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Home Before Morning the Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam Book Report

… Home Before Morning: The Story Of an Army Nurse in Vietnam

The first chapter of Lynda Van Devanter's book Home Before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam makes it clear that even though nurses who served in Vietnam were not formal combatants they still experienced the same trauma adjusting back to civilian life, long after the war had ended. Although Lynda begins her narrative in the present day, she is still tormented by night sweats and flashbacks. "Vietnam was the worst time of my life, yet it was also, in many ways, the most important and most intense" (Van Devanter 14).

The book is divided into three sections -- before Vietnam, during Vietnam and after Lynda's service overseas. When Lynda left for…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Applications Essay

… Not only should this but help be offered to those individuals who are already addicted to these drugs.

Usually this sort of treatment involves not only medication but a lot of personal attention from the nurses as well as from other members of the community therefore it is classified as more like a community effort rather than the individual one in guiding them towards a more healthy life.

Third element is the treatment of disorders. "Many of the common disorders like the eating disorder can be dealt with by simple therapies, guidance from nurses or doctors and related other steps." (Callaway, 2002). People involved in these disorders should be informed on how this is ruining their lives and how just simple precautions can help them…. [read more]

Nursing Theory -- a Patient Research Paper

… He further argues that the principles of person-centered nursing that are advocated should also underlay other medical and health care research as well. We need a real framework for the research as well and must measure the effectiveness of this type of nursing quantifiably (McCormack, 2003, 179). This type of research is needed to justify the optimal nursing environment and has been explored in sources such as Meade and Bursell (Meade & Bursell, 2006, 58)

What constitutes the optimal nursing environment? In a journal article by Swanson and Wojnar it is claimed that caring and healing begins within each of us as individuals and manifests itself in the way that we relate to our patients, our families and our colleagues. Caring and healing are both…. [read more]

Nursing Profession Term Paper

… Enrollees of the program must have a BS degree in Nursing. Their primary task is to collaborate with health professionals and physicians.

s noted by Dr. L Ford:

"extensive knowledge base not only about basic cognitive levels and developmental milestones but you also have to know what equipment is appropriate to use for children of different ages and sizes."

Practice Patterns- NPs practice are being conducted in several areas of needs, where their skills and knowledge are much needed. As mentioned in the article, PNPs presence are now in far flung rural areas, prisons and correctionals, schools and other institutions. Their expertise is not anymore bounded in the field of maternal and childcare.

Such that the basic practice of PNP had some resistances initially with…. [read more]

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Term Paper

… Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Historical Background. Neonatal refers to the first six weeks after birth (Jones 2004, Nursing 2000). Neonatology or neonatal care is, thus, the medical specialty in taking care of newborns, sick and premature babies. Neonatal nurses specialize in helping these babies survive and successfully live through the first 28 days of life. This kind of care requires the artful combination of high-tech and "high-touch" skills from these nurses. It has been available in specialized nurseries and intensive care units for infants since the 60s and has been evolving. It will be recalled that the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy's son, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, was born prematurely and underdeveloped in 1963. If the current level of neonatal were available at that time, the…. [read more]

Health Care Environment That Impacts Essay

… Short-term includes restoration of vital services to the hospital and patient basic needs provision. Long-term focuses on restoration of the hospital to its normal state of operation. (Sebastian, et al., 2009)

The document entitled "Public Health -- Community Health Nursing Practice in Canada: Roles and Activities" reports the role of the public health nurse to be inclusive of planning for, participating in and evaluating the response "…to both natural disasters (such as floods, earthquakes, fires, or infectious diseases including those that involve explosives, chemicals, radioactive substances, or biological threats for the purpose of minimizing serious illness, death and social disruption." (Canadian Public Health Association, 2010, p.18) The Canadian Nursing Student's Associaton highlights the role of the Canadian nurse in Global relief efforts in times of…. [read more]

Nursing Assessment Taking the History Essay

… However, the Craig (2007) article does provide some useful basic information concerning what information should be taken in the patient history and in general the article is well-written and direct. Some of the references to alcohol may not apply outside the UK; however, most of the information is relevant for nurses, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and other health care workers who are interested in taking complete patient histories. However, as mentioned above the article does has some minor inadequacies and supplementing the information in this article with information in the references provided in this paper will result in a more complete understanding of what is required in the history taking process. Craig's (2007) recommendations could be adopted into most practices, but again as mentioned above…. [read more]

Nurses Use the Nursing Process Term Paper

… The patient or family would have an opportunity of learning about blood sugar testing as well as diabetic control.

