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Dugald Stewart's Assessment of Adam Smith Term Paper

… Dugald Stewart's Assessment Of Adam Smith

Even if the work done by Smith and his Scottish contemporaries finds parallels and precedents, it nevertheless appears to have been remarkable for the weight of emphasis that was placed on economic factors. There were really two applications of the general thesis. First, there is the argument that the development of productive forces ultimately depended on the 'natural wants' of man; the point being that man is first subject to certain basic needs which, once satisfied, allow him to pursue more complex goals (Stewart, 1793). The same point was made by Adam Ferguson when he remarked that 'refinement and plenty foster new desires, while they furnish the means, or practice the methods, to gratify them' (Arrow, 1951). John Millar…. [read more]

Adam Smith -1790), Scottish Philosopher and Economist Term Paper

… Adam Smith (1723-1790), Scottish philosopher and economist, is widely regarded as the father of modern economics and capitalism. His celebrated treatise an Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, considered as "the first modern work in the field of economics," contains a comprehensive defense of free market policies and gives a still-valid explanation of how rational self-interest and competition can lead to economic well-being and prosperity. Adam Smith's ideas on economics, formulated as they were in the later half of the 18th century, provided the ideological and intellectual background for the Industrial Revolution -- the sweeping material transformation in Western society and many parts of the world that characterized the 19th century.

This paper gives an overview of the life and…. [read more]

Brian Stewart on February 6, 1992 Article Review

… Brian Stewart

On February 6, 1992, at St. Joseph's Hospital West, in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, Brian Stewart injected his 11-month-old son with HIV-contaminated blood. The boy was in the hospital being treated for asthma and pneumonia. The boy's mother left the room, and reentered to find her son crying and inconsolable after Stewart had entered the room. The boy was diagnosed with AIDS in 1996. While there was a significant gap in time between the infection and the diagnosis, there were not intervening factors that would have resulted in the child becoming HIV positive. Moreover, Stewart had repeatedly made threats to harm people using contaminated blood when he was angry. The theoretical motive for the crime was that Stewart wanted to avoid having to…. [read more]

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Directed Term Paper

… ¶ … Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" directed by Frank Capra, and "Matewan" directed by John Sayles. Specifically, it will discuss the motives or causes of the characters who are prepared to take on the powerful. How do they do it, and is it justified? These two films both show the underdog taking on those with great power. Their causes are just, and their motives are pure, but they discover that those with power often overcome even the most just and moral causes.

Smith Goes to Washington" is a classic Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra film that shows just how much political influence exists in Washington D.C. In this film, Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) is appointed as a Senator after the man holding the office dies.…. [read more]

Risk Assessment the Science of Dangerousness Essay

… Risk Assessment

The Science of Dangerousness

Dangerousness refers to the likelihood that a mentally ill person, or criminal will participate in an act that harms themselves or others. The prediction of the dangerousness of mentally ill patients is one of the key conundrums facing psychologists today. They have a responsibility to keep the public safe. Yet, this must be balanced with the need to avoid drastic measures if they are not needed. This is often a difficult decision and psychologists struggle to find the right balance and to devise better methods of assessing risk among their patients that are mentally ill.

There are many factors that can affect the level of risk in an action. These factors represent internal and external variables that may or…. [read more]

Criminology One of the Most Prominent Essay

… Criminology

One of the most prominent and unfortunate components of modern society is crime. Various factors influence and individual's criminal tendencies, including childhood background factors, socialization, the economy, and a myriad other factors. In addition, there are about as many types of crimes as there are individuals to commit them. Hence, the study of crime and collection of crime data are somewhat challenging, especially in terms of unreported crimes. The fact that many crimes go unreported creates an element known as the "dark figure of crime," referring to unrecorded crime statistics. The two main methods of recording crime statistics in the United States that also address the dark figure of crime include National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and the National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS). These…. [read more]

Mild Cognitive Impairment Using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Instrument Research Paper


Geriatric Assessment

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) tool was recently developed as a screening tool for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (Doerflinger, 2012). Until its introduction, gerontologists and neurologists relied on neuropsychological testing and standardized instruments to diagnose and evaluate a patient's cognitive state. This process was time-consuming, expensive, and left clinicians without a good, quick, and easy that could be used in the primary or urgent care setting. In addition, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), the gold standard screening tool for cognitive impairment, appears to be comparatively insensitive to the subtle cognitive changes that define MCI. For these reasons, the MoCA instrument was developed for clinical use.

