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Downtown Brooklyn Residential Project Research Paper

… These business activities and population increase have contributed to a rise in demand for the residential property in Downtown Brooklyn.

Coupled with the population increase, the median income of people between 25 and 44 years of age has reached $92,000 higher than the national average. Moreover, the average household income in Downtown Brooklyn is $147,520. As being revealed in Table 2, the median household income is $92,438. However, the increase in the household income since 2000 is 64% while the percentage increase in household income since 2010 is 8%.

Table 2:

Median Income & Average Household Income in Downtown Brooklyn

Median Income Under 25


Median Income…. [read more]

Space New York City Use Term Paper

… 23





(In Millions of Rentable Square Feet)

% Monthly


Midtown Manhattan Retail




Midtown Manhattan South Retail




Downtown Manhattan Retail





Total Retail




2. (Optimal Spaces)

Filling empties will help bring life to each neighborhood. But the current situation is that sales prices exceed replacement costs so owners are stuck. They cannot sell the buildings and they also cannot rent or lease them out. As can be seen in the chart, this retail glut is scheduled to grow over the next few years.

This leads to foreclosure and additional open commercial space as owners are wiped out and the…. [read more]

Diminishing Middle Class Term Paper

… Market upswings

The highest new development sale took place in the Greenwich Village during the past month. The property is located at 130 West 12th Street which made a sale of about $13M. There was another sale that took place on the 130 West 12th Street in the last quarter; this was a penthouse that was sold for $8,095,087. Another large development sale took place at the Upper West Side. A sale of $8,858,775 was made on a building that is situated at 535 West End Avenue. An interesting thing to note here is that all of these sales took place September. From among the 379 units that were sold about half of those units were sold for over a million dollars (MNDR, 2012).

The…. [read more]

Rezoning of Hudson Yard Term Paper

… Proper development of the MTA rail yards.

More than 10 acres of public open spaces and new parks.

That level of rezoning would take time to adjust to, and had to also be planned around making sure people could get access to the various areas that had been rezoned. Without proper mass transit access, the project could become a colossal and highly expensive failure. Fortunately, the city also had a plan for the No. 7 subway line, so people could get to the newly developed area when it was completed.

The value of that was significant to the overall value of the entire project, and something without which the project would not be able to go forward successfully.

Improvement of Mass Transit Access

With the…. [read more]

Hispanic Immigrants in Los Angeles Research Paper

… Latino Immigrant Issues in Los Angeles

Given that nearly one half of Los Angeles County's population is Latino, it would seem that such a large portion of the population would translate into political and social power. To a degree that is true. But behind the numbers and the data there is substantial evidence of discrimination against Latinos, in jobs, in education, and in housing. Also, the history of the major political institutions in Los Angeles reflect blatant discrimination against the Latino community. Indeed, Latinos had to fight through the courts for fair political representation. This paper will identify and review those instances of ethnic and cultural bias.

Yesterday and Today -- Latinos in Los Angeles

In 1960, Latinos (also known as "Hispanics" although the more…. [read more]

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