively. Its implications are of an act, pattern of behavior or psychology which reflects a clear and significant divergence from sociological norms. However, this is a definition that is inherently riddled with philosophical problems. Particularly, it is unclear exactly how these divergences are defined and who is entitled to define them. Yet, it is also typically clear that in cases where criminal behavior, violence or depravity of an extreme nature have occurred, some degree of deviance may be easily identified. This denotes that while there is a cause to define deviance as a way of understanding those divergences which reflect a direct danger to society or civil order,…. [read more]

Stock Market Southwest Airlines vs. American Term Paper

… Southwest Airlines vs. American Airlines

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) was founded in 1971 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher as a small Texas airline. By 1973 they had turned their first profit, beginning a streak which is unprecedented in the airline industry. They grew slowly in the early years, adding a handful of Texas cities. In 1977 Southwest was listed on the NYSE. With the addition of New Orleans in 1979, the airline began a path of expansion beyond the Texas market, and soon cities across the southwest were being added. They launched they're first loyalty program in 1987, the Company Club, which would later morph into Rapid Rewards. Online booking was added in 2000. Since then, both expansion and profitability have been maintained, even…. [read more]

Fingerprints vs. DNA Is One Better Term Paper

… Fingerprints vs. DNA: Is one better than the other?

Fingerprints vs. DNA

Finger print identification is more accurate than DNA analysis. Fingerprints are time tested and in vogue for the last two centuries and easily accepted and understood. Finger prints are unique for each individual and are permanent and unalterable. The important fact about the fingerprint is the near infallibility. While DNA testing does have an important role in detection of crime, in the current situation its infallibility is not absolute and therefore does not score much over the absolute certainty of finger print evidence. Probe sensitivity for DNA testing is lesser and the problems of interpreting the results have not given it the same credibility of other evidence. There is no safeguard or guarantee…. [read more]

Euro vs. Florida Disney Term Paper

… Euro vs. Florida Disney

Success of Florida Disney:

Walt Disney Company -- WDC theme park and resort complex in Florida comprises of varied set of service and entertainment properties covering an area of 30,500 acres. An excess of 50,000 'cast members' or employees in Disney parlance provide services to more than 1, 00,000 guests daily. World Disney World Resort -- WDWR properties possess a huge amount of independent authority and flexibility, and the organization is distributed in a greater manner compared to other more conventional industries. One of the major components of the huge Disney enterprise is WDWR. Due to its size, employee and visitor population, and organization, the facility is fundamentally a distinct community. (World Disney World Resort: Environmental Management Case Study)

Walt Disney…. [read more]

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