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Dylan Thomas Wrote Sixteen Poems Research Paper

… Dylan Thomas wrote sixteen poems that were considered as great. Thomas was born in a middle class family and his father was a schoolteacher. Hoewver, Thomas did not wear the "old school tie, his upper lip was far from stiff and everything about him seemed too much. In short, he was a slob." (Tindall, 1962) The work of Tindall states that Thomas "burst upon London with his marvels…in 1933" and dazzled his readers. (1962) Thomas proclaimed that he was a "Welshman" first and secondly a "drunkard." (Tindall, 1962) Thomas is described as "outrageous, irresponsible and charming." (Tindall, 1962)

Thomas is reported to have both acted and looked like a poet. Thomas' poems are about "the daisies in deep" and used phrase that were transcendental" and…. [read more]

Dylan Thomas Term Paper

… ' Thomas was at the peak of his career in 1953, with personal appearances, television appearances, poetry recordings, and book sales, however, his personal life was a tragedy. He and his wife were again separated, he was said to be having an affair while in the United States, and his drinking was out of control and left him vomiting and he constantly complained of fatigue. While in New York, he began receiving cortisone injections as a treatment for his illness and fatigue and after another shot during the early morning hours of November 4, 1953 he became delirious and the vomiting increased. A doctor was summoned who injected him with "half-a-grain of morphine," which doctors now confirm was at least three times the appropriate dose…. [read more]

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