Nurses are therefore people who are responsible for various form of patient care. They may also be involved in comforting patients. Their responsibility will however differ depending on the roles that they are playing at any given instance. Their duties go beyond physical support and the care that they provide to the patients. This is because they also provide the patients and their families with emotional support. They may also take part in educating of their patients as well as the general public on disease control, management as well as on various medical conditions. This is evident in their roles in helping patients as well as…. [read more]

Nursing Education Level Term Paper

… ¶ … Baccalaureate Nursing Students Better?

Being a nurse in the twenty first century has become more complex and demanding than in preceding decades. With the advent of greater technology the nursing community requires an immediate infusion of interest with respect to the training and education nurses receive in order to meet the challenges of the new healthcare millennium. The focus of this report is on an article authored by Aiken, et al. (2003) wherein the authors address the issue of nursing education and patient outcome effectiveness. No only did the authors very clearly present to the reader a well-defined study purpose (i.e., surgical patient risk adjustment mortality and failure to rescue and level of nurse education) their investigative conclusions clearly emphasize the positive influence…. [read more]

Dying Experience in Nursing Home Dissertation

… Dying Experience in Nursing Home

Arbuthnot, Elsa; Dawson, Jane; & Hansen-Ketchum, Patti. (2007). Senior women and rural living. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Healthcare. 7(1):1-12. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

This article also expresses the individual's desire to experience death within the context of the home, yet shows the high strain such strategies have on resources. Without being able to meet this request, many are forced to experience death in nursing homes and hospices, which then increase anxiety and decrease the quality of the death experience.

Browne, Amy. (2007). Dying and death in a nursing home. Seniors. Associated Content. Retrieved May 29, 2010 from

Describes modern care practices for patients dying in a nursing home. It is a common practice to prescribe…. [read more]

Nursing Home Abuse Irrespective Term Paper

… (Nursing Home Abuse: Why Does It Exist?)

A minimum training is essential to be imparted to the nursing home personnel to deal with the disabled patients and in recording their conditions. The form records are often used that are maintained quickly however, not dealing with the realities of the conditions of the patient fully. The pay of the nurses and orderlies are often considered very low. Since dealing with the physical requirements of the elderly persons are strenuous, it is normal to have job exhaustion and pressure are quite normal. This leads to lack of concern for the patients. Moreover, the rate of turnover for high job means that the staff members are required to develop strong relationship with the patients. This finally leads to…. [read more]

Nursing Tasks, Methods, and Expectations Term Paper

… Together, this combination of factors is leading toward a health care crisis which is much larger than the question of whether or not the government finances prescription drug coverage.

The State of the Industry

As inferred above, many factors are contributing to the nursing shortage crisis. This section will discuss the major contributory influences.

1. Poor Working conditions

Dissatisfaction with pay and increasingly stressful work conditions, aggravated by a shortage of nurses at hospitals across the country, is spurring job actions in the health care field. Many nurses are choosing to leave the profession, and seek better conditions, or higher pay scales. Because of what the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital calls "staffing shortages," the hospital frequently calls for nurses to volunteer to work overtime.…. [read more]

Newman's Theory of Hec Thesis

… Margaret Newman's Theory states that practicing nursing within a unitary paradigm needs an entirely new method of seeing reality (Dorothy, 2006).

Newman asserted that knowledge, which comes from the unitary paradigm, is the discipline knowledge. She continued to assert that this knowledge has to be consistent with each other and hence it cannot flow out of different paradigms.

HEC and Nursing Science

Participation in HEC needs the intentional presence of the nurse engaging in an effective interaction with the individual, family or even the community (Brown, 2011). The process is one which is knowledge driven as well as mutually experienced by both the nurse and the client. The focus of the practice of nursing usually occurs within a process which moves from the disease, and…. [read more]

Career Project Essay

… Nursing Career

Nursing as a Career

Choosing a field in nursing calls for the character traits of compassion for others and genuine love for your fellow man (Gastmans). According to my sources and my personal experiences thus far, a career in the nursing field can prove to be rewarding as well as challenging. Pay comes in accordance with experience and adequacy. Though a nurse will be met with many challenges along the journey of his/her career, there is much to be said for those who remain in the field because of the personal satisfaction of knowing they have indeed made a difference in the lives of others.

Nursing Career

An Assessment of Nursing as a Career

In order to "go" into the field of nursing,…. [read more]

Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer Essay

… The conditions were appallingly unsanitary. There were "ten times more soldiers dying of disease" (typhoid, dysentery and cholera) than from the wounds they had suffered in battle (Fee, et al. 2010). The absence of clean linens, towels, soap, and wash basins, and the swarming bugs and rats on the floors, did not deter Nightingale. She was instead motivated to provide all the sanitary healthcare materials and to work tirelessly day and night to care for the injured soldiers (Fee, 1591). Through her work during the Crimean War -- and the reports that reached America and all over Europe -- she became a role model for future nurses.