MoCA is one page in length, can be completed in 10…. [read more]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Term Paper

… Because teachers are often the first ones to recognize the symptoms of ADHD, it is essential for them to draw upon a current and accurate knowledge base as they interact with parents, physicians, and other professionals (Busch, 2003)."

"Teachers play their most crucial role before any diagnosis is actually made by the family physician, psychiatrist, or pediatrician (Busch, 2003). According to Weber et al. (1992), children who are suspected of having ADHD are initially identified because of their behavioral and academic performance in the classroom. Studies conducted in schools repeatedly report the same sequence of events for many children referred for suspected ADHD. Teachers become aware of the students' difficulty in meeting the behavioral, attentional, and academic norms for the class and suggest the possibility…. [read more]

John Stewart Mill Term Paper

… John Stuart Mill

The 19th century witnessed the contributions of many philosophers, and one of the leading among them was J.S. Mill. His place of birth was London in the year 1806 and as a child was more intelligent than his age. Under the able guidance of his father, he received the right education to tread his path to uphold and support the values of utilitarian ideals of Bentham. While he reached the age of 20 years, he had successfully attained this goal: he was heading the younger generation of hard-core philosophers, vocal as a crusader in their mental and transformation endeavors. (Halliday, 53)

Every one among us possesses a clique of ideals, regardless of the fact that we might have evidently articulated them or…. [read more]

Convenience Store Assessment of Business Essay

… 24/7 convenience stores will be operating in an environment where national languages are spoken outside the realm of just English. The ability to properly serve these markets will be critical to the overall success of 24/7 convenience stores in these markets.


24/7 convenience markets must target locations to where the 'inelastic' demand in sales for rival convenience markets is subject to the limitation in choice for consumers for more relevant product offerings.

The recommendation to stick with large and somewhat diverse markets is critical. Boston is not the most diverse of markets however there are enough females with strong earnings to facilitate this market as attractive. There are also a number of Indian and Asian women that will establish an inelastic demand curve for…. [read more]

Risk Assessment Research Paper

… ¶ … Houses of Worship Are Vulnerable

If one tries to view the world through the twisted perspective of a terrorist -- and while this is repugnant, it is also necessary if one wants to be able to defend against terrorist attacks -- one can see how a house of worship is a tempting target for an attack. There are pragmatic reasons why a church, a temple, a mosque, or a synagogue would be tempting as a target: During services there will be a collection in one place of the kind of people that the terrorist wants to attack. Like prey driven into a blind canyon, the participants in a religious service can be much more easily killed than if they were scattered around a…. [read more]

Assessment of Goal Orientations and Perceptions Term Paper

… I would like to continue utilizing these strategies and identify measures for helping slow learners to enhance their engagement in learning activities and performance.
My average score of 5 in Personal Teaching Efficacy sub-category also demonstrates that my instructional strategies are based on beliefs that focus on enhancing students' progress and teaching effectively. In this regard, I constantly focus on creating a student-centered learning environment in which all students' needs are taken into consideration and met. For instance, I ensure that slow learners receive extra help and are incorporated in groups that promote their involvement in learning activities. This helps in taking care of their needs and ensuring that they are engaged in learning activities, which in turn enhances their academic achievements. I would like…. [read more]

Attribution Theory, Emotional Intelligence, Evolution of Culture Essay

… Acculturation refers to large-scale diffusion of culture that aims at replacing the old cultural values of a society. Acculturation is a process that occurs when the traits of a culture diffuses on a substantial scale to replace the traditional cultural patterns of the society.

The process results in the loss of the cultural values and ideations, thereby, changing the culture. In addition, the economic globalization witnessed in the current contemporary society plays a significant part in contributing to cultural change. Globalization of the current contemporary society causes a change in the lifestyles, behaviors, values, and norms of the society and replaces them with modernism, thereby, causing a change and evolution of culture. Similarly, empirical evidence as shown by Inglehart & Norris (2003) point that discovery…. [read more]

Starbucks Crisis Management Plan Assessment

… As a result, the firm's management made a statement about its commitment to address this problem over the next two years. Through its boss, Starbucks UK management made an unprecedented promise that the company would overpay on the UK's tax bill by '20m within the next two years.
The purpose of this crisis management plan is to help Starbucks UK address the tax avoidance controversy by ensuring compliance with the relevant taxation laws in the UK. Secondly, this crisis management plan seeks to prevent and/or lessen loss and other negative impacts of the tax avoidance crisis. Third, this crisis management plan seeks to ensure business continuity, lessen financial loss, and protect the company's integrity.
The objectives of this crisis management plan for addressing…. [read more]

Donald Trump's Leadership Style Essay

… Today, he is regarded one of the most accomplished leaders in corporate America.

Donald Trump's Leadership In Relation to My Own Leadership Style

Like Trump, I not only develop but also value strong interpersonal relationships between team members and myself as leader. In his mega hit TV show, The Apprentice, Trump is often seen interacting with team members and immersing himself into various team activities. Although, he never relinquishes his executive control, he seems interested in creating an environment conducive for free and positive interpersonal relations. Like Trump, I also develop opportunities for creative and innovative thinking and new methodologies at work. According to Kepcher (2004), one of the executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization was Trump's driver. This is an indication that Trump…. [read more]

Concert Number 90, Podcast Number 95 Assessment

… Concert Number 90, Podcast Number 95 on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Web site features Tchaikovsky's "Meditation" and Dvorak's "String Quintet in G Major, Op. 77." The podcast, entitled "Recycling Tchaikovsky and Dvorak," includes performances by violinist Nicholas Kendall, pianist Robert Koenig, and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. At the beginning of the podcast, a narrator explains the background of both pieces. Tchaikovsky's "Meditation" is in the key of D-minor, presumably reflecting the composer's melancholy mood. As the narrator to the podcast notes, the "melancholy D-minor theme was likely born out of the difficulties in the composer's personal life." Indeed, the piece is wrought with difficult emotion, in keeping with the overall themes of the Romantic era. Dvorak's "String Quintet in G Major,…. [read more]

Differential Instruction Techniques Term Paper

… Education

Over the last several years, a wide variety of strategies have been introduced that are designed to improve the total amounts of learning comprehension inside the classroom. For the most part, these ideas have failed because they did not focus on specific areas that will improve individual learning comprehension. To address these challenges, many educators have been turning to differentiated instruction. This is when they will focus on using a variety of tools in order to reach out to a larger demographic of students. To fully understand how these concepts can be implemented in conjunction with Library and Media personnel requires examining a number of areas. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the use, framework, experiences, changes, questions, leadership, morale,…. [read more]

Shareholder and Stakeholder Values Term Paper

… Shareholder and Stakeholder Values

It makes sense for our modern world to have a foundation of a market-based economy because there are inherent conditions in the competitive market system that efficiently helps to meet the needs of consumers. These are not modern inventions or recent revelations. Adam Smith held concepts based on an invisible hand which was suggested as early as 1776 in the classic work An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. These insights still hold true.