Florence Nightingale's Leadership

The Effect She Had on Nursing

Her groundbreaking efforts during the war (and the notoriety…. [read more]

Philosophy of Nursing Has Undergone Many Changes Essay

… Philosophy of nursing has undergone many changes since its early beginnings. Nurses are known for their desire to help and serve humanity by helping to alleviate their suffering. Selflessness and a commitment to others is a key characteristic of the nurse, who often works long hours to help those in need. These basic tenets of the nursing profession have not changed, but the role of the nurse in relation to others in the healthcare profession is continually evolving. The following will examine my personal philosophy of nursing and will help to define what nursing means to me.

Personal Philosophy

My definition of the nurse is that of a caregiver and technician. The nurse must possess key technical skills, as well as people skills. The nurse…. [read more]

Care for Terminally Ill Patient Term Paper

… ¶ … Nurse in the Provision of Quality Palliative Care for the Terminally Ill Patient

The objective of this work is to research palliative care for the terminally ill patient and to present findings of the nurse's role in the provision of quality palliative care in patients who are terminally ill.

The Nursing Matters: Palliative Care 'Face Sheet' defines palliative care as "the holistic care of patients with advanced progressive illness who are not responsive to curative treatment. Management of pain and other symptoms and provision of psychological, social and spiritual support are critical." (Palliative Care, 2007) the goals of palliative care include:

Providing relief from pain and other symptoms of distress;

Neither hastening nor postponing death;

Affirmation of life and regard toward dying as…. [read more]

Dying Process Pain Is an Inherent Component Essay

… ¶ … Dying Process

Pain is an inherent component of human life, which can be either useful or unfortunate. In the case of a terminal illness, it is generally assumed that pain will form part of the dying process, which may range from months to a year or sometimes more. How to manage such pain has been the topic of considerable debate, and continues to be so. Short of euthanasia to help a suffering person end his or her life completely, alternatives have been sedation or pain management by means of prescription medication. Some terminal patients have also begun to enter the family setting rather than the clinical setting for their end of life care needs. The purpose of this study is then to create…. [read more]

Bereavement the Role of Acute Care Nursing Thesis

… Bereavement

The Role of Acute Care Nursing in Bereavement

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult realities of the life cycle. All must experience at some juncture the death and departure of aged family members, sudden tragedies and protracted battles with illness. And all individuals will cope with loss differently. The process of bereavement is the umbrella phase during which individuals will contend with the loss in question. Inherently difficult and rife with variant emotional responses, bereavement is a natural part of the human experience, both culturally and medically. It is this latter context that is of particular concern to the account provided here. Particularly, the research here attempts to better understand the concept of bereavement from a nursing perspective. The medical…. [read more]

Nurse Case Management Thesis

… Nurse Case Management

Case Management Plan

The goal of a comprehensive case management plan for a terminally ill client should be to promote the highest possible quality of life and function for all clients and their families, while helping terminally ill clients approach death with dignity and comfort. Several themes reoccur throughout the standard of care that will be provided:

Hospice and nursing facility-services will value the dignity, autonomy, privacy, independence and choice of the clients that they serve

A client's family will be an integral part of the care plan and in the provision of hospice services

Hospice and nursing facility services will be flexible enough to accommodate a client's changing needs

Pain management and personal control are critical considerations in providing hospice services…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics the Thought of Death Creates Term Paper

… Nursing Ethics

The thought of death creates fear in many people. Years ago a study was conducted in which men in the trenches of World War I were offered free life insurance and all one had to do was sign a paper. Most of the solders declined the coverage because it would mean facing the fact that they were at a real risk of dying in that trench. People are afraid of dying and they are afraid to discuss the inevitable fact that they will die. One of the fears that people have about dying, is that they will die alone. It is important to understand this fear so that nurses can assist patients and their families accept death and provide comfort so that the…. [read more]

Nursing and Humanities, Alice Munro Essay


The "Angels in America" film finds humor and hope in the midst of the worst sort of medical crisis: a community-wide epidemic disease that has never been identified before, and for which there is no known cure.


Munro's tone is quiet -- her story was written in 1952. Murdoch's tone is meditative. Kushner's tone is more angry and despairing.


All these works shed light on the human condition by showing how end-of-life and chronic illness issues can affect caregivers -- and professionals.