There is no apparent conflict between the business community attempting to maximize shareholder value and maximizing stakeholder or social values. In a sense, we could say that maximizing one inadvertently helps us attain the other. Corporations and businesses can do well in…. [read more]

Securing Government Facilities from Terror Attacks Research Paper

… , 2014). It details the functions of an asset, which an attacker could exploit. The impact of the loss is also determined, which provides the degree to which an attack would impair the building. In the Pentagon building, vulnerability assessment would assist in designing the required corrective measures against any possible terrorist attacks. Vulnerabilities include a deficiency in protection systems, security, process systems, building constructions, and loss of prevention programs.
The vulnerability assessment entails planning the resources required during the process, assessing the structure site, preparing of the building assortment and determining the Pentagon house's vulnerability rating. For instance, using the elements of CARVER to determine the vulnerability of the Pentagon building has the following findings (Paton, 2013).'On criticality, an attacked within the building can…. [read more]

Laws of Moses and Hammurabi Term Paper

… Law in Ancient Times:

Comparison of the Laws of Moses and Hammurabi

From earliest times, societies have struggled with questions of law and order. At first decisions as to the permissibility or illegality of this or that act relied almost wholly on notions of custom or tradition. It was only with the dawn of civilization that rulers first attempted to codify what was right and what was wrong. Early law codes, such as those of the Babylonian Hammurabi, and the Biblical Moses, represent the values of their time and place. They lay down the penalties for the commission of specific crimes. Their legislation speaks to the structure and nature of their respective cultures and indeed they share much in their approach to judicial procedure and…. [read more]

English Sexism and Misogyny Term Paper

… ¶ … Love Got to Do With it?

I'd like to start this essay out by saying that I agree with Bell Hook's critical examination of the Piano. I agree that misogyny and sexism are the central themes in the movie, although I have to say that the movie relies on these ideas to keep it alive and of interest to women because it's the very most thing they are familiar with. The movie has received rave reviews because of its sexuality and expression, although I do not think the average person sees the misogyny present. I believe this is because it has become so mainstream and accepted that it's hardly recognizable anymore. The following paragraphs will detail the film's themes and the advantages and…. [read more]

Religion Entered the 18th Century Research Paper

… She had printed in Philadelphia a pamphlet of twenty-four pages entitled "The Life and Religious Experience of Jarena Lee, a Colored Lady, Giving an Account of Her Call to Preach the Gospel" to let others know of her work and her mission. She also kept a journal while traveling which would later be transformed into her autobiography.The expanded version appeared in 1894 as: Religious Experience and Journal of Mrs. Jarena Lee, Giving an Account of Her Call to Preach the Gospel. To meet travel expenses and room and board, she sold her book at church meetings and while she was on the road.

The book was met with some controversy since the book questioned sexism in the church. It was also controversial due to the…. [read more]

Inadequacy of Forensic Hair Analysis One June Term Paper

… Inadequacy of Forensic Hair Analysis

One June night 13 years ago, a killer fired several shots, killing 30-year-old Perry Harder. The killer and an accomplice loaded the body into the back of a van and drove to an isolated spot outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they dug a shallow grave and buried the body. Three and a half months later, someone on a passing train spotted Harder's body, and in no time, police had a suspect (1). Their suspect, Jim Driskell, ran a machine shop out of a garage and agreed to let Harder store some things there. Most of the items Harder stored there turned out to be stolen during a raid of the garage by police. After police raided the garage they arrested both…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia Essay

… Adolescent Obesity in Saudi Arabia

Obesity in Saudi Adolescent Girls

Obesity is a serious health problem in any population, but it is of special concern in younger individuals. The longer a person is obese, the longer that person has potentially to suffer the negative health consequences of being overweight or obese. Thus when children or adolescents are obese, this condition must be considered seriously both by the individuals themselves (as well as by their families) and by health professionals. Given that obesity increases the health costs associated with treating an individual, the concern should be one that affects an even wider audience, that of public health officials,

One of the costs that every national government must contend with in the twenty-first century is that of…. [read more]

Cognitive Case Analysis: Cognitive Behavioral Thesis

… Literature Review

According to recent research conducted by Kelly, Magill and Stout, empirical reviews that were rigorously conducted reveal that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and related 12 step treatment program participation is as effective as other approaches to intervention (AA, 2008, Humphrey's, 2004). AA is the most frequently sought source of intervention in the United States, for those suffering with alcohol related problems (Room & Greenfield, 1993). Intervention provided via AA is reportedly helpful for diverse individuals at various stages of recovery from alcohol dependence (Kelly & Yeterian, 2008; Ferri et al., 2006).