Nurses planning on doing hospice or home care work would be advised to familiarize themselves with the way these issues are handled in humanities and the arts.


The characters in Munro's story, in Murdoch's song, and in Kushner's…. [read more]

Teaching Theories and an Ethical Nursing Situation Term Paper

… Teaching Theories and an Ethical Nursing Situation

The purpose of this paper is to apply a learning theory to an actual educational case study and scenario. The situation must be seen from the point-of-view of the nursing student scenario. The situation must be challenging to handle. This includes being able to identify events and critical indicators of the scenario that made the case challenging to the student. These indicators may include: a student's developmental state, education level, socioeconomic standing, cultural status or any personal, family factors that may influence the situation.

Literature suggests that these indicators apply in situations of an ethical nature and the challenge remains to make the right moral decision. Nurses are faced with moral and ethical issues every day especially when…. [read more]

Medical Professionals, Nurses Term Paper

… But, as Neuman's model suggests, it is in fact central to the role that nurses can and should play in the role of their patients.

Although it should be obvious, this approach of integrating spirituality into the practice of psychiatric nursing should not in any way be conflated with proselytizing for any specific religion. This doctor, who specializes in geriatrics, has worked with both what she considers to be "spiritually enlightened" and "religious nutcase" nurses and considers the former to be a significant asset to the profession of medicine.

A certainly consider myself to be a scientist - I have actually have a joint research appointment - but that doesn't mean that I don't think that the spiritual element is not important in healing. I…. [read more]

Evidence, Evaluating Evidence, Making Recommendations Essay

… The relation between stress and job satisfaction, service delivery or meeting goals, is an inverse graph. This implies that increased stress results in reduced job satisfaction and decreased quality of life. Consequently, the nurse can easily leave the profession. The stress the nursing students face results from the nature of the practice. There are various stressors, such as the working environment, the high academic performance expectations and the overload of work among others. Like the other persons, the stress affects their optimum functioning ability.

Despite the clear identification of the nurse-student stress issues, there is inadequate information on the potential positive interventions. The interventions can create a win-win situation when implemented within the clinical context. The strategies are applicable over a period of six weeks.…. [read more]

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Term Paper

… Coronary Bypass

Nurse Training for Support in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG)

The purpose of the account that follows is to propose a course design for nurse training specific to the tasks and responsibilities relating to the treatment of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery. All preliminary research is intended to serve a set of learning objectives to be instilled in the nursing students and nursing professionals enrolled in the training course. Consideration will be given to the practical and ethical implications of the nursing role.

Subject Matter:

The Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) is both a very common and a very serious medical procedure. This is performed only in instances where physicians have deemed it as absolutely necessary as a means to reducing…. [read more]

Nursing Roles in End-Of-Life Care Term Paper

… Nursing Roles in End of Life Care

Health care professionals, particularly nurses, are guided by a Code, which obliges them to show compassion, respect for human dignity and the rights of their clients or patients, especially those at the end of life. How they manage the inherent needs of elderly or end-of-life patients for that compassion and respect has significant impact on the outcome and quality of care nurses extend. There may be limitations of resources in the hospital or care setting, which incline nurses to certain un-appropriate behavior or remarks, but a patient's interests and rights are always of primacy over other considerations in the workplace. They also need to address the proper and prompt use of two legal documents, the Patient Self-Determination Act…. [read more]

Holistic Nursing Care Plan Essay

… The hospice team assists in identification of strategies for coping. The hospice care team will instruct the patient to do the following: (1) Make an appointment with an attorney to prepare/update a durable power of attorney for financial decisions; (2) Update life insurance policies as needed; (3) Provide family and physician with copies of your advance directive; (3) Review health insurance so you know what is covered and what isn't; (4) Write down important information such as names of banks, where safe deposit keys are, names of attorneys, etc., and share it with someone trusted; (5) Talk with employer about disability and other benefits. (Wuerl, 2013, p.1)

Alternative Care Methods

Some of the alternative care methods that are used with terminally ill patients include energy…. [read more]

Grief and the Nurse's Role Creative Writing

… Nursing care and responsibilities to the dying patient and their family do not end with the death of the patient. Potential loss and grief issues should be assessed upon admission of the patient, and bereavement care should continue after their death. Like all healthcare professionals, nurses must recognize and respond to their own grief in order to provide quality palliative care to the dying patient and their family. (Matzo et al., 2003, 76)

Being concerned for those who are grieving is like providing health care for the survivors of the loss. Sometimes people take dangerous or reckless actions because of the feelings of grief that they have. Looking out for those who have survived the loss of a loved one is a part of the…. [read more]

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