AA participation was compared with a variety of intervention techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing the frequency and quantity of alcohol use post treatment at intervals of 1 and 3 years follow…. [read more]

Gastric Bypass Surgeries Essay

… Becker, Balcer, and Galetta (2012) discuss a number of potential neurological complications that can occur following bariatric surgery. These neurological complications can potentially occur as a result of nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorption syndromes produced by gastric bypass surgeries. Polyradiculoneuropathy (a syndrome that resembles Guillain-Barre syndrome) and encephalopathy (brain related syndromes) can be acute manifestations of vitamin B1 deficiencies and thiamin deficiencies. A particularly troubling syndrome known as Wernicke's encephalopathy may occur as a result of malabsorption syndromes associated with bariatric surgery. Long-term effects of thiamine deficiencies and untreated Wernicke's encephalopathy can lead to irreversible dementia. More late appearing symptoms such as myelopathy, myopathy, and peripheral neuropathies can be associated with certain B, E, and mineral deficiencies. Optic neuropathy can be associated with mineral and…. [read more]

Elsie Dennis Maynard, Deceased. Ralph Brittingham Et Essay

… ¶ … Elsie Dennis MAYNARD, Deceased. Ralph BRITTINGHAM et al., Appellants, v. Lois D. JARVIS et al., Appellees. 253 So. 2D 923; 1971 Fla. App. (1971)

Court: Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District, opinion delivered by Hobson.

Facts: Appellees brought a petition in order to establish a lost or destroyed will of decedent. Appellants answered and appellees introduced as evidence written interrogatories of the attorney who drew up the will. The trial court entered an order probating the will and establishing the provisions of the original will as being the terms and provisions set forth in a copy of the will located in a safety deposit box.

Did the court err when they entered an order probating the will and establishing the provisions of…. [read more]

Keynesian Revolution: Analysis and Criticism Term Paper

… In order to keep people employed, the government should run deficits when the economy is slowing, because private sector representatives will not bother to invest in people during a slow economy.

Private companies are also less likely to invest as markets become saturated due to the flailing economy, and this can create a cycle of less investments, fewer jobs, less consumption etc. (Reich).

Governments, according to Keynes, can avoid this downward spiral of the economy from the beginning by simply intervening where private organizations do not. Keynes further commented in his work, "Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist" (Keynes, 1963).

According to the Keynesian model, changes in output and income…. [read more]

Personality Theory Term Paper

… In a way the domains of individual differences which have similar surface manifestations are differentiated by the Big Five. Although it has only just started that we have begun to explicate the processes and structures which are underlying them. "Explication in explanatory and mechanistic terms will change the definition and assessment of the Big Five dimensions as we know them today" (as cited in John and Srivastava, 1990, p. 44).

Describe, compare and contrast the Big Five factors and the Big Three factors; the areas of experience, behavior and life that have been found to be related to each; and what relationships have been found in these areas.

Like its name, there are three broad superfactors whose importance is emphasized on in the Big Three…. [read more]

Human Machine Interface E-Iatrogenesis Capstone Project

… E-iatrogenesis: Human-Machine Interface

e-Iatrogenesis: Chapters 1 and 2

Rationale, Issues, and Hypothesis

Rationale for Topic Selection

With the publication of the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) 2000 landmark report, to Err is Human, the public, their representatives, and the medical profession woke up to the fact that seeking medical care increases the risk of injury and death. At the time, best estimates suggested that between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans died each year from medical errors. These care-related mistakes are believed to cost the U.S. healthcare system about $2 billion each year. The prevalence of medication errors can vary greatly depending on the setting. For example, the medication error rate for hospitals was found to vary from about 0.3% overall to over 10% in a pediatric ICU…. [read more]